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7 Free Tools to Test Website Load Time from China

7 Free Tools to Test Website Load Time from China

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How fast your website is in China?

Website Should be Fast!

Having slow site hurt conversion rate and could potentially cost you $2.5 million in a year if your e-commerce website is making $100,000 per day.

There are plenty of online tools to test your website load time from USA, UK, India but very few have options to check your page load time from China.

If you are running a business in China or expecting visitors and if your website hosted out of China then most probably your may load time would be miserable.

Let’s see following tools to find how your site performs.

1. Web Page Test 

webpagetest is one of the most used tools to test your load time. It has the option to test the load time from Shanghai, Hong Kong using IE, Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

This provides the first view and repeats view in a waterfall, so you have the complete understanding of your resources load time. 

2. Site 24X7

Site 24X7 has many useful tools however to check load time from China you can use Analyze Full Web Page which has the option to test from Hangzhou.

This has very detailed information like DNS resolve time, Connecting time, First Byte time, a number of requests, resources summary, domain summary.

3. Dot Com Monitor

Dot Com Tools gives you the option to test using Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Android from Hong Kong & Shanghai.

One good thing about Dot Com is you can test from multiple locations at once.

This also provides waterfall, so you have a complete understanding of page resources.

4. Site Speed Monitoring 

Baidu test your website from 32 provinces to help you analyze site elements so you can take action towards making your website faster.

5. Site Speed

site speed tests from 25 locations and gives loading time visualization on China map.

Very convenient to find out time to load from the particular location at stages like resolution time, connection time and download time.


6. CDNetworks

CDNetworks doesn’t say which exact location in China but give you a good overview of the number of requests, response time, the number of objects & page size.

7. WebSite Pulse

Check if your website is accessible behind the greater wall of China with Website Pulse. You can choose to perform the test from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Result page contains the following essential metrics.

  • Overall response time
  • DNS resolution time
  • Time is taken to load the first byte
  • Last Byte
  • Page size
  • HTTP Header information

I hope above tools give you a guideline on how your website loads in China. If you find it’s slower than expected then you may consider hosting your site in China or use a CDN service which got POP (point of presence) out there.

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