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In Hosting Last updated: July 10, 2023
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With all the various options available for hosting websites, it’s easy to jump on the wrong platform and start miserably.

Knowing all the security and performance issues with the Internet today, an excellent hosting platform is the need of the hour. There are various factors that you need to pay attention to while choosing a hosting platform, but one factor that can triumph for your business is the region.

In simple words, it’s better to host your website in the same region as your users. This helps your business in many ways, and some of them are discussed below.

Increased speed

It is a well-known fact that if your website is hosted in the same region as your users, it’ll load up much faster for them. Assuming your users are from the Middle East and your website is hosted in the same location, then they’ll have a better loading time as compared to users from another region. This way, you can serve your targeted users much better.

Faster support

When you’re opting for region-specific hosting, you’re eliminating all other unnecessary buzzes around it from the support team. This means you can get real help from the support team tailored only for your region and NOT focus on others. This makes sure your queries and problems are solved much faster.

Let’s explore some of the best hosting platforms for the Middle east region audience.

Kamatera Express

With as many as 13 data centers across four different continents, Kamatera Express is a great platform to host your website. It allows you to create servers and other aspects in under just 60 seconds. Not only that, but this platform also ensures an insane 99.95% uptime and not even a single-point failure.

Kamatera got 4 data centers in the Middle East – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rosh Haayin, and Petach Tikva.

Their data centers are built for purpose and are totally high-end. Some of the other features include:

  • Individual resources for every account
  • As much as 72 vCPUs along with 384 GB RAM
  • Powerful Intel Platinum 8270 processor
  • Lightning speed networking
  • SSD storage
  • And much more!

With all that awesomeness, they’re offering a 30-day free trial for you to try everything risk-free. That’s a no-brainer, in my opinion.

Alibaba Cloud

Stable, secure, and reliable is what makes Alibaba Cloud a fantastic web hosting solution for the Middle Eastern market. They have 61 availability zones in 20 different regions, including UAE (Dubai), and the number is expected only to keep on increasing. This means Alibaba Cloud is getting bigger and better by time.

They have various impressive features, including:

  • 13 data sources, including Oracle
  • Super user-friendly interface
  • Various web builders for the non-techy, including WordPress and Joomla
  • 24/7 technical support team
  • Anti-DDoS security to prevent attacks
  • In-depth analytics

Alibaba Cloud is currently offering a free trial for any of its cloud-based products. So, be sure to make use of that before you go for their premium plans. If you’re still on edge about this platform, they have a pretty cool feature that allows you to talk to one of their expert cloud consultants and clear all of your doubts. They’re here to help!


With servers built precisely for UAE and Saudi Arabia, Buzinessware is a web host that is great by all means. Looking at the starting cost of just $11/month for a cloud server, you might think there’s not much to offer. But that’s not the case.

They have various plans and types of servers that can be tailored for your needs. Those are:

  • Typical server
  • Webserver
  • Database server
  • VPN appliances
  • Active Directory
  • RDP session host

With features like 99.9% uptime and cloud firewalls, this platform is not the one to ignore. Other features include:

  • Private networks within the data center
  • Detail monitoring
  • SSD-based block storage
  • Easy backups for recovery

To top it up, they offer 24/7 support to clear all your doubts and queries.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is built with a purpose, a purpose to serve customers with a top-notch hosting experience. This platform is spread out into 54 different regions and is known to be the very first one to have that wide reach. In fact, it is used by some of the biggest companies, like Coca-Cola, FedEx, BMW, Walmart, etc.

This is literally no surprise seeing their set of provided features which includes:

  • An AI-powered algorithm that understands and operates your commands
  • In-depth and super-fast data analytics
  • Ability to use Windows and SQL servers to cut down on costs
  • Full security with Azure security center
  • Various coding languages support building your applications.

You can get access to Azure free for 12 months which contains 25 of their services. Not only that, but you also get £150 credit to use on any of their other services free for 30 days. That’s super cool if you ask me.

Amazon AWS

Last but surely not least, Amazon AWS is another brilliant option to consider for your Middle Eastern hosting solution. We all know the kind of company Amazon is: If they’re into something, they strive to be the best.

That’s the reason they’ve been continuously coming up with new features and innovations for the Middle East market, including the availability in Bahrain and the all-new Arabic text-to-speech AI software.

With features like 99.99% guaranteed uptime, you might want to look at some other offerings mentioned below:

  • Data encryption within the server with 256-bit encryption keys
  • Integrate with 1000s of AWS products
  • Various platforms support, including CMS Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla
  • SDKs available for different platforms like Java and Ruby

Amazon AWS follows a straightforward “pay as you go” pricing system that allows you only to pick the cloud products and plans your business needs. No strings attached!

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a widely recognized platform that understands the ever-evolving today’s technological needs while fostering a culture of constant innovation, and this is precisely why prominent global enterprises, including Paypal, UPS, Twitter, Target, Goldman Sachs, P&G, Airbus, Carrefour, and more, have made the informed decision to adopt Google Cloud for their business operations.

YouTube video

Google Cloud spans 37 Regions and over 200 countries, with its global reach recently expanded to three additional regions: Doha in Qatar, Turin in Italy, and Tel Aviv in Israel. Google Cloud strengthens its global reach with a robust software-defined network, ensuring fast and reliable connections for users worldwide.

Google Cloud has a 90-day trial with $300 free credits and over 20 free products. It covers necessary tools for constructing, operating, and maintaining your applications, websites, and services like Firebase and Google Maps API for building and maintaining applications, websites, and services.

The top features include Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, CloudSQL, Virtual Private Cloud, Key Management System, Cloud Identity, and Secret Manager.

Google Cloud adheres to stringent privacy and compliance criteria, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and security.


Now that you know the best hosting options for the Middle East market, it’s time to go ahead and pick one. I hope the above options help you make a clear decision.

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