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In Analytics Last updated: September 19, 2023
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Open-source web analytics tools not only can provide you with accurate, relevant insights you need for your site but also high flexibility to cater to your business requirements.

In modern times, web analytics has become a primary weapon for all website owners as it provides them with invaluable insights into their websites. 

So, it may be fair to say that running a website without powerful web analytics will make it challenging to gain the growth you desire. 

From providing information regarding user behavior and the most visited pages to purchase trends, these tools give you the ins and outs of your site and business. 

Therefore, having a robust web analytics tool is essential.

Surprisingly, you won’t have to pay a hefty subscription fee to use a web analytics tool because there are plenty of open-source tools available in the market. 

Here is a quick summary of the best open-source web analytics tools I’ll be discussing below.

Web Analytics Tool
Notable Features
Customizable dashboard, push notifications
Behavioral data collection, 20 SDKs, schema validation
Product analysis, SQL query data storage, path analysis
Accurate data insights, privacy-compliant
Detailed visitor reports, real-time traffic tracking
Session replay, CPU usage monitoring, developer tools
User-friendly dashboard, segmenting audience
Fathom Lite
Security controls, scalability, visitor data analytics.
Privacy-focused, multi-source data collection, no cookies.
Open Web Analytics
Extensive metrics and reports, API integration
Collaborative dashboard, data privacy compliance.

In this article, I’ll discuss what these open-source web analytics tools are, how they are helpful, and some of the best ones you can consider. 

Let’s start!

What Is an Open-Source Web Analytics Tool?

An open-source web analytics tool is a free-to-use and publicly available application that lets you gather, analyze, and visualize all the data from your website. 


Since it is open-source, the source code is easily accessible, and you can find out how it keeps the data secure and works on the site.

These tools provide you with many critical insights into a website, like user behavior, user’s geographical location, device, most visited page, most viewed product or service, retention rate, and many other details. 

Furthermore, open-source tools play an instrumental role in identifying areas where your website requires improvement. Based on these details, it can help your team make the appropriate decision that will drive the growth.

Importantly, these help you assess the success of your marketing campaigns by providing you with details like conversation rates and referral sources.

Features of Open-Source Analytics Tools

An open-source web analytics tool is a great option for businesses and website owners and comes with many vital features, including:

Collecting and Tracking Key Data


Open-source web analytics tools can easily collect important visitor data and track it. The data can be browsing behavior, user location, type of devices in use, product/service type they have viewed, and many more.

Real-Time Analysis

A web analytics tool also lets you track user activity along with product reach and can monitor traffic through its real-time analysis feature. However, not every open-source analytics tool offers this feature. So, if you need this, choose a tool accordingly.

Free to Use

In general, open-source tools are entirely free to use. Thus, anyone can use it without having to pay for any subscription fee. It is beneficial for individuals or small-scale business owners who are just starting with their websites.


These kinds of analytics tools can be customized depending on the requirements of the website. You will have complete freedom and flexibility to customize the tool so that it meets your data analysis, tracking, and reporting requirements.

Data Privacy and Ownership

With analytics tools, you get the ability to gain complete control over the data collected and stored. You will also be able to monitor and manage how data is utilized. It helps you stay compliant with all the industry regulations and maintain optimum security.

Data Visualization


Data visualization is one of the significant features of these tools, where it showcases all the insights through charts, tables, and graphs. It is critical for teams to understand the data and make decisions accordingly. 

Data Export and Integration

Many of these tools will allow you to export all the collected data in different formats so that you can use them with other applications. You can integrate this tool with other business platforms, such as CRM, CMS, or marketing automation tools, to manage the website more effectively.

Benefits of Open-Source Over Other Web Analytics Tools


Open source tools work in a similar way as any other web analytics tools, but the former offers certain benefits that make them more suitable for many organizations. Let’s check out what benefits an open-source analytics tool brings to the table.

