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Shipping labels might be a small piece of the e-commerce puzzle. Still, it is vital for both inbound and outbound logistics and helps maximize the activities related to order fulfillment.

Without the correct shipping labels, your customers’ orders can get lost, hurting brand loyalty, creating a bad customer experience, and costing you money. For package collection, the majority of third-party logistics companies need pre-labeling.

Every shipment and item transported has a shipping label attached to exchange information.

Shipping labels, to put it simply, are tags that identify and characterize an item while it is being transported. It includes all of the relevant details about a package. In addition, they have information about the recipient, such as name and address, weight, tracking information, barcode, etc.

Shipping labels also carry details regarding the shipping method (such as Express, Standard, etc.), payment details, etc., and each cargo has a unique label.

Printers with the ability to print shipping labels containing information such as name, address, weight, tracking barcode, etc., are known as shipping label printers.

It can be used in the workplace, industry, and home. For example, it is helpful for labeling bottles and file folders at home or putting shipping labels on parcels. In addition, it can be used to produce stamps or postal addresses.

Thermal printers are the type of shipping label printer that creates shipping labels with affordability and convenience. In addition, they deliver effective and high-quality results.

There is no need for ink or toner with the thermal label printer. Instead, it prints using heat technology and unique thermal paper, saving time and money.

A QWERTY or ABC keyboard is included with portable label printers. Brady BMP21-PLUS is the item having a keyboard on our list. It depends on what you need from a shipping label printer. Since most label printers can be connected to computers, a keyboard is not required.

To assist you in selecting the finest shipping label printer to print shipping labels, we have compiled a list of the best products in this article.

Best Shipping Label Printers


Rollo Label Printer

ROLLO Label Printer is a high-speed direct thermal printer of commercial grade. It works with any direct thermal label, including free UPS labels.

All significant shipping systems and online markets, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and ShippingEasy, are compatible with this USPS shipping label printer.

Our Pick: ROLLO Shipping Label Printer


Features of ROLLO Shipping Label Printer:

  • The ROLLO Label Printer uses cutting-edge direct thermal technology, which does not require toner or ink.
  • It can automatically identify labels.
  • It offers fast label printing with excellent clarity.
  • Customers can contact its customer support by phone, email, and remote desktop.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 150mm/s. One shipping label per second.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Any direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4″*6″,
  • Label Type: Rolls and Flats
  • Label Width Supported: 1.57″ to 4.1″
  • No constraint on the height of the labels.

Label Range Printer

This printer uses advanced thermal printing technology. Its intelligent auto label suction and identification can distinguish different labels being used. Label Range printer features eradicate the use of ink, toner, ribbons, or the need to purchase lots of consumables.

Our Pick: LabelRange LP320 Label Printer


Features of LabelRange LP320 Label Printer:

  • Compatible with Windows 7, desktop and laptop, Mac 10.9 and Mac computers, and Linux systems.
  • It prints labels in widths ranging from 1.5″ to 4.25″ to customize multipurpose use in your workplace, home, business, or e-commerce store.
  • The 4×6″ shipping labels, mailing labels, pricing labels, barcode labels, Amazon labels, circle labels, name tags, and various tiny category labels are printed in dark and scannable quality.
  • Support online shopping and delivery services, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shipstation, Shopify, PayPal, USPS, UPS, Poshmark, Pirate ship, and others.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 150mm/s. One shipping label per second.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Any direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4″*6″,
  • Label Type: Rolls and Flats
  • Label Width Supported: 1.5″ to 4.25″ (38mm-108mm)
  • No constraints on the height of the labels.

Logia Thermal Printer

The Logia is a premium direct thermal printer that helps create crisp, clear, and long-lasting labels for various shipping, warehouse, and e-commerce applications. Logia label printer is well-equipped for convenient printing and shipping at a low cost for the home, stores, e-commerce stores, or businesses.

