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In Digital Marketing Last updated: January 17, 2022
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Using statistics in your blog puts it in a completely different context and reflects the breadth of your understanding of the topic.

You can do a lot of research and spend hours compiling your posts, but it will sound more authentic if you provide relevant references with statistics and links to your blog.

There are various citation methods like text links, web links, multimedia links, and statistics in the form of numbers, maps, graphs, etc., to make blogs more authoritative.

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Below are the benefits of using statistics or references in the blog

  • Demonstrate your deep understanding of the topic
  • Provide evidence for your ideas, arguments, and opinions
  • Allows others to identify the sources you use.
  • Statistics provide accurate data/figures to support claims and statements on your blog/posts.
  • It also makes you stand out from the crowd in your field and shows that you are aware of the area in which you work.

Providing statistics should always be accurate and relevant sources so that your readers can find the source of the information you use on your blog.

We will look at the top 9 websites to get statistics for your next blog.


Statista is one of the leading websites for providing market and consumer data. The site has 80,000 topics covering every industry, has more than 1 million statistics, and attracts 31 million visits per month.

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The site provides insights and facts about 150 countries and covers 170 industries. The website analyst researches around 200 markets and provides current market scenarios and forecast figures.

Data collection and estimates are based on extensive data evaluations from national and international statistical offices, associations, company reports, and the trade press.

One of the highlights of this site is that it conducts global consumer research that helps marketers, planners, product managers, etc., understand consumer behavior and change their strategy accordingly. The site has conducted 11,500 brand surveys and 1 million interviews.

Statista’s content and data are highly trusted and published on leading media blogs such as Reuters, Forbes, The New York Times, and others.

According to Statista, more than 2,000 leading educational institutions and universities rely on them for quantitative data, scientific standards, and detailed information on each discipline.

In short, Statista provides reports and data in the form of numbers, infographics, market forecasts, global surveys, and more. This data is used by 23,000 companies such as Google, Paypal, Adobe, Samsung, etc. So, if you are looking for reliable data and statistics for your blog, whatever the topic, Statista will do it.

If you want basic information, access to the site is free while individual licenses cost $39 per month while corporate accounts cost $745 per month.


Knoema is a technology-driven company with a wide-ranging data source for individuals and companies to define, predict and present their data to simplify decisions to get the best results.

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The company is based in New York and Washington, D.C., and its team consists of data engineers, economists, and developers. Its technology platform analyzes multifaceted data in sophisticated workflows, reducing time, energy, and budgets.

The process starts with data entry, discovery, and analysis and submits data to the portal for best business actions.

This site provides access to data sources for more than 3.9-billion-time series from more than 1,500 sources, commonly used in the open press and other publications worldwide, and cited in data aggregators and research libraries.

It also contains detailed information about the commodities. It forecasts prices, finds new signals from alternative data on delivery and supply prices, understands the main drivers of supply and demand, and analyzes macroeconomic conditions and world trade.

The site data inputs are used by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center and the African Development Bank to develop digital data collection and dissemination of food price data in Africa.

It also provides statistics and metadata and facilitates the collection and sharing of structured data between national governments and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Knoema data platform is suitable for reviewing data on economic, social, and demographic indicators for all countries and their regions and can be viewed from multiple perspectives such as collection, management, and visualization.


Indexmundi contains thousands of statistics about regions, countries, specific topics, industries, and other related information that allow visitors to understand complex information in a simple interface.

Founded in 2003, IndexMundi is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The portal collects facts and statistics from various sources and converts them into easy-to-use maps, charts, and tables.

The website is also available in eight languages ​​other than English. Specifically, Indexmudi offers 1,200 indicators published by the World Bank related to the financial, education, environmental, health, infrastructure, private and public sectors, and more.

The complete and accurate data available on the portal is useful for investors, researchers, bloggers, students, and others. Information is available to everyone free of charge.


The site TheGlobalEconomy offers specialized economic and business data from about 200 countries.

The portal presents 300 economic indicators, including but not limited to GDP, inflation, credit, interest rates, employment, and the database is updated whenever each country publishes the latest update.

