Often one needs to connect with people by using different languages or even understand different languages spoken by people.

Whenever you need to get a quick translation from any other language, where do you go? Do you ask some of your friends or refer to the foreign language dictionary? What if you can make this process pretty simpler with the help of some website? Yes, you heard it right.


You can completely rely on the online translators as they are perfect for fast swapping of words and sentences from one language to another. Other than that, some other unique features are also there, with a few online translators that make them stand out.

Even if you don’t need daily access to translators, it’s always good to know about some of the best ones because you might need them when you visit a different country. That’s when these online translators could come in handy.

Let us directly jump to the list of the best online translators that could be used in the real world.

Google Translate

If you are looking for the most popular and user-friendly online translation service, there is no better option than Google Translate. Even if you search out the internet for translators, then you will find Google’s own tool popping up above all the others in the search results. So, there is no need to open any other website.

Google Translate

If you have a small sentence or a few words to translate, then you can directly place them in the box without opening its website. But, if you have a long text to be translated, you need to open the Google Translate website. This is where you will receive more space for putting up your text, and you also get an option to choose your input method from keyboard and handwriting options.

Some of the other features that might interest you are:

  • Saving the translated text
  • Listening to the translated text
  • Copying it to any other place
  • Sharing the text through any platform

Other than that, you can even suggest the tool if you think that the translation is incorrect. Google Translate supports more than 100 languages. This makes it pretty easy for people from all around the world.


There is an availability to choose from 50 different languages on Translatedict.

You can even select the auto-detect option to allow the system to detect the language on its own. All you need to do is enter the words or sentences that you wish to translate and click on the “Translate” button that has been provided. The written translation will come up in a few seconds, and you can even hear the translated text by clicking on the sound button to the right.


If you utilize this online tool for written communication, you will find its character and word count feature pretty useful. When you have limited space on social media, you can keep track of it with this. There’s no need to translate the text and then place it in some character or word count.

Other than that, there’s a space provided specifically for voice translation and text-to-speech features. You can leverage these features as per the requirements. You can even get in touch with professional translators from the website by filling out the online form and get a quote.


If you are using the Collins Dictionary for looking up the meanings or synonyms of any words, you should definitely look at the translator offered by them. Collins Dictionary Translator allows you to translate the text to and from more than 60 languages.

Collins Dictionary Translator

This translator offers a minimal set of features to keep it simple and user-friendly. The translations directly come from Microsoft. You even get a copy button for the text you receive to copy and paste at any place you wish conveniently.

If you are looking for a basic site with translation services along with others like grammar tools, thesaurus, and dictionaries, then Collins Dictionary is the perfect choice for you.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator is another big name when it comes to translators. This translator makes use of the Microsoft Translator. You can either manually select the language that you are putting as the input or wait for the site to detect it automatically.

An amazing thing provided by this tool is that if you have the microphone enabled, you can directly speak the text you wish to translate. This is considered to be a more convenient option.

Bing Translator

Once you receive the translated text, you get a few options. You can listen to the translated text in male or female voice, search for it on Bing, or even share it. This translator allows you to get your text translated into 60 different languages. If you wish to provide a little feedback, you can click on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down button after getting the translated text.

DeepL Translator

This is a really cool translation tool. The feature that makes DeepL Translator a cool one is the automatic sentence completion and definitions feature. There is an availability of getting your text translated into 26 different languages. Once you have received the translation, you double-click on any word to get more details.

DeepL Translator

Once you select any word from the translated text, you will see a dropdown box with multiple options. If you want to know the definition of that particular word, you only need to look at the bottom of the page when you have clicked on that word.

Other than that, you will also see the use of that word in both input and output languages. This is the best feature for all those trying to learn a new language and translate it. This is the main reason behind the extensive usage of DeepL Translator.


PROMT Online Translator does not provide translations to so many languages like the other ones. Here, you can only translate the text to 20 languages. But, there are still other useful features such as automatic language detection and also an option to choose the topic for the translation.

PROMT Online Translator

You can copy or paste the translated text and check them for spellings or even access the dictionary. Other than that, you also get a virtual keyboard on this website. So, you won’t face any issues even if you are using a tablet for getting translations. You can easily pop in words in the translator with the virtual keyboard on your tablet. You can even purchase and download the software offered by PROMT for translations.


ImTranslator is known to be the best option for translations and comparisons being made at the same time. Here, you can get different types of translations, such as simple translation and back translation. Other than that, you can even compare the translations between Microsoft, Google, and PROMT translators.


This translator supports plenty of languages as there are links to different translation services such as Google and many more. With the help of Back Translation, you can automatically get the original text back from the translated one to compare the accuracy of the translation.

You can also take advantage of various features like decoder, spelling, dictionary, and automatic language detection with the help of checkmarks. You can use the direct buttons for copying and pasting the translated text. Sharing the text has been made easily directly through the mail. You can also use the text-to-speech feature provided by this website. Another unique offering by ImTranslator is translating special accent characters such as company symbols, math, and currency.


Translate.com makes use of the services from Microsoft and offers translations for more than 30 languages. You can either enter the input through text or voice, and in the same way, you can either read or listen to the translated text.


If you need regular translations or need your translation to be reviewed, you can hire a human translator from the website itself. The first 100 words will be translated for free. You only need to create an account and click on the contact icon.

Final Thoughts

Language can bring in a communication barrier. To avoid such situations, it is better to use online translators. Here, you won’t have to download any software, and the best thing is that you will receive the translations in a few seconds. Every tool can do the basic task, and other than that, a few of them offer several unique features too. You can try out these tools to find the best one for your purpose.

If you have audio or video file to convert into text, you can try these transcription solutions.