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  • It’s interesting to watch who is initiating cyber-attack who globally live. Thousands of website gets hacked every day due to vulnerable files, plugins, misconfiguration on the servers.

    If your website owner or administrator, you can perform a security scan against your site to check vulnerabilities and malware.

    Coming back to the article, if you are interested in me to watch attacks happening around the world, then following maps will mesmerize you.

    Digital Attack Map

    Watch daily DDoS attacks worldwide with Digital Attack Map. You can filter the map with multiple options.


    By attacks size

    • Large
    • Unusual
    • Combined

    By attack type

    • TCP Connection (filling connections)
    • Volumetric (eating bandwidth)
    • Fragmentation (pieces of packets)
    • Application
    • Source & destination port number
    • Duration

    DDoS is dangerous to your online business; it can take down your online presence and hurt the reputation and financially. If you are a business owner or web administrator, then you may consider protecting your online assets from DDoS by using services like SUCURI or others, as mentioned here.


    FireEye Cyber Threat Map gives you an excellent summary of total attacks today with the following data.

    • Top 5 reported industries
    • Top attacker by country

    It’s not as detailed as above two but still useful if you are looking for data in industry and country wise.



    Cyberthreat real-time map by Kaspersky shows you the real-time attack detected by their various source systems.

    • On-Scanner access
    • On-Demand Scanner
    • Web Anti-virus
    • Mail Anti-virus
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Vulnerability Scan
    • Kaspersky Anti-spam
    • Botnet Activity detection

    You can have data in table format under the stats page.

    Threat Cloud

    Threat Cloud by Check Point shows the attack data for today and yesterday. Also, an option to view the top target and source countries.



    Real-time web monitor by AKAMAI shows network & attack traffic overview, which you can filter by regions.



    Internet attack attribution map by Threatbutt is a cool simple one.

    You get to see the live attack details like what software is being used to attack with the source and destination details.


    Real-time threat intelligence landscape by FortiGuard.

    Data is from more than 2 million Fortinet products globally. You get a summary view of attack with source location and severity.


    There are three main types of attacks visualized on the Cyberthreat map by Bitdefender.

    • Spam
    • Infection
    • Attack

    Bitdefender is a leader in selling home and business security products.


    Real-time feed data from Cyveillance infection records, malicious and phishing URLs. Along with the live attacks and infections per second, you see the botnet activities.


    Talos, a Cisco company, got a cyber-attack map that shows the top spam and malware senders.

    Data is collected from Cisco, and third-party feeds worldwide. As you can see above, you see the top 10 malware and spam sender with the volume and country details.


    Cyber Threat Horizon by Netscout.

    Real-time DDoS events worldwide. You can filter the data by bandwidth, source, destination, event type (UDP, IPv4, DNS amplification), and event categories (Amplification, Volumetric, TCP connection). Netscout also publishes global DDoS summary

    Did you like the real-time attacks map? It’s crazy. Isn’t it?