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In Hosting Last updated: January 30, 2023
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Voice server hosting is an excellent way to improve your communications for business purposes or while playing games online and interacting with friends from across the world.

Services as such come with lots of features and options and offer flexibility and cost-efficiency without requiring you to take care of the servers or spend extra money on their maintenance.

In addition, if you are a gamer, you would understand the struggle when certain video games don’t have in-game communications. Worst case scenario – some games have in-game communications, but they are filled with bad audio quality that doesn’t let you concentrate on your game.

Solutions to this could be voice server hosting.

Let’s understand more about this service and how it can help your business.

What is a Voice Server?

Voice servers are the servers offered by companies to provide voice services that are used in phone systems. And when you take voice server hosting service from a good provider, you can enjoy an uninterrupted operation for your business or personal use.

Voice server providers offer communication tools to help in various purposes such as carrying out internal communications for businesses, connecting with friends and family, online gaming, education for students, and more.

Companies offering these services have data centers spread across the world so you can connect with anyone globally without hassles. They also use the latest technologies, systems, and equipment to enable smooth communication via voice call, chat, or video chat.

So, buying a voice hosting service makes sense instead of building a voice service from scratch in-house, which takes a heavy resource consumption. It will save you from unnecessary hassles and cost expenditure while offering you a seamless way to conduct business operations or for personal use.

How does it help?

Using a voice hosting service comes with plenty of benefits, including:

Improves business communications

Whether you want to have a streamlined communication channel in-house or with clients abroad, a voice hosting service would help. You can have an uninterrupted flow of communication with your client to enhance your business relationships with them and explore opportunities that may come along.

In addition, streamlined internal communications would help you spread your message throughout your team to boost their efficiency and productivity while ensuring the correct information reaches the right staff.

Remote work

Remote work is on the rise after the pandemic, and it would increase as the days pass by. You may have employees working with you from across the world, country, or state with different time zones. And if you don’t have a defined way to communicate with your remote workforce, it can birth inefficiencies. Using voice server hosting will help you manage your workforce well and ensure everyone is engaged.


Voice hosting services come with scalable plans and capabilities to support your business growth. Using their flexible plans and features, you can scale up or down your services however you want based on your needs. They also make sure you don’t face trouble during peak times such as festivities or events.


Voice hosting service providers offer a wide range of useful features to improve your communications. You can have various communications channels such as chats, video calls, and audio calls. And they use the latest technologies to ensure you get a crystal clear voice without interference with their data centers spread worldwide for better connectivity and uptime.

In addition, you can measure the effectiveness of your communications via analytics and report capabilities. You can even integrate the service with other tools to increase its functionality.


Buying voice hosting services from the best providers would offer secure infrastructure to house your communications, whether it’s for your business or personal use. Thus, you don’t have to worry about building or maintaining security in-house; leave all those things to them, and have a good night’s sleep!

So, if you are looking for the best voice hosting service for your business or personal use, here are some recommendations from our side.


TeamSpeak Server by Host Havoc offers high-performing voice servers with 99.9% uptime assurance for education, gaming, business, and personal use.

You get instantly activated servers, excellent DDoS protection, and Full FTP access to manage your data without any hassle.

This is an optimized voice server hosting that proves light on system resources.

Host Havoc comes with a flat pricing model based on the number of slots you book. Finally, all subscriptions come with a 72 hours risk-free money-back guarantee.


If you are playing as a team, communication is a significant factor in a team activity. GTXGaming comes with Teamspeak 3 server hosting so that you can communicate with your team members quickly and clearly.

Its highest possible codecs help you in getting crystal clear voice chat. GTXGaming protects your server from DDoS attacks and keeps you online 365 days every year. It houses its infrastructure in Paris, New York, Sydney, and London.

You will hardly face any disturbance during voice chat and instantly set up your online server with its excellent web interface. In addition, its elegant sliders and drop-down menus make configuration easier for you. Expert gamers can access GTXGaming’s text editors and FTP to configure the server manually.

Order your Teamspeak server now and choose your preferred location to face low ping.

