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In Hosting Last updated: September 12, 2023
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Minecraft has come a long way since its release in 2009, becoming one of the best-selling and impactful games of all time, even after 14 years. 

If you have been playing this sandbox video game, you must know that it still receives regular updates and new features from Mojang. 

It is the dedicated fan base of Minecraft that creates mods for the game and adds spice to your game by taking your exploration into uncharted territory. 

Mods in Minecraft turn your regular landscape of the survival game into an exciting game and allow you to explore new things while you start building your settlement. 

However, not all Minecraft servers will let you play with these mods. 

And that’s why I have come up with a list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers with mod support.

So, let’s explore each provider’s list, key features and benefits, and some critical aspects that will help you choose the server wisely. 

What is a Mod? 

If you have been playing online video games, you must have come across the term “mod” quite often, and it is basically a short form of modification.

It’s the term given to the player or user-generated content and add-ons that are added to the game to modify its gameplay, graphics, or other aspects of the game. 


Not only the developers of a particular game build mods but also the game’s community of users or gamers in order to enhance the overall gaming experience. Introducing mods in games like Minecraft can be as simple as adding new grass, colors, or texture or as complex as adding unique collectibles, blocks, maps, or items in the game. 

In many cases, the mod also facilitates the addition of a new character or the custom look of a character in the game. Mods also allow open-ended games to get a new life and extend their overall lifespan. By introducing new characters, maps, or textures, the mods often help in reviving the popularity of a game. 

The mods are easily available on the internet, and you can easily download and install them on your game server. Some games, including single-player and multiplayer games, come with official modding tools, making it easier for players to install the mod. 

Furthermore, mods are available in various types, and there are some types that can change the whole game into something else. Many developers encourage modification in games, and there are many game studios that provide developers with tools to help them mod many games. 

However, there are some games where adding mods may cause copyright issues or security risks. So, some gamers and hosting providers don’t prefer them. 

Minecraft Mods: How Can They Change the Gaming Experience?

Minecraft mods refer to the varied types of additions or changes that developers and game enthusiasts make in the game to create a new playing experience. These mods basically describe the process of adding a variety of custom items to the game to modify the game’s mechanics, content, and visuals. 

Source: Sportskeeda

The central concept behind Minecraft is to spice up the surroundings of the game and attract players to explore the new landscape of the game. Mods also allow you to extend the lifespan of the game and allow players to stay engaged without getting bored with how the game mechanics work. 

The mods in Minecraft come in different varieties of forms and shapes. 

  • Some mods allow you to add new blocks, items, animals, trees, and various others in the game. 
  • Some Minecraft mods completely change the mechanics of blocks, weapons, or how the texture of a game appears. 
  • There are some mods that provide new abilities to your character in Minecraft and also add new terrain or landscape to the game. 
  • Nowadays, Minecraft mods have also introduced custom tools and foods where the tools allow you to gather some rare items while the food restores your hunger point. 
  • When you get custom armor from mods, it will completely change how you survive in Minecraft because they provide you with high protection from various damages. 
  • There are some special mod packs that introduce rare creatures, modern vehicles, advanced tools, and multiple items in the game to make them feel new. 
  • Adventure and tech mods are in high demand among players because they bring new quests and advanced machinery into the game, allowing players to create a modern landscape. 

With the game getting updates and hundreds of mod packs getting released every year, Minecraft’s gaming experience is constantly evolving, and every time you play, you will have something new to explore.

Let’s explore the best Minecraft server hosting providers with mod options.


Considered one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers with mod support, ScalaCube promises endless fun with its modded Minecraft servers. 

When you use ScalaCube for your next exploration in Minecraft, it will provide you with an entirely new gaming experience with exciting features, mobs, biomes, and many other game items. 


The best thing about this server is that it supports all Minecraft versions, allowing you to play the game with ease. Whether you want industrial craft, dragon mounts, Aether II, or BuildCraft mod in the server, you can integrate any mod pack and overwhelm your friend with a new landscape. 

The game comes with unlimited slots, so you can rent it and invite all your friends to explore the new mod. Even though the game will be heavily moded, you won’t face any lag while playing, and the credit goes to its enterprise-level hardware support with SSD storage. 

Moreover, it is protected by premium DDoS protection and constant server monitoring, ensuring nothing comes in the way of your gaming marathon. It also comes with custom JAR and BungeeCord support to elevate the convenience. 

The Basic Server plan is free, but for the 10-player slots, you will have to pay $2 per month.


If you are looking for a high-performing Minecraft server provider with mod support, HostHavoc can serve as a good choice for you. This game server comes with an automatic mod pack installer that lets you integrate a variety of mod packs like Pixelmon, FTB, Twitch packs, Vanilla, and others. 

When you get this server, you can add a variety of modded items from this hosting provider itself. This server is powered by Multicraft, which offers you a custom control panel suite and lets you easily manage all the mods for Minecraft. 


After you purchase, you can immediately start playing the modded server as the provider sets up the server within 30 seconds. Thanks to the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and Intel NVMe SSD drives, you can build your large base in the modded landscape of Minecraft, and that too without any lag. 

Moreover, HostHavoc ensures minimal latency throughout the game. The servers are spread across ten locations worldwide, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, and Sydney. Protected by top-class DDoS protection and inline protection appliances, the providers ensure you can always enjoy the game. 

The server is available in various plans, and the basic plan starts from $5 per month. 

