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In Analytics and Digital Marketing Last updated: August 9, 2023
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Would you trust me if I told you that by asking a straightforward question, you could unlock exceptional customer benefits, enhance customer loyalty, and even boost revenue?

Well, YES, that’s attainable through Net Promoter Score (NPS)!

NPS helps you identify what your customers appreciate and disapprove of about your product or service and will help you improve the customer experience and your business growth.

NPS is, however, much more than that.

As more modern ways to measure NPS have grown, different NPS tools have emerged to meet that demand.

Continue reading if you need help knowing the best tools to create, collect and measure your Net Promoter Score.

First, though let’s study NPS and its benefits.

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?


The possibility of your customers recommending your brand, product, or service to a friend or relative is evaluated using the Net Promoter Score, a well-known customer satisfaction questionnaire with a single standard and preset question.

You’ve probably seen those one-question surveys appear while you’re surfing websites.

Customers provide their responses on a scale of 0 to 10, and your NPS is determined based on those responses using a specific mathematical formula.

NPS software allows you to execute a Net Promoter Score survey according to your specifications, mainly if you have precisely defined the demographics you want to target with the NPS survey.

As a result, increased targeting is one of the fundamental components of any NPS tool worth considering.

Keeping that in mind, let’s now explore the benefits that NPS software provides its users.

What are the benefits of using NPS Software?


There are numerous reasons why NPS is the best metric for marketing teams to use. Making NPS a cornerstone of your customer experience management procedures has real, observable benefits.

  • You could create an NPS survey with only one question.
  • The availability of survey templates helps you launch the NPS campaign more quickly and provides flexibility to include a follow-up query if required.
  • You have an option to circulate the survey via email, a website widget, or an in-app survey.
  • You can review the NPS dashboard outcomes and access the individual responses.
  • It allows you to follow up with dissatisfied customers.
  • It provides the capability of customizing the poll to reflect your brand.
  • You get the choice to re-run previous campaigns to see how your scores have changed.
  • Last but not least, NPS software will give you an automatic NPS score and data at scale to suggest areas for development and improvement.

How to measure Net Promoter Score?

#1. Conduct a Customer Survey


You can determine NPS by raising questions like, “On a rank of 0 to 10, how likely are you to suggest this product or service to a friend?” and asking them to explain their feedback.

You can use this question in a survey, email follow-up after a customer purchase, pop-up notification, or social media poll.

It would be beneficial to have a blank box where consumers can give their feedback on why they selected the response they did. Although this qualitative input has no bearing on the final NPS, it can help you identify areas where you can make improvements.

#2. Sort the Responses into Categories.

When you gather all the answers to the question, count the number of responses you have in each of the following categories:

NPS score breakdown

  • Promoters: Customers who give a score of 9 or 10.
  • Passives: Customers who give a score of 7 or 8.
  • Detractors: Customers who give responses between 0 to 6.

As we can surmise, promoters are satisfied customers who compliment your products or service. On the other hand, detractors are unhappy customers who may prevent potential customers from coming to you. If passives aren’t satisfied, thus they can also decide to switch to your customers.

#3. Calculate Net Promoter Score in Excel

The following are the steps to calculate the Net Promoter Score in Excel:

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet with all the data.
  • Locate all answers with a score of 9 or higher to discover Promoters based on the NPS question survey.
  • Count how many Promoters there are.
  • Divide the total number of promoters by the total number of answers.
  • To obtain a percentage of promoters, multiply the result by 100.
  • Repeat the previous processes to get the detractor percentage.
  • To get Company NPS, subtract Detractor NPS from Promoter NPS.

Net Promoter Score Calculation Example


Suppose you obtained 500 responses for your customer survey, and you received the following:

Promoters = 200

Passives = 200

Detractors = 100


% Promoters = (200/500) x 100 = 40

% Detractors = (100/500) x 100 = 20

Company Net Promoter Score (NPS) = 40-20 = 20

#4. Track changes in your NPS

A clear image of how your business is doing from one quarter to the next may be developed by tracking NPS statistics and looking for trends over time.

Customer feedback also shows whether or not new features or goods are well-received by customers.

Here are the top NPS software to give you the information you need to keep your business innovative.


The tool Hotjar includes an NPS feedback tool, which features a visual dashboard that allows for individual customer response analysis. Their Feedback Poll feature makes it simple to design NPS surveys.



  • Create surveys quickly with the built-in survey templates.
  • With the help of suggestion boxes, you can receive real-time feedback.
  • Conduct on-site and standalone NPS surveys for all demographics.
  • Use survey pop-ups and widgets to collect real-time feedback.
  • Visualize your website’s visitors’ interactions and actions

Hotjar has a function that automatically computes the NPS score as soon as the target customers initiate answering your NPS survey. It is essential if you ought to keep track of your NPS score over time.


Users would love to interact with Typeform, one of those platforms for collecting client feedback. To help you project a feeling of your brand, Typeform invites you to develop interactive surveys with eye-catching visuals.

typeform NPS


  • Feedback management system to simplify NPS data from many channels and sources.
  • Option to send surveys via email to increase response rates.
  • Built-in reporting and analytics system to achieve insightful knowledge from data.
  • Live result tracking to help you make decisions in real-time.

There are several features that Typeform offers, including a live preview mode, in-depth statistics, and helpful insights that can help you increase the efficiency of your NPS surveys and improve your decision-making.


According to the SurveySparrow website, it is the best platform for NPS surveys.

surveysparrow NPS

The simplicity and breadth of the capabilities offered by SurveySparrow are highly impressive.

With the help of the platform’s automated follow-up questions, you may clarify a user’s response to a question and find out why they chose to respond that way.

