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In Privacy and Security Last updated: April 10, 2023
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Mobile proxy solutions can help you access any content or site from the entire web while ensuring security and anonymity.

This enables you to perform a lot of things such as web scraping, accessing a site restricted in your country, comparing your competitors’ pricing for your eCommerce business, and many more.

Although proxies are of different types and can help you achieve all these, mobile proxies go a little further than that.

Websites don’t like to be scrapped, obviously! Advanced sites have capabilities to detect suspicious IPs and block them. They may also show wrong information upon detecting a suspicion.

Thus, if you use a weak proxy, it’s a high chance that you can get detected, blocked, or misguided.

The solution to this problem is using mobile proxies. They are powerful and resemble a real user trying to access a site. Therefore, the sites can’t detect or block them, enabling you to access sites without dear or security issues.

Let’s talk about what mobile proxies are and why you need them before we discuss some of the best mobile proxy solutions for you.

What are Mobile Proxies?

To understand mobile proxies, it’s pertinent to know about a proxy in the first place.

A proxy acts as an intermediary server between your computer and all the other computers on the web. It basically hides your actual IP address and replaces it with another IP to help you browse the internet without restrictions while maintaining anonymity.

Proxies are of different types – residential proxy, datacenter proxy, mobile proxy, rotating proxy, and more.

So, mobile proxies are a type of proxy that masks your actual IP address and allows you to access the web using mobile devices such as smartphones. This way, you can access any content on the web without any restrictions.

How does mobile proxy work?

When you connect to a proxy server, your computer will send all the requests to the proxy server to process the request. The proxy sends the request to the targeted web address on your behalf without revealing your identity or IP address.

When the request is approved by the website you are trying to reach, the requested information comes back to the proxy server and then to you. This is how a proxy works, and it applies to all types of proxies, including mobile proxies.

Mobile proxy networks include real 4G or 3G connections assigned by a mobile operator to some portable gadgets. These are actually used by real people; hence, they are authentic. This makes mobile proxies unique; they are undetectable by sites since you will appear as a real user wanting to access the site.

Mobile proxies or proxies, in general, are used for various tasks by professionals, individuals, and businesses such as eCommerce sites. The purposes can be web scraping, filtering content on the web, accessing a website that’s not accessible in your country, maintaining anonymity while browsing, and more.

Why do you need Mobile Proxies?

Using mobile proxies is a great alternative to conduct web scraping or access content from any site worldwide. Its capabilities are excellent, including security, privacy, wider accessibility, and more.

Let’s understand the benefits of using mobile proxies.

The internet has become a risky place with cybercrimes such as phishing, data breach, password leaks, identity theft, spyware, ransomware, spoofing, and whatnot.

Browsing internet anonymously

In this arena, you will have to be careful while visiting a site because if you get trapped, you may lose sensitive data, money, reputation, and customer trust.

However, if you use mobile proxies, you don’t have to fear these risks because you can use the proxy to visit sites without exposing your real identity. Thus, it will bring greater security and privacy, and you can visit any site or content in the world while being completely anonymous.

Faster and more secure connections

If you don’t deal with cache building up continuously in your device, it can potentially slow down the device. It might also affect your connectivity. And when you visit sites or perform some action on the web using that device, you may feel reduced performance and delays.

What if you can address the root cause?

A good mobile proxy can help you block direct cache downloads. Also, many mobile proxies have faster cache storage systems. This will dramatically assist in increasing your device and connection speed. So, when you look for a mobile proxy, enquire about a mobile proxy solution provider about this.

Accessing restricted sites and content

Have you encountered a situation when you couldn’t open a website, stating it can’t be opened from where you live?

This means the particular website has restricted users from your country from accessing the site. This is geo-restriction. Similarly, there might be instances where your country’s laws or workplace laws might restrict you from using a particular site.

But what if you need to access the site?

The solution is mobile proxies. The entire web will be available to you with a touch of a button while using mobile proxies. It will enable you to surf any content or website from any part of the world without inviting any trouble.

Effective price comparison

Monitoring your competitor’s pricing and website is essential, especially for eCommerce businesses. You must know what’s happening in your industry, industry leaders’ sites, and your competitors’ sites to make a better strategy that will improve your marketing efforts.

But if you continue browsing your different competitors’ sites all the time with your actual IP, they may find it suspicious and block you or supply the wrong content to misguide you.

