WordPress is not just famous for bloggers or personal websites but enterprise businesses too.

WordPress was initially considered a blogging tool for amateurs. It quickly grew in popularity and is now used by millions of sites around the world. The possibilities offered by WordPress are numerous.

Between the showcase site, blog, and e-commerce site, it constitutes the perfect toolbox for beginners as for developers. Its functionalities also make its use simple and secure for a newbie. WordPress is for everyone – Universities, Govt, Media, eCommerce, Agencies, Financial, Healthcare, Magazine, Corporate, etc.

This is the reason why more and more big names like The Walt Disney Company, The White House, BBC America, The Royal Monceau, Playstation Blog, Vogue, The New York Times and more trust this technology.

Why should the enterprise use WordPress?

While you are setting up your business or expanding it, you need to scale your website too. This is where WordPress comes handy. It offers an extendable approach to whatever you start. WordPress can be used for all kinds of websites needed by enterprise businesses. You could use for corporate site, product landing pages, customer feedback, helpdesk, knowledgebase, blogging, etc.

It’s simply scalable and extendable to meet your enterprise requirements. Here’s why.

  • Fast and easy to set up and manage. You can get your website online in a very short period
  • Plenty of professionals themes to get you started
  • Extend the core system with ready-made plugins or develop a custom one
  • Mobile-ready
  • SEO-ready
  • WordPress is open-source, and that makes it easy for you to use it without any commercial bottlenecks
  • Cost-effective development

Once you decide to use WordPress, you need to find a good, a very good hosting platform.

Why choose reliable hosting?

Even if you own a wonderful business idea or already running a successful business, the choice of hosting is a crucial factor in determining your online presence. Most businesses interact with their existing and potential customers through their websites and blogs. If you do not pay attention to web hosting, it can adversely impact your income.

These are the reasons.

  • Every business strives to get high ranking in search results so that it easily gets the attention of prospective clients. If search engines visit your site and routinely find it less responsive or down, you lose out on good SEO ranking, and that means loss of business opportunity.
  • If your site is slow, it becomes difficult for readers to browse your products and services or read your blog posts. The problem is even worse if you are running an e-commerce site—any breakdown of your site results in a loss of revenue.
  • Unreliable hosting may introduce security risks to your site and makes it vulnerable.

Let’s take a look at the following enterprise-ready hosting platforms offering state-of-the-art features to keep your business running efficiently and uninterrupted.


Kinsta is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting solutions deploying cutting edge technologies like the latest PHP, Nginx, MariaDB, and LXD containers to boost the loading speed of your website.

  • Best-in-class server hardware and software used to ensure that its infrastructure is ready to take any load and work seamlessly
  • Supreme importance to security and implements round the clock monitoring to ensure that your site remains protected from attacks
  • Facilitates swift and secure transport of your data over high bandwidth networks
  • Let their expert manage your site migration for you without downtime

Kinsta leverage Google Cloud Platform and trusted by many leading organizations, including Ubisoft, Ricoh, Workforce, Flippa, Valicor, GE, Intuit, Elcome, and Michigan Aerospace.

WordPress VIP

wpvip.com homepage

WPVIP is built on optimized infrastructure which combines specialized systems, data centers, best technical know-how to ensure that you focus on growing your business without worrying about any hosting issues.

  • Built on a solid cloud-based foundation and is capable of efficiently handling large scale and demanding WordPress sites
  • Offers top-notch performance and is fully scalable and extendable
  • Employs various techniques and algorithms to ensure that your site is protected from brute force or any other types of malicious attacks
  • Consistency and integrity of your site are maintained by performing regular backups, performance monitoring, resource optimization, and vulnerability scans

WPVIP is trusted by many world’s top brands like CNN, Quartz, New York Post, Spotify, Variety, People, CapitalOne, Hachette Book Group, Dow Jones, Microsoft, The Sun, TED, Time, Facebook and Capgemini.

WP Engine

WP Engine offers productive tools to align your site with the increasing competition.

They offer a complete digital experience platform.

  • Tools for developer, designer and managing sites
  • APIs integration
  • Page speed diagnostics
  • Content insights
  • Performance monitoring
  • On-the-go security threat monitoring
  • Routinely applies WordPress patches and updates

The platform is built on rock-solid infrastructure (partnered with GCP and AWS) that delivers efficient, scalable, consistent, and secure enterprise-grade solutions. WP Engine is recommended by some of the top brands, like Microsoft and FindLaw.


Pagely is a unique value proposition, which provides a scalable solution to high volume businesses requiring top performance and uncompromising security.

Pagely platform is backed by AWS, which gives you a choice to deploy your WordPress application into more than 10 AWS data centers regions. The preconfigured plan starts from $2500 per month.

They offer customizable solutions for content management and have an expert technical team to manage infrastructure and ensuring the high responsiveness of their platform.


Pressidium provides high-performance hosting and deploys web technologies used by industry leaders like Google and Facebook. It allows customers to scale their hosting in line with the business requirements.

pressidium.com homepage

Pressidium platform runs on enterprise architecture with consistent on-time and disaster management to ensure unparalleled reliability. They got in-house expertise of experienced DevOps engineers so that you focus on business and revenue without worrying about site management.

A lot of brands trust Pressidium, including Fujitsu, Unicef, LearnDash, Transifex, and Cycling tips.

Pressidium also helps with the custom solution to meet your business requirements.

Let’s quickly compare the pricing.

Hosting Platform
Starting price (monthly)
Kinsta $30
WP Engine $25
Pagely $499
Pressidium $42


Most of the above platforms offer a free trial, so the best would be to try them and see what works for your business requirement. All the listed above are trusted by fortune 500 companies, so you won’t go wrong in choosing them.