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16 Linux Books and Videos for System Administrator

16 Linux Books and Videos for System Administrator

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Having knowledge of Linux is essential for any system administration, middleware, web engineer job.

Linux is used almost everywhere in production or a non-production environment. There are thousands of article, book, video training to explore and learn but that would be time-consuming.

Instead, you can follow one or two related books or online training.

The following learning materials cover a large number of Linux Administration tasks from beginning to expert level. So pick the one suits you.

1. Linux Bible

Linux Bible by Christopher Negus provides you solid fundamental knowledge about various flavor like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu & Fedora.

The latest (9th edition) cover RHEL 7 & cloud.

If you are looking to get started with Linux theoretically & practically both quickly, then Linux Bible would be a good book to read.

A well explained and step-by-step instructions to follow to master yourself.

2. Linux BASH Programming Cookbook

Often you need to deal with bash scripting to automate the Linux administration command. Bash programming eBook is FREE to download.

In this cookbook, you will familiarize yourself with various shell scripting with commands including sed, tar, etc.

3. Learn Linux in 5 Days

One of the best-selling online courses on Udemy to learn Linux in 5 days. More than 42,000 students enrolled with 4.5 out of 5 rating give enough credibility about the course.

Jason Cannon cover various topics on managing and administering Linux operating system.

If you have limited time and looking to grasp knowledge on RHEL, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. then this quick online course would get you started.

4. The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction

A Complete Linux Command Line Introduction by William Shotts is one of the best-seller Linux books.

If you like or would like to get control on Linux using terminal over GUI, then this book will give you everything you need as a Linux Administrator.

You can expect to learn shell, writing shell scripting, managing everyday tasks using essential tools, etc.

5. Linux Security & Hardening

The practical guide focus on how to harden and secure Linux OS covering following topics.

  • Protecting Linux from hackers
  • Enforce strong password policies, aging policy, control password
  • SSH & network hardening
  • Sudo configuration
  • File system security & encryption
  • Firewall configuration
  • Port scanning
  • And much more…

If you have a basic idea about Linux and looking to upgrade your skills in security, then this online course would be helpful.

It contains 4.5 hours of video, two articles which you can access anytime, anywhere.

6. RHCA/RHCE Cert Guide

Getting certificate is a shortcut to get a job. It adds value to the resume and attracts the recruiter. If you have a basic idea about Linux and looking to get certified then RHCA & RHCE certification guide will be useful.

This cert guide target Red Hat RHCSA (EX200) and RHCE (EX300) exam.

  • Four practice exams
  • 40+ interactive, hands-on experience
  • 40 interactive chapters

7. The Beginner’s Guide of Linux Distro

Don’t worry if you are new to Linux and confused about the distro. This beginner’s guide to using a Linux distro will remove the doubts and get you started. Get the FREE copy today.

8. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Ready to dive into Linux kernel to build & configure? This FREE book helps you on the following Kernel topics.

  • Kernel introduction and how to build them
  • How to retrieve the kernel source
  • How to install kernel and boot from it
  • How to upgrade & customize the kernel
  • Kernel Reference & helpful utilities

9. Linux Network Administration Guide

Another FREE book on Linux networking to help you understand and manage Linux in a multi-tier network environment.

Book cover various networking elements like:

  • TCP/IP networking
  • Configuration network hardware, serial, TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP firewall
  • NIS, NFS
  • Sendmail
  • And much more

10. Complete Linux Course

Linux crash course aims to target all the levels of students to teach everything you need to become a Linux administrator professional.

Complete Linux online course has 14 hours of on-demand video covering the following.

  • Linux command line
  • Users, permission
  • Text editor
  • Package management
  • Network configuration
  • File system management
  • Security
  • Useful commands

11. Cheat Sheet

If you need a command reference then this FREE Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet will be handy to you.

You may also refer to my previous post on a cheat sheet for various elements.

12. Linux High Availability Clustering

Ready to take your Linux knowledge one step ahead? Linux high-availability clustering online course focus on how to configure, install clustering, clustering concept, connectivity & troubleshooting.

13. Linux Virtualization using Docker

Did you hear about Docker lately? If you are wondering about it, then learn how to use Docker which cover the following.

  • Difference between VM & container
  • Docker commands
  • Docker best practices to use in Production
  • Containerization benefits
  • Run a web server in Docker

14. Linux from Scratch

One of the most popular free book on Linux to teach you how to create your own Linux from scratch. Linux from scratch is 318 pages eBook by Gerard Beekmans.

15. Serverless Concepts

Go serverless! A new hot idea where your application leverage cloud functions and not dependent on traditional servers.

The serverless concept is a free online course on Udemy by Linux Academy. It covers the following.

  • Serverless introduction
  • Serverless offerings
  • Real-world usage

16. Linux Administration Bootcamp

Go from beginner to expert with Linux administration bootcamp. 7.5 hours of the on-demand video cover almost everything you should be aware as Linux administrator.

If you have a basic idea and looking to enhance your skills to be an expert, then this course will be handy.

Linux is everywhere and essential to learning if you intend to work in IT infrastructure. The above courses will help you as a beginner and expert to master the skills for a better career.

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