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When ChatGPT was released in late 2022, it was all everyone could discuss.

Social media channels, news outlets, website articles, webinars, online forums, and every other platform discussed its advantages, pitfalls, scope, and more. Fast forward to 2023, and we’re still talking about it. Why? 

ChatGPT has introduced two of the most exciting features that will transform how we interact with the Chatbot – image and voice features. Until now, we could only communicate with the Chatbot using texts. But now, we can also use images and voice to get ChatGPT to solve our problems. 

Do you realize how easy our lives would become using these features? If you don’t, this post is for you. I am about to reveal some very cool things you can do with the image and voice features introduced by ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT – The Next Wave of AI Revolution

ChatGPT is a powerful AI chatbot that can stimulate human conversation thanks to its advanced NLP (natural language processing) model that allows it to mimic human language.

Let me be clear: ChatGPT is not the only Chatbot to exist. There are a ton of other chatbots out there that perform the same function as ChatGPT. So what makes this particular invention of OpenAI so special?

The difference is in the size of its dataset. ChatGPT supports over 170 billion parameters in 550 gigabytes. It has been pre-trained in massive amounts of text data and hoards of web pages on the internet. 

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Moreover, while other chatbots are pre-programmed with a defined and limited set of responses, ChatGPT can generate responses based on the context and tone of the prompt provided by the user. This allows ChatGPT to offer a more personalized experience. For these reasons, when ChatGPT was introduced, it took the world by storm like no other Chatbot could ever do. 

Here’s why ChatGPT is so popular:

#1. User-friendly Interface 🧑‍💻

If you have used ChatGPT, you’d know how easy it is to navigate the AI model. It works just like a chat box. You can type in the prompt, and it’ll generate a response. If you don’t like the response, you can regenerate it. All the recent interactions with ChatGPT are saved in the left sidebar of the screen so that you can revisit old conversations quite easily.

#2. Availability 🕑

ChatGPT 3.5 is free to use and is available 24/7. This makes it possible for everyone in different time zones to access the Chatbot and use it to answer their questions or even write their assignments, not that I am encouraging this. 🤫

#3. Accuracy 🎯

ChatGPT uses advanced AI technology and access to a ton of internet data. This makes the information provided by ChatGPT to be accurate and reliable. You can even connect ChatGPT with your browser to read internet information in real-time, making the data it gives even more accurate. 

#4. Saves Time ⏳

ChatGPT can produce results in a matter of seconds. You can ask ChatGPT to solve a maths question, write an essay, or answer a question, and it would take 2-3 seconds to generate accurate and reliable results. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a hobbyist, you can use ChatGPT for quick and extensive research or get your work done quickly. 

#5. Free to Use 🆓

As mentioned before, ChatGPT 3.5 is free to use. Anyone who wants their questions answered can head to the Chatbot and type in the prompt without paying a penny. Although, it should be noted that GPT 3.5 only has information until June 2021. The next version of the Chatbot is GPT 4, which has information till September 2021 but comes with a subscription.

GPT 4 is more advanced and is trained on more data than GPT 3. However, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $20 to use it. Considering the vast knowledge it can give you, it’s quite a small price to pay and worth it if you use the Chatbot often. 

As a cherry on top of all these benefits, ChatGPT is rolling out two outstanding features that will take the AI revolution to great heights- it will now be able to process voice and images. These two features will enhance how you interact and use the Chatbot to get things done.

Introducing the Image and Voice Features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT can now write, see, hear, and speak. The new backend model of the Chatbot, GPT-4V, will take image inputs, while the updated DALL-E model will integrate to generate images.

It will also be able to have voice conversations with humans, making it so much easier for users to ask for the Chatbot’s input. It will come with 5 voice options, a mix of male and female voices with American accents. The voices are Sky, Juniper, Ember, Cove, and Breeze. 

These unique features can be used in many ways to solve various problems. It should be noted that though the voice feature is only available on Android and iOS apps, the image feature is available across all platforms.

Let’s discuss some of the many cool things you can do using the voice and image features of the new ChatGPT model. These are only a few to name, but the scope of their usage is so much more vast.

Once you get the hang of the basics, you can find several creative ways to use the features and make your life and work easier. Let’s get into it! 

Voice Feature

The voice feature allows you to converse with ChatGPT, among many more. Here are some ways to use the voice feature to get work done. 

Have Back-and-Forth Conversation

Writing texts can be a piece of work. This is where the voice feature of ChatGPT can prove to be a gem. You can engage in a back-and-forth conversation with the Chatbot on the go.

You can use your voice to give it commands like tell you a story or come up with some drinking games while you’re with your friends. 

Essentially, anything you can make ChatGPT do with the written prompts can now be done with the voice prompts. This is so much easier than having to write your problems. 

Debate on Any Topic

Want to work on your communication or debate skills? Or do you just want to enhance your knowledge about a specific topic? You can now use ChatGPT to verbally debate just about any topic under the sun.

The Chatbot is trained in various datasets to give you a run for your money in terms of knowledge. So why not use it and expand your knowledge while working on your communication?

Recite Poems/Stories of Your Favorite Poet/Author

If you’re into prose and poetry, you’re in luck. ChatGPT can now recite any story or poem by a prominent poet or author. You can tell ChatGPT exactly whose work you’d like to listen to, including the title and the author, and it’ll be able to recite it.

It may not be as soulful as when a human is reciting it because a human can put emotions in their words, while a computer cannot; it can still do the trick for you. 

Speak Out Any Text Input Given by You

Another cool thing the voice feature of ChatGPT can do is speak out any text you type in the chatbox. Be it a poem, an essay, a dialogue, or a problem, anything you type in will be returned to you in one of 5 ChatGPT voices.