Citadel Servers

Get Citadel Voice Servers for online gaming, training, education, and business communication. You can also use a voice server to stay in touch with family and friends. Citadel Servers ensures you get premium quality voice communications with its 20 data centers across the globe.

Whether Teamspeak 3 or Mumble, you will instantly get the excellent control panel to configure your server. It offers worldwide network coverage so that you will get a low latency infrastructure solution. Your server gets protected from DDoS attacks no matter where you are, so you will never lose any data.

Your voice server comes with unlimited bandwidth, remote server controls, a 1Gbps connection, and more. Experience something unique in the new era of communication where experts create robust, scalable, and flexible solutions for you. Mumble is a low latency, high quality, and open source voice chat software whose primary aim is to help you during a multiplayer game.

Citadel Servers helps you create backup files with a single click, never to lose any server data again. You can also swap your server location easily to any available nearby site you want for free within minutes. So, order your voice server now and start talking with your teammates, friends, and family.


FuturaHosters provides perfect hosting plans for your voice server for easy communication. You will get Mumble/Teamspeak 3 voice servers in the communication community. There are no limits in the codec, bandwidth, and channels so that you feel comfortable in every step of configuration.

Whether you want a small, medium, or large voice server, FuturaHosters has everything you need to start. With Mumble and Teamspeak 3 control panel, you can manage everything from a single place, such as creating additional channels, users, and more.

Instead of waiting for your uploads and downloads, just choose from a pool of Codecs for crystal clear communication. It stores its servers in well-known and large data centers located in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland to offer nearly 100% uptime. It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Furthermore, you can avail of more features, such as advanced permissions, channel password, push-to-talk, voice activation, custom channel icons, custom images, and so on.


Better communication leads to better play, enhanced community growth, and business connections. BisectHosting‘s Mumble Voice Servers provide you with a reliable and easy method of communication that lets you play together.

To experience low latency, BisectHosting offers different locations across the globe for voice servers that will be closer to your location. The premium features offer more flexibility to make your investment worthwhile.

Start your voice server now at just $2.50/month for ten slots and configure your server instantly with the easy-to-use control panel.


Mumble is a high-quality, open-source, and low latency voice chat software used during the game to communicate with the players. It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Download your Mumble for free or create a server for your group. You can instantly set up your server. The Mumble voice communication application also offers customization in the game overlay, conversion recording, advanced voice activity detection, and application skins.

Get an easy-to-remember hostname from Mumble so that your members can easily connect with your server. You can display your connected users and server channels on your website.

Get a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. For up to 15 users, it will cost you $7.50/month, where you get features such as a restore option, viewing server status, sharing website control panel, auto-AFK, and many more.


Say hello to the OBHost – the ultimate voice server that includes enterprise-grade hardware protected from DDoS attacks. It also offers redundant hardware along with auto-failover, high-speed, redundant storage, CPU resources, RAM, and more.

You will get all common voice services so that you can use better and clear communication with your community. Once you have cleared payment for your registration, your server will be online within minutes.

Order your voice server today at just $6/month for 20 slots. You can choose add-ons like desire port and Teamspeak Music Bot. OBHost comes with a 14-days money-back option so that you can test its services within 14 days and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

ABR Hosting

ABR Hosting is a growing server company that offers various services to meet your demands. It has data centers in Manchester, Strasbourg, Dusseldorf, and Las Vegas.

ABR Hosting offers two voice servers: Teamspeak and Mumble. Both are encrypted with military-grade encryption and never share personal data with third parties. The voice servers have limitless sub-channels, use of CELT, Opus, Speex voice codecs, and file transfer.

The incredible features allow you to customize your server according to your needs. In Mumble Voice Servers, you will not get an unlimited file transfer option, but in Teamspeak Voice Server, you will.

Order your preferred Voice Server now and start talking.


Voice server hosting offers a great way to streamline communications with your clients and among your internal team. And if you want to use it for your personal use, you can easily connect with your friends across the world and communicate or invite them to play games online.

Thus, use the above information to choose the best voice server hosting from the list and explore its benefits yourself.

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