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In HR Management Last updated: September 8, 2023
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Video interviewing software has become essential since the COVID pandemic hit, causing businesses to embrace remote working and remote interviewing.

Video interviewing has become one of the favorite modes for recruitment in the past few years. It is a convenient, quicker, or easier higher process to conduct interviews anywhere. Especially with social distancing, the remote hiring process has become extremely popular, allowing hiring managers to connect with job seekers.

The recruitment platforms and staffing software are becoming a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) and online video interviewing solutions for hiring managers and recruiters. Video interviewing solutions ensure that non-local qualified candidates can have equal opportunities at the job and spend less time in the hiring process.

As per the report from Gartner in April 2020, 86% of organizations started opting for virtual technology for the hiring process, which was around 60% before COVID-19.

However, using a video interviewing tool is more accessible than choosing the right one that fits the company’s requirements. We aim to offer a good understanding of the top video interviewing tools that organizations can leverage, avoid pitfalls, and screen candidates.

This blog will cover several video interviewing platforms with some noteworthy features.


VidCruiter was one of the first video interviewing products to market and continues to lead the space. It offers powerful live video interviewing and pre-recorded formats. The modular platform can be purchased as individual hiring products that integrate into your existing tech stack or as a complete end-to-end solution.


In addition to video interviewing, customers can choose to add an applicant tracking system, interview scheduling, structured interview guides, assessments, and reference checking. Some of our favorite features:

  • Structured interviews native to the platform
  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Industry-leading support for customers and candidates
  • Compatibility with mobile and desktop devices

It is worth noting that VidCruiter is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Korean, both for recruiters and candidates.

Spark Hire

With more than 6,000 organizations using it, Spark Hire has become one of the popular video interviewing platforms. The tool can help make better hiring decisions and ensure that the candidates can get the result soon. Spark Hire video interviewing software can screen candidates efficiently, including prerecorded sessions for candidates.

It includes features like:

  • Reviewing complete video interviews
  • Gaining insights into the candidates
  • Interviewing candidates in less time
  • Expand your talent pool and record the interview in a centralized dashboard
  • Gather evaluations based on the interviewee’s performance
  • Investing efforts and time in the engaged candidates
  • Go through a structured video interviews

The video assessment interview tool aims to know the candidates deeper without meeting them face-to-face. It is an effective tool that can help companies identify the talent from the pool of candidates, ensuring the hiring process goes smoothly. The aim is to achieve recruiting goals across the industries and identify top candidates.


Hireflix has drastically changed, streamlined, and smoothen the screening process for recruiters, businesses, and institutions. It has ensured that hiring managers or recruiters save hundreds of hours and hire faster. Hireflix one-way video interview software that eliminates the requirement of scheduling, integrated with ATS and shared recorded interviews.

The video interviewing tool is developed to interview many candidates at once using the recorded questions. It has made it easier to avoid scheduling phone calls or interviews with potential candidates. The candidates can record the answers to the prerecorded questions that the hiring team can analyze.

The employers can also set automatic notifications on WhatsApp messages, SMS, and email for candidates. Hireflix is easy to integrate with the existing process (ATS) without significant changes.


Jobma is an innovative video interviewing platform trusted by companies globally. It offers a range of virtual interviewing tools, including pre-recorded one-way video interviewing, automated interview scheduling, digital assessments, and more.

Jobma’s AI-powered features, such as automated scoring, proctoring, and transcriptions, are designed to prevent unconscious bias in hiring and save employers time. The platform also offers powerful accessibility features for candidates with disabilities and interview customizations for enhanced employer branding.


Other features offered by Jobma are:

  • Integrates with the most popular ATS natively and 5,000+ apps using Zapier.
  • Customer support is available via live chat, email, and phone round the clock on business days. Technical support for candidates is available via live chat.
  • SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for its users’ data.
  • Works across all devices – Desktop and mobile browser support and iOS and Android apps for employers and candidates.

Jobma is available in 16 languages and is used by 3,000+ customers in more than 50 countries.



