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Photo management software to get the best out of those clicks!

Managing photos is such a headache when you have a whole lot of them.

Digital photography has been an effective solution for replacing the traditional problem of boxes full of photographs. Now, the scenario has been changed a bit, and people are storing photos on different devices. What would be your answer if I asked you, where are all your digital photos stored?

You would probably say that your photos are stored in your smartphone, computer, and even some cloud platforms. Other than that, you will also remember that you have some photos stored on your old PC or tablet at home. That’s not all! You will also remember that you have access to some flash drives and CDs filled with photos.

The use of digital images has been growing at an exponential rate. If all the photos are not managed, organized, and stored appropriately, it would become pretty difficult to access them. You need to get more storage as the quality of photos increases.

This is a common scenario where all the photos are scattered across countless devices. You would miss out on a lot if you cannot retrieve all the photos stored at different locations.

So, what’s the solution?

You guessed it right – photo management software. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best in teh table below:

Product Name Description
Google Photos Cloud-based storage, sync, organize, and share photos. Explore
SmugMug Organized photo handling, secure storage, sales platform. Explore
Peakto AI-powered universal photo catalog, advanced search and organization. Explore
Amazon Photos Unlimited cloud storage for Prime members, organized photos, quick prints. Explore
Adobe Lightroom Cloud-based, 1 TB storage, AI photo organization and editing. Explore
Excire Foto Powerful computer-based photo management, AI-driven keyword tagging. Explore
Skylum AI AI-based photo editing, template suggestions, detail enhancement. Explore
ACDSee Fast photo organization, resizing, GoPro support, filters, and management. Explore
PaintShop Pro AI-powered photo editing, diverse file format support, creative features. Explore

Photo management software is for organizing, sharing, searching, and maintaining your entire library of photos. Usually, organizations make use of photo management software for keeping track of their business assets. It reduces the efforts required in searching the photos and also gains better control over photos.

Benefits of using software to manage photos

As your family or business grows, the number of digital photographs would keep on increasing. So, it is better to get your hands on some software for managing your photos. Whether you are a business or an individual, there are plenty of benefits of using photo management software.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Save and organize your photos
  • Easily locate your photos
  • Quickly integrate your photo library with photo editing software
  • Export, resize, or edit your photos in the library
  • You can sync raw files with the graphic designing software
  • Integrate video editing software for storing video files
  • Share photos quickly with direct links

And, a lot more…

Let us look at some of the best photo management software to solve the problem of managing photos.

Google Photos

If you are looking for a free photo management tool, then Google Photos is the best option for you. It allows you to backup, and later on, access your photos and videos from any device. It is a cloud-based storage system that would sync your photos with the logged-in Google account.

People are moving towards this platform because of its seamless experience.

For uploading photos on Google Photos, you can either drag and drop them or simply click on the “Upload” button. As soon as the photos are uploaded in cloud storage, Google Photos would automatically organize them and make them easy to search. All you need to do is enter some relevant keywords to find the photo. You can search the photos based on different factors such as locations, people, activity, and events.

You can share the photos and albums with ease. All you need to do is select the media files for sharing or creating a link to post them on different social media platforms. You also get different editing options and filters for editing and saving the images. The best thing about Google Photos is that you can easily sync all the photos to different devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

The photo groups are displayed at the top because of the “Suggested Sharing” feature of Google Photos. When you visit the Albums Page, you will see all the photos and the albums that you have created due to the AI engine.


No need to worry about your photos and portraits anymore!

SmugMug is a perfect place to handle all your photos in an organized manner. Every pixel of the photos would be safe and secure, allowing you to share the photos and albums with anyone securely. Other than that, you can also use SmugMug’s sales platform to make some money by selling prints and downloads of images.

The best thing offered by SmugMug is that you only need to pay for the features you wish to use. So, there is no need to spend more from now onwards. There are four different plans made available for the users to subscribe to a plan that suits them. This eliminates the problem of overpaying for features that you don’t really need.

You are provided with unlimited storage to store full-resolution images. Get complete control of your photos for handling privacy and sharing. SmugMug offers a promotional space other than social shares to showcase your professional photography on a website that belongs to you. Whether you are at your home or out on a trip, you can automatically upload the photos on SmugMug with the mobile app. It also allows you to edit, view, download, and organize the photos on the go.

There are plenty of other features offered by SmugMug to make photo management pretty easy for you. Some of the key features are real human support for quicker responses, complete data security, different sales tools for photographers, and world-class photo labs for printing photos.


Certainly, artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm! Peakto, claimed as the universal photo catalog, expands to unveil its power by utilizing AI.

With Peakto, discover the picture search of the future! AI prompts simplify the process of locating suitable matches. Find pertinent results by searching through your whole photo library, as Peakto effortlessly assigns keywords, evaluates aesthetics, and analyses colors and classes automatically.

Effortlessly identify any picture that has the same lens, date, or ISO setting. Any image linked to Peakto, no matter where it is, can have a rating, color, or caption applied to it. Make albums with images from various cloud, hard disc, and photo-editing software.

Your photographs may be seen in a grid, detailed, map, or automatically classified by AI. Moreover, you can build dynamic photo collections with a range of continually updating criteria.

Amazon Photos

Amazon is a leading provider of cloud services. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get unlimited full-resolution photo storage along with 5 GB for storing videos. You can store all the photos automatically and backup your photos and videos on the Amazon Photos secure cloud platform.

The best thing is that you can access all your photos easily across any device and from any place.