Using a mobile proxy will save you from getting detected by other websites. Hence, you can scrape data, monitor pricing, and keep a tab on your competitors’ websites and events without any fear. It will help you gain valuable insights and shape your pricing and marketing strategies.

Managing multiple accounts on social media

Social media managers have to manage multiple accounts for their clients. Therefore, they create various accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., but these sites may prevent users from creating multiple accounts to ensure security. However, using mobile proxies, you can manage multiple accounts on your mobile device without any hassle or difficulty.

So, if you want to avail yourself of these benefits and are looking for a reliable and secure mobile proxy solution, I’ve listed some excellent options for you. They are suitable whether you are an individual web surfer, a professional who wants to add more value to your team, or a business that always wants to stay ahead of your competitors.

Bright Data

Experience the largest and fastest real-peer IPs in the advanced mobile network of Bright Data. It offers more than 7,000,000 IPs across the globe, the fastest response time, 99.99% network uptime, and more.


Bright Data assigns real 3G/4G connections to every individual through the mobile carrier. It imposes no set boundaries while using residential IPs in any city, and there will be zero limitations on the concurrent connections.

Organizations associated with the stock market, Ad Tech, eCommerce, etc., use Bright Data’s mobile proxy solutions to compare their growth from the competitor data from the web. In addition, you can check your digital assets with the IPs of the highest resolution available for you and extract data from the web to grow your business more.

Bright Data comes with a pay-as-you-go option of $60/GB if you are a startup. But you can also get a monthly or yearly subscription according to your business needs at $300/month.


Get the leading-edge residential proxy service globally with one of the largest and fastest 4G networks by IPRoyal. Since social networks trust real IP addresses, the mobile 4G proxies solution decreases the chance of blocking.

IPRoyal offers a stable proxy solution on your mobile network so that you can extract essential web data to boost your organization’s strategies with productivity. It provides a pool of 10,000+ IPv4 addresses, so forget about the ban and start analyzing search engine outputs.

Gain the highest level of security for the accounts you create via mobile proxies. In addition, IPRoyal lets you change the IP address instantly through its dashboard with just a single click of a button. You can also change your IP by requesting through an API; as a result, you will get the new IP quickly.

Set some intervals between the IPs and allow them to change automatically from options like a minute, five minutes, ten minutes, or more.

Your mobile proxy is completely reserved for you, so no sharing and splicing. IPRoyal offers secure and reliable dedicated mobile proxies that offer incredible downloading speeds. The highest downloading speed of 4G proxy requests, in general, is 100 Mbps, which is quite a good speed.

This is not the end; it offers many more interesting and valuable capabilities. You will get unlimited bandwidth, a massive pool of mobile proxies, a wider level of accessibility, multiple locations, private IP tunneling, a residential network, reliable hardware, and more.

IPRoyal comes with three pricing options – daily, monthly, and yearly, so you can choose the best suitable option for you according to your needs. With every plan, you will get a 100k IP pool, API access, auto-rotate toggle, and more, and you can cancel your subscription at any time you want.


Those who think working with proxies is difficult should try the premium IP infrastructure offered by Nimble IP. With it, you can effortlessly work with premium proxies. Not only that, it also ensures smooth data delivery and integrates into your deployment.

The high-performance infrastructure of this platform offers zero downtime. As a result, you can save time and computing costs. It can easily adapt to any project size to provide you with insane performance with minimal latency. You can always stay assured of the IP quality. Its Quality network guarantees premium IPs.


Nimble has an easy and intuitive interface for managing market-leading tools. It is also ideal for granular targeting — you can use it to target any global geolocation, including state and city. 

This solution also helps you maximize data access while trying to reach challenging destinations. Moreover, it lets you use any type of IP, including residential, data center, and ISP, on a single platform. 

You can become a subscriber by purchasing any of its plans at $300, $700, $1100, and $4000 per month.


Oxylabs’ mobile proxy solution gives you plenty of capabilities, starting from wider accessibility to filtering mobile IPs and avoiding IP blocks. Their expert team ensures better uptime and guarantees stability while allowing you to access any IP address from any mobile device.

Oxylabs provides an extensive list of country-level ASN and location targeting so that their mobile proxies will work even in challenging geo-restrictions. In addition, it offers a stable proxy service with more than 20 million mobile IPs across the globe.

Get rid of IP blocking issues and CAPTCHAs with Oxylabs’ mobile proxies to ensure greater success with automatic IP rotation. You will get access to the highest quality 3G/4G mobile proxies. In addition, manage the mobile proxies effectively by simply integrating your mobile proxies through a single endpoint.