Our Pick: Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer


Features of Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer:

  • Suitable for Mac and Windows devices, It gives your small to large business and e-commerce store mailings a professional touch!
  • It can print shipping labels for various warehousing, shipping, and e-commerce-related applications.
  • Produces good courier-quality text and imaging that won’t bleed, fade, or smudge upon exposure
  • Expensive inks and toners are not required as it works with any popular thermal paper up to 104mm wide. Super rugged machine handles large volume jobs.
  • Perfect for churning out shipping labels, receipts, barcodes, and small signs.
  • It allows Quick and simple custom printing due to its intuitive operation.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print Speed – 127mm/s. One shipping label per second.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 300 dpi
  • Labels- Any direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4″*6″,
  • Label Type: Rolls and Stacks
  • Label Width Supported: 1.57″ to 4.1″
  • No height restrictions on the height of the labels

Jiose Thermal Printer

Jiose thermal printer is highly known for its high-speed printing that automatically catches the label and detects the size, gaps, and characteristics. This feature of Jiose thermal label printer ensures there is no wastage of paper during the process of printing etc.

Our Pick: JIOSE Thermal Label Printer 


Features of Jiose Thermal Label Printer:

  • Jiose label printer is suitable for ChromeOS in addition to Windows and macOS (Not including Surface tablets, iPads, and smartphones)
  • High-speed printing at 203DPI resolution is possible with the Jiose shipping label printer (up to 86 labels per minute). It is capable of printing up to 300,000 standard labels each day.
  • It prints address labels, barcodes, food labels for storage, and other direct thermal labels. It is compatible with all e-commerce and transit systems.
  • Free lifetime technical support from the Jiose U.S. technical team via live chat, phone calls, emails, and remote desktop operations support as needed.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print Speed – 162mm/s. One shipping label per second.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Any direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4″*6″,
  • Label Type: Rolls and Stacks
  • Label Width Supported: 1.57″ to 4.25″
  • No height restrictions on the height of the labels.

Arkscan 2054A Thermal Shipping Label Printer

The printing labels from several platforms, including, Etsy, Amazon Seller Merchant Fulfillment, and others, are supported by the Arkscan 2054A shipping label printer. It is a multipurpose item that can produce barcode labels, product labels, shipping labels, etc.

It supports labels made by Arkscan, Zebra, and Dymo that don’t have a back with a pre-printed logo and text.

Our Pick: Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer


Features of Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer:

  • BarTender UltraLite Label Design Software is available in it (for Windows only).
  • It contains label printing capabilities and exclusive design features for text, images, barcodes, etc.
  • Additionally, it supports FedEx’s free shipping labels.
  • Telephone, live chat, and remote access are available for real-time technical support.
  • Various shipping and sales systems, including eBay, PayPal, Shopify ShipStation,, etc., are supported.


iOS and Android are incompatible with it.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 5 inches/s. One shipping label per second.
  • Print resolution in dpi – NA
  • Labels- Any direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4×6″, 4×8.25″ 4×6.75
  • Label Type: Rolls and Stacks
  • Label Width Supported: 0.75″ to 4.25″
  • No height restrictions on the height of the labels.

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible with the MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer. It will enable you to create personalized labels from any application directly. It doesn’t need any ink or cartridges.

All significant shipping and sales platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, etc., are supported by this UPS shipping label printer.

The MUNBYN address label maker can print 700 pages continuously before automatically pausing for 5 minutes to safeguard the device.

Our Pick: MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer


Features of MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer:

  • The automatic label identification capabilities of the MUNBYN thermal label printer enable the automatic catching and feeding of labels to the printer.
  • For warehouse labels, shipping labels, food nutrition labels, Amazon FBA labels, UPS, etc., it is the ideal answer.
  • It has a one-click setup and overheats protection features.
  • It offers an Anti-Skid function and has four non-slip mats.


Doesn’t support any version of ChromeOS.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 150mm/s.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Most direct thermal label,
  • Shipping Label Size: 4×6″, 4×8.25″ 4×6.75
  • Label Width Supported: 1.57″ to 4.3″
  • No height restrictions on the height of the labels.

Brady Label Printer

Brady BMP41 is a portable label printer. It has rubber bumpers that provide impact resistance on it. The typeface ranges from 6 to 40 points. It can print multiple lines.

It is a keyboard-equipped printer that enables you to make multi-line labels. Labels for industrial goods like wires, panels, circuit boards, etc. can be made using this printer.

