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In Mobile Last updated: May 12, 2023
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Math often turns out to be challenging for kids. Let’s make it easy to solve math problems by simply taking a photo and getting the solution!

It makes sense that math is among the most challenging topics you can take on. Whether you’re strong at it or not, trigonometry and calculus topics might make it difficult to solve complex math problems. Occasionally, even the most basic math issues can be challenging.

A kid might always desire an app that could solve math problems. Well, it is a reality now. Some apps solve arithmetic problems using tablets and smartphones, thanks to technological development.

These math problem-solving applications provide step-by-step instructions that explain how they arrived at the solution, making it simple to solve even the most challenging mathematical problems. 

What are math solver apps?


Math solver apps allow the students to click a photo of the problem and let the app work in the background to come up with a solution for the same. Isn’t it amazing? These math apps make it really fun to learn maths.

Students strengthen their arithmetic knowledge and math skills by studying step-by-step explanations. These apps offer comprehensive solutions to various math problems, including those using algebra, trigonometry, complicated calculus, and statistics. 

Why should you use a math solver app?

These apps aid in the improvement of a child’s knowledge of fundamental mathematical ideas. These apps can also be helpful for kids who need help with specific arithmetic problems. On top of that, it is extremely helpful in grasping the theoretical underpinnings of the concepts. 

The most excellent math apps will give pupils specific instructions on how to solve problems. Additionally, these apps offer pupils any extra practice they would need in any area of mathematics. Students could benefit from a customized learning experience thanks to these apps. Also, students can receive continuous expert assistance with these apps. 

Students may master these basic equations and algorithms by downloading the top math app. Most of the time, these applications use a tried-and-true method to aid students in learning fundamental mathematical processes.

Additionally, it is advised that students download the top math app that verifies the accuracy of the solved answer. Students should be able to evaluate their past, present, and future performance using the app’s parameters. 

Features of math solver apps


Gone are the days of typing a math problem on a search engine and waiting for a link to the correct answer. Nowadays, with maths solver apps, you can access detailed explanations right away by clicking a picture of the math problem.

There are numerous methods to solve a particular problem, and students can learn each way using such apps. In some apps, there is also an explanation using real-time, interactive graphs and animations for students to understand better and more profoundly.

Our children occasionally receive practice questions from their textbooks as homework assignments, only to struggle with them.

Some excellent math problem-solving apps are listed below to assist students with their arithmetic assignments. These algebra-learning and formula-tracking apps allow you to solve equations by merely aiming your camera at them.

Let’s directly jump to the list of best math problem-solving applications.


One of the finest free online tools you’ll ever find for processing algebraic expressions or other polynomials is the MathPapa app.

You can get step-by-step algebra problem-solving assistance at MathPapa. The MathPapa app offers not only the answers but also clear explanations and all the elements that are necessary for a complete grasp.


More precisely, it can assist you in locating solutions to systems of linear solutions, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing equations, factors for quadratic expressions, and more.

Enter your algebraic equation into the calculator, then click for detailed solutions. Moreover, the app appears to make learning fun and easy for students and makes students score well.

Among all math apps, MathPapa distinguishes out because of its interfaces, libraries, and other features. Students from all different grade levels and backgrounds are raving about MathPapa because of its high-class features.

Available in: iOS & Android

MyScript Calculator

The MyScript Calculator provides quick solutions to math issues. To receive better answers, the user of this math software can hand-write the arithmetic problem on the app. You may quickly and effectively remove the undesirable region using scratching motions. MyScript simulates writing a problem down on paper and addressing it with this math calculator.


When writing the equation, youngsters can use a uniform number size and organization because of a grid style on the screen that resembles graph paper.

In addition to trigonometric equations, logarithms, and percentages, it offers fundamental arithmetic, square roots, and cube roots. Kids may quickly and easily use this calculator to solve various math problems. The versatility of MyScript Calculator makes it appealing to users of all ages and educational backgrounds. 

Available in: iOS & Android


One of the top math solver apps for algebra calculators and math problems is Photomath. It uses augmented reality, so all you have to do is aim your camera at any paper piece containing an equation or a math problem, and it will figure out a solution. 

YouTube video

Photomath uses modern technology to analyze math problems and explain how to approach them, covering everything from elementary arithmetic to advanced calculus. To make your complex arithmetic calculations easier, this math problem solution app comes with a cutting-edge scientific calculator.

The major math topics studied are numbers and quantities, trigonometry and angles, sequences, and calculus.

You also have access to a particular calculator option to enter various problems. It gives you step-by-step instructions with animations and a variety of techniques as you solve them. This is one go-to app for all students looking to solve their math assignments in the most organized and efficient way. 

Available in: iOS & Android


CameraMath is another photo-based math solver app. You snap a picture using the camera on your device or one of your previously taken pictures, crop it to the area that corresponds to the pertinent question, and tap the solution. The application’s artificial intelligence extracts critical information.

It addresses the math difficulty by presenting the answers as stages the viewer can follow to answer similar problems.

YouTube video

Mathematical issues are resolved using live or previously saved photos from a device using CameraMath. It is the perfect math solution software since it assists students in double-checking their responses and demonstrates how to change their strategy when they need to be corrected.

A separate calculator, a decimal separator, and many other features are available. Following a trial version, user access is maintained through a subscription.

Available in: iOS & Android

Microsoft Math Solver

The Microsoft Arithmetic Solver app uses cutting-edge AI to quickly and accurately solve various math problems. This math problem-solving program has three different ways to enter new arithmetic problems and is relatively easy to use.

You have three options for entering an equation: utilizing the built-in calculator-like display, clicking a picture illustrating the issue, or manually writing out the equation. 


