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The Isle game hosting servers offer an excellent way to play your games with more excitement using reliable features and capabilities without interruptions.

Survival games are becoming a craze among people across the world. Different survival games are being introduced nowadays, each with a separate fan base, outstanding graphics, mind-blowing concepts, and cool features. 

So, if you love playing Survival games, The Isle can be your new favorite.

To play such a powerful game with a realistic view of trees, mountains, etc., you need a reliable and high-performing game server.

Therefore, renting a server from a reputed provider is wise to make your gameplay even more powerful, provide needed control, and have more fun without disturbances.

Let’s discuss The Isle game, why to rent a game server, and top The Isle server providers.

What Is The Isle?

The Isle is an open-world survival online video game. It was developed and published by Afterthought LLC on 2nd December 2015.

In this game, you can experience fierce horror when you attempt to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs. To survive, you need to hunt, collect, grow, and survive. This will remind you of Jurrasic Park movies you might have seen and enjoyed.


The Isle is an unforgiving island designed to be a gritty survival horror game. As a player, you explore vast landscapes of open plains, dense forests, treacherous mountains, and dark swamps. Hidden in the game are the sudden ruins as to what comes first. The one thing you must keep in mind and take as the goal is survival in the game. 

When you join The Isle, you can play as any unique creature, from herbivores like Dryosourus to giants such as Allosaurus or T.Rex. As a dinosaur, you need to be clever, cunning, and ferocious. You can use your natural senses and abilities to stay off the attack and grow stronger and more capable creatures. 

Engage yourself with a prehistoric ecosystem as you become prey or predator; all of them are dangerous and hungry at the same time. A single mistake can be the reason for your demise. 

Why Do You Need a Game Server?

Self-hosting your game with your regular network and server resources won’t be sufficient for powerful games like The Isle. As a result, you will face frequent shutdowns, downtimes, and other issues and end up getting yourself annoyed.

But if you rent a robust game server, you will get the latest hardware and software, enough server resources, reliable security, and many more features to smoothen your gameplay experience.

Some of the features include:

  • High network availability: The server uses the latest technology CPUs and ultra-fast SSD drives to exhibit top performance.
  • DDoS protection: Servers are placed in different global locations to ensure you get the lowest ping.
  • Security: DDoS protection to safeguard your data and server and keep it available 24/7.
  • Switch between games: Apart from The Isle, you can switch to other available games and kill boredom. 
  • Backups: A backup folder will collect your saved games and files and store them in a separate folder. So, during any disaster, you can restore your data from that folder. 

Minimum System Requirements

To play The Isle, you must have:

  • 64-bit processor
  • Windows 7 or later OS
  • AMD processor or Quad-core Intel of 3.0 GHz or faster
  • 8 GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon R9 280X series or NVIDIA GeForce or higher
  • DirectX version 11
  • 25 GB storage

Now, we’ll dive into some of the best The Isle game hosting providers in the market. 


Rent The Isle game servers from Nitrado and build your own Jurassic World. It offers easy management and flexibility; you can install mods and plugins. Allow your friends to manage your servers together by sharing access and setup permissions according to your requirements. 

Nitrado offers the shortest internet routes, enabling the lowest pings. It provides a backup folder for your saved files and games to secure your data. Furthermore, it uses fail-safe and high-performance server hardware. 

Nitrado has high-quality data centers in different parts of the world to enable high network availability. With each server, you will find robust DDoS protection that protects your server from unwanted attacks. The servers will be available 24/7, allowing you to run your game anytime you want.

If you wish to play another game just to change your mood, you can easily switch to another available game by raising a ticket. In addition, you can upgrade/downgrade your server anytime you want. 

With its prepaid system, you can get started immediately. Choose a plan starting from 4 slots to 20 slots. If you want more slots, you can create your own configuration and choose your own slots and duration. 


Get The Isle server hosting from Pingperfect, which offers a worldwide server rental with convenient support 24/7. The systems are automatic, so your server will be ready within minutes after the successful completion of your order.

Pingperfect has the world’s best data centers. Hence, you will get the best services wherever you are. It offers an easy-to-use game panel with an intuitive design and simple configuration that allows you to manage and change the settings of your server. 

The in-house backup system is an additional benefit due to which you can store your saved files in a separate folder and restore the same whenever you want. Power users will get full access to file browser protocols and FTP. 

You can switch to a particular game anytime, anywhere, available on your server. It uses the latest hardware, an ultra-fast SSD drive, and a powerful CPU. The network includes DDoS protection for data security. You can also share control with your friends and let them manage your server. 

Order The Isle game server now and request a 48-hour free trial. 


GTXGaming is one of the premium hosting providers of The Isle servers. It will offer you advanced setting options and power-packed features. It has integrated every feature into the control panel to help you change and manage settings with a tick and easily use the drop-down menu. 

Their servers come with dedicated cores and unlimited memory as per the game’s requirements. GTXGaming covers places including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. Each server has DDoS protection for security and to keep it always available. 

GTXGaming uses powerful Intel CPUs ranging from E3 to i7 or i9 processors. It also uses AMD Ryzens to make your gameplay smooth. You will find brand-new Dell machines that are replaced every year to keep up with the latest technology and add new features and functionalities.

Configure your plan and check the add-ons before buying your subscription.


Enhance your survival skills by renting The Isle server from Shockbyte. It offers automatic updates that run in the backend to keep the game running all the time. All the servers are fully configurable. Thus, you can change and manage settings using its robust control panel according to your use. 

Power users will get access to FTP and file browser protocol completely. Shockbyte uses powerful processors, ultra-fast SSDs, and sufficient storage space for your mods, plugins, saved files, games, and configs. 

