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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing brands, with over 689 million active users every month as of January 2021.

Launched in 2016, TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform formed by a Chinese company called ByteDance. It is a platform where you find various videos from various genres like comedy, dance, education, etc. The video duration ranges from 15 sec to 3 minutes.

If you want to save your funny or entertaining videos uploaded on TikTok, there’s an excellent tool launched a few months back – Qoob Clips. I wanted to save some of the videos, so I tried this tool and found it useful.

Qoob Clips lets you save TikTok videos from a private or public account and enjoy it later. Based on my experience of using it, I wanted to share my review of Qoob Clips.

Here goes! 👇

Qoob Clips: What is it?

Qoob Clips is an advanced tool to view and save content from TikTok accounts. You can save music and videos from both private and public TikTok accounts. In addition, you can backup your TikTok account, monitor others’ feeds, and follow other profiles using it.

This mass TikTok downloader for desktops is excellent if you are a fan of short video clips that entertain you whenever you want them offline. It comes with advanced features that you can use in a user-friendly interface.

Just download, install, log in to your TikTok account, and start saving your favorite content in high quality.

What are its features?

There is a reason Qoob Clips is called a smart tool. It has advanced features that you need to create magic with your TikTok accounts. Let’s find out what all features it offers and how they are useful.

Saving content from TikTok

Qoob Clips lets you save all the content you desire from a TikTok account at once with a simple click. All you need to do is enter a TikTok username or hashtags and enjoy the videos offline without waiting for the internet.

Saving TikTok video captions

You can save the original captions of the videos from a TikTok account. You can view the video captions in the application by hovering the cursor over your downloaded TikTok video. Next, copy those captions and save them anywhere you want.

Saving TikTok hashtags

You can save videos with interesting TikTok challenges and other content using hashtags. They let you save them in MP4 format as well as high definition quality of up to 720p. For this, enter a relevant hashtag in the search field to find the related videos that you would like to save.

Bulk-Saving TikTok Content

Yes, that’s possible with Qoob Clips, where you can save all the content posted on a TikTok account in bulk. Apart from this, you can also save the avatars of a TikTok user. This will help you identify who is the creator of that video.

This feature will greatly help you when you follow a TikTok user for a long time and love all their videos. You can save their entire content in one go and watch it whenever you want to learn, take inspiration, or any other purpose.

Auto-saving new videos

This excellent feature lets you save all the new videos posted on a TikTok profile and hashtags. All these new posts would be saved automatically as soon as the creators upload them to TikTok. Hence, whenever you open the downloaded folder, you can view the new posts saved there and enjoy watching them.

Selective video saving

If you don’t want the videos to be saved automatically, this feature will be helpful to you. You can view the videos and then choose the video to be saved. But if you want to save them in bulk, you can set some specific time limits from the in-app calendar and download videos only within this time range.

Backup your TikTok account

Social media platforms may ban anybody at any time if they find you suspicious or any other activity that tends to violate their terms and conditions. And if this happens, you may lose all the data saved or created after spending hours on it. Hence, don’t forget to backup your account to safeguard your precious data.

To this, Qoob Clips helps you back up all the content you have on your TikTok account to your computer offline. Just enter your TikTok ID in the search field and save your content regardless of your Qoob Clips plan.

Upcoming features

Apart from the above existing features, Qoob Clips will include some more features in the upcoming days. It includes:

  • Music-related video download: By entering a song’s name, you will be able to save all the videos featuring that song on TikTok. This way, you will be able to keep track of challenges and what songs are in high demand.
  • Private and recommended video downloads: You will save recommended videos on TikTok with this tool. In addition, you could download videos of your TikTok friends with private accounts.
  • Location change: This advanced feature will help people who cannot use TikTok due to location barriers. You can use their in-app proxy to change your TikTok location/region and set it to any other place or country where it is permitted to use. This way, you can use TikTok without any trouble.
  • Single video downloads: If you are not a fan of mass downloads, this feature will be a relief to you. You can save a single video on TikTok at a time by pasting the video link on the required field and saving the video to your computer.

Qoob Clips: System Requirements

Now that you know about Qoob Clips and its features let’s find its system requirements to use it easily on your computer.

Qoob Clips works seamlessly on desktops. It supports macOS 10.13 or up, Windows 7 or up, and Ubuntu 18.04 or up (64-bit). So, make sure your desktop has one of these system configurations to download and install the tool on it.

