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In Gaming and Hosting Last updated: February 22, 2023
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Video games are advancing to become more and more sophisticated as we speak.

Even if you can’t really go out to have fun and adventure, emerging technologies have made it possible to get that thrill and excitement through video games.

You can fight to win the game and build shelter, craft weapons, make friends, and take the game to the next level. The high-quality graphics, elements, and exploration possibilities have added to the popularity of these video games.

This is the reason why we have game enthusiasts from all over the world, including me. There are many fantastic multi-player games such as Minecraft, Rust, ARK and if you play with so many users on the same server, frequent crashes and issues start surfacing repeatedly.

Therefore, you need reliable game server hosting, allocating minimal users on a server and preventing it from overcrowding. As a result, you can play the game with your full potential without any nuisance or interruptions.

So, let’s talk a bit about Terraria and then the best server hosting services.

What is Terraria?

Terraria is a powerful action-adventure sandbox video game that was released in 2011 by Re-Logic. It features exploration, building, painting, crafting, mining, survival, combat even with dangerous creatures, and more in a procedurally generated 2-D world.

According to Wikipedia, Terraria has already sold 30+ million copies by April 2020. The game is playable in single and multiplayer modes. It perfectly blends classic action elements and the creativity of sandbox games to give a surreal gaming experience.

Do not consider Terraria to be just like a 2-D Minecraft; it is much more than that. It includes a progression gaming system where you get hours of exciting content, 200 or so block types, innumerable crafting recipes, 4 combat classes, and tons of useful accessories for defense, mobility, and offense.

Whether you are an explorer, adventurer, builder, or fighter, Terraria has interesting offerings for everyone. The game actually shines brighter with its multiplayer mode when you conquer the world with your friends.

And if you want to invite your friends, you must choose a decent Terraria server hosting to add users from anywhere in the world.

Why go for Terraria server hosting?

Although Terraria offers you the in-game feature of “Host & Play,” where you can invite friends via Steam, the current session ends when you leave your game. Also, it is prone to frequent lags.

If you want complete freedom in the game 24/7, you need to set up a server of your own. For this, you can either choose:

  • Renting a Terraria server: It incurs a certain monthly amount, but it is great to use, and it requires no input from you. From monitoring and maintenance to security, DDoS attacks, and backups,, the service provider will take care of everything.
  • Hosting a server on your own: You will get full server control without wasting a cent. If you have tech knowledge, you can get a cloud server and play around with installation and configurations.

However, in the second case, you will have to manage your server, which needs maintenance, take care of backups, updates, etc which needs extra work and hassles. Apart from this, security issues may also arise, including open ports that could attract an attacker and welcome cybersecurity threats.

Hence, renting a Terraria server seems like the best bet. For this, check out the hosting services and choose the one that offers the best combination of features and pricing.


Set up and launch your Terraria server instantly using the high-performance server hosting service by HostHavoc. Currently, they only support the Steam version of the Terraria game.

They uphold and maintain great network availability by housing their infrastructures in the best data centers only having reliable uplinks. As a result, they guarantee 99.9% of network uptime to you. HostHavoc has established a wide network carefully, which is available in 11 global cities with true redundancy for networks.

All the plans include free DDoS protection, FTP, and File manager access to power users who want to self-manage their servers. Apart from that, they offer users configuration capabilities through the command-line manager.

HostHavoc utilizes the TCAdmin v2 control panel as it is known for a reliable and consistent control suite with custom installers and unique features. They are confident about their services, and this is why they offer a 72-hour money-back guarantee.

The pricing starts at $0.70/slot or $16.80/month for 24 slots.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host offers you the options of Vanilla, tModLoader & tShock for their services. They also support both PC & Mobile versions of Terraria. Sparked provides you with a wide variety (8) of locations to choose from, which in return guarantees a 99.99% uptime for your service. 


Sparked offers the cheapest plans available on this list and in the industry, they offer unlimited slots with all plans, but with their recommendations, you can get a 10-slot Terraria server for just $2.50/mo.

With Sparked, you are provided with free DDoS protection, File Manager, SFTP Access, the ability to change server settings from a menu, power actions for your service as well as subuser access for people you trust to manage your server. They offer you their Apollo panel, which is a customized panel with the ability to install mods for your tModLoader service.

In addition, the service is backed by a 48-hour money-back guarantee refund policy – this will ensure you have a flexible timeframe to test and use the service to ensure it’s up to your expectations.


ScalaCube offers blazing-fast global servers for the ultimate lag-free Terraria gameplay.


The infrastructure boasts high-end processors, SSDs, and 24/7 support, with customization to get the best server for your use case.