The voices are Sky, Ember, Juniper, Cover, and Breeze. These voices are a mixture of male and female, all in American accents. You can browse the different voice options and choose the one you deem fit for the text you are giving to ChatGPT. 

Image Feature

The image feature allows the Chatbot to process any image you give. If you provide it with a picture of a text, it can process it and generate a result accordingly.

Not just text, it can also process objects, individuals, buildings, paintings, and more and provide valuable insights. Thanks to the immense prowess of the image feature, you can make ChatGPT do many things.

Here are some excellent ways you can use the image feature of ChatGPT. 

Share a Snapshot of Any sum or Questions You Are Facing

ChatGPT can do what no other search engine or Chatbot can do. It can read a maths problem on a paper, process it, and provide a detailed, step-by-step solution. If you’re a student, you would love this amazing feature to assist you in your studies.

Take any sum or questions from your textbook, take a snapshot of it, share the photo with ChatGPT, and wait for it to do its magic. Ensure that the snapshot is clear and highlights all the words or numbers so it becomes easier for the Chatbot to read and come up with a suitable response. 

Share an Image of Any Historical Monument or Person

While browsing social media or search engines, we often see photos of various monuments or famous personalities whose names we’d love to know. Maybe you came across a beautiful landmark somewhere in the world and would love to visit it, but you don’t know where it is.

Google could help you in this regard to some degree, but there’s no certainty about whether you’ll find answers to it. Fortunately, ChatGPT’s new image feature allows you to do just that.

You can simply share a photo of the monument or a person, and not only will the Chatbot tell you its name, but it will also give you its detailed history. It goes one step beyond what you expect and shares all it knows about the landmark you have shared with it. 

Share a Picture of Your Kitchen Inventory for Meal Ideas

ChatGPT keeps becoming smarter and smarter. One of the best ways it can help you is with cooking. Whether you’re an individual living away from home or a homemaker who doesn’t know what to make for lunch with the ingredients you have, ChatGPT has got you covered. 

The advanced capabilities of ChatGPT can help it process kitchen inventory and tell you all the recipes you can make with the raw materials you have.

Gather all the kitchen stuff you have at your disposal and take a photo of it. Share it with ChatGPT with an appropriate prompt, and watch how the Chatbot whips up a recipe for you in a matter of seconds.

You can use the image feature for this purpose regularly. No more wasting time on deciding what to cook next. Just ask the assistant and follow the recipe steps it provides you. 

Ask How to Change the Tires of Your Car/Bicycle

Did you know ChatGPT can also help you fix your vehicle? Whether it’s changing tires or any other issue related to your car, motorcycle, or bicycle, ChatGPT knows how to get it done and can provide you with a step-by-step guide.

All you have to do is share the photo of your vehicle with the make and model of it visible in the picture. ChatGPT will process the information, rummage through the internet, and generate a detailed process by which you can change the tires and get the job done.

The next time you get a flat tire in the middle of the road, instead of panicking and manically searching for help, you can launch the ChatGPT app on the phone, and it will spoon-feed you the information you need.

Share an Image/Painting and Ask to Depict the Meaning

The newest model of ChatGPT can process art pieces and paintings. If you’re an artist or an art enthusiast, you would love this use case of the Chatbot’s image feature. Take a snapshot of any painting you recently came across or download the image of your favorite painting from the internet. 

Share the photo with ChatGPT, which will utilize its vast datasets to provide information on the painting. Not just the information on the artist or the date of finishing and other bits of info you can glean from Google, but information on the meaning and widely accepted interpretation of the art.

This is what truly makes the image feature of ChatGPT so special. It can understand the depths of a painting, which mainly reflects the artist’s experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and provide you with an analysis. 

Share an Image of Any Movie Scene and Ask About the Name

We often come across a dialogue from a specific movie or a celebrity who appeared in a TV show but doesn’t know where it’s from. Again, this can be extremely challenging as you can’t glean such information from Google.

Enter ChatGPT. By sharing a photo of the movie scene with the Chatbot, you can ask for the movie’s name, and it will provide you with all the information you need. This can make it easy for you to get various movie and TV show recommendations. The next time you see a snapshot of a movie that intrigues you, head to ChatGPT and get the name in seconds.

Share an Image of a Joke You Were Unable to Understand

Ah, saved the best for the last. Have you ever heard a joke that everybody seems to understand but you don’t? Been there. The feeling of missing out on a hilarious joke can be overwhelming, and asking someone else to explain it can be embarrassing. 

Well, now you don’t have to choose between asking and not asking. You can write the joke on ChatGPT, and it can make you understand why everyone finds it so funny. The image feature can also be used to understand memes.

Memes are now one of the most common ways to share humor and laugh together. While some memes are funny on your face, some have a little context you may be unaware of. Again, you might feel left out because you’re not in on the joke. This is where ChatGPT can again come to the rescue.

You can upload the screenshot of the meme and ask the Chatbot to interpret it. If it’s a pretty popular meme template, it can provide you with context and help you understand the humor behind it. 

Closing Thoughts

With each new update, ChatGPT brings something completely new and innovative to the table. Their recent innovation is voice and image features, making it the most powerful Chatbot in the world and even better than any search engine.

It can communicate with you using voice while also understanding the images you share with it and providing an appropriate solution to all your problems.

These above cool things are only a few ways to use the features. Once it goes live for public use, you can use these pointers as a starting point and discover hundreds of other creative ways to get ChatGPT to solve your problems, entertain you, and enlighten you.

Consider it an all-things pocket assistant that can help you with all problems using just simple written, verbal, or visual prompts.

Next, learn about some interesting ways ChatGPT can be useful for you.

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