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In Networking Last updated: March 1, 2023
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Traceroute is the most common tool used by network engineers to debug network connectivity and troubleshoot latency issues.

It shows a data packet’s route to reach its destination from the source address. Traceroute transmits a sequence of ICMP echo request packets to the destination host to recognize every router along a packet’s path.

While debugging network issues, the traceroute test is very beneficial since it can pinpoint the specific location of the issue. You can determine which router on the path of a data packet needs to be investigated more carefully.

You can perform a traceroute test in several different methods. Sometimes when you try to initiate a traceroute from your system using a command prompt, it may not work correctly.

Because routers in a network with a unified routing policy frequently block traceroute packets. In this case, Utilizing online tools is among the most basic and practical techniques to conduct traceroute tests.

In this article, We have summarized a list of the best Online Traceroute Tools to Troubleshoot Network Issues.

Let’s get started!


Dotcom-tools is a handy and excellent web service that offers multiple free online web performance Tools to receive an overview of your website’s performance quickly. It can also perform a Traceroute test to resolve issues with the network, such as disconnections, poor bandwidth speed, and other network-related problems.

Enter the Host/IP address in the input field, choose the checkpoint from where the traceroute test will be performed ( you can select multiple locations if you want ), and click on the “Run Test” button.

traceroute test

You can find out where data packets failed or succeeded in passing through each network hop by looking at the results of a traceroute test. This website offers various free tools like FTP Server Test, DNSBL Test, E-mail Server Test, and many more.


This tool works by simply entering the domain name and clicking Traceroute. It works pretty fast and informs you about every single hop the data packet takes from the source (you) to the destination (webserver).

geekflare traceroute test tool

Geekflare Traceroute tool typically sends two data packets and outputs crucial details like the total number of junctions, % loss per hop, average latency per hop, etc.

Automate traceroutes of your website or IP address to identify network problems like high latency and packet loss using Geekflare API.


The KeyCDN is a potent and simple tool to detect & analyze network performance and CDN (Content Delivery Network) problems. Enter the IP address or hostname you want, and click the ‘Test’ button to continue.


It automatically performs the traceroute test from various checkpoints worldwide and displays the results in tabular form. You can perform other operations using this website, including DNS checks, ping tests, and IP location checks.


UpTrends is another fantastic tool for performing Traceroute tests and troubleshooting network issues. Enter the domain name or IP address and choose the checkpoint to start the test.


You can save and share the test results using a sharable link, or you can review them later if you want. This website also offers monitoring tools like CDN performance, Uptime, Ping, and website speed tests.


HackerTarget is a web-based service that offers various free IP and Networking Tools. Simply type the IP or domain name and click the “Start Traceroute” button to continue. It uses MTR (a robust traceroute utility with several ICMP pings ) to perform the test.


You can also perform TCP & UDP scans, DNS lookup, Geo IP lookup, Subnet lookup, Banner Grabbing, and many more using this web service.


DNSchecker is a user-friendly tool to use. Simply give the domain name or IP address you want to test and track every step a network request takes to get to the specified host.


Similar to other online tools, It calculates the duration of each hop throughout the packet journey to the destination host and displays the test results. This website also offers various IP, DNS, Developer, Webmaster, network, cybersecurity, and productivity tools. You can check out the list of these tools here.


Site24x7 is a handy and excellent web service to perform traceroute tests. Enter a domain name in the space provided & choose the checkpoint and click on the “Trace” button. You can download the test results and review them later.

It also provides various system administrator, validation, developer, and content-related tools. You can also track up to 5 websites for free continuously and receive notifications when they go down, but for that, you should create an account.


Constellix is a web service that provides various network resource tools. It also offers a free and powerful Traceroute Command Tool to perform the test from more than 25 checkpoints around the globe. The test results will be displayed as a line graph and column table, making it simpler to comprehend and interpret.


This tool is often used to identify potential glitches or service interruptions in the communication path between the source and destination. The best part is you can also choose the protocol to conduct the traceroute test.


Traceroute-online is another well-known tool for performing traceroute tests. Enter a domain name and click the “Traceroute!” button to continue. The output results are plotted on a map after parsing from the mtr raw data.


It uses the mtr program to collect more network information and comes with a sophisticated mapping function that tracks the path of data packets and maps the filtered results.

G Suite.Tools

G Suite.Tools provides various free and powerful website troubleshooting tools. Visual Traceroute is one of them. This visual traceroute tool aims to identify every server retransmitting your Network packets from one location to another while also measuring the time it takes for every relay on the transmission route.

G Suite.Tools

You can quickly view the route of each data transaction between the server and the examined Hostname or IP address in Google Maps. Based on the results, You can choose how to adjust your network configuration easily to speed up your website.


Coding.Tools is another excellent web service that provides Cryptography, Image Utilities, and Internet testing-related tools. The Traceroute tool by this website is very straightforward to use. Simply enter the domain or IP address you want and click on the “Traceroute” button after selecting query type & number of probes per hop.


FAQs on Traceroute

What is a traceroute?

The information you obtain from a website must pass through several networks and systems, most notably routers. In simple words, A traceroute tool shows the path data packets take as they move from origin to their destination address via the internet.

How does traceroute work?

Every network router in the data transmission receives the ICMP echo request packets sent by a traceroute tool. These transmitted ICMP packets identify whether or not the routers involved in the data transmission can successfully transfer the packet and determine the duration of each hop’s response.

Wrapping Up

Performing traceroute test from your system differs from using online tools. Typically, when troubleshooting network breakdowns or latency issues, your system will initiate a traceroute test. This makes it possible to locate the interruption or packet drop in your network connectivity.

However, While performing a traceroute test using online tools, the host server of a tool will be the testing system, which locates in different regions around the world.

The benefit is that the user can perform tests using the host system from different checkpoints worldwide and receive a clear snapshot of the network access and connectivity unrelated to your original location.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning the online Traceroute Tools to Troubleshoot Network Issues.

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