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6 Tools to Scan Node.js Application for Security Vulnerability

6 Tools to Scan Node.js Application for Security Vulnerability

Find Node.js security vulnerability and protect them by fixing before someone hack your application.

There are some online tools to find the common security vulnerability in PHP, WordPress, Joomla, etc. and they may not be able to detect if your application is built on Node.js.

In the latest finding, more than 80% snyk users found their Node.js application vulnerable

There could be hundreds of vulnerabilities due to misconfiguration, outdated NPM package, etc. and the following security scanner should be able to help you in finding the security loopholes.

Note: this article focus on tools to find a vulnerability and for adding security protection check out how to secure node.js from online threats.


Snyk checks your node.js GitHub repository for the weaknesses in the dependencies and fixes them continuously. You may install this using NPM. There are four main advantages of using Snyk

  1. Test for vulnerable dependencies
  2. Get notified of new vulnerabilities
  3. Mitigate the risk by necessary upgrade and patches
  4. Prevent adding more dependencies

You can use Snyk in free on your public Node.js application GitHub repository. Along with your application, you can also perform a test on public NPM package like express, ionic, etc.


You may take a look at the scan results from one of the test applications.

Source Clear

Scan your Node.js application builds automatically with SourceClear and fix the issues before deploying in production. Source Clear helps you to build a secure application and not just Node.js but also support Python, Ruby & Java projects.


A large number of libraries & vulnerability database is managed by Source Clear to detect all types of security risk in your project. With Source Clear, you have the flexibility to integrate with build tools and scan automatically new commits.


You have the complete idea of the libraries used and see if they are vulnerable.

Node Security Platform

Node Security Platform also is known as nsp is one of the most popular solutions to monitor your node app for security.

You can add the checks in GitHub pull request itself, so no vulnerable code is deployed in the production environment.

NSP is free for open source and first private repo.



Acunetix scans your entire website for security vulnerabilities in front-end & server-side application and gives you actionable results.


Acunetix test for more than 3000 vulnerabilities includes OWASP top 10, XSS, SQLi, etc. You can signup for 14 days trial to see if there is a hole in your bucket.


Retire.js check your code for known public vulnerabilities and let you know if any detected.Retire.js is command line scanner and available as Chrome and Firefox extension.

OWASP Dependency Check

Similar to Retire.js, OWASP dependency check identifies if any publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Node.js, Python, and Ruby.

You can use this as command line, ant task, Maven or Jenkins plugin.

Above tools should be able to help in monitoring your nodejs application for a security vulnerability and keep it safe.

On top of that, you can think of cloud-based security provider like SUCURI to protect from DDoS, DNS, brute force, etc.

Additionally, you may consider implementing helmet to secure your apps with necessary HTTP headers. By default, the helmet helps you to apply the following headers.

  • DNS Prefetch
  • Hide X-Powered-By
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • NoSniff
  • XSS Protections

Once implemented, you may use online tools to verify the HTTP Headers.

You may also be interested in taking this Node.js developer course.

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