Besides, they offer a decent 99% uptime guarantee. Moreover, the payments are refundable within seven days (10 days for auto-renewals) of purchase if things don’t work out for you.

The subscriptions start at $4.80 a month for six slots which go up to $12.80 for 16 slots.

All plans have full FTP access, DDoS protection, TShock support, and a free domain.

Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli is a server hosting company known for its creativity. They’re the perfect server provider for gamers with a creative personalities. Build, craft, and explore on your Terraria server, knowing your server provider has your back.

They promise quality hardware (i.e. minimal lag), a custom-built control panel (plus Discord integration), and top-notch customer service. Setting up a Terraria server takes one click. And since they offer a two-day free trial, you can start the server without entering any payment info.

Their support team is always available through Discord or email, so if you run into issues configuring your server or using tModLoader to install your favorite mods, they are quick to respond.

Indifferent Broccoli has servers in North America and Europe, and their machines range from 64GB to 128GB. You have options to ensure your server fits your needs.

Give Indifferent Broccoli a try if you’re looking for a friendly, helpful, and effective server host for your Terraria servers. They offer a two-day free trial, followed by $12 per month for a small map Terraria server.


Anyone who loves retro video games will definitely understand the significance of Terraria. XGamingServer’s Terraria server hosting provides all the features you want. Its easy-to-use and intuitive control panel comes with a lot of features.

You will get automated backups, an improved file manager with a one-click launch of SFTP, MySQL databases, the option to create schedules, invite users, and a lot more. XGamingServer focuses on performance rather than keeping fixed game slots.

Once you place an order, you will get a link in your email within 5 minutes and then you can start configuring your server. You get smooth server management and protection from powerful DDoS attacks as it can identify the vulnerabilities in various applications.

Enjoy Terraria multiplayer to the fullest with high-performing servers. It monitors continuously to ensure system failure gets diagnosed within the time without hampering the speed. XGamingServer uses Intel i7 6700k/7700k and AMD Ryzen 7 to give you better performance with a bandwidth of at least 15 Mbps, resulting in lower pings. It has two data centers in Europe and Canada.

Rent your Terraria server at just $15/month and get 100% of 3.50 GHz CPU, 4GB DDR4 RAM< DISK RAID 1, 30GB SSD, and more.

Bisect Hosting

Get your Terraria hosting server running within minutes from Bisect Hosting. With their smooth control panel by your side, you don’t have to worry about the server anymore because they take care of everything, so you can fully focus on your game.

The hosting service allows you to customize your server and run it as you want to increase the thrill, without spending loads of money. They have several server locations spread throughout the world, including Europe and the United States.

Don’t worry about broken configurations or bad updates; they backup your Terraria server daily, so you are safe from issues occurring due to these scenarios. Bisect Hosting provides games with their latest versions, and you can also update them with ease when the new version releases.

Install tModLoader or tShock on the Terraria server to enhance your gameplay. They offer 4 packages for Terraria server hosting starting at just $2.99/month with unlimited slots, 1GB RAM, and 5 GB NVMe SSD space.


Fragnet offers a fully customized solution to game lovers and allows you to start playing with affordable packages. You can also upgrade to higher plans quickly without sabotaging your settings. They impose no restrictions over the world size, disk space, or installed plugins.

Fragnet welcomes you to run the Terraria server the way you choose to limit only the number of slots you rent. Install any popular modifications on your server within seconds via the Game Panel. Their out-of-the-box control panel offers unrestricted access, so you can manage the server and get it running the moment after you order it.

YouTube video

Fight, explore, build, and dig easily while playing for survival. Searching treasure and raw materials and crafting machinery, gear, and aesthetics, you have plenty of choices to do everything with ease. Fragnet allows you to enjoy Terraria with the classic actions blending with sandbox-style creativity to give you a paramount gaming experience.

The players can control things from their journey to the destination. They offer multiple gaming server specifications, so you can start with the basic plan, build up your game, and upgrade when it’s time. Your servers would be instantly set up, powered with SSD drives and game panels, including a free voice server and 24/7 infrastructure monitoring.

The pricing starts at just $0.76/slot, and they accept a wide range of payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, HiPay, Bitcoin, Paysafe, and major credit cards.


Delve deeper into the adventure and thrill of Terraria by hosting your server from Citadel Servers. The feature-rich control panel lets you customize and manage the servers easily so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

You can install mods and maps, change settings, switch locations, and more with a single click. Reinstall, stop, start, or restart tasks to get full control over your game apart from scheduling tasks for running backups, scripts, etc.