Our Pick: Brady BMP41 Printer


Features of Brady BMP41 Printer:

  • Letters A through Z, numbers 0 to 9, and the backlit LCD graphics display are all part of the QWERTY keyboard, allowing quicker and more accurate labeling.
  • Text is printed in one color and various text sizes, ranging from 4 to 103 points.
  • Printing of multiple label widths and styles is possible
  • It has a 2.6-inch large-graphic LCD with a backlight for seeing what you’re printing in detail.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print Speed – 150mm/s.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Continuous labels only
  • Shipping Label Size: 0.75
  • Label Width Supported: 0.25″ to 0.75″

OFFNOVA Thermal Label Printer

This Bluetooth-enabled label printer offers excellent flexibility, specifically in terms of the size of the labels. OFFNOVA thermal label printer is also ideal and compatible with most shipping platforms.

Our Pick: OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer


Features of OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer:

  • It provides excellent versatility and is compatible with all significant shipping platforms, especially in label size. It has a print speed of 6″/s 203 DPI and is perfect for creating 4″ x 6″ shipping labels.
  • Prints warehouse labels, barcodes, receipts, and shipping labels flawlessly and guarantees crisp labels every time.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 6″/s.
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Continuous labels only
  • Shipping Label Size: 0.75
  • Label Width Supported: 2.25” x 1.25”

Phomemo Label Printer

It is an inkless printer compatible with major shipping services, such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, FedEx, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, and Odoro. Phomemo label printer is beneficial for launching your own business.

Our Pick: Phomemo Label Printer- Shipping Thermal Printer D520


Features of Phomemo Shipping Thermal Printer:

  • The printer can print up to 60 sheets of 4 “x6” labels every minute.
  • It has a capacity expansion that is two times larger and can accommodate 500 sheets of 4X6″. As a result, paper rolls don’t need to be changed frequently, improving printing productivity.
  • The D520 thermal printer is compatible with the “Labelife” program, offers more than 500 templates and a sizable number of unique elements for DIY labels, and supports printing from WORD, TXT, and PDF files.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print Speed – 150mm/s
  • Shipping Label Size: 4×6″
  • Labels- Continuous labels only
  • Shipping Label Size: 0.75
  • Label Width Supported: 0.78″ to 4.4″

Zebra Thermal Printer

The Zebra thermal printer is a time and money-saving direct thermal wireless shipping label printer.

It uses direct thermal technology and needs a natural thermal medium. A thermal ribbon is not required to print. It is made to be used frequently. It helps create a binder, shipping, and address labels, etc.

Our Pick: Zebra ZSB Series Thermal Label Printer


Features of Zebra ZSB Series Thermal Label Printer :

  • The trustworthy Zebra Shipping Label Printer can print crisp text, barcodes, and illustrations.
  • It supports serial, parallel, and USB connections.
  • It works best for distributed printing and mid-volume printing applications.
  • It has Energy Star certification.
  • Setting it up is simple.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 5 in/s
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Labels- Media rolls required, 1 in the core, max diameter 5 in., and max-width should be 4.25 in.

Polono Thermal Printer

Polono USB Thermal Label Printer is compatible with several sites for labeling, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. It can keep up with Mac and Windows platforms and set up with a single click. It automatically captures and feeds the labels.

Our Pick: Shipping Label Printer, POLONO PL60 4×6 Label Printer


Features of POLONO Shipping Label Printer:

  • All significant e-commerce and delivery systems are supported.
  • It offers high-speed printing with a maximum print speed of 60 labels per minute.
  • It uses direct thermal technology.
  • It offers heat dissipation, an adjustable paper guide rail, and anti-skid functionality.
  • Your paper size will be automatically learned.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 150mm/s
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi
  • Label Width Supported: 2″ to 4.65″

AOBIO Thermal Label Printer

AOBIO thermal label printer, prints without using labels, toners, or ink. It can be applied to various delivery and commerce systems, including Amazon, FedEx, Bigcommerce, DHL, etc. It is the ideal answer for 4″ x 6″ shipping labels, ID labels, warehouse labels, etc.