Transparent Code

Open-source web analytics tools allow users to check their source code along with how data is collected and stored. These tools offer transparency with their coding, which helps in ensuring trust as well as data security and integrity.

Complete Customization


Open-source tools offer a high level of customization, which is one of the biggest reasons for using these tools. Thus, you can modify the code easily according to your needs.


Scalability is another huge benefit you get with these tools. You can scale them up or down as per your website’s growth. With the increase in traffic and products or services, you can integrate the tool with other open-source technologies and also add more resources.

Zero Vendor Lock-In

Another benefit of using open-source tools over traditional ones is the absence of vendor lock-in. If you are unsatisfied with the usage, you can switch to other solutions without losing any of your previous details.

Easy Integration

With open-source web analytics tools, you won’t have a problem integrating them with other applications so that you can meet your web analytics requirements.

Now, it is time to take a look at all the top open-source web analytic tools.


Countly is a community-built and powerful open-source web analytics tool that helps you drive the growth of your website through a single platform. It offers you an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard where you will get all the Insights while keeping every team member in the loop. 


Countly also provides you with push notification features that are beneficial to fuel up your outreach campaign and target the correct user. Changing the application design and how it works becomes easier as you can do all the customization using a few clicks. 

With this tool, you can visualize your data according to country, state, and city-level details. You can easily deal with negative feedback with this tool and act upon it to turn the negative feedback into positive ones. Importantly, you get complete control over all the data while staying compliant with data privacy regulations.


Without a doubt, Snowplow is a top-of-the-line open-source web analytics tool that is based on a robust architecture capable of processing billions of events per day. 


Unlike other tools, it can help you collect a variety of behavioral data ranging from impressions, clicks, and custom events to video playback. It is a developer-first engine that utilizes an array of tools to model and analyze all the collected data from the website. 

Moreover, Snowplow leverages 20 SDKs to collect data from server side, mobile, web, and various other sources and provide you with deep insights into the performance of your campaigns. 

The tool takes a unique approach to schemas and validation when collecting the data for your analysis and ensures all the collected data is clean. While using this tool, you can store the data in a scalable warehouse and also have complete control over it.


From helping you with product analysis to storing query data through SQL, PostHog has emerged as an impressive open-source web analytics tool. It provides you with colossal product analytics capabilities that include path analysis, trend charts, funnels, retention graphs, etc. to help you with your future decisions. 


The user path feature of this tool allows you to mark the start and end points and enables you to learn the user behavior on your website. Through this tool, you can also learn about conversion details by utilizing the correlation analysis. 

Apart from standard insights, PostHog provides you with further information regarding retention, stickiness, and the life cycle of users on your site. It also provides you with a meticulously designed dashboard that you can customize. In addition, it offers features like dashboard filtering, auto refresh, weekly updates by email, and access restrictions.


Matomo is a renowned open-source web analytics platform that has become a credible alternative to Google Analytics. It provides you with highly accurate data insights and lets you track user data while abiding by privacy laws. 


The simple interface of Matomo is relatively easy to navigate. Through the enhanced insights, you get a complete picture of users on your site. It provides you with a wide range of features like multi-attribution, goals, funnels, cohorts, user behavior, heatmap, session recordings, target keywords, media analytics, and many more. 

The best part is that this tool is completely customizable, so you can tailor-made the tool to cater to your business requirements. Matomo doesn’t provide you with any limitations when it comes to storing data for analysis, so you can make impactful decisions. Plus, you will have complete control over the data you store.


Umami makes web analysis an easy task through its highly intuitive dashboard and loads of features. This web analytics tool only supplies you with the metrics you need to make decisions and campaigns that will help you grow your business. 


With Umami, you can get detailed reports regarding your visitors, including the devices they used, browser type, OS, and many other details. You can analyze your website performance by tracking many events like page views, form entries, button clicks, and more. 

The powerful filters and real-time traffic capability of this analytics tool make web analysis an easy job. A unique ability of this tool is that it can track an unlimited number of websites, subdomains, and individual URLS through a single installation. All the data you collect through this tool stays secure and within the boundaries of privacy laws.


