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In Hosting and WordPress Last updated: November 29, 2022
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AWS is one of the most reliable platforms for hosting your WordPress website. Getting a managed AWS WordPress hosting is a secure option and the key to achieving a high availability network. 

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS platform that comes with many plugins and templates, both free or paid to help you build websites and publish content seamlessly. At first, it was launched as a blogging platform but later was developed into a Content Management System (CMS).

Similarly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is also a popular choice and used by big brands, including Twitch, Quora, BBC, LinkedIn, Netflix, and more.

If performance is your top priority, AWS can be the perfect solution for your business. 

However, using AWS cloud can be a bit complex as it needs deep technical knowledge to set up and manage your WordPress website hosted on it.

In this case, choosing a managed AWS WordPress hosting is suitable. This way, you can experience top-notch performance and security, as well as greater uptime and reliability, without having to manage everything on your own.

Let’s talk about managed hosting, AWS, and how AWS can be an excellent choice for hosting your WordPress website.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a hosting model where a service provider leases their dedicated servers to a single customer along with the associated hardware and manages those on the customer’s behalf.

In simple words, customers rent the equipment, including operating systems, useful software, network hardware, storage, and dedicated server, from a managed hosting provider and only focus on business development rather than managing these technicalities.

A good managed hosting service provider offers load balancing, security services, backups, disaster recovery, physical security, server configuration, maintenance, monitoring, application support, and more. 

Why consider AWS for WordPress Hosting?

AWS offers a wide range of resources that allow you to build a complete site or application with ease and the flexibility of managing your website securely. 

With AWS, you can choose your preferred operating system, web application platform, programming language, database, and many other services that you will need. It gives you a cloud environment to easily load the services and software to the cloud and use them wherever you want. 

If we talk about the benefit of using AWS, the top advantages are scalability and price. It enables you to scale your web application to be on the top and choose a flexible pricing plan. Furthermore, as a developer, you will have the option to use different resources for your website. 

Hence, if you choose a managed AWS WordPress hosting, you can enjoy added benefits. You not only can leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness but also leave all the management tasks to AWS and only focus on growing your business.

Let’s now dig into some of the top managed AWS WordPress Hosting platforms.


Experience lightning-fast WordPress hosting, scalability, and unparalleled uptime with Nestify. It helps you optimize your website’s page speed and enhance the core web vitals. The servers can block hack attempts and malware on your WordPress site, resulting in greater security. 

You will get up-to-date WordPress plugins with the fully managed service. Nestify believes every website deserves to be fast enough for users with zero downtime. Hence, it provides an unmatched 99.99% uptime and blazing-fast speed for every website it hosts. 

Nestify offers you enough security for your site and a daily backup option. Its ingenious engineers are always ready to help you through your problem. Thus, you can completely focus on your business rather than on the optimization, performance, and security of your site. 

If you want to migrate your existing website, Nestify ensures a hassle-free, free migration experience. With the help of its intuitive console, you can easily deploy your WordPress website in just 3 clicks. No need to wait while setting up databases, picking up passwords, and DNS propagation; it will provide you with every piece of information you want, so you can quickly get started. 

Furthermore, you can control every bit of the code with Nestify’s extensive tools. It comes with passwordless SFTP support, CLI tools, SH access, and more to give you better control over your website. Its dedicated CPU servers keep the websites secure, up-to-date, and fast.

Start your free trial today with any of the available plans and avail of unlimited sites and visitors, Google Pagespeed Optimization, NVMe SSD storage, and more. 


Get your managed Amazon cloud hosting for your WordPress website with Cloudways hosting platform. It allows agencies, eCommerce businesses, and developers to build web applications with complete peace and scale your business.

Cloudways managed hosting helps businesses unleash the full power of their sites. It removes the difficulties and complexities of setting up the website and lets you go live within minutes. You can easily build and manage your web applications efficiently and collaboratively. 