Our Pick: AOBIO Thermal Label Printer 4 x 6


Features AOBIO Thermal Label Printer:

  • The intelligent identification feature on the AOBIO label printer for printing will automatically save and analyze the label size. You will be able to print with higher clarity.
  • It has a 12-hour continuous printing capacity.
  • It works with Mac 10.9 and later and Windows XP and higher.
  • Seventy labels may be constantly printed in one minute.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 152mm/s
  • Print resolution in dpi – 203 dpi, 8 dots/mm.
  • Labels: 1.57″ to 4.3″

DYMO Label Printer

The DYMO Label Printer uses direct thermal printing. It comes with DYMO software, making it easier to create and print addresses quickly. Fifty-one labels per minute can be created and printed using barcode labels.

In addition, applications like Microsoft Word, Google Contacts, Excel, etc., permit the direct production of labels from the text.

Our Pick: DYMO Label Writer 550 Label Printer


Features of DYMO Label Writer 550 Label Printer:

  • Labels of various sizes can be made using the DYMO Label Printer.
  • Label printing and customizations are simple.
  • Quick labeling is offered.
  • Barcodes and artwork may be printed with stunning clarity using the DYMO Shipping Label Printer.
  • It can be used to make personalized labels on a PC or Mac.

Tech Specifications:

  • Print speed – 51 labels per minute
  • Print resolution in dpi – 300 dpi

Now, we have looked at the best shipping thermal label printers. Let’s talk about the importance of shipping label printers.

Importance of Shipping Labels Printers in eCommerce


The shipping label expedites the delivery of the package to the intended recipient. Additionally, it lowers business costs, boosts productivity, and increases client satisfaction.

Listed below are a few ways shipping label printers can be helpful to e-commerce.

Reduce manual labor

It takes effort to print the delivery address, cut it, and attach it to the package. Instead, you might make a shipping label template and print it out on adhesive paper for each order. This approach saves time and manual labor while also being practical.

Edge Professional

A shipping label is more than simply a tiny piece of paper with some text and a barcode. It is essential and raises the level of professionalism in product packaging. A product that has shipping labels on it seems more polished. Additionally, it saves the time and effort to handwrite each parcel’s address and other information.

Printing a mailing label becomes even more important when you ship out more than 20 packages daily. It reduces physical labor and saves time.

Streamlined Procedure

By using printed shipping labels, you may simplify the packaging process. You can create a sizable quantity of tidy and expert shipping labels within a few minutes or hours. In addition, they can easily stick to your package, saving you time. Therefore, creating a method for sending labels is the best way to cut down on time.

What kind of Shipping Label Printers are Available?

There are different types of printers available. Some can be categorized into inkjets, thermal, and laser printers.

Inkjet Label Printer

An image from a computer file is reproduced on paper by an inkjet printer. It is the most popular personal printer. High-speed laser beams are sent over a negatively charged drum to define an image in laser printers, which are used to produce prints of excellent quality.

Laser Label Printer

A high-speed printer can print various character typefaces, images, and other symbols. It employs a laser to create dot-matrix patterns and an electrostatic technique to fuse metallic particles to paper one page at a time.

Thermal Label Printer

Using heat to create the picture on paper is what a thermal printer does.

It is primarily utilized in the airline, banking, entertainment, retail, grocery, and healthcare industries. Its demand has soared due to its high print quality, quick turnaround, and technological advancements.

Unlike many other printing methods, thermal printing does not use ink or toner and relies heavily on thermal sheets to produce images. They are famous for making labels due to their quick printing ability.

What are the Essential Features to look for in a Shipping Label Printer?

When it comes to being ideal for printing shipment labels, numerous components of a printing solution can make or break them.

Here are a few points to be taken care of while purchasing a shipping label printer for your e-commerce store:

  • Thermal transfer engineering
  • Trustworthy and strong mechanisms
  • Substantial media capacity
  • Ability to print in large quantities

The label printer must therefore be able to produce accurate and precise prints. But reliability, printer technology, capacity, and capabilities are also significant factors to consider when selecting a shipping label printer.

Final Thoughts

The best shipping label printers have been reviewed. We have chosen the top items for further consideration based on user feedback, usability, dependability, and speed.

The perfect option for you will rely on your needs since every product has some distinctive qualities. Finding the ideal product for your company will be aided by studying the product’s technical details. Another crucial consideration in this decision is the product’s cost and your available budget.

We hope that this information will assist you in choosing the best shipping label printer for your e-commerce store.

You may also explore some powerful shipping software for growing eCommerce businesses.

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