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Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for any size business to host a website or complex web applications.

The best Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution will offer you more control, security, and impeccable features to power your websites and applications. 

It provides you with a separate virtual server environment where you can only use the server resources, such as RAM, CPUs, storage, etc., assigned to you without sharing them with others. 

Now, the problem is when professionals choose a VPN hosting, most of them either go with a shared hosting plan or a dedicated hosting plan. While the former is suitable for beginners and is affordable, the latter is good for enterprises but is costly.

So, what if your requirements fall in between?

If you are a growing business for which shared hosting is not enough but dedicated is costly and complex, you can go with VPS hosting. 

It will provide you with the right blend of complexities, functionality, and security at a moderate cost. 

So, if you are looking for such a hosting plan, we have listed some of the best VPS hosting solutions to ease your search. 

What is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual container or machine configured to control a physical machine under virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources to the users.

So, a hosting solution utilizing a VPS to run the users’ site or application is VPS hosting. It is a more stable, performing, reliable, and secure solution than shared hosting and is more affordable than dedicated hosting.

In this hosting, you will still share resources with others like shared hosting, but with a lesser number of people. And the server resources assigned to you will only be accessible to you, not to others.

VPS hosting is a great option for game makers and growing businesses whose requirements exceed the offerings of shared hosting plans. It is also a viable option for SaaS providers, programmers, and companies requiring an affordable and secure hosting service. 

VPS duplicates various properties of the physical server without changing the processes and functionalities. It is generally used for hosting websites, web servers, email, databases, and storing company and customer files that you can access from anywhere around the world. 

If you want more flexibility and power along with affordability, VPS hosting is for you. You can avail of superior functionalities like dedicated server hosting but at less cost.  

Why is VPS considered a secure option?

Security issues are soaring high, which is why you must take all possible care to ensure your site and applications, along with their data, is safe. You must take proper care of your company data and your customers’. To this, VPS hosting is beneficial.

You get more security features and can install security software and firewalls to make your VPS server safer and more secure. If there is any security impact on another website on the same physical server, your site will not get affected. When your databases and files are safe from other users, it means you have the right solution for your business.

Furthermore, you can choose between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Let’s quickly understand them.

Managed VPS hosting

In this type of VPS hosting, the service provider will take care of everything from running, configuring, and updating the server to maintaining it. And if you are not comfortable working on a Linux server, ask your hosting provider to resolve your query.

Managed VPS offers:

  • Steady Support
  • Regular updates
  • Necessary patches in time
  • DDoS and Cloudflare protection
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Backups

Unmanaged VPS

If you are a developer or know how to run your website, this option is for you. Here, you will need to manage the configuration, maintenance, server administration, etc. It will give you more freedom to create a site or application of your dream.

You can consider some options to protect your data:

  • Audits: You need to know what is happening in your system, and thus periodic auditing is essential.
  • Configure a firewall: Filter out unwanted traffic by installing a firewall on your server. Popular firewalls are Config Server Firewall and Advanced Policy Firewall.
  • Check for vulnerabilities and close them off: Ensure all the services and applications running on your system are necessary. By running unwanted applications, you run the risk. Check for the open network ports as cybercriminals target those to exploit the whole system.
  • Implement some best practices: Add a few best practices to your plan, such as checking your security logs, signing up with DDoS protection, removing unwanted modules, running regular virus scans, etc.
  • Passwords: Make sure your passwords are strong. Update your passwords regularly to avoid security breaches.

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

Pros of VPS Hosting 👍

  • VPS hosting is a more stable and scalable solution for your business. You can upgrade resources at any time with VPS hosting providers and scale your VPS hosting plan according to your growth easily. Whether you need space or traffic, you can always upgrade to more resources.
  • VPS hosting provides the best security options, and you will not get affected due to someone’s else wrong actions. For example, if your neighbor’s website gets stuck, your website will still run without any blink. 
  • You can opt for managed VPS hosting to put your website on auto-pilot mode. From updating to upgrading and maintaining to configuring, your service provider will take care of everything. 
  • Comparatively less expensive than dedicated hosting.
  • You will find a high-performance level along with excellent speed. When it comes to website load time, VPS hosting always stays on the top. 
  • VPS hosting offers better SEO and availability around the globe. 

Cons of VPS Hosting 👎

  • VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. 
  • It requires a higher technical understanding if you want to manage the server on your own. Though you have the option of Managed VPS hosting, you can opt for it, but it is slightly more expensive than Unmanaged hosting. 
  • If you choose Managed VPS hosting, you need to plan for proper configurations to secure your website. 