The data is also taken from reliable sources such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, and World Economic Forum and updated as necessary.

The backdated data is available from 1960 to the present. The data quality is checked thoroughly and manually without any automation and confirmed after many checks.

As the data goes through many checks, it is used by various institutions such as Red Bull, the University of Cambridge, government agencies, and many others.

The data from the portal can be used by businesses, scientists, investors, and writers for the low price of $29.95 for three months. The number of data accesses and downloads is not limited and is also configured for automatic updates via the server.


The website Ceicdata was founded in 1992 by a team of economists and analysts. This website offers the most accurate data about developed and developing countries worldwide in terms of financial data.

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Its world-class database provides comprehensive information on the performance of various sectors and industries in five dynamic countries, Brazil, China, India, and Russia, and helps interpret and understand the data.

The site covers 213 countries and provides a comprehensive statistical resource with easy access to 18 macroeconomic sectors from 2,200 sources worldwide.

Out of its total clientele, 75% of firms are wealth management companies.

If you are specifically looking for financial data about the global economy, this site offers more than 7.3 million data series, and a support team is available to interpret the data. Its price starts at $49 per month for limited data. The site also offers a 10-day free trial.

Google Public Data Directory

Google Public Data Directory is available free of cost, and it provides the data hosted in thousands of repositories across the Web into a single centralized location.

The Google Directory is freely available and provides data hosted on thousands of web repositories in one central location. The information and data can be easily found with a simple keyword search, and the data is presented in graphical form.

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The goal of Google public data is to make public interest datasets easily accessible for review, analysis, and communication.

The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate between different views, make your own comparisons, and share insights. Data is displayed in the form of text, line charts, bar charts, maps, and bubble charts.

The data is available related to unemployment, health statistics, GDP, election results, cost of living, Inflation, and many others.

All of the data pointers are provided from trusted sources such as international organizations, national statistical offices, NGOs, and research institutions.

People from all walks of life can use this data, and even website owners can embed links on websites. The built-in charts and links on the site are updated automatically, so your site always shares the latest data with your visitors.


The team of Gapminder researches in various countries, meets people from all walks of life and collects information and data, verifies it through trusted sources such as the United Nations and other reliable sources, and publishes on their portal.

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Data and information are presented in the form of videos, animated bubble charts, maps, trends, and images. The data is related to social, economic, and environmental development at local, national, and global levels.

The site claims that the data or information provided breaks down misunderstandings and promotes a fact-based view that anyone can understand.

The site has launched free education service Worldview Upgrader, which provides people and organizations with artifacts to overcome ignorance and understand real-world statistics.

Gapminder tools and training materials are available free to everyone.


W3Techs provides information on the use of various types of technologies related to the World Wide Web and Information Technology.

The portal publishes the percentage of how often the technology or service is used. The data is presented in the form of the level of utilization.

The Technologies covered are platforms for building websites, computer programming languages, operating systems, scripts, data center services, social media, databases, and more. For a complete list of technologies published on the site, see the technology page.

The site also publishes surveys that provide an overview of the subject.

The data relating to these technologies can be used in technical blogs where the author or website owner wants to show the popularity of a particular technology used worldwide. Information is freely available.


Datanyze contains one of the largest technology databases. It covers 31,000 technologies, including but not limited to server hardware, security, artificial intelligence, IT infrastructure, web tools, development, and more.

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Datanyze platform is used for business contacts and connecting with customers seeking technology solutions.

An extensive and accurate technology database provides an overview of industry trends, the latest technology updates, and information about all leading companies in that sector.

This site offers a Google Chrome extension to get business details directly from Chrome and initiate contacts from the browser. The site also provides relevant data for sales executives.

The portal has accurate and accessible content with the option to license one user and one team. The price starts at $21 per month. There is also a 90-day free trial. This site offers a data guarantee and refund for inaccurate data.


A blog or website without third-party statistics or popular links is probably dull. The above sources are reliable and trustworthy links and can be easily incorporated into blogs to make them more researched and reliable.

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