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Make your personal information secure.

Let’s look at some important smart device data:

  • 62% of consumers use online banking
  • 12% of millennials use them to create new bank accounts
  • 33% of consumers pay bills through these devices
  • 60% of Americans purchase smart home products they monitor on their smartphones

In other words, a good amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is passed through wireless networks. In turn, the risk of online identity theft increases.

A lack of updates

The results of a 2017 Pew Research Survey revealed over a quarter of smartphone owners don’t use a passcode to lock their phones. Also, 40% of those surveyed said they update their phone’s OS and apps only when convenient.

Not being diligent causes issues with your personal data and the information of other individuals. For example, someone can take your email, attach malware, and send it out to your email list. And, if they open these emails …

Batten down the apps

Passcodes and updated apps still don’t provide 100% protection to a smart device. However, adding an extra layer of protection via a security app severely reduces attempts to steal PII or cause infections.

While some apps require a subscription, the return of investment to reduce data loss is worth it. Also, some apps offer free versions that provide more options than you think. Here are some of the best security apps to shield everyone’s information.


Currently, for Android devices, F-Secure promotes the protection of data from online identity theft. It also takes a step further by blocking unwanted phone calls and text messages. A definite bonus since malicious URLs is found in seemingly innocent texts.

The company currently offers a 30-day trial to try all its offerings. If you decide not to subscribe, F-Secure provides its anti-theft app for free. This allows you to find your phone and wipe the data if necessary.


IDSeal is the best tool for three-bureau credit monitoring and ensures full-scale identity theft protection. This premium tool remains on a constant lookout for any personal information leak on the dark web, including credit card details, social security numbers, etc.

Not just this, every subscription comes with VPN, antivirus, and browsing shields to help you stay protected in this ever-dangerous digital world.

In addition, you get password protection and document encryption to further bolster the defense.

IDSeal users are covered with $1 million identity theft insurance and a fully managed identity restoration.

Finally, IDSeal is not just about device protection but provides full-blown identity theft prevention to its users.


SAFE Me isn’t a conventional phone protection software in that it doesn’t have tools like antivirus, VPN, etc.

Instead, it banks on cyber awareness and scans the dark web for email breaches.

Besides, it checks for the phone’s active features and assigns a risk score accordingly. This prompts you to take the necessary steps to safeguard your smartphone.

Finally, you can enroll in various courses aimed at safely using devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets based on their operating system.


Jumbo is there to help you navigate through the present unsafe internet landscape without affecting your online activities.

The primary thing it does is scan your sign-up email address for dark web leaks. Besides, you get notified in real-time of any leak to take preventive action in time.

Additionally, Jumbo users are also covered with a $1 million identity theft insurance.

At the root level, it blocks the trackers used by the applications and helps keep your data secure. It can also automatically delete your YouTube, Gmail, and Google search history.

You can also use Jumbo to remove your old social media posts.

However, the best thing about Jumbo is its pricing model, which boasts a free forever plan and goes up per the user requirement.

Avast Mobile Security

There’s a lot to like in the Avast Mobile Security app. For example, the number of options you get for free that other companies charge for. Some of these include spam blockers, detection of malicious apps before installation, and WiFi security verification. It also helps users track the amount of time they spend on certain apps, boosts the device’s RAM, and checks app permissions.

Pro and Ultimate pay options are available. However, with the number of free tools available, the extras may not be necessary.

In the end, testing all of these security apps is a must before subscribing to any payment plans. Though companies may say their free versions are robust, there could be options that can’t be used without a plan.

Speak to other smart device owners — pretty much anyone in your circle — to see what they use and how works for them. By gathering all their options, you should have a good idea of where to start. Then, sigh in relief when your data is protected.

Final Words

Since smartphones are one of the most used gadgets, keeping them secure is crucial.

In a nutshell, switch every application and the operating system to auto updates. Alternatively, you can ensure that manually if you mostly stay on cellular data. In addition, keeping the listed applications will surely help.

You can also enable 2-factor authentication on your devices using these authentication apps to ensure higher security.

PS: Privacy is as important as security. And if you’ve been searching, here is a comprehensive tutorial to hide apps on iPhone.

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