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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: September 8, 2023
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You are getting late for a meeting and navigating through heavy traffic when suddenly your phone rings. You dare not take your eyes off the road or hands off the steering, but at the same time, that might be an important call. Sounds familiar? This is a catch-22 we have all dealt with time and again. However, with wireless CarPlay adapters, you can attend that call and drive your car too.

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What are Wireless CarPlay Adapters?

Wireless CarPlay adaptors allow you to connect your car to your phone and enjoy all its apps on your screen, minus any wires or cables.

The benefits:

  • Convenience
  •  Better directions via Maps
  •  You don’t need to handle your phone to make calls or receive and send messages, connect to your favorite music, etc.

The Wireless CarPlay adapter market has a lot of models from different brands, and you may not know which suits your needs. To simplify things, we’ve done our research and listed the 12 Best Wireless CarPlay Adaptors to make driving safe so that you can attend to emergencies without landing in one yourself.


WQQBFF is compatible with the Apple CarPlay systems. With this device, you can access various Apple services from your phone, such as phone calls, Siri assistant, and navigation, without touching your phone. You can use this device on iPhone, iOS 10+, and most car models from 2016 onwards.

Key features:

  • Easy to use: It is a plug-and-play device. You don’t need troublesome updates or any extra software to start using this device. 
  •  Fully automated driving: After configuring this Wireless CarPlay device with your phone, it will automatically connect with your phone every time you turn the engine on. Enjoy fast connections as it comes with a built-in 5Ghz WIFI module.
  •  Broad compatibility: There is no need to worry about compatibility, as the adapter is compatible with over 600 car models. 

WQQBFF is compatible with iPhone, iOS 10+, and most car models from 2016 onwards.

AutoSky 2023 Pro Edition

The AutoSky makes having a carefree and more relaxed driving experience easy. This device allows users to convert wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay.

Key features

  • Quick setup: AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter is easy to configure and automatically connects after the first connection. All you need to ensure is that Bluetooth is on after configuring the WiFi settings.
  •  Easy updates: Check the QR code on this adapter’s manual and scan it to get the latest updates. 
  •  Broad compatibility: This adapter is compatible with over 600 car models. 
  •  Flexible: Depending on your factory CarPlay model, you can use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz modules to connect this adapter to your phone. 

AutoSky is compatible with Apple smartphones from iPhone 6 and above, running on iOS 10 and above. 


The OTTOCAST offers a one-time plug-and-play feature where all you need to do is plug in the adapter, turn on your phone’s WiFi, and pair the Bluetooth to auto-connect.

Key features

  • Plug & play: Configure once and enjoy an automatic connection whenever you turn your engine on. 
  •  Broad compatibility: This adapter works perfectly with over 600 car models with Factory OEM Wired CarPlay systems. However, it is not compatible with Android devices. 
  •  Superior performance: This adapter has a built-in 5G chip, translating to fast connections and data transfer rates.

OTTOCAST wireless CarPlay adapters are compatible with iPhones.


URJD  lets you wirelessly access your phone apps like Messaging, Navigation, Google Maps, Siri, and more. 

Key features 

  • Compact design: This device is compact to ensure it does not occupy so much space in your car.
  •  Easy and fast connect: The first-time configuration is easy and fast. After that, this device connects in about six seconds whenever you turn the engine on. 
  •  Variety of compatible car models: It is compatible with most cars with Factory Wired CarPlay from 2015. 

URJD is compatible with devices running on iOS 10+, from iPhone 6 and above.

Eleacc 5.0

Eleacc 5.0 allows you to go wire-free with the added advantage of providing the latest firmware update for this adapter online for updates. 

Key features 

  • Small but strong: This palm-size adapter only occupies a little space in your vehicle. This product has two types of data cables; USB Type A to C and Type C to C.
  •  Fast: Enjoy fast connections with 5.8 GHz WiFi support and 5.2 Bluetooth. The Next Generation & Signal Filter Technology ensures connectivity doesn’t lag or break. 
  •  Plug and play: After the first installation, it will automatically connect to your phone when you turn on your engine. 
  •  Compatible with many car models: It is compatible with almost 98% of OEM Wired CarPlay Cars and iPhones. 

Eleacc 5.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter is compatible with iPhones and has a high compatibility rate of over 98% with vehicles.

Phoebus Link converts cars with built-in factory CarPlay into wireless systems. This product weighs only 4.2 ounces and features ongoing firmware updates to ensure the adapter runs on the latest software. 

Key features 

  • Plug and play: This adapter automatically connects to your phone after turning the car engine on. 
  •  Support many vehicles: Phoebus Link Wireless CarPlay Adapter is compatible with most cars from 2015 with Wired CarPlay systems. 
  •  Hands-free operations: You can enjoy various features such as voice control and the Siri assistant without touching your phone while driving. 