Compare, screen, interview, qualify, and hire candidates efficiently and faster with Breezy. The tool allows the employee to find suitable applicants and review their profiles in less time. Breezy will enable employees to power up the pipeline while keeping a bird’s eye to communicate, manage, and view the candidate’s details.

The hiring team can drag and drop the pipeline to manage candidates and customize the stages to make informed decisions. It helps in compiling and offering an actionable view of the resumes and social accounts of candidates. The feature includes:

  • Candidates’ scorecards for review
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Sending invites via text message or email
  • Assessment review
  • Background check

Breezy offers streamlined access to the emails and SMS sent to the candidates. Users can sync it in Slack to get updates instantly to respond faster to the candidates. The touchless pre-screening is computerized and includes custom questionnaires to understand the candidate’s skill set and capabilities.


To meet with the right candidate, the employees can depend on the video screening tool that takes minimum time. Willo can be a great addition to your hiring tools that make hiring more accessible and help you grow your business. The candidate screening software is easy to use and accessible, speeding up the hiring process.

Willow allows interviewers to set up interview questions, share the link with candidates, get video responses from the candidates, and review the answers. The users can shortlist the candidates easily by analyzing each response.

The tool has streamlined the interview process allowing employees to save time (instead of screening candidates via calls), save money, and boost productivity. It also allows employees to see beyond the CV of the candidates to hire higher-quality candidates across the globe with inclusive prosperity. Even the employees can freely give the interview anywhere and be in control of the whole process.


Use the AI-enabled video interviewing platform to fast-track your recruitment. Talview offers a hassle-free hiring experience and automated interviews to slow down the lengthy interview process. The aim is to reduce resources and time spent interviewing the candidates and faster screening rounds.

The on-demand video interviews can also help gauge body language, soft skills, and culture fit during the first round to reduce time-to-hire. Talview online video interview includes Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to analyze tone, gauge emotions, and psycholinguistics.

Talview allows users to engage with candidates offering a great first impression. It builds a foolproof and comprehensive profile that highlights the video responses of candidates. The aim is to analyze the candidate profile in seamless automated and effortless recruiting workflows. Employees can integrate the software with any recruiting management systems such as IBM Kenexa, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Taleo, etc.


Move the pipeline faster and forward while hiring remotely using Workable. The video interviewing tool is a premium one-way screening platform that allows employees to get recorded responses from candidates and analyze them at their convenience.

Workable offers a flexible process allowing employees to streamline and speed up the hiring process. Along with this, the employees can collaborate with the teams easily, leave feedback, and make informed decisions. On-demand video interviewing tools also allow recording, accommodating any timezone or schedule.

Through the online interview tool, the hiring team can choose the questions to ask, send links to candidates where they can record the answers, collaborate with the team for feedback, and go to the next stage of the pipeline.


With the motto of “Meet People, Not Resume”, myInterview has managed to gain popularity in the last few years. myInterview Intelligence uses purpose-built machine learning algorithms that help to custom-pick candidates. It uses diverse data to scan the recorded videos and analyze those that fit perfectly with the profile.


The automated tool curates the interview details and shortlists the suitable candidates who match the job description. It comes with powerful features and bias-free assessments analyzing personality traits, soft skills, and keywords in the video. The tool allows members of the hiring team to stay in tune to exchange feedback and opinions.


The on-demand video screening tool builds consistency, enhances quality hiring, and accelerates the screening process. Jobvite is also easy to integrate with existing ATS software to offer easy recruitment and a seamless experience. It allows users to hire candidates for their team and collaborate with the hiring team to make informed decisions.


Jobvite offers a faster screening process to empower candidates with timed questions, allowing them to record the responses. The employees can make informed decisions and screen fairly without any biases offering equal and fair chances to everyone. This tool provides a collaborative screen with the hiring team to contribute feedback and screen videos.


See the candidate’s potential and know them beyond their CV with InterviewOpps. InterviewOpps is the next-generation candidate screening and video interview platform that allow employees to deep dive into the profile of candidates and know them better. It is a great tool to save money and time using targeted applicant screening assessments and video interviews to hire potential candidates quickly.