Oxylabs’ mobile proxies provide you with a clean and intuitive dashboard to help you learn the usage statistics, manage your complete account, and allowlist the IPs.

It enables you to ensure reliable resources, sets no limits to your targets, grows a proxy pool, guarantees 99.9% uptime, and provides professional team support. When you choose to work with mobile proxies, you will have your own dedicated proxy manager to make things easier.

The price starts at $300/month with 25GB traffic and $12/GB.


Access any website across the web with SOAX’s reliable mobile proxies without the risk of being blocked. It helps you extract data from product websites, online stores, etc., according to your business needs to grow more.

SOAX offers more than 8.5 million IPs worldwide, 99.99% network uptime, super-fast response time, and, most important, automatic proxy rotation in every set interval. It helps you maintain complete anonymity with the rotating 3G/4G proxies.

This will redirect the traffic through several mobile devices to ensure the highest level of reliability. In addition, there are no limitations in concurrent sessions, IPs, and traffic.

SOAX provides detailed settings on geo-targeting that helps mask your identity and open any website with restrictions. You can also filter IP addresses by region, country, provider, city, etc.

from the dashboard. The solution is best to perform operations like ad verification, website availability, SEO monitoring, data collection, market research, speed testing, brand protection, and more.

Discover the fastest and easiest way to gather data without any fear at $1.99, a test plan. Buy the subscription at just $70/month and get 300 ports.


Coronium offers raw 4G LTE mobile proxies that bypass all the trust detection systems and guarantees a 99% trust score. It comes directly from physical devices with SIM cards and provides the safest and cleanest residential proxy.

You can rent a device available in Coronium locations. This connection is only dedicated to you and can’t be shared or split. Get features like unlimited data, dedicated connection, fast speed of 10Mbps, IP allowlists, multiple locations, unlimited IP rotations, stunning dashboard, multiple protocols like HTTP or SOCKS5, and expert support.

Coronium’s mobile proxies are the smartest way to extract web data from different sources to get the information you want for your business. You can use them for ad verification, social media, account creation, and web scraping.

With Coronium, you will get benefits like zero risk, the highest trust score, unlimited rotations, clean IP addresses, and 100% residential proxies. It is available in three locations – the United States, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom.

The price will vary according to the location and period. Get the lowest price from the Lithuania location – $10/24 hours, $25/week, $60/month.


If you are tired of CAPTCHAs and IP bans, try Smartproxy. It offers you 10M+ ethically sourced rotating 3G/4G/5G mobile proxies. You can use this tool to get IPs of 130+ locations worldwide, and it supports more than 700 mobile carriers. There is no need to worry about the quality as this reliable tool offers 99.99% uptime.


You can rely on Smartproxy even where a constant stream of data and scalability are required. It lets you choose between Android and iOS while filtering IPs with 700+ ASNs, like Verizon, O2, or EE. You can use the rotating IP or sticky IP that will let you use the same IP for 30 minutes.

Smartproxy can be seamlessly integrated with Chrome, Firefox, and tools like Multilogin or GoLigin. The mobile IP addresses used by this platform come from trusted partners. Managing the IPs on this solution is also easy because of its user-friendly dashboard.


ProxyPanel’s mobile proxies have a straight connection to your mobile network, so your accounts are safe. It offers a dedicated 4G/5G mobile proxy with SOCKS5 and HTTP/HTTPS connection.

You will get multiple locations and various carrier options to choose from. In addition, you can use mobile proxies by user/password authentication or IP authentication. It provides a maximum speed of 60 Mbps to do your job faster.

Moreover, you will find unlimited internet data, an anonymous mobile proxy, and a unique and reliable service. Get 40000 mobile IPs every month/connection, along with permission for a minimum of 3 minutes of IP rotation.

Set the intervals to rotate automatically in the gap you select and access only one location at a time. You can also buy more licenses to increase your accessibility. Additionally, ProxyPanel comes with an easy-to-use dashboard to help you manage everything easily.

Get complete access to all the locations at $30/week and $100/month and choose from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Both plans include an API for you.


Mobile proxies can help individuals, professionals, and businesses such as eCommerce websites in several ways. They can hide your actual IP address with that of a proxy so you can perform web scraping, access restricted content, compare competitors’ pricing, and other functions easily with better security and speed while maintaining anonymity.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable mobile proxy solution, you can consider the above options. All are excellent but choose the one based on your business requirements and budget.

You may also be interested in understanding different proxy types.

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