Edit the server’s configuration with a click, change its password and name, view server activities, set permissions, and so on. You can also deploy the server instantly and back it up with or without a schedule in seconds to secure your data.


Citadel Servers enables you to 1-click mod installations without configuring a script or database again. In the control panel, you can view all the available updates. It supports the Steam workshop, tShock, and tModloader.

They have a global network coverage with 18 locations so that you can connect to players from anywhere in the world. The low latency infrastructure of Citadel Servers increases the adventure no matter where you are based.

Their pricing starts at $0.16/slot.


Play adventure-filled Terraria games like Journey’s End with LogicServers and keep up this amazing gameplay’s thrill. All their hosting servers come with DDoS protection against attacks of various kinds.

The second you make the payment, they will instantly initiate the setup procedure to begin your gameplay sooner. Enable mods over the game server, and if stuck, follow their easy guides.

YouTube video

LogicServers uses the best hardware for game servers with powerful processors, SSD storage, and gigabit uplinks for best performance. TCAdmin Control Panel powers their game servers that provide a faster and effortless user experience.

They have server locations in 11 global locations, covering 5 continents that include North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their pricing starts at just $0.67/slot, or choose $9/month for 10 slots.


Fight for glory, survival, and fortune playing Terraria with the high-performing server hosted by Nodecraft. They provide affordable servers without compromising in its quality, so you can make the most out of your gameplay.

Their NodePanel 2 interface is effortless to start and run in seconds. It showcases the number of players, stats, RAM percentage, network strength, and more. The unique panel allows you to have full control over your settings and configuration changes.

No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced gamer, you won’t find difficulty in managing the server, instead, you get super-speed and stability to satisfy your hunger for games. Besides, they offer mobile-friendliness to you with a streamlined app available for both iOS and Android.

This way, you can manage your dedicated Terraria server easily from your phone and play the games anywhere, anytime. Currently, they support the best PC game servers such as mods by using tModLoader, and Terraria’s mobile edition.

They avoid overburdening your servers by allotting a maximum of 12 players per device. As a result, your server can access more disk IOs, CPU cores, and RAM. This, in turn, also helps in protecting the server from common crashes and lags.


  • Nodecraft’s servers primarily use 3.8+ GHz CPU by Intel, E-2174G, Xenon, or equivalent
  • Enterprise-grade SSD
  • 32 GB ECC RAM for better stability and speed
  • Enterprise-grade hard disk
  • They have built their infrastructure over Linux OS for excellent performance
  • DDoS protection with a high-performance network for a tight security
  • 12 data centers located in 5 continents

Their pricing starts at just $9.98/month, where you also get the liberty to swap games whenever you want without additional charges. Additionally, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee that is completely risk-free for you to try.


Take your gameplay at your fingertips to fight, explore, and build for glory with AleForge’s Terraria servers. Play modded or vanilla with tModLoader without any worry in the magical world of games.

Find things you need easily and quickly while managing your game server with their refined control panel, auto backups, mod installer, and more. The interface is powerful yet super easy to use for both experienced and novice players.

You have the freedom to install Steam Workshop content, plugins, modpacks and more with a few clicks. They use a global network having multiple server locations in 5 locations, including 3 in the US, and one each in Australia and Europe.

These facilities have actual redundancy and reliability to offer 99.9% uptime, so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. To get started with Terraria, you just need to choose a plan and make the payment to deploy your server.

They provide easily customizable features, quick expert support, and free trials for 10-days to decide whether you want to proceed with it, cancel it, or upgrade your plan. The features of server hosting are:

  • High-speed processors by NVMe SSD drives
  • 1-click mod installer
  • Instant server activation
  • Automated notifications and task scheduling

AleForge supports tModLoader on all their plans starting at just $0.60/slot. Or, you can choose the free trial plan to avail of 1 CPU, 5 users, 5 GB space, and 1GB memory. The paid plans start at $4.5/month for 1 CPU, 5 players, unlimited space, 1GB memory.

How to choose the best Terraria hosting server?

  • When you choose the Terraria server hosting provider, check the features and services they provide against the pricing. Pick only the features that you actually require.
  • See the number of slots or players allocated in a plan and match it with your needs.
  • Do they offer other games like Rust, ARK, etc., so you can switch if you want to?
  • If you want to add mods, choose a server that can support it, such as tShock, tModLoader, etc., so you can easily add mods and plugins.
  • Find out about their server locations, especially if you have players from other parts of the world, to minimize lag.
  • Check how much memory space they offer, so your games don’t slow down or crash.


I hope this list of the best Terraria server hosting helps you choose the service provider with whom you can enjoy the game to its fullest without any interruptions or lags.

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