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Let’s get a loyal companion by taming a Minecraft horse. Besides, we’ll see what they eat, their feeding, breeding, etc., in this comprehensive Minecraft horse tutorial.

Found in plains and savanna biomes, horses come in many colors and have different speeds and jump heights.

And until Minecraft gets cars and bikes, horses are an excellent mode of transportation. They move fairly fast and jump more than your avatar, making them helpful partners in Minecraft survival.

So without any further ado, let’s start the first section with…

How to Tame a Minecraft Horse

Taming a horse is easy, and we’ll tell you exactly how. But first, you need to find a saddle unless you don’t wish to ride them.

Unfortunately, you can ‘can’t’ craft a saddle, instead, you must find it as chest loot, a treasure item, or trade it.

More about finding a saddle in this Minecraft wiki.

So when you acquire one, head over to a plain and savanna biome to spot horses. Usually, they exist in batches of two to six.

Next, go nearby the prospect and right-click with your empty hand to mount. You will be thrown off a couple of times, but keep trying, and the horse will eventually accept you as its rider.

This union is sometimes symbolized by flying hearts but that isn’t always the case. However, you can get assured by pressing E (while riding) to open the horse menu, which only activates after it gets tamed.

Finally, put the saddle on from the horse menu and start riding.

An expensive way to horse taming is by feeding them golden carrots or golden apples. This way, they quickly get tamed with minimum tantrums.

What do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

In addition to golden apples and golden carrots, you can feed wheat, hay bales, sugar, and normal apples.

Different food items have distinct effects on horses. For instance, a hay bale restores maximum health, while a golden apple promotes the fastest foal’s growth.

Besides, love mode is something that’s activated only with golden apples and golden carrots. And, feeding a foal would help it mature quickly.

Notably, feeding something the horse doesn’t eat will mount you on it.

How to Breed a Horse in Minecraft

Breeding a horse needs two golden apples or carrots. You can use these to feed two tamed horses to get them into love mode producing a foal, a baby horse.

You can craft a golden apple from eight gold ingots and an apple. Similarly, eight gold nuggets and one carrot gives a golden carrot.

A baby horse is tamed by default, so you can put the saddle on and ride after it matures. And as already stated, feeding a foal accelerates its growth.

Similar to real life, you can also use a tamed horse and a tamed donkey for breeding a mule. If you’re wondering, one can tame a donkey similar to a horse.

Horse Statistics

Every horse is unique in color, speed, health, and jump attributes. And unfortunately, Minecraft doesn’t help you in telling a horse’s attributes unless you’re using some mods (which we aren’t discussing here).

However, one can breed multiple horses, mix and match, and ride every tamed one to check this out manually. This process is tedious, but the only method to get the fastest one or a close match.

Summing up

Horses are passive mobs that don’t attack even when killed. Their speed and jump height makes them great transporters.

So that winds up our Minecraft house guide.

While taming a horse has its own benefit, a tamed fox in Minecraft will also protect you from dangerous mobs. Additionally, making a beacon in Minecraft is a next-level adventure most gamers find thrilling.

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