The photos are completely organized on this platform and allow you to share them in private groups conveniently. You can have a look at your precious moments from last year’s events and trips. There are plenty of advanced filters for searching the photos with ease based on different keywords. You will be able to notice photo organization at a new level with Amazon.

Amazon also offers quick photo prints to decorate your walls, tabletop, and other places in your house or office desk. You can even set up your favorite photos as a screensaver or background on Echo Show and Fire TV. If you need more space, you can purchase it with different plans and manage your photos effectively.

Adobe Lightroom

If you are looking for cloud-based photo management software, there is no better option than Adobe Lightroom. It allows you to organize, edit, share and store all your photos across different devices. Initially, you will receive 1 TB of cloud storage for free, which would be enough for small businesses and individuals. Later on, you can upgrade the plan.

Lightroom supports AI technology for automatically managing many pictures and even saving the edited ones on your mobile phone. With the machine learning feature, Lightroom creates albums by recognizing them on its own. You can edit your photos from any device, and the effects would be applied across all the devices.

Creating albums with Lightroom could be done with a single tick for enhanced photo management. You can include flags, ratings, and picture marks to create an album and organize them instantly. By using relevant keywords, you can easily search for the photos due to the machine learning feature.

For photographers, you can share your photos with the Lightroom community to portray your skills and also learn from your peers. Your peers can also send you some great presets that you find on their uploaded photos.

Excire Foto

If you are looking for a powerful and simple photo management tool that resides on your computer, you should check Excire. It is pretty helpful for quick browsing based on content. Its plenty of smart features make it easy to organize the photos and easily find the one you are looking for.

So, you can spend your precious time on creative photography instead of struggling with photo management.

With the help of advanced face recognition and AI technology, you can find the photo that you have been looking for within a few seconds. The photos are analyzed and tagged to search for them easily with the use of relevant keywords. As the tool works with content-based navigation, you can quickly view all the images. With this, you will also find an excellent way to interact with your photos.

The keywords used in Excire Foto are not limited to this app only, but you can also use it in other apps like Lightroom. All you need to do is transfer the keywords to XMP files or photos from the Excire Foto app to the others. Sharing is never a problem with Excire as you can directly share the photos through Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you are not comfortable with storing your photos in the cloud, Excire would be a good solution.

Skylum AI

Skylum is not exactly a photo organizer or photo manager. It is an AI-based photo editing tool to offer faster and amazing editing options. It is the 1st image editor that Artificial Intelligence completely powers. There are more possibilities to explore with the innovative set of technologies.

AI will perform the tedious tasks and allow you to focus on the creative portion of the work.

Different editing options often make it pretty confusing. Now, there is no need to get confused because AI will choose the right template for every image. The image is first analyzed, and AI will suggest some templated to you. This process only takes 12 seconds, and you will receive a unified style of image.

If you are out there on a nature trip but cannot capture perfect shots, there is no need to worry. You can highlight the details you wish to change, and AI would develop with appropriate suggestions as per the photo. You can change the sky and add atmosphere effects to create a perfect landscape.

Whether it’s nature or a person, Skylum allows you to edit the photo the way you want it completely. A perfect portrait isn’t a myth anymore due to the enhanced features of Skylum.


ACDSee helps you take photo organization and management to an entirely new level. The developers have come up with several enhancements to make it the fastest version of this tool and make you focus more on perfecting your image. There are plenty of amazing features tagged along with this tool.

There is an option for renaming multiple images altogether for responding to customer feedback with ease. The new and improved resize option allows you to resize multiple images to any particular dimension simultaneously. With GoPro support, you can easily perfect the raw images from GoPro. You can work on your photo editing skills with the new filters to make precise edits as per your liking.

Even if you are dealing with a huge database of stored images, you will be able to find the right image within a few seconds due to the improved quick search feature. You can crop multiple images together with the improved crop option. Other than that, Digital Asset Management makes it easy to find duplicate photos, save photos based on location, and even use customizable keyboard shortcuts for finding images.

Whether you are a small-size business owner or an individual, the watermark feature would be pretty useful for you. Now, you can easily add watermarks to an entire batch of images in your library. The Face Detection and Facial Recognition feature make it pretty easy to search for photos of humans by naming them once and for all. You can even import the face data from apps like Picasa and Lightroom to save the efforts and time of naming them again.

PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro not only values your creativity but also looks at several practical aspects like organizing, managing, sharing, and transferring the images. The photo editing options offered by this tool cannot be compared with any other tool. It is powered by AI to completely alleviate your photo editing experience and get pro results within a few seconds.

The tool supports several file formats to avoid any disruptions on your end. You can easily save and import photos in any file format. You get to manage and streamline your photos in the workspaces by adding keyword tags to the images, creating catalogs, and reviewing the image’s metadata.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can edit your photos like a pro. There are plenty of innovative features added to the software for editing photos with a single click. Whether you are looking for the most basic tools or some advanced tools to edit photos, you will find all of them in PaintShop Pro.

Other than that, the tool also comes with creative graphic design features to creatively edit your images. The AI-powered tools come up with smart and unique solutions based on the photo you are editing. With a single click, you can easily edit a batch of photos. You can quickly crop, resize, add a filter, fine-tune the settings, or do much more to a batch of photos by selecting them and making a single click.


The use of digital photos has increased to a huge extent. This is why we need to focus on photo management and keep every photo in its place.

This is the right time to choose a photo management software to store all your digital photos in one place and keep them completely organized. It’s no surprise that AI photo organizer’s abound.

If you are more into photo editing, look at these editing tools that made some common photo editing tasks pretty easy.

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