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Pros of Shared Hosting 👍

  • Shared hosting is cheap, or you can say, the most affordable among the other hosting types.
  • Setting up and managing your websites is easy with shared hosting.
  • No issues in manaintenance and administration.

Cons of Shared Hosting 👎

  • Admin tasks are not in your hands,
  • You won’t instantly know what is happening on the server as it holds many websites.
  • If you misconfigure the file permission by mistake, it will enable other users to access your files. 
  • Absence of dedicated IP.
  • No dedicated SSL.

Clearly, VPS hosting is a better choice if your want better controls, functionality, and security, making your purchase worthwhile. Let’s now look at the best VPS hosting solutions.


Kamatera offers an excellent VPS hosting solution to create your server and deploy your cloud infrastructure quickly. It comes with a 30-day free trial option. You will benefit from a scalable solution, premium human support, and a simple management console.

Kamatera provides valuable API features and lets you customize the server based on your requirements. You can start with a small server and scale according to your growth and upgrade or clone your existing servers via the management console.

Kamatera has 18 data centers across four continents with high performance and availability across the world. Quickly add firewalls, load balancers, private networks, etc., and run on any Linux and Windows operating system edition.

Kamatera is reliable as it is purpose-built and guarantees 99.95% uptime. You will never face any kind of failure with Kamatera, as it has high-end data centers. It also uses the fastest and best Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake Processors of 2.7 GHz.

Get the fastest networking speed of 40 Gbit/s for every server and run your databases and applications with zero latency and no I/O bottlenecks. Start small and scale-up to the robust bare metal machine in a single click. 

Select the server type from A, B, T, or D, the number of vCPU processors, operating system, memory, SSD storage, add-ons, public IPs, data center, etc. Create your server today at $4/month.


If you’re looking for a free Windows VPS to try out, Accuwebhosting is a good option. The featured Windows VPS package is free for the first month.

AccuWeb Hosting has been a leader in providing top-tier hosting services since 2005 and is headquartered in the United States. The business has a solid reputation for offering cost-effective, high-quality hosting services.

The editor of PCMag has chosen AccuWeb hosting four times in a row.

The primary goal of the business is to provide the most dependable, cost-effective, and feature-rich VPS hosting plans available in the market. Because of this, AccuWeb Hosting has a wide selection of VPS plans, each of which may be altered to meet the particular requirements of your website or application.

VPS hosting capabilities include unlimited domains, high-end Xeon E5 and E7 servers, enterprise-level SAN storage, server firewall, and 1 Gbps port speed.

AccuWebHosting provides its clients with a vast array of products and services in addition to VPS hostings, such as web hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and other web services.


Accelerate your innovation with accessible, simple, and affordable Linux cloud services and solutions. Developers across the globe trust Linode to deploy storage, networking, and cloud compute easily in seconds with the Cloud Manager interface, CLI, and full-featured API.

Control your infrastructure programmatically to improve performance and get command-line access to the servers. Linode offers various services, such as marketplace, eLearning, Machine Learning, Video Streaming, Kubernetes, and more.

With its container orchestration engine, you can deploy Kubernetes clusters easily. Get low latency WebRTC live streaming via Red5 and use GPU-optimized virtual machines powered by the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. By utilizing Linode, data machines can deliver solutions with machine intelligence, DevOps, and data analytics. 

With the help of Linode App Marketplace, you can deploy fully-configured applications in some seconds. Power your eLearning applications around the world and get features like DDoS protection, transfer, bundled support, and more. 

Linode has 11 data centers across the regions with high performance and availability. Get a 99.99% uptime guarantee with the package you choose and avail yourself of $100 credit, a 60-day free trial with a valid credit card, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Try Linode’s pricing calculator and get the best pricing model. 


Get a variety of suitable VPS hosting options for your needs with DigitalOcean to power your projects through virtual machines. There are various Droplet types, especially for the use cases ranging from simple websites to highly profitable and scalable applications, like gaming and video streaming apps.

Choose between dedicated CPU and shared CPU offerings based on your usage. Select the right VPS offering for your business that your team can use without any difficulty in order to fuel your growth. DigitalOcean’s premium Droplets use the latest CPUs and NVMe SSDs to deliver the fastest performance. 

The dedicated CPU offerings ensure that you can leverage the complete power of the server. You will get various dedicated CPU Droplets that can be CPU-optimized, storage-optimized, memory-optimized, and general-purpose. This is ideal for medium to high traffic servers, databases, eCommerce sites, and SaaS applications. 

Whenever you find a heavy load on the Droplet at any time, additional power will be assigned to that Droplet automatically. This is ideal for test environments, personal websites, and more.

You can start at $0/month. It comes with $100 free credit when signing up and a 60-day free trial.


