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In Mobile Last updated: November 18, 2022
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Smart navigation apps are a game changer for our daily lives and the way we travel. 

The apps have brought travel guides and maps into our pockets to make our trips easier. It got your back to provide a better route to reach your destination avoid traffic jams, or map out your entire road trip.

There are numerous navigation apps available, and in this article, you will find some of the best apps you should choose for your next road trip adventure.

How have Navigation Apps Transformed the way we Travel? 


The global positioning system (GPS) and satellite navigation apps have become essential features of the latest smartphones. Using traditional maps and travel guides can be cumbersome. At the same time, the navigation apps come in very handy and are a must for travelers exploring new places.

You can take the help of a tourist guide as well, but it’s possible you could miss out on some tourist spots. That is not the case with using these apps. You can travel and plan your visits according to your preference and convenience.

Following are some benefits of using navigation apps:

  • The navigation apps on mobile phones come in very handy and are easily accessible for drivers to figure out the route.
  • The apps make searching easy by just entering the starting and destination point. It results in a map view of the route and verbal directions.
  • Most navigation maps provide real-time information about traffic and alternative route to reach your destination faster to avoid traffic jams and rush hours.
  • An intelligent navigation app keeps updating the maps and route information regularly. 

How to Plan Off the Grid Adventures?


When going on an adventure to remote places for camping in the woods or hiking, one of the required essentials is a printed topographic map of that area. Since the network might not work there, using travel guides and maps makes sense to guide you properly.

But nowadays, advanced navigation maps are also getting close by providing offline features. It is always best to carry your printed maps and guides, but these apps offer many benefits to someone who has ventured into a signal-free zone, like offline search on maps, voice navigation, and many more. 

Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps

Let’s look at some of the best offline GPS navigation apps to guide you on your next camping trip or mountain trek to stay informed and guided without an internet connection.     

Google Maps


Google Maps is a trendy navigation map available. It offers offline features like downloading a map beforehand and saving regional maps.

Offline Features:

  • Google Maps offer an offline map for navigation and search.
  • It provides an offline view of streets and indoor maps of shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Google Maps’ offline features are available for over 220 territories and countries worldwide.

You can download maps of size 2GB which cover an area of 200 x 120 miles, allowing you to keep maps up to 30 days offline.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Organic Maps


Organic Maps is an Android and iOS map based on top of OpenStreetMap and curated by MapsWithMe founders.

Offline Features:

  • It offers a detailed map to reach the destination offline.
  • It features walking paths, cycling routes, trails, etc.
  • It allows fast and reliable offline search on the map and bookmarks.
  • It allows switching to dark mode.
  • Other features available are contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks, and slopes.

It is an open-source application used by tourists, cyclists, hikers, and travelers.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android



OsmAnd provides high-quality and worldwide OpenStreetMap data and all the main functionality offline.  

Offline Features:

  • The app offers recorded and synthesized voice navigation or guidance.
  • It provides a detailed, updated offline map of any place worldwide.
  • The free version of the map allows up to 7 map file downloads.

You can save all the maps on the device’s memory card using the app.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


YouTube video

Sygic provides a 3D map view to its users and thus is very popular. Its users love its advanced safety features and intuitive UI.

Offline Features:

  • It has offline maps that offer voice-guided navigation.
  • It offers millions of points of interest (POI).
  • The app has FPS navigation for pedestrians.
  • It provides advanced safety features.

The app provides additional information, such as upcoming speed limit changes and dynamic lane assistance.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android



Copilot is a GPS navigation tool best for car drivers. The app plans the perfect route and gives you three different options for every journey.

Offline Features:

  • The app has thousands of offline locations like restaurants, hotels, ATMs, etc.
  • It allows offline searches to find these places.
  • Other essential features of the app are 3D maps and a voice navigation assistant.

The app offers a free seven-day trial to use its premium features.’

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Here WeGo


Here WeGo offers a quick and easy download of entire US states maps ( over 100 countries). It provides navigation for walking, cycling, and driving.

Offline Features:

  • The app allows you to download it for offline use.
  • It offers free navigation to find various ways to reach your destination.
  • It provides public transport options.
  • The app has offline voice-guided navigation.

The app allows offline public transit directions for over 1300 cities and provides a taxi booking feature.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

mapsme-1 is another popular offline GPS navigation application offering offline maps for over 100 countries.

Offline Features:

  • It offers detailed offline directions to reach destinations.
  • The app features places and hiking trails not available in another app.
  • It has an optimized and reliable search for navigation.
  • It allows saving and sharing of locations.

The app allows you to access public transport details for over 1,300 cities.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android



Navmii is a widely used offline GPS navigation app for drivers providing maps and navigation for every country.

Offline Features:

  • The offline map is available for 197 countries.
  • It provides guided navigation for every turn.
  • The app has offline GPS navigation for home or abroad.

The application is trusted by over 24 million drivers across the globe.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Karta GPS

YouTube video

Karta GPS offers a tangible interface to its users for finding local and relevant places.

Offline Features:

  • The app offers safety camera alerts to notify you when you enter the speed-controlled zone.
  • It allows free OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps to download and used anytime.
  • It provides updated and latest offline maps.

Other app features include automatic rerouting and finding an alternative way to beat traffic.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

All-In-One OfflineMaps


All-In-One OfflineMaps is an offline GPS navigation app that runs faster, is reliable, and easy to use.

Offline Features:

  • Offline maps such as road, satellite, and topographic maps are available.
  • The app is compatible with metric and imperial distance units.
  • Allows stacking of maps in layers with precise opacity control.

All-In-One offline maps are only available for all android devices.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


If you plan your travel to a remote location where you might get less or probably no network, offline GPS navigation apps are a must. But try to keep a check on your battery level as well. Keep your navigation app off as much as possible to save the battery and use it only when required. 

You may also check out the best mobile tracking apps you should trust for quickly locating your lost smartphone.

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