Shockbyte claims 100% uptime and low latency with its networks spread across the globe. Each data center includes fully functional DDoS protection. Setup is immediate, so you can start playing The Isle within minutes of registration. 

You will get an easy-to-use server console that lets normal and power users manage their servers. In addition, you will get a free MySQL database, a subdomain, and supports for Multicraft CP. 

Start your own game server today and experience the real world of Dinosaurs. 

Streamline Servers

Get your game server from Streamline Servers and experience powerplay games. Once you complete your order, you will find your server ready within minutes. The enterprise-level networks are designed by gamers for gamers, providing a lag-free gaming experience. 

Get a one-click installer to install plugins, mods, or any add-ons you see suitable for your server. Streamline Servers offer a flexible design control panel for your use, giving you complete control over the servers. It, therefore, saves you time that you can use to play the game.

Streamline Servers are available in different locations worldwide, including North America, Canada, Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America, and Africa. All the data centers include enterprise-level DDoS protection. 

Configuration editors allow you to edit the settings. Get server status, such as restarts, starts, and stops. The Isle is available for 20-125 players. Thus, you can grab your friends and start exploring the dense forests, treacherous mountains, and more.

Rent The Isle server now at a starting price of $1/slot, and enjoy playing with friends. 


Survive the dangerous forests with a reliable game server from 4Netplayers. It allows you to hunt the island and collect loot with friends with its powerful and fast servers. After ordering, the setup is instant that lets you start your play within minutes. 

4Netplayers has a cloud game server containing over 120 games and mods. You can choose any games during your subscription and spend your leisure time well. It takes care of all the updates, so you never would have to worry about downloading the latest version every time it releases.

You can enter your Steam Workshop ID if supported, and the server installs the mod automatically for you. Management of your server is easy that allows you to edit your server settings easily. 4Netplayers uses the latest hardware for its server, high-speed CPUs, lots of RAM, and SSD. The servers leverage Intel Xeon CPUs that enable lightning speed. 

All the servers provide reliable backups for your saved configs and games so that you never lose any data. It houses its network across the world to offer breathtaking and fail-safe performance. Each server comes with DDoS protection, and they have partnered with Corero SmartWall, which offers multi-stage performance filters.

Order your game server today at a starting price of $5.48/month for 10 slots and automatic backups. If you want to explore more, you can go for higher subscriptions.


If you are a survival game enthusiast and looking for a high-performance gaming server to rent for The Isle game, 1GServerHost is a great option. It offers an instant setup to start playing your game without waiting long. It also offers an unlimited player option in your plan. 

Switch between various available games within your server to pass your boredom. 1GServerHost provides a robust control panel that allows users to manage and change server settings whenever they want. 

Each server comes with a backup option. This will help save your saved files and games automatically so that during any data loss, you can restore that again from the backup folder. Set server status easily on your game panel, including restarts, stops, and starts. 

1GServerHost works on updates. It installs the latest update as soon as it releases so that you can enjoy the new version. In addition, you will get configurable editor forms that allow you to choose the server location, duration, slots, add-ons, and more. 

You will get high-performance servers with a 5.2 GHz MD Ryzen 9 processor, 128 GB DDR4 of 32000 MHz dual channel RAM, and 7000 MB/s speed of NVMe PCI GEN 4.0. Furthermore, the server supports DLCs, mods, and maps. 

Choose your server plan best fulfill your requirement at a starting price of $15/month. Pay for longer durations and get discounts. 

AGS Hosting

Get an affordable game server and play your favorite game without any interruptions. AGS Hosting offers amazing features and powerful server hardware that can make your server fail-safe and reliable. 

AGS Hosting uses the latest hardware, including i7 5 GHz, 10 GB networks, and NVMe support that give power to your gameplay. It allows you to add game mods and install plugins easily. In addition, its super easy-to-use control panel contains a lot of functionalities that even a normal user can effortlessly manage and change settings.

You will get a 100% uptime guarantee with low ping and high performance. It hosts its servers worldwide so that you can get the nearest location for your game. All data centers have enterprise-level DDoS protection, which has 5 layers of protection.

Rent your The Isle server today at a low price and avail yourself of the 72-hour money-back guarantee. 


LOW.MS offers a high-performance hosting solution for The Isle. It also provides a free migration option of your game server from other hosts and a 10GB memory allowance at zero cost. You can start with a basic plan and upgrade anytime you want.

All the game servers come with power-packed features as soon as the payment is complete, LOW.MS begins setting up the game server, letting you start playing the game. It uses the latest Intel processors up to 5 GHz combined with Intel SSDs and DDR4 memory. 

The processors include the latest AMD Ryzens, Intel Xeon E-series, and Intel i9s processors. LOW.MS is now 11 cities strong, including Bend, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Ashburn, London, Nuremberg, Helsinki, Warsaw, Singapore, and Sydney. Take a ping test to know which location will be best for you to choose The Isle server. 

All the locations feature DDoS protection that withstands attacks up to 100 Gbps, keeping your server safe and available 24/7. LOW.MS guarantees 99.9% network availability which makes your server reliable and offers low latency. 

Choose your slot from 50 to 500 and configure your server. Order it now and start playing.

Final Words

Playing video games is nowadays a passion for every other person. Everyone has their own favorite genre. But playing a game with higher graphics on your system needs more network and server resources. You don’t normally get this with your regular network and computer.

A practical solution to overcome these issues is to rent a game server. It will offer you high performance, the latest hardware and software, the lowest ping, a high network availability guarantee, and other amazing features to play any game you want without disturbance.

Thus, choose a reliable game server from the above list of providers and keep playing The Isle game with more power and control.

Need to record your games? Check out these game recording software.

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