Cloudways ensures ironclad security, seamless scalability, and fast performance for your site. It bridges the gap between convenience and Amazon Cloud hosting. In addition, it takes care of the technicalities without sys-admin. You will get team management support, automated backups, regular security patching, free SSL certificates, and more.

If you want to change your web host, you can easily migrate your existing website into Cloudways for free. It provides solutions for individuals, agencies, SMBs, and eCommerce businesses. Cloudways has over 55 global data centers so that you can get the best within your reach. 

Quit worrying about complexities and choose the best plan that suits your business needs. With every plan, you will get a free migration option, Cloudflare add-on, HTTP/2 enables servers, dedicated firewall, SSH access, SFTP access, staging environment option, 24/7 monitoring, auto-healing capabilities, and a lot more. 


Rent a cloud VPS server fully managed by ScalaHosting. It offers top-notch security, significantly faster load times, unlimited bandwidth, and 100% worry-free hosting solutions. It is very simple to use as its experts set up, optimize, and manage everything for you.

You will experience industry-leading performance and speed even with high traffic. ScalaHosting offers premium networking and 100% SSD storage at no extra cost but with satisfaction. Reach the goal securely and quickly from your home by choosing from more than 35 data centers across the globe. 

You can migrate your website without any hassle for free. ScalaHosting also verifies your website runs smoothly. It provides SShield that blocks 99.98% of web attacks. Its dedicated and isolated cloud environment protects your website your unwanted attacks. 

ScalaHosting includes a free SSL certificate that secures your sites in real-time. You will get a powerful control panel – SPanel – ScalaHosting’s in-house and next-generation cloud-based platform which is 100% compatible with cPanel. It also offers many services and a cloud democracy system. 

With the AWS plan you choose, you will get a free domain, softaculous one-click installer, SPanel control panel, daily disaster recovery backups, a dedicated IP address, better Google rankings, HTTP/3 support, fully managed support, and more. 


Choose a better way to host your WordPress website with Wordify and experience faster performance, security, reliability, and scalability. This managed WordPress hosting provider comes with unlimited plans on Google cloud servers and AWS servers in Australia, UK, and USA locations. 

With the Wordify dashboard, managing your WordPress website is easy and quick. It includes Protect AI in every plan, which is the complete security suite for WordPress that includes antivirus + malware scaling, WAF, and more. 

You will get the powerful tools to build and manage your WordPress site. Developers would love the workflow productivity tools like templates and staging that get them at the top. Wordify’s collaboration option allows freelancers, site owners, and agencies to work together on the same site to get it done faster. 

You can conveniently manage your multiple sites with a single login to the Wordify account. So, start using a managed hosting platform at a starting price of $8/month and avail yourself of a lot of benefits. 

WP Engine

Leverage cutting-edge technologies and scale your WordPress website with WP Engine‘s WordPress platform. It will offer you the advantage of highly scalable and reliable cloud computing with WordPress, WP Engine, and Amazon. 

Expect a top-tier performance with the amount of website traffic. AWS WordPress provides an available global infrastructure for faster speeds. It also utilizes a modern approach to secure the infrastructure, including operational, software, and physical measures. 

Applications and websites can easily be scaled up based on traffic demands by using powerful AWS tools. WP Engine successfully offers managed services for your website, including core updates, proactive patching, and onboarding with 24/7 support. 

WP Engine provides a wide range of high availability and enterprise-grade solutions on the WordPress-optimized AWS architecture. Eliminate even the single point of failure with the AWS’ global data centers along with multi-redundancy across the traffic-serving layers. 

You will get enterprise-grade security, including DDoS, SSL/TLS encryption, WAF, and CDN across the global edge network in order to deliver scalable and secure digital experiences on your WordPress website. 


Get industry-leading WordPress hosting solutions with Pagely to build an awesome website for your business needs. It is the most secure and fastest Managed WordPress hosting platform. You will get Amazon AWS engineered in every plan to make the website perform faster.

Pagely provides enterprise-grade solutions for agencies, enterprises, WooCommerce businesses, higher education universities, media industries, and more. You will find high availability of cloud servers, headless WordPress option, reverse proxy, secured WordPress, and regulatory compliance. 

