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Top Twitter/X CRM software to upgrade your marketing strategy!

One of the most noteworthy social media sites, X, formerly known as Twitter, has completely transformed how people and companies communicate. Twitter gives businesses an engaging platform to interact with their audience, thanks to its worldwide reach and succinct messaging. It has grown into more than just a messaging app recently, and companies can now operate it as a strong lead generation and customer relationship management tool. 

A vital component in capitalizing on Twitter’s commercial growth potential is the proficient service of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) instruments. These tools help communities find, nurture, and turn leads into eager consumers, in addition to obliging them to interact with existing customers. 

It’s no wonder companies are employing Twitter CRM tools so that they can get ahead in the lead generation game. Here’s a sneak peek of the top Twitter CRM tools that we’ve covered:

Product Name Description
BlackMagic Enhances Twitter profile with magic sidebar for CRM. Explore
Inboxs Twitter DM CRM for nurturing leads, projects, and relationships. Explore
Zoho CRM Manages Twitter presence, engages audience, and monitors interactions. Explore
Dex Comprehensive Twitter CRM for streamlined relationship management and organization. Explore
Agile CRM Integrates Twitter for multi-channel marketing and sales automation. Explore
FirstX Simplifies lead generation with keyword searches and mass DM outreach. Explore
Upsurge CRM Turns Twitter into a lead creation machine with valuable tools. Explore
TweetHunter Maximizes tweet ROI with scheduling, automation, and AI-driven lead discovery. Explore

What is Twitter CRM, and What Benefits Does it Offer?

It is expected to look for explanations when dipping into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the first time. There might be some confusion as Twitter has not formally launched a CRM tool. It is difficult to ignore the hype around Twitter’s platform integration with CRM systems, though. 

The social network highlights this connection as a feature that appeals to regular users and company owners. As a result, some people need CRM with Twitter’s built-in features, which is sometimes called Twitter CRM.

A Twitter CRM is a valuable tool for managing your followers, those you follow, and possible business leads and can be paired with Twitter analytics tools to boost engagement.

Twitter CRMs are very beneficial for:

  • Sales prospecting.
  • Increasing your Twitter following.

Given this distinction, why do businesses and users view Twitter’s CRM system integration so highly?

  • Approximately 85% of marketing professionals, according to Buffer, use Twitter CRM to promote their companies. Social media is the ideal tool for brand advocacy and thus, it is no surprised that Twitter is considered important for marketing.
  • Employing hashtags, tags, and mentions helps businesses better understand what their customers are doing and utilize that information to market their goods and services.
  • Twitter CRM works in concert with engaging social media posts to create a positive impression of your business or personal brand. It helps to nurture leads and turn them into devoted clients as well.
  • Twitter CRM makes it easier to stay in constant contact with loyal customers and those who show consistent interest in your offerings.

Due to the above reasons, the concept of social CRM has gained increasing importance as they all play a part in benefitting a business’s performance, increasing income. Thus, many CRM systems are eager to combine Twitter’s functionalities into their software so that users can benefit from improved analytics, audience interaction, and future development insights.

Having said that, let’s talk about the top Twitter CRM tools companies can employ to get the most out of their lead-generation campaigns.


BlackMagic‘s concentration on contact management and generating leads is apparent in its many features, primarily intended to improve your Twitter profile by developing deeper relationships.

The “magic sidebar” is an exceptional feature that effortlessly combines Twitter, making it easier to cultivate relationships with prospective customers and business partners. 


  • Keep an eye on conversations from people you follow, as well as new users on Twitter.
  • Get reminders to make sure you keep in touch with your favorite contacts.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your tweets over time and contrast them with your regular postings.
  • Learn about the elements influencing the popularity of particular tweets.
  • Monitor essential data like engagement levels, follower count, and consistency.

For individuals who would instead handle their connections on Twitter without ever leaving the platform, it’s a priceless tool. It is not unexpected that it is one of the best Twitter CRM options. 


Inboxs is a Twitter Direct Message CRM application that raises your sales potential by virtually nurturing leads, managing projects, monitoring vital conversations, establishing valuable relationships, and assuring timely follow-ups with prospects.


  • Sort and export contacts with ease by utilizing tags.
  • Sort your talks into categories for well-organized administration.
  • Take advantage of user tags to make retrieval and reference simple.
  • Keep crucial DMs front and center by pinning as many discussions as possible and flagging them as unread.
  • Simplify your work process by focusing solely on unread chats and giving prompt responses.

Inboxs has been precisely designed for individuals such as content writers, freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, CEOs, agencies, and startups that are looking for an efficient solution for facilitating their discussions and optimizing the sales process through messaging.