The online tool helps in personalizing the interview process and one way better. Employees can add the questions, send links to candidates, and review the responses. The candidates record the answer in a prerecorded video screening tool. The tool collects and analyzes feedback and offers candidate management to make an informed decision. is an intelligent talent acquisition system with a customizable job board, applicant tracking, and video interviews (AI/ML). This live or on-demand interview tool offers automated transcription, data-driven hiring decisions, flexible question format, panel interviews, etc. can also analyze emotions using the latest AI/ML emotion recognition technology that speeds up recruiting process, ger more data from videos, and makes data-driven decisions. It allows users to make data-driven decisions measuring the hiring success, keeping data in one place, and comparing candidates.

This online tool also includes a job board that automates pre-screening, third-party advertising sites, and customizing and accepting applications via Google Assistant, web, or mobile. It consists of a technical assessment to create technical challenges, watch candidates code, pick questions using a bank, check code, and get feedback from the team.


Avature video interview tool provides an intuitive user experience and global scale for all stakeholders. The online video interview tool offers on-demand and live interviews depending on the business landscape, saving time for hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates.

Avature helps candidates and recruiters to come face-to-face (without physically meeting) from the mobile-optimized, branded, and customizable portal. The on-demand video interview tools enable hiring managers and recruiters to review recorded videos of candidates to make informed decisions.

YouTube video

Users can also preview the video and audio recordings, text answers, and the candidate’s profile. It can also schedule capabilities to eliminate panel video, group, and one-to-one interview coordination. The online tool shows the time slots available that one can choose from, and then it will fix the meeting.


Use the advanced IDE with CodeSignal for technical interviews using live collaboration. CodeSignal offers accurately assessing skills in a realistic coding environment to hire the right candidate. The online interview tool provides actual results and coding with the advanced development environment. The employees can create a superior candidate experience, scale interviews faster, and gather more profound insights.

The employees can meet, talk, and code with candidates collaboratively with audio and video calling. It offers flight simulators for developers in a hyper-realistic development environment to evaluate candidates. The tool has made it easier to assess candidates with package management, build tools, and interactive preview.

Features to Consider While Choosing the Best Video Interviewing Tools

  • Smooth user experience for both candidates and interviewers
  • High-quality video and audio service
  • Compatibility with existing HR software and systems
  • Recording and playback facilities
  • Integration support for scheduling and calendar tools
  • Security features and data privacy 
  • Pricing structure and customer support


Are video interviews as effective as in-person interviews for assessing candidates?

Yes, video interviews can be effective for assessing candidates. The reason is that, unlike telephonic ones, video interviews let the interviewers understand the non-verbal cues. However, it might not be as effective for building personal rapport.

How do video interviews compare to traditional phone interviews in terms of candidate engagement and assessment accuracy?

Usually, video interviews offer better candidate engagement and assessment accuracy than traditional phone interviews. Since non-verbal communication can take place in videos and visual cues can be checked, these can play a role in the evaluation process.

What measures does the platform take to prevent cheating or impersonation during video interviews?

Video interview platforms may take different measures, such as ID verification, facial recognition, web browser lockdown, and randomized questions. These also allow recording interviews and analyzing candidate responses with AI algorithms.

What kind of reporting and analytics capabilities does the platform offer to track recruitment metrics and assess the platform’s effectiveness?

Video interview platforms usually offer reporting and analytics features like the total number of video interview, Interview duration and average response times, interviewee demographics, engagement, and rating, user activities, and customized reports on preferred metrics.

Conclusion 👩‍🏫

You have a list of the best video interviewing software, but it is not enough. Here are some guidelines that one needs to follow while selecting the right software:

  • Financial metrics – One needs to know their recruitment budget as it depends on the company’s employee growth, retention rates, scale, and profitability.
  • Product – Understand the product and how it is going to help you. Several products are ideal for hiring programmers but not senior executives. Hence, ensure that it is packed with the features that you want.
  • Best for use case – Try diverse solutions, but it is best to know what is best for your requirements.
  • User feedback – It is best to check the experience of other organizations before finalizing the product.

Video interviewing can save a lot of time and is less biased. Along with this, the candidates can record their video responses and give interviews in their free time.

You may also explore some best Interview scheduling software to reorganize your hiring.

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