Asking open-ended questions can help you comprehend a customer’s outlook better. 


  • Let you analyze your result in comparison to the industry standard.
  • Advanced automated inquiries for clarification
  • NPS updates in real-time

You can compare your NPS score, which updates in real-time, with the precise industry average for your company. It covers timing as well as frequency. 

Delighted by Qualtrics

Delighted is a feature-rich NPS tool. It includes a survey wizard that allows you to create surveys from pre-made templates.


Its autopilot feature also obliges running surveys on time and via numerous survey distribution channels like web-based, email, and SMS.


  • The real-time dashboard provides an overview of your surveys.
  • Add logos and themes to your surveys to make them more representative of your brand.
  • Directly address your audience members by tailoring your questions to their specific needs.
  • Schedule ongoing surveys and create custom triggers for automatic polling.
  • Follow up your NPS questions with open-ended questions to gain detailed insights.
  • Segment your data and examine trends based on various metrics.

Delighted’s visual appeal is one of its strengths. This tool allows you to send NPS surveys via SMS, email, or the web. Customers can send in their responses by replying to the email rather than going to an external link.


One of the best tools for calculating Net Promoter Score, SurveyMonkey is a well-liked online feedback platform that enables users to convert their observations into decisions that will help them expand their businesses. To make using it simply for you, it includes a tonne of features and an intuitive design.

YouTube video


  • With the aid of built-in survey templates, create attractive NPS surveys quickly.
  • Easily create interactive surveys using the visual editor.
  • Utilize branching and skip logic to collect only the pertinent data.
  • Utilize the AI-based recommendation engine to gain insights about how to improve your surveys.
  • With the aid of automatic language translation, create surveys accessible worldwide.

SurveyMonkey is the perfect survey solution thanks to its many collaborative and programmable capabilities. To support data security, it even includes a plethora of security features.


You can obtain thorough NPS reports from Zonka, an award-winning customer feedback SaaS, including Insights, Trends, Text Analysis, and more. 



  • Using iOS and Android smartphones, Zonka enables you to gather such feedback offline.
  • It offers an effective survey generator with branding options.
  • You can convey the most pertinent inquiries to various consumer segments using skip logic and survey redirection.

You can also drill down and filter the data and designate the appropriate team members to handle any issues brought up by a detractor. This choice is essential for taking action, addressing problems, and closing the feedback loop to enhance the customer experience.


Another excellent NPS survey tool that can help you get customer feedback and provide a better customer experience is Survicate. NPS surveys, website banners, web pop-ups, in-app surveys, and emails are some of the most significant things it offers.


Additionally, to ensure a seamless user experience, this NPS software offers live chat, a dedicated help center, customer onboarding, instructional videos, and webinars.

Any small to medium-sized business can utilize the company’s tool to get customer feedback and gain data to assist the firm’s growth.


  • Launch surveys immediately with the assistance of more than 100 built-in survey templates.
  • Manage customer insights from a variety of sources.
  • Publish surveys across platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


You can frequently obtain feedback and evaluate it to learn more about your goods or services with Fynzo’s NPS tool. 


Using Fynzo’s online survey tools, you can create and distribute tailored surveys to your target demographic and gain insightful data. 

The design and distribution of surveys will be simpler than ever with Fynzo’s ready-made templates, simple accessibility, and collaboration opportunities! 

Send invitations by email or SMS, share them on social media, embed them on websites, or contact people via QR codes.


  • Integrate your app of choice with others, like Google Sheets, Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel, among many more.
  • Get assistance and support throughout the day. You can contact Fynzo’s customer care team if you have any issues with their NPS tool.
  • Create your surveys by adding images, videos, or GIFs, along with the logo of your business, to give your NPS survey a professional appearance.


What to ask when running an NPS survey?

The question “How likely are you to suggest our product to a friend or colleague?” is the one that occurs most repeatedly in NPS surveys.

Although this question is common, your NPS follow-up questions should be according to your goals.

If you’re following up with your unhappy customers, you might pose questions like these to find out why they don’t think positively of your product:

1. We genuinely do our hardest to provide excellent service to our clients! Kindly let us know which parts of our service or product were unclear to you and why.

2. What can we do better? How can we improve our product? Do you have a few minutes available for a quick call? ( We can ask for recommendations )

3. You gave our services a 4/10 rating a few days ago, and we’re sorry to hear that we let you down. Would you please explain what happened and how we can resolve this?

For your happy customers, you can ask them to give valuable feedback, and for passive customers, you should find out what they think is lacking from your offering or whether they prefer a competitor and why.

What platforms can you run the NPS survey on?

Selecting a platform to use for NPS surveys can be difficult and complex. No matter how well you plan your survey, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t use the right platform to implement it.

Web: The most excellent surveys are those managed via the web. If you sell your goods or services online, NPS surveys on websites are vital. Additionally, website NPS surveys assist in gathering generalized website feedback from visitors who haven’t yet given you their contact information.

SMS: The effortless and quickest way to contact your customers is through SMS surveys done by SMS. Text message connections for NPS surveys will undoubtedly get your customers’ attention. Additionally, NPS surveys sent via SMS are a great approach to measure customer satisfaction after services.

Emails are the most popular and effective method for collecting NPS scores from customers. Sending surveys by email is a quick and easy process. It is also less costly than an SMS. Additionally, it enables you to create a customized message that you can send along with the survey link to a predetermined group of recipients.

Final Words 👩‍🏫

We have gathered a list of the best NPS software currently available. All that remains is for you to go through them and try the ones that best suit your business needs. 

These best NPS survey tools include significant features for measuring customer loyalty and improving customer experience and support. This comprehensive list will undoubtedly assist you in choosing the best NPS survey tool for your company’s growth.

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