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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

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Let’s see how to make a bed to get rest on ‘long’ Minecraft nights.

Minecraft has grown upon me in just the first few hours.

I have learned to craft my way out of many situations. One such condition is the night which is dangerous and boring for us Minecrafters, at least beginners.

One fine trick to get past the darkness quickly is using a bed. And there are mainly two ways you can get a bed: make one or steal. 🤫

First, we will see it the right way followed by stealing a bed after this section.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Crafting a Bed needs some prerequisites:

  • Three planks
  • Three wool packs

Planks are the easiest to make. Just chop some wood and press ‘e’ to enter the crafting menu. Now place a wood piece to carve four planks.


Next, let’s get some wool.

Again, there are two ways to do it. Spot any sheep, and use a weapon to kill the animal to have some wool.

However, the more decent and intelligent way is to make a shear and extract wool without killing a sheep. This way, the sheep will keep on giving wool, which is particularly helpful if you’ve got a farm.

Crafting a shear

You’ll need a few things to put together a shear:

  • 3×3 Crafting table
  • Furnace
  • Raw iron and Coal

a) 3×3 crafting is made for creating complex items and is made from 4 wood planks:

making crafting-table in minecraft

Now place this crafting table anywhere in the open and right-click while pointing towards it to have the new and bigger crafting menu.


b) Afterwards, look for the furnace in the recipe book. This indicates you need eight chunks of cobblestone to make a furnace.

crafting-furnace in minecraft

Cobblestone isn’t tough to find. Just head over towards a grey-looking rock, pick your wooden pickaxe and have as many as you want.

c) Next is raw iron and coal to make iron ingots. This will need some wandering if you aren’t in a cave already.

Typically, you’re looking for these iron-ore-rich blocks:


I have found a huge cave near a village. But, you can also find caves around the mountains. Once you find them, use a stone pickaxe to mine raw iron.

Next, look for Coal, which is not as rare as iron ore. These are easily identifiable blackish rocks usually available at the beginning of a hill range or in the caves.


Afterward, place them both in the furnace to make iron ingots.

making-iron-ingots in minecraft

Two such iron ingots will give you one shear:


Finally, look for a sheep, point your shear at its wool, and right-click.


Making a Bed in Minecraft

So we have everything to build a ‘white’ bed.

Just open the crafting menu and the recipe book. Look for the white bed, and drag it from the right to any of the empty boxes.

making-bed in minecraft

You can place this bed in the bottom row of the crafting menu and right-click on any empty space to put this in the game.

Finally, right-click again while pointing towards the bed to sleep at night or during thunderstorms.

Building a Colored Bed

This construction needs a white bed and a specific dye to craft a colored bed.

For this illustration, I’ll be making a blue bed. First, we’ll find a blue flower (Cornflower) to make blue dye.

making-dye for blue bed in minecraft

Lastly, use this dye with the white bed to complete the crafting.

how to make a blue-bed in minecraft

So, this was a long way; let’s check what you can do quickly.

Stealing a Bed

This is very straightforward if you’re in a village. Sneak into someone’s house, look around for the bed, and use any weapon to make it portable to take it to your place.

YouTube video

There was no one resting on it. But if you see it occupied, you will have to be extra rowdy to swing your weapon at them, and they will give way to your robbery.

Final Words

Beds come in handy at (Minecraft) nights. They are the first few things you’ll build in Minecraft.

Though the standard way is longer, it’s useful, especially if you’re a beginner. And the sense of ownership you get after crafting your first bed makes it worthwhile.

PS: Trying to craft a blast furnace? First, check out how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft, one of the important ingredients.

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