Qoob Clips: How to get started

Getting started with Qoob Clips is effortless no matter what desktop you use – Linux, Mac, or Windows. All you need to do is download the tool on your device by going to the official site of Qoob.

Next, go to the “download” page to find Qoob Clips and the button to download it. Just choose your operating system from the drop-down menu. You can go for either a 32 or 64 bit online or offline Windows installer. Or, choose Ubuntu or macOS offline installer, and start downloading the application.

On successful downloading, install the application on your computer and open Qoob Clips. Now, enter your TikTok login credentials, find your account, and view others’ profiles and content.

Qoob Clips: How to use it?

Like their other offering – Qoob Stories – they have kept the user interface simple and clean for Qoob Clips as well. The background is plain, with buttons highlighted in pink. All the functions are easy to use, and there is a big search field where you can find accounts.

On opening the app, you have two options: using it for free or upgrading it by paying a nominal fee. Start with the free plan that you can enjoy for whatever days you want.

But if you want to explore more features or your requirements are more than the free plan provides, you can upgrade it and get a license.

License activation:

When you have upgraded your account from free to any one of the paid plans, it’s time you activate your license. In the “Tools Menu,” you can find the option to activate your plan. When you click on it, it will ask for your license key. Just enter it and activate the license. This way, you can unlock many advanced features to do many more things.

In the Qoob Clips’s main window, you can find a search box at the top. Here, enter any search parameter like:

  • A username: By entering a TikTok username, you can search profiles and browse their content.
  • A hashtag: Entering a # a sign followed by words that describe what you want to search will show you relevant posts and accounts.

This way, Qoob Clips will display all related accounts, whether public or private. Now, you can choose the posts to view and download the ones you like in bulk or one after the other in your desired format and high quality.

How to download media:

When you find a TikTok profile or hashtag with the videos you like, you will find a download button at the top in pink. Press it and start downloading without hassles. Also, when you see the results, you can click on a video and open it on the default player.

Furthermore, if you want to locate videos on your desktop, hover the cursor to any video’s bottom right corner and click on the icon with three dots. You can now see the video directly on your desktop or TikTok.

In addition, there are other options to view the videos on Twitter or Facebook. Apart from all these, you can also copy a video’s link, and its caption and choose to subscribe to the creator of that video in Qoob Clips even though you don’t follow them on your TikTok profile.

Qoob Clips has also made it easy to keep your dashboard clean by deleting downloaded content from it by pressing the “Remove” button you can find from the three-dotted icon. Using this option would not delete the download files on your computer, though, so don’t worry!

If downloading takes a bit more time for an account with lots of content. Just let it download while you sip your coffee. Also, when you download the videos, you can specify some preferences.

Moreover, you have the option to either auto-save the TikTok videos or go for one by one, which is an upcoming feature. You can pause or resume the videos while downloading to have better control over them. And you can also download the videos based on your preferred format MP4 or HD videos of up to 720p.


Qoob Clips offers three pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Starter: Suitable for beginners who want to try how Qoob Clips works, this plan is entirely free to use. No tricks or trial periods are associated with this plan, and you can enjoy it for as long as you want.

However, it comes with basic features such as 2 TikTok profiles or hashtags and 50 video downloads daily, which I think is highly useful for single use.

  • Personal: Great for personal use, this plan is excellent for you if you want to avail more features from the basic plan. You get some advanced features that make Qoob Clips a super powerful tool for TikTokers or TikTok enthusiasts.

This plan allows 10 TikTok users or hashtags, 500 video downloads daily, auto-downloading new posts, and no advertisements. It costs $10/month.

  • Professional: This plan is best for business and official use. It gives you full premium access to all the advanced features of Qoob Clips.

It includes downloading unlimited TikTok accounts or hashtags, unlimited video downloads daily, exporting video captions and URLs, new videos downloads automatically, commercial permission to use, and no advertisements. It costs $30/month.

Conclusion: Is Qoob Clips worth it? 👨‍⚖️

In my opinion, yes, Qoob Clips is a useful tool. From the interface to functionality, I liked it. It has all the powerful features you need to play with TikTok. You can get started quickly without any hassles and use it even with little to no technical expertise. If you know how to use a social media platform, you will find no trouble using it, which I guess everybody does these days.

Thus, go ahead and download this powerful TikTok video downloader. Choose a plan based on your needs and enjoy the videos offline on your computer.

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