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In Security Last updated: August 2, 2023
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A password manager can be a game-changer if you aren’t good at remembering your passwords.

Not many people realize that passwords need to something long and strong, especially when we already know the internet breeds plenty of hackers. But the question is, how are we going to remember our long and ugly-looking passwords?

You might think the answer is – using brainpower. That can be an option, but not everybody is ready to do that, especially if they have different passwords across platforms. That’d be too much to handle.

In those cases, a password manager works like a charm. It can easily and safely store all of your passwords, ready to be accessed by you at any given time.


LastPass is a well-known name in the market which offers a plethora of features like:

  • Instant login
  • Auto-fill forms like payment and shipping details
  • Generates long and strong passwords
  • Ability to store insurance cards, memberships, and WiFi passwords
  • Share passwords safely
  • Ability to hand over access to another user in case of any emergency

Over 17 million people trust LastPass for their service, and it’s been featured on websites like The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

You can get started for free and then upgrade to a premium plan, starting at just $3/month for more features.


Been rated the “Best Password Manager” by TrustPilot, 1Password should definitely be on your radar for managing passwords. It’s available on all major platforms, including browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, and Firefox.

This tool uses AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt the data at rest and in transit, and their encryption is done at three major levels:

  • Master password
  • Secret key
  • Secure remote password

With that amount of priority to security, you can be sure it’s worth counting on with your confidential information. You can try out 1Password free for 30 days before moving into their premium plan.


With a TrustPilot score of 9.3/10, Keeper Security is one of the most reliable options available for password managers. It is recommended by some of the biggest names, including Microsoft, Google, and Nokia. Though there are a few other tools in this list, this one somehow stands out a little because of its unbeatable features.

  • Auto-generate and auto-fill strong passwords
  • Super secure storing of payment info for hassle-free online shopping.
  • Emergency access in case of incidents like death
  • Easy categorization of different documents
  • Secure record sharing with your close ones
  • Two-factor security authentication

All of those awesome features lead us to the price of less than $2 per month. If you’re not ready to spend money at all, you can opt to go for the 100% free version that comes with limited features.


As mentioned in Forbes, NordPass is one of the best password managers that’ll let you safely store your passwords for easy access. It can also auto-fill forms, generate strong passwords, and literally reduce your stress in every relevant way.

Here are some of the most notable features of this service:

  • Store and organize your passwords, payment information, and private notes
  • Ability to share passwords in the most secure way
  • Trusted and reliable encryption
  • Generate strong and tough passwords

Pricing plans start from as low as $2.49/month for two years.


Passwork has a very different twist to the entire password managing game. You can either use their cloud service or even install a self-hosted version, making it highly flexible for businesses. The cloud option is a SaaS solution that you can access anywhere, whereas the self-hosted option lets you install and use it on your private network.

With Passwork, you can:

  • Store all of your passwords into protected vaults
  • Share them with teammates.
  • Assign user rights
  • Keep track of all changes.
  • Monitor activities

For anyone to access your protected vaults, they’d need to enter a master password set by you. This makes sure your information is never breached. You can sign up for a free 5-day trial before opting for a paid plan starting at $1.5/month.

Use promo code as “xvsc89ki3wp14wb2p9if” to get 10% discount.


Dashlane is one of the popular password managers available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. You can sync passwords on all of your devices to log in to your applications.

This tool uses patented security technology to keep your data secure, and it has built-in two-factor authentication for additional protection. Here are some of the main features:

  • Auto-fills the passwords in the login form
  • Digital wallet for fast and secure payment
  • Password generator tool
  • Change one or many passwords in a single click.
  • Get notified instantly if an account is at risk.

The free plan allows you to store up to 50 passwords, and you can unlock additional features by opting for their premium plan at $3.33/month.


A very simple and straightforward tool, KeePass is an open-source password manager that is free of cost. Don’t expect the design and UI to be fancy or ground-breaking, but this tool does what it advertises.

Your passwords are kept secure in a vault that can be accessed with a master password or a key file of your preferred setting. The password database is encrypted using AES and Twofish, one of the best and most secure.

Since this tool is open-source, everything, including the encryption, is transparent. You can thoroughly check whether all functionalities are proper or not.

Zoho Vault

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Zoho Vault allows you to virtually store unlimited passwords and log in directly to an application without manually filling out the form. It provides a great level of access control where you can allow a user or group to access the vault and keep track of password retrieval activities.

You can manage your passwords from the web or via mobile phones running on Android, IOS, or Windows OS. This tool integrates seamlessly with the following:

You can get started at absolutely no cost. There is more password manager for an organization listed here.

RoBoForm Everywhere

Another brilliant password manager, RoBoForm Everywhere, has plenty of features that might get you hooked. It even works on all major devices and browsers.

Here are some of the many things you can do with this tool:

  • Save unlimited login credentials to log into platforms and sites with a single click.
  • Fill out web forms in a jiffy.
  • Check if your present password is strong enough and generate a new one if it isn’t
  • Receive emergency access to your accounts in case of casualties
  • Manage bookmarks to your favorite websites

RoBoForm Everywhere is fully secured, all thanks to AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. You can try this tool for free or pick the paid plan at just $19.95.

Password Boss

You can store all of your passwords for WiFi, websites, or apps inside Password Boss and instantly log into them with just a single click. If you feel your passwords are weak, this tool can also generate strong and secure ones for you.

You can choose to sync your entire vault across different platforms and devices, whether it’s PC, Mac, IOS, or Android. Also, you can:

  • Securely share your passwords with other people.
  • Allow access to family members in case of emergencies.
  • Auto-fill online shopping forms instantly.
  • Store confidential information like IDs and insurance cards

Pricing plans start from just $2.50/user/month, but you can also make use of their forever free plan if your requirement isn’t much. The free plan includes a 30-day premium experience, allowing you to test the additional features out.


Rated five stars by, StickyPassword can save you a ton of time and keep you safe at the same time. It works flawlessly on Windows, IOS, Android, and Apple in general.

Here’s what this tool can do for you:

  • Remember your passwords, login information, and other data.
  • Fills out forms automatically.
  • Generate tough passwords
  • Keeps your payment information secured
  • Protects your private notes, passport, and licenses
  • Safely share your passwords with other people.
  • Sync data across various devices and browsers

You can get started for free and then upgrade to a paid plan starting at $29.99/user/year.


I hope the above tools will help you eliminate the hassle of forgetting your passwords and be a little safer in this online world.

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