Zoho CRM

With the help of Zoho CRM, you can effectively manage your company’s Twitter presence, find potential customers, and participate in conversations.

Through the platform’s Social Tab, you can easily engage with your Twitter audience with Zoho CRM by posting fresh content and replying to messages and comments.


  • You may set up custom streams to monitor information with specific search phrases, postings from particular users, and hashtags.
  • The Social Dashboard in Zoho CRM offers a consolidated view of relevant interactions.
  • Set up SalesSignals to receive alerts whenever a prospective lead contacts you or mentions your brand on Twitter to stay on top of prospect interaction.
  • It easily discriminates between tweets about your company from new prospects and those from those already in your CRM database.

I have found that with Zoho CRM having an active Twitter presence is made easier as it is a one-stop shop.


Dex makes relationship management easier by streamlining tasks like networking with investors and looking into strategic alliances. It is the first comprehensive Twitter CRM system that skillfully blends significant capability with an approachable interface.


  • You may tag or group your contacts based on your criteria for contact organization.
  • By adding notes and making connections—often by utilizing the @ mention feature—you may improve your own CRM.
  • You can designate particular activity kinds with Dex, such as SMS, meetings, or creating unique interactions.
  • Plan a recurring follow-up with your contacts on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
  • You can set up periodic reminders to follow up with your contacts on predetermined dates in the future.

In addition, Dex provides you with the ease of having daily or event-synchronized actionable reminders to ensure you record your interactions for future reference.

Agile CRM

You can stay updated on your contacts’ social media activities, interact with them directly, and plan multi-channel marketing campaigns by integrating Twitter into Agile CRM.


  • Manage multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease by scheduling emails or tweets based on the preferences of specific customers.
  • Improve your sales results by introducing the cutting-edge Prospecting feature.
  • Load and synchronize data in both directions easily, automating tasks with little to no manual labor.
  • This technology automatically directs your sales agents to the most relevant customers for follow-ups.

Implementing features that keep prospective leads from falling between the cracks makes it easier to manage client interactions effectively.


FirstX makes lead generation easier by letting you find potential leads using keyword or hashtag searches and easily save them one at a time or in large quantities.


  • Utilize filters to quickly find eligible leads by adding them to their tweets and bios.
  • Keep track of everyone who expresses interest in tweets on the subjects you have selected.
  • Launch a mass direct message (DM) outreach campaign to engage your prospects in deeper conversation.
  • FirstX dynamically updates status labels depending on how you engage and interact with your leads.

You may find and gather quality leads with a few clicks, and FirstX will take care of time interval management for you, protecting your account and guaranteeing a smooth and long-lasting outreach campaign.

Upsurge CRM

With Upsurge CRM for Twitter, you can turn your Twitter presence into a lead creation machine. Even while Upsurge CRM does not directly integrate with social media sites like Twitter, it nevertheless provides valuable tools to boost your networking and relationship-building activities, which include Twitter.


  • Import contact details into Upsurge CRM easily from your Twitter relationships.
  • Keep a close eye on event details, attendance data, and follow-ups after interactions using Upsurge CRM.
  • Utilize the task and reminder features in Upsurge CRM to oversee tasks related to your Twitter networking endeavors.
  • Archive important papers related to your networking efforts, including slideshows from Twitter chats.

Employ the communication tools in Upsurge CRM to send updates and customized messages to all your contacts, including those you have linked with on Twitter.


TweetHunter‘s scheduling and automation features help you maximize the return on investment (ROI) of each tweet you publish, recover crucial weekly hours, and maintain a consistent online presence.


  • Quickly import and group users into lists according to previous interactions or your custom selection.
  • Make use of our devoted AI to find new leads on Twitter.
  • Get access to a sophisticated Twitter analytics dashboard that gives you all the information you need to support the growth of your audience.
  • Observe closely how your audience is growing based on the daily increase in followers you receive.

Plan your content weeks, create your tweets and threads for publishing when you choose, and take advantage of our handy ‘add to queue’ option.


The ideal Twitter CRM tool for you will rely on your budget, the size of your company, and your particular needs. Robust options like Zoho CRM or Upsurge CRM Social may be perfect for larger organizations with more complex CRM demands. Smaller companies prefer Dex or FirstX or those concentrating on Twitter engagement and content scheduling. 

Before deciding, it’s critical to reckon with your unique needs and available resources. You should also consider the scalability and integrations provided by these solutions to make sure they support your long-term ambitions.

Next up, it’s time to refine those strategies with the top social media marketing strategies for success and growth for SMBs.

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