The cutting-edge capabilities and technologies of the AWS Cloud are combined with experts of Pagely to create a truly available WordPress jousting solution with extraordinary speed and reliability. It can sustain massive traffic without compromising performance.

Choose from 13 data centers across the world which is nearer to you in order to experience low latency and high availability. From continuous integration to additional AWS services and log shipping, Pagely’s flexible stack can be adapted according to your needs. 

Order your managed AWS WordPress server now and let Pagely handle your complete configuration so you can only focus on business growth. 


Developers, including agencies and eCommerce businesses, can now build web applications easily with the help of Temok. It will take your creativity to the next level, so you can easily cater to every AWS cloud hosting setup without technical support from the admin. 

Temok promptly solves any issues related to AWS cloud hosting 24/7 so that your site runs all time long without a stop. In other words, it equips your business with highly advanced solutions that provide convenience and optimal results. 

You can manage your Amazon Web Server easily and enhance your productivity. Temok provides a fantastic experience with its Amazon Web Hosting Service that empowers your website to drive more traffic. You can quickly deploy your Amazon web server without any technical difficulties. 

Enhance your streamlined workflows by assigning duties to different members of the team. Also, you can assign priorities to the projects and empower your team to act upon these priorities. Enjoy high-level convenience and efficiency with enhanced hosting servers and cache technologies. 

Temok can manage and design your entire company’s hosting deployment. This includes resources from AWS. In addition, AWS-certified professionals design your powerful, secure, and affordable AWS website for your business. They take care of updates, daily management, patching, and more so that you can focus on your business.

If you are still unsure about the benefit, just take a 30 minutes free consultation and explore the benefits.


MilesWeb manages your AWS cloud infrastructure so that you get more time to concentrate on your business growth. You can choose your preferred location for your AWS server with its AWS managed services for your Windows or Linux operating systems. 

Conveniently migrate your existing Amazon server to AWS managed hosting provider for free. Let MilesWeb’s experts help you in migration at zero downtime. During migration, they take care of all the databases as well as files and move them from the old amazon cloud provider to MilesWeb. 

Make your journey painless with MilesWeb’s affordable, optimized, and security-based hosting platform. Your work is just to manage your business and leave all the complex technical tasks to MilesWebs’ experts. With AWS managed services, you will get AWS certified team to monitor server performance, enhance productivity, save time, and more. 

Choose from various available data centers to host your WordPress website starting at $10/month.


Get WordPress solutions for your modern websites backed by Amazon’s robust cloud platform with ayeluya. This WordPress hosting solution can improve your website performance, accelerate development, and protect your site from malware and viruses. 

You will find automated site migrations that help you with a hassle-free approach to a new solution. Developers can build, test, and release sites faster with the help of WordPress’s local development tool. ayeluya lets you build a beautiful site with block tools, powerful, elegant themes, and more. 

By using ayeluya’s services, you will receive a website care report every month that includes active themes, website uptime, average page speed, updated plugins, a summary of maintenance, and a lot more. In addition, ayeluya’s managed AWS servers are 24/7 online to ensure your site is up and running. 

During unpredicted scenarios, ayeluya can restore your files and databases from its backup zone. Thus, you will never lose any data. It also checks for malicious code, ensuring your website stays secure and on the top. Get a next-level managed AWS WordPress hosting solution to create a stunning website.

The AWS cloud has 81 availability zones within 25 regions across the globe. ayeluya only uses high-end CPUs and powerful AWS machines to improve performance. You can save hours by just focusing on your business growth while allowing ayeluya to handle everything else. 

Choose from globally available data centers for fast page load time and low latency. So, launch your WordPress website today and meet your business demands with industry-leading security, stability, and speed in every plan you choose. 


AWS is a robust platform that can power your WordPress site. With a reliable managed AWS hosting service like the above, you can notice a massive improvement in performance, scalability, reliability, and security. So, choose the best managed AWS hosting for your website and focus on your business growth.

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