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  • As soon as touchscreen phones came into play, and the evolution of Android and iOS started, keyboard apps became one of the most basic necessities for the users who love personalization.

    A lot of Keyboard apps came into existence in recent years that proffer a unique interface and various amazing features.

    These days, keyboard apps are focused on providing the best user interface. In order to find the best keyboard app, you have to go through a ton of options available on Google Play and the Apple App Store too. To make it easy for you, here we have shortlisted some of the best Keyboard apps to provide you one of a kind experience.

    Microsoft SwiftKey

    microsoft swiftkey keyboard

    With more than half-billion downloads on Google Play, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard has established itself as one of the best keyboard apps. It offers a smart typing feature that learns from you helps in word suggestions in the future. You can instantly use GIFs and emojis as per your requirement in SwiftKey. The emoji keyboard provided by SwiftKey features all the emojis you need to describe your heart out in any situation.

    The most amazing part about the app is the auto-correct feature that actually works sensibly. You’ll get the best and most appropriate word prediction via SwiftKey’s autocorrect. The keyboard also offers various themes and styles so that you can personalize your keyboard according to your preferences. You can even create a custom theme using different colors and wallpapers.

    Apart from that, Microsoft SwiftKey offers a translator, sticker packs, calendar, and more. The app also features an incognito mode so that nothing you write in a private conversation will ever show up, whether it is a word suggestion or an emoji.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    best keyboard apps

    If you are more concerned about your privacy, then Go Keyboard is the best fit for you.

    The app lets you create a cartoon avatar of your photos and use personalized sticker packs while chatting. You can even show off your avatar stickers to your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, iMessage, and Twitter.

    Go Keyboard offers you more than 1000 keyboard themes, 100 font styles, 1000s of emojis, and GIFs along with 800+ emoticons. The app lets you customize the keyboard with your language as it supports more than 60 of them. You can use your image as the keyboard wallpaper. The app provides you three different layouts, including Qwerty, Qwertz, and Azerty keyboard too.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    Grammarly keyboard

    Are you the one who doesn’t want to make a grammatical mistake while typing an important mail on your smartphone, hold on, Grammarly is here to help you.

    The keyboard offers a real-time grammar checker and spelling checker that can do wonders while writing an important post or a mail. The app also suggests advanced punctuation correction and appropriate synonyms.

    Grammarly is all good with most of the Android and iOS apps, which makes it one of the most convenient keyboards in the list. The app also gives crisp explanations for every correction so that you can improve your grammar as well. You can select the dialect as per your requirement; the app offers four different English dialects, including American, Canadian, Australian, and British.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    FancyKey Keyboard

    Bored with your regular font style keyboard and old-school emojis, switch to FancyKey Keyboard then. It offers more than 3200 funky emojis that can add fun to your chats. With more than 70 cool fonts, the keyboard app offers one of the best auto-suggest and auto-correct engines.

    FancyKey Keyboard comes with 50+ amazing themes, and you can even create customized themes in the app by using different wallpapers, key sound effects, typing effects, fonts, and Key style.

    Apart from that, multiple typing methods and the SWIPE Input method can offer the best typing experience.

    Availability: Android, iOS

    Google Indic

    best keyboard apps

    We can’t miss mentioning Google Indic Keyboard while talking about the best keyboard. The app offers you 12 different keyboards based on Indian languages, including Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada and English.

    A unique part about the Google Indic Keyboard is that it offers a transliteration feature that lets you give the input in English, and the output comes in your native language. This feature makes it one of the most user-friendly keyboard available on the list.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    kika keyboard

    Want to try a keyboard that features a complete emoji dictionary, try Kika Keyboard then.

    It offers a complete emoji keyboard where you will get any and every type of emoji and an innovative emoji prediction feature. Try your hands on the brand new GIF and sticker keyboard where you can search and get a plethora of GIFs based on different categories.

    You can resize the keyboard for one-hand mode and even change the layout of the keyboard while using it on a phone or a tablet. Voice Board, auto-correction, and word prediction along with the slide input feature is also a part of the Kika keyboard to make typing more comfortable for you.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    best keyboard apps

    Mint Keyboard can be said to be one of the most user-friendly keyboards that also features an AI engine to deliver the best word predictions and auto correct results. The keyboard also offers a stickers and GIFs board where you get access to new stickers regularly to get more expressive in your chats.

    Mint keyboard comes with a smart reply feature that saves an often used reply and allows you to use it accordingly. The keyboard also suggests some cool conversation starters to break the ice while talking to someone. The app gets new themes every week, which means you can always experiment with keyboard themes. Mint supports typing and speech-to-text for all Indian Languages that make it stand out of the list.

    Availability: Android

    Bobble Indic

    bobble indic keyboard

    With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with a 4.6-star rating, Bobble Indic has been termed as the world’s first social keyboard. The keyboard offers more than 1000 stickers, memes, emojis, and GIFs, and you can use the keyboard to send large-sized emojis on WhatsApp. The app also provides you stickers and GIFs based on your native language.

    You can select and apply themes with or without key borders and even change the language of the keyboard according to your preference as it supports all Indian regional languages. You can also switch between the number row and the emoji row with a simple swipe.

    Availability: Android, iOS


    best keyboard apps

    Imagine a keyboard that lets you get your hands on live themes, here you go with PlayKeyboard. This is the only keyboard that reacts with you whenever you type something. A character lives inside you with the keyboard, and it reacts to the emotion of the words. If you type love, the character will dance, and if you type lol, then the character will laugh with you.

    PlayKeyboard is the only Do It Yourself sort of keyboard available on the list. The app offers more than 200 themes, and you can even create or share your own themes in the app. You can even use customized GIFs inside your keyboard too.

    Availability: Android


    The apps mentioned above can serve as the best keyboard apps for android smartphones and iPhones. They all have been tried and tested, so you don’t have to worry about their working and interface. From an AI-based keyboard to all Indian language support, all the mentioned apps have something unique to offer.