You can input a math equation, scan it, or import it from your gallery for a step-by-step breakdown. If you wish to return to a particular math problem later and review it, you can bookmark it and access history to review previous issues answered. 

Additionally, you get daily practice tests, interactive graphs, and online video tutorials that help you understand the subject better. It supports several languages, including Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, and others.

You can use Microsoft Edge to answer arithmetic problems because this software connects with the desktop version of the Edge browser. Also, the absence of adverts and in-app purchases makes the app’s free use its most vital feature. 

Available in: iOS & Android

Math Scanner

You can enter math problems into Math Scanner by snapping a picture of it, importing one, or directly typing it in using the provided keyboard. Its user interface keeps things simple while concentrating on the problem. Just aim your camera at the difficulty, and the photo calculator immediately shows the solution along with thorough step-by-step instructions.

YouTube video

It covers statistics, chemistry, calculus, trigonometry, and algebra. You can also grasp these ideas in a separate section. On top of that, you get the chance to communicate with other group members and share information with them.

Math Scanner is the most intelligent math calculator app in the world, with millions of downloads and numerous problems answered. With a sensible calculator, you enter the formula, and the equations calculator will instantly provide you with the answers.

Available in: iOS & Android

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Users can automatically solve graphing equations with the Desmos Graphing Calculator mathematics solver. This calculator for algebra can plot a wide range of equations, including lines, parabolas, and more. A graph can be made using a set of data


It can plot exponents and logs, solve trigonometric equations, precalculus and calculus problems, handle statistics and probability, and support functions and inequalities. Desmos can be used in the math classroom in a plethora of ways.

This math solution app has similar functions, but in addition to a graphing calculator, it also provides an equation solver, a currency converter, and a unit converter. 

Use the quick and effective Desmos Graphing Calculator to learn more about math. Any equation can be plotted, including lines, parabolas, derivatives, and Fourier series. You can also animate your graphs, add sliders to show function transformations, make tables to enter and plot data, and more for free.

Available in: iOS & Android


A powerful program that provides arithmetic solutions, WolframAlpha seeks to make all systematic information immediately computable and available to everyone capable. Despite seeming like a search engine, one shouldn’t misunderstand this math answer tool. 


It is an educational tool that provides detailed responses based on data compiled from all the material pertinent to your inquiries. It is a free online math solution program with steps. Students can learn anything as it covers various topics, but they must know the right questions to ask.

WolframAlpha is a powerful data cruncher if the data is available. The back-end processing is quick, and the response reports are attractive, printable, and shareable.

WolframAlpha is renowned for its capacity to resolve complicated physics and mathematical equations. For instance, students can study equations for engineering problems, compare various elements inside the periodic table, and learn facts about living things. 

Available in: iOS & Android


Using a powerful AI-powered math solver, the Cymath app offers assistance with various problems in arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometry, calculus, analytics, and other areas.

It is a math software that allows you to solve mathematical problems on the move and provides math solutions for various concepts.

With this math solution software, you can access detailed answers to your issues without spending any money. Use the Cymath app if you need help with a particular calculus problem or are stuck on any mathematics difficulty.


Make this math homework companion app a daily part of your life. Allow the algebra, calculus, and graphing math homework solver app to provide you with the necessary assistance. Trigonometry, logarithms, and exponential functions are among the many procedures offered by this algebra calculator and math solution app.

Available in: Android

Maple Calculator

A free and capable math solver tool called ‘The Maple Calculator’ provides you with solutions, 2-D and 3-D charts, and even step-by-step instructions.

With this multipurpose tool, algebra and precalculus math problems are exceedingly simple to enter, figure out, and illustrate. You can also use your camera to enter trials, allowing you to check your assignments quickly. 

YouTube video

Along with the solution, you also receive fully developed, step-by-step answers to a wide range of mathematical issues, such as resolving systems of equations, determining limits, derivatives, and integrals, conducting matrix operations, and more.

This Maple Math Calculator app can still function without the internet. Some capabilities, however, necessitate an internet connection to download new data. There are many international languages like English, French, Spanish, and German also working in this app. 

Available in: iOS & Android


One of the best algebra calculators and math problem solvers, Mathway Arithmetic Solver, provides immediate solutions to even the most challenging math problems. It is a math problem-solving tool strongly suggested for all kids who are facing difficulties with math. Usage is also pretty simple because of an excellent topic glossary and a straightforward layout. 


Additionally, there is a section with examples of math problems that have been solved for pupils. You can browse these examples by selecting a category under the search field or by typing in a math problem. Additionally, you can quickly obtain models using the ‘Popular Problems’ section on the right.

This application will always provide the correct answer if you give a valid equation. Mathway offers a user-friendly workflow and straightforward design. It offers a colorful home screen with beautiful buttons. The home screen provides access to all of the app’s sections.

Available in: iOS & Android

Socratic by Google

You can scan science questions, word puzzles, arithmetic equations, and more in this app. If any similar videos are found, it will display them along with an explanation of the subject and potential variations. Since it’s a Google product, most of the results you view will come from Google search queries and YouTube clips. 


This learning software, using Google AI, aids in helping you comprehend your college and high school coursework. To learn the concepts, ask Socratic a question, and the app will identify the best internet tools for you. 

It can also be helpful for various other subjects, including biology, biochemistry, physics, history, and poetry, in addition to mathematics. Everything you need to solve your math problem is embedded in this app. You can also connect to internet tools and grasp any issue using your voice or camera.

Available in: iOS & Android


Math apps prove to be helpful while solving complex problems. It makes children understand deeper and better with a detailed solution. These apps also help develop the students’ logical and reasoning abilities. Playfully learning the concepts also aids learning.

You may also explore some amazing STEM apps for kids to play and learn science.

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