Deploy your Managed and scalable VPS within a minute on the VPSServer cloud platform that offers high security and server performance with hosting redundancy. You will get light-speed VPS hosting services and native SSD NVMe, which is five times faster than regular hosting.

VPSServer has a top-class hosting infrastructure due to its reliable and fast performance with a 40 Gb SSD network. It uses Intel Gold hardware processors so that there will be no bottlenecks and downtime. It offers a dedicated server availability on the cloud tech along with control panel features, such as reboot, restart, viewing your console, and more.

You will find full root access to the hosting control panel, such as changing your OS, server admin, firewall, etc. Experience the finest quality with more than 100 templates that supports Debian, CentOS 7, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, and more. 

Get a wide range of resources from the community for your hosting and a three-way storage space on the cloud VPS hosting for any website. Choose from 15+ hosting locations around the globe and get the closest server based on the latency. You will also get a performance guarantee, 99.99% uptime guarantee, online tools, and a scalable server.

Start your 7-day free trial today or take a ride at $3.99 for 1GB memory, 1 core processor, 20 GB disk space, and 500 GB transfer.


Control your VPS hosting with Hostinger and get the speed, power, and flexibility that you need with VPS hosting. All the servers come with Intel Xeon processors, 512 GB of RAM per server, and terabytes of NVMe SSD disk space. 

You get enough processing power for your online project, whether small or large. Experience fast website loading times and a guarantee of 99.99% server uptime. Allow your visitors to enjoy their website without disturbing the downtime. 

Expand your server space by mounting an additional remote Network File System (NFS) and forget limitations on data and files. You can control your server via full root access and customize it as per your liking and track all the resources. 

Avoid networking issues, blocklisting, and latency with Hostinger’s native /64 IPv6 infrastructure. Keep your connections secure and fast while using the latest technologies. With manual live snapshots and automated backups, your website can be restored quickly. 

Hostinger supports various operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, CentOS, and Fedora. Get enough power to have full flexibility and control over your server without worrying about site traffic. With data centers in Singapore, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, and Lithuania, Hostinger ensures full availability and reliability at the lowest latency.

Start at $5.99/month and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


CloudSigma offers cloud servers that offer excellent performance, scalability, and features. The next-generation technology allows you to run your isolated operating system with deeper configurability, stronger isolation, and better security guarantees. 

Choose between Windows or Linux cloud hosting and use leading packages like CPanel and Plesk to create a scalable server. CloudSigma uses Virtuozzo tech to isolate different users on the same physical server and run a single shared instance. 

You will get 128 GB RAM per server and 40 CPU cores along with an elegant API for the control panel, which is easy to use and feature-rich. CloudSigma also safeguards your data and files with the latest technologies.  

Get a 7-day free trial and access CloudSigma without giving up any credit card details. 


Try a risk-free virtual server for your growing business with VPS solutions by IONOS. It offers a 30-day free trial of the best services for your business. If you are still not satisfied with the service, you can also ask for a refund.

Choose your robust SSD VPS based on a number of cores and get dedicated resources, unlimited traffic, optional Plesk web host edition, and more. Before getting inside, you can check the quality of the server’s locations, security, and performance of the servers.

IONOS offers comprehensive IT security and product-specific features and has state-of-the-art data centers. Get powerful and flexible hosting with IONOS at a reasonable price to run your websites without slowing them down. Switch between operating systems and get helpful advice from experts whenever needed. 

IONOS VPS hosting solution starts at $2/month for 1 vCore, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB SSD, etc.


Launch private network, storage, and cloud servers in seconds with ClubVPS. It can help you deploy your own enterprise-class cloud infrastructure and production and comes with a 30-day free trial option. 

Get instant access to the ClubVPS hosting solution with a simple management console. Start your term for free and enjoy the easy-to-use cloud service. The platform is built for system administrators, end-users, IT managers, and developers. 

ClubVPS is powered by high-end servers that run on Intel Xeon Platinum CPUs, 40Gbit/sec network, SSD storage, and more. Configure your server according to the specification so that you can pay for the services you need and save your money. 

You can start a comfortable ride with a small server and grow your business. Upgrade or clone more servers when you grow by using ClubVPS’ management console. ClubVPS maintains servers, databases, email servers, firewalls, load balancers, web servers, operating systems, and other components to offer high availability and uptime. 

Experience the best at $9/month and get additional traffic at $0.01/GB and extra storage at $0.10/GB/month. 


VPS hosting is an excellent option for you if you are a growing business. It won’t be costly like a dedicated hosting solution or less flexible like shared hosting. Thus, choose the best VPS hosting solution from the above list and enjoy valuable features, performance, security, and power to control your server the way you want to. 

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