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Nothing is better than working or listening to music in your own ‘zone’. However, from blaring TVs to car horns, and endless chatter, we live in a world where we aren’t physiologically equipped to block out all that noise. However, with over-ear headphones, the solution certainly is in your hands!

Being a music lover, I can understand how essential a suitable pair of headphones is and how overwhelming it can be to choose one from dozens of options. Moreover, selecting a pair of headphones becomes even more daunting when looking for a suitable option based on your music taste. The headphones that work best for your friend may not work for you for obvious reasons. Also, you might have more than one use planned for that headset.

Considering this dual purpose without compromising efficiency or your budget, here’s a list of some of the best over-ear headphones you can rely on for the best audio experience.

What are over-ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones are among the most popular headphones among various types of ear devices. Over-ear or circumaural headphones cover your ear entirely for the best music experience.

The design of ear cups on over-ear headphones is so compatible that it creates a seal around your entire ear. As a result, it minimizes sound leakage and provides peak sound isolation. Hence, that’s what makes over-ear headphones a perfect choice for music lovers, aspiring DJs, and everyone who likes a high-quality audio experience.

They are a real asset for those online meetings as they provide high-quality sound output with maximum noise cancellation. That, however, doesn’t mean you can multitask by having a football game running on sound!

What’s the real deal about Over-ear Headphones?

The most obvious question that comes to our mind when we say over-ear headphones is why they are so much popular. What makes them so unique and opted for? Here’s why:

  • Immersive sound quality: Their audio performance is way above par due to their unique design, significant drivers, and fuller sound ability. 
  • Aesthetics: Looks, style, color, and comfort as per your taste. Whether you like sleek and minimalist or prefer bold and attention-grabbing headphones, you can find over-ear headphones in all ranges based on the style statement you enjoy.

Now you’re probably curious to see the top over-ear headphones list we have compiled for you. Without taking much time, let’s dive into it.

And once you’ve got your new over-ear headphones, use these apps/tools to test your headphones.

JBL Live 660 NC

JBL Live 600 NC gives a great experience whether you are looking for wireless over-ear headphones or ones with a voice assistant feature. The specific design of these over-ear headphones gives the best music experience with noise cancellation and style.

Besides advanced features like voice assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, and microphone features, these are affordable. The best feature is the long battery life of up to 50 hours with fast charging.

The JBL Live 600 NC is perfect for travelers and music enthusiasts, as it lets you manage calls and voice assistants in a few clicks.  

Bose 700 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 allow you to take calls and talk to Alexa confidentially with noise cancellation at 11 levels. This creates a perfect environment to pick up calls without hesitation.

These suit any type of music, from quiet to loud music. They come with touch sensitivity, an unrivaled four-microphone system, and an attractive design. However, the color options are limited to silver and black. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 has a battery life of 20 hours, so it would require frequent charging if used at a stretch.

Jabra Elite 45h

Jabra Elite 45h features fast charging, up to 50 hours of battery life, enhanced 2-microphone call technology, noise cancellation, and more.

These are ideal for music lovers are they provide a truly immersive sound experience. You can also manually adjust the sound through the Jabra Sound Plus app’s customizable equalizer. 

The Jabra Elite 45h is available in various colors, from classic black to timeless navy blue. These compatible and stylish headphones come in various color ranges. Pick one to suit your every mode! When it comes to music, they’ll never disappoint you!

Beats Studio3

Beats Studio 3 was created by the powerful combination of Beats and Apple. Thus, these are perfect for iOS users. Furthermore, if you are using Android do not despair as they are also compatible with Android and integrated with the Apple W1 headphone chip. 

The quality of sound is impressive, and from noise cancellation to device compatibility, this is a definite winner for its price range.

The Beats Studio 3 has a battery life of 22 hours when all-day features, including ANC, are enabled. The battery life may extend up to 40 hours if ANC is disabled.

Srhythm NC25

Srhythm NC 25 are cost-efficient over-ear headphones that are wallet-friendly too. Plus, they can be plugged in or in Bluetooth mode with an ANC mode for a better experience.

No products found.

This pair of headphones offers you 50 hours of playtime, which is comparatively more than other headphones on the list. Regarding noise cancellation, Srhythm NC25 is less advanced than similar headphones on the list. However, it isolates 90% of surrounding noise from aircraft to crowds. 

The Srhythm NC25 Regarding sound quality delivers a clear sound with a high-dynamic range. This can enhance your music experience with rich bass and crisp mids. 

Have you already ordered your over-ear headphones and waiting to eliminate the unnecessary noise during meetings?

Check out this article for how to remove noise and echo during online meetings.

Soundcore Anker Life Q20

Soundcore Anker Life Q20 offers you a good list of features that don’t cost too dear. With these, you get an aesthetic look and functionality booting features at a pocket-friendly price. It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it, along with the icing and cherry!

These headphones have advanced features, including picking up calls, noise cancellation, Bluetooth, and good battery life. Soundcore Anker Life Q20 offers high-res audio for the best music and gaming experience. 

This Soundcore Anker Life Q20 has up to 40 hours of playtime on one charge, which can be extended up to 60 hours on standard wireless while ANC is disabled.

Soundcore Anker Space Q45

Soundcore Anker Space Q45 is travel-friendly plus affordable. They provide a high-quality music experience with no compromise on stylish looks.

Preview Product Rating Price

Though it does not provide noise cancellation, it still comparatively gives 98% less noise. The best feature of Soundcore Anker Space Q45 that helped it to be on this list is its battery life. With 50 hours of playtime and 65 hours of extended battery in normal mode, these headphones would complement the travel bug in you. 

The Soundcore Anker Space Q45 provides an immersive music experience with 40mm drivers that provide Hi-res audio in wireless mode. These headphones are perfect when you are on a strained budget and require headphones with long battery life.

Skullcandy Hesh 

Skullcandy Hesh is the stylish and compatible over-ear headphones every college-going or fashion enthusiast looks for.

These headphones aren’t just for music but are suitable for workouts, games, travel, and more. They feature 40mm drivers for the deepest bass and foot-tapping music experience. Advanced features include track change, call, volume controls, and ANC with easy-to-use tactile buttons.

The Skullcandy Hesh lulls a bit when it comes to battery life which would only last 22 hours on continuous playing. It, however, has a fast charging system.

Sennheiser Momentum 4

Sennheiser Momentum 4 are wireless headphones with a battery life of up to 60 hours. Astonishing right?

They give you maximum audio resolution due to the 42mm transducer system and aptX adaptive. In addition to this, you can enhance the same by integrating equalizer, presets, and sound modes for a better experience. 

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 offers peak noise cancellation and a crystal clear calling experience.

Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony WH-1000XM5 has two integrated processors, eight microphones, and impressive noise-cancellation features.

Furthermore, it has Auto NC Optimizer, which makes noise cancellation automatic based on your wearing condition and environment. The other advanced features of these headphones include their elegant design and comfort, multi-device connectivity through Bluetooth, and more.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 has super-fast charging with a battery life limited to 30 hours.  

Confused about which over-ear headphones to choose?

Choosing the right pair of over-ear headphones can become overwhelming and time-consuming. With this list of the best over-ear headphones, you can narrow your search based on your budget and preferences. Have a mental list of scenarios you will be using your headphones for, and add a dash of foresight. And when in doubt, merely check the entire list out. You’ll indeed find a gem in there.

While the above-listed headsets are ideal for music lovers, this is our curated list of the Best Gaming Headsets.

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