Apex Hosting

Playing Minecraft with all your favorites is made easy by Apex Hosting, as it allows you to install an array of mod packs from Feed The Beast, ATL, Voids Wrath, Technic, and many others. 

The one-click mod pack installation makes things much easier because you can enjoy the game with your friends with different modded landscapes and items. You can use any plugin you want on this server, like Essentialsx, World Edit, Permissionsex, and many others, with ease. 


Apex Hosting allows you to generate new maps in Minecraft using any seed you desire. Alternatively, you can utilize any of the premade workloads that the provider offers with the server. 

Apex Hosting provides a Multicraft 2.0 panel that lets you control every aspect of your game server from any device you want. The Minecraft server hosting provider’s network is fully protected, so any kind of DDoS attack won’t disrupt your gaming marathon with your friends. 

The ultra-low latency of the server is a huge advantage, and it has been made possible by data centers across the globe. The data centers are in the USA, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Japan and India. 

When you decide to buy a server from Apex Hosting, you won’t have to worry about budget because the plans start from just $9.99 per month.

Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a renowned gaming server that many prefer when looking for a Minecraft server hosting provider with mod support. It allows you to enjoy Minecraft on popular mods like Vanilla, Spigot, Bedrock, Forge, Tekkit Legends, Crafting Dead, Direwolf20, crazy craft, Tech World 2, etc. 

Installing them won’t give you any hard time, and you can switch to the mods anytime you want. A unique thing about this server is that all the mods updates are released on the same day. Thus, you won’t have to wait long. 

The in-house game server management panel makes applying the mods easier and lets you easily make all types of customization. The server is geared with ultra-fast SSD storage and the highest single-thread processors that enable you to play Minecraft with mods at a buttery smooth frame rate. 

Since it is a global hosting provider, it has servers in seven different locations, including Seattle, New York, Dallas, Singapore, Los Angeles, France, and Germany. Survival Servers offers a low ping gaming session, and if you face frequent downtimes or any other difficulty, you can easily switch the location.


With Shockbyte Minecraft server hosting, it has become easier for players to play their favorite mods with complete ease. From Feed the Beast and Technic to ATLauncher, it supports all types of mod packs, which is an excellent advantage for Minecraft enthusiasts. 

It lets you upload and install any of your own mods on a custom server through its control panel and make changes whenever required. If you face any issue in the middle, Shockbyte has a team of professionals who can help you out in any of those situations. 

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With this provider, you get a free subdomain where you can create your custom IP with your server name and provide it to the friends whom you want to join. You can stay assured running any mods in the server won’t cause any lag because all the servers are supported by high RAM support, 1Gbps port, unlimited SSD storage, and bandwidth. 

The best thing is that it gets DDoS protection on all the servers, meaning no malicious attackers can hamper your gaming sessions. Moreover, all the network outages are covered by SLA, making sure you can use the server at any time of the day. 

It is available in various plans, starting from the Dirt Plan, and also offers you the option to create a custom plan based on your requirements.


With the support of the latest 1.2 version of the Minecraft server, Hostinger has emerged as a favorite destination for many Minecraft gamers. It offers unlimited options of mods through its server, and you can install any of the mods you prefer using a one-click installation. 

It lets you easily set up third-party modifications through FTP/SSH and File Manager. The Minecraft server offered by this hosting service provides a different version for all the players that range from the official server to Spigot. 


Playing the moded environment of Minecraft with your friends is pretty simple, and the credit goes to the easy-to-use game panel. The fast and lag-free server with Intel Xeon processors also allows you to run the game with complete convenience. 

Moreover, while building your base with the latest mods, you won’t have to worry about losing progress because Hostinger performs automated backups at regular intervals. When you purchase a server from this hosting service, you will get a dedicated IPv4/IPv6 address that makes your server wholly protected and safe from DDoS attacks. 

Many players prefer to opt for this service because of the low latency it offers. The provider ensures this by setting up data centers in different countries in the world.


Enjoy all the Minecraft modpacks on the Nodecraft hosting server, and have an extraordinary weekend gaming session with your friends. Nodecraft helps you to install over 250 mod packs, and that too without requiring you to make any configuration. 

You will be provided with different modded frameworks that will open up the world of hundreds of mods for your next Minecraft exploration. Like every top Minecraft server hosting provider, it also offers a one-click installer that makes it easy to integrate mods and plugins. 


While playing the modded landscape, you will get the support of a premium server hardware setup. It includes an Intel Xeon processor and 64GB ECC RAM so that you can stay assured of flawless gameplay. In addition, Nodecraft provides blazing-fast performance with low-latency servers in different regions of the world, like North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. 

The simple interface control panel of Nodecraft is quite simple to use, and you can even access it through your smartphone. The games get automatically saved in the cloud storage so you can resume your base-building process every time you start the game. 

With a start price of $19.49 per month, Nodecraft not only offers you unlimited player slots but also unlimited setting parameters. With all the plans, you also get the support of an efficient customer team, and they will respond to your query within 5 minutes.


Playing Minecraft with mods is a new type of experience that almost every gaming enthusiast loves to explore. However, not all game hosting servers offer you mod support. 

That is why choosing the best Minecraft hosting providers with mod support is beneficial. It will allow you to install hundreds of mods with ease, along with other features and functionalities, so that you can enjoy your Minecraft games with more zeal. 

Next, check out the best Minecraft server hosting services for everyone.

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