OpenReplay is an open-source web analytics platform that can take you beyond traditional methodologies of analytics. Unlike other tools, it provides you with a fully featured session replay suite through which you analyze issues that your customers are facing. 


You can also monitor the performance of your website by keeping track of the CPU usage, slowdown instances, and crashes and make improvements accordingly. You also get a developer tool that will allow you to understand the workings of your website and make changes accordingly. 

A unique aspect of this platform is that you can turn any feature on or off, whether it is an A/B test or gradual release, without having to re-release the site or app. It enables you to self-host your platform so that all the data stays in your infrastructure, and you can utilize the fine-grained privacy features to ensure clean data storage.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use and impact open-source web analytics tool, try Plausible. It is a lightweight tool that provides all the essential insights and your site traffic in a simple way so that you can easily understand all the details.


Plausible uses extremely lightweight scripts so that there is no cluttering and your visitors get a seamless browsing experience. This free-to-use tool allows you to segment your audience with simple clicks and also assess all the paid campaigns through UTM parameters. You can even track e-commerce revenue and create custom events by leveraging the available resources. 

The dashboard of this tool is user-friendly, and you can share all the stats in your dashboard by sharing the link with all your team members. With this tool, you can stay in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR and ensure your visitors and all their data is in safe hands.

Fathom Lite

Fathom Lite is an open-source version of renowned Fathom Analytics that provides you with all the required features you need in a web analytics tool. The dashboard is relatively easy to use, displaying all the analytics data in front of you. 


From tracking snippets to running pre-built dockers, Fathom Lite provides you with many essential features to analyze your website. You can implement all the security controls by yourself to ensure optimum security of your website. 

This web analytics tool not only provides you with data like current visitors, site view, etc., but also average time spent by visitors, bounce rate, and goal completion. One of the best things about this platform is that it is easily scalable depending on the traffic on your site.


Ackee is a Node.js-based open-source web analytics tool that can integrate effortlessly with your server and help you analyze all the traffic. 

The tool comes with a minimal interface that allows you to explore all the data like views, referrers, duration, operating system, language, screen dimension, visit duration, and other insights without losing focus. 


Ackee is privacy-focus analytics that lets you have complete control over the privacy of all the data you collect. The API of this tool provides you with a robust hub that enables you to collect a variety of data for business analysis from different sources. 

Importantly, there is no limitation when it comes to analyzing data from different domains and applications. It utilizes a multi-step anonymization process to ensure all the users stay anonymous. Moreover, it is completely free from cookies, so you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Open Web Analytics

When you opt for a free-to-use framework like Open Web Analytics, you can thoroughly analyze your website and have full data control. You can make all sorts of customization in this tool so that it caters to your requirements. 


This tool offers a large number of metrics, dimensions, and reports to help you analyze the growth of your website. You can extend your data collection process by utilizing the API that allows you to integrate the platform with different sources. 

You can even track WordPress and Mediawiki-based websites and admin events through this portal. Open Web Analytics will become a part of your domain, and it adheres to GDPR and other regulations.


You can consider Pirsch if you are looking for a lightweight and powerful open-source web analytics tool that can easily blend with your website. 


This powerful analytics tool gives you complete insight into all the data in real-time so that you can optimize your goal or campaign accordingly to enjoy high conversion. It integrates seamlessly with all your existing business technologies and lets you measure your traffic using a JavaScript snippet. 

Pirsch lets you take a collaborative approach by enabling you to share the dashboard with all your team members. When it comes to data privacy, this platform doesn’t compromise, and it operates under GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and Schrems II policy.


Finding the best open-source web analytics tool for better analytics and privacy can be challenging, as there are so many options. While considering the tool, you should consider the availability of features, data accuracy, compliance, user interface, scalability, integration, and advanced analytics. 

You may also explore some best self-hosted open source web analytics platforms.

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