Phoebus Link wireless CarPlay adapters are compatible with iPhone 5 and above.


CARLIET  turns OEM Wired Apple CarPlay Cars from 2015 into wireless systems. This adapter perfectly inherits the mode of the factory CarPlay and transfers all your phone apps to the car screen. 

Key features 

  • Plug and play: After the first installation, your phone will connect automatically with the CarPlay system whenever you turn on the engine. However, you need to ensure that you have enabled a wireless connection on your phone and that it is not already connected to other devices. 
  •  Fast: Enjoy 5Ghz fast transmission with high-speed data transfer and low audio latency. 
  •  Hands-free driving: Answer calls and access maps and all the messaging apps on your phone without touching it. 

CARLIET supports iPhone 6 and models above this and iOS versions that are 10 and above. Furthermore, it only supports cars with OEM (wired) Apple CarPlay.


Auformer converts OEM Wired CarPlay Cars to wireless systems. This adapter is compatible with almost 98% of the cars produced from 2013 onwards and with a factory CarPlay system. 

Key features

  • Plug and play: You don’t need extra software or hardware to connect the Autoformer CarPlay Wireless Adapter to your iPhone. After the first installation, the adapter automatically connects with your iPhone when you turn on the engine. 
  •  Compact: This adapter has a sleek, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around without occupying much space in your vehicle. 
  •  Fast: This adapter has a 5.8 GHz module, making connection and data transfer seamless.
  •  Easy to update: You can always get the latest features when you update the firmware of the Autoformer CarPlay Wireless Adapter online. 

Auformer wireless CarPlay adapters support iPhone IOS 6 and above.


GUSSLM lets you maintain full CarPlay function and access services such as voice control, Siri assistant, messaging, and navigation wirelessly and without touching your phone. 

Key features

  • Plug and play: After the first installation, the adapter automatically connects to your iPhone when you turn the engine on. 
  •  Broad compatibility: You can use over 600 car models with factory-installed Wired CarPlay systems. 
  •  Fast: Enjoy speedy connections as this adapter has a built-in 5Ghz WIFI module for fast data transfer. 

GUSSLM is compatible with car models from 2015 and supports iPhones with iOS 13 and above.


CPCGER ensures you no longer have to deal with tangled wires as it converts your wired CarPlay into a wireless one. It allows native access to calls, messaging apps, and navigation without wired connections on your phone.

Key features

  • Easy to configure: You don’t need extra software or hardware to configure this adapter with your iPhone. You just need the wired CarPlay system, phone, and this adapter. 
  •  High compatibility: This adapter has over 600 car models with factory CarPlay systems. 
  •  Automated driving experience: After the initial configuration, the connection will be established automatically when you turn on your engine, as a built-in 5Ghz WIFI module powers it. 

CPCGER is only compatible with Apple CarPlay.

CarlinKit 3.0

CarlinKit 3.0 is handy when converting your wired CarPlay into a wireless system. This adapter only works with cars that have Wired CarPlay and some aftermarket models. 

  • Easy to plug and play: After the first configuration, this adapter automatically connects with your phone anytime you turn your vehicle on. 
  •  Compatible with various vehicles: Carlink 3.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter is compatible with most cars released from 2015+ and have the CarPlay feature. 
  •  Hands-free experience: Once the adapter is connected to your phone, you can access all your phone apps on the screen without connecting it to your CarPlay with a cable. 

CarlinKit 3.0 is compatible with iPhone 5 to iPhone 14 Pro Max phone models.


AutoSky is a plug-and-play adapter. It supports USB-A and USB-C extensions, serving a wide range CarPlay models. 

Key features 

  • Easy to configure: You only need this adapter, a Wired CarPlay system, and your iPhone to start using this device. The subsequent connections will be automatic as long your wireless connection is enabled on your phone. 
  •  Compatible with many CarPlay cars: AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter is compatible with over 600 cars with Wired CarPlay. 
  •  Online updates: You can update this adapter’s firmware by scanning the QR code on the manual to search for updates online.

AutoSky wireless CarPlay chargers suit iPhone 6 and above, with operating system compatibility with iOS 10 and above. 

Who’s the Mightiest Adaptor of Them All?

Choosing the right one might seem complicated, considering so many wireless CarPlay adapters are listed. However, compatibility is the deciding point, as features in most models are similar. Furthermore, the choice will also depend on other factors, such as your budget and the factory CarPlay model in your car. Once you have the right model, all you need to do is sit back and let your voice assistant do the rest, except drive.

While wireless CarPlay adaptors will make your phone more accessible while driving, here are Best Smart Car Accessories to Watch-out for!

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