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In Career Last updated: September 11, 2023
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Learning anything online has become extremely easy with AI. The same is the case with mathematics because of these AI-based math learning platforms.

Learning and teaching mathematics has always been a hectic task. However, not until you opt for modern technology and AI. In this digitalized world, you can find solutions for anything and everything easily through AI.

The AI market is booming globally. Around 97% of mobile users use AI-powered voice assistants for quick and productive responses. This can be noticed in all fields, including science, lifestyle, health, and more. Today in this blog, we will discuss something similar.

Ever thought that expensive tutors and complicated math could be easily replaced and solved? No, right, but it is possible with an AI-based mathematics platform.

Today, we will discuss the best AI-based mathematics learning platforms and discuss factors you must consider before choosing one.


How can online platforms make learning mathematics easy?

We can’t say that AI is better than an actual tutor, but no doubt it can still be a wise replacement. Learning mathematics isn’t as simple as other subjects. Hence, it requires more time and effort. That’s where AI-based mathematics learning platforms help. 

These platforms are designed to make mathematics more accessible for students to grasp various concepts. Online AI-based platforms can make learning mathematics easier in several ways. Here are a few of them.

Adaptive learning

AI-based platforms provide personalized recommendations and exercises based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. As a result, this approach ensures that the students receive targeted instructions and practice.

Intelligent tutoring

AI-based platforms act as virtual tutors. They provide step-by-step guidance and explanations to ease mathematical solving. These platforms analyze student behavior and struggle to offer additional support and alternative approaches to help them overcome difficulties.

Natural language processing

AI-based learning platforms let the student choose the desired language. As a result, students can write or speak about their problems without worrying about interpretation. 


Data-driven insights

AI algorithms can analyze and store large amounts of data generated by students’ interactions. Teachers and parents can further use this data to navigate the progress and improvements of students and make wise and required decisions.

Personalized teaching speed

All students aren’t the same, and so is their grasping speed. AI-based learning platforms are designed to adjust the speed and pace of instructions based on each student’s learning capabilities. These platforms’ characteristics ensure that students don’t feel overwhelmed or bored. 

Regular evolution

AI-powered platforms regulate students’ progress and performance with real-time feedback. This feature ensures targeted support based on students’ weaknesses and strengths. As a result, students can address their misconceptions and grasp the concept better.

As previously mentioned, AI has become the best friend of employees, businesses, and everyone who uses it. This is all because of its fast and reliable results.

So, as AI is being widely used everywhere, how could it lag in education, especially mathematics? Hence, we brought the top reliable AI-based mathematics learning platforms you must try. 


If you are already familiar with AI-based mathematics learning platforms, you would have heard about Dreambox. Dreambox was founded in 2006 by Entrepreneur Lou Gray and former Microsoft employee Ben Slivka. The straightforward mission of this platform is to enhance and augment students’ mathematics outside the classroom. 

YouTube video

Even though Dreambox offers mathematics education for elementary school, it is still most suggested for younger kids! However, Dreambox stands out from most learning platforms in assessment and personalization. 

The game-inspired environment of this learning space keeps students engaged and lets the teachers and parents track progress daily. Dreambox also offered an iOS app for efficient learning in 2013. 

Currently, Dreambox is one of the most adapted AI-based mathematics platforms. It has around $21.4M in revenue, with 3M trusted customers in 2023. Overall, Dreambox is worth trying as a platform with a 4-star rating.


Nothing can be more reliable than a learning platform built by a trusted university. That’s what Eduten is. One of Finland’s most famous universities built Eduten, which is a reputed AI-powered learning platform.

YouTube video

Eduten is an ideal mathematics learning platform for grades K-12 and beyond. This learning platform is functional in over 50 countries, including India. Experienced teachers developed Eduten to assist teachers. 

Eduten offers ready-made weekly programs. These programs include hundreds of high-quality tasks to enhance students’ math skills. Besides this, Eduten also lets the educator personalize the challenges based on the student’s skill. This approach makes it more versatile for students. Regarding ratings, this versatile platform has positive feedback with 1M users worldwide.


Are you looking for a private tutor who can stay along with you all the time? Take a sneak peek into Amy. This AI-powered educational tool can replace your private tutors efficiently. Amy is specifically designed to give students feedback and enhance their knowledge at the same time.


The best characteristic of Amy is that she is multilingual and multi curricula. As a result, students can learn mathematics without any restrictions of language. Like other educational sites, even Amy lets the parents and teachers monitor students’ progress and growth.

Amy is designed to analyze students’ interactions. Consequently, it adjusts and personalizes the assignments to optimize learning. Unlike similar platforms, this learning tool’s assignments aren’t pre-documented. Instead, they are compiled based on students’ learning nature and speed.


MATHia is built by a reputed university to make learning mathematics easier for students. Founded at Carnegie Mellon University, MATHia is the only learning platform every mathematics teacher needs.

YouTube video

This learning software provides 1:1 mathematics tutor to students. The MATHia tutor not only fills the gaps in knowledge but also analyzes and saves every reaction of students to offer deep insights to guardians. 

Real-time feedback is a significant feature of MATHia that makes it stand out from other similar platforms. This learning tool gives a successful math experience to students while providing teachers with real-time feedback and assessment. 

However, besides these on-peak characteristics, MATHia lacks positive feedback. MATHia is self-paced and quite complex to use. Hence, it has both positive and negative feedback. 

StepWise Math

Exams come with dozens of anxieties! Especially math. The night before a math exam brings several self-doubts, like what if I forget essential steps? Who will help me to revise a concept at the last minute? And so many more. That’s where StepWise comes to the rescue.


StepWise Math is an AI-powered educational tool that helps and guides students while preparing for exams. This platform provides easy steps to follow, making the preparation process simpler.

Whether it’s Algebra or any other topic, StepWise Math can guide and make your learning process easy. Overall, StepWise is your topper friend who can help you score and learn math at the last moment.



IntMath is exactly like its name. This educational tool lets you solve math problems by merely sending the question in the chat. IntMath was initially founded in 1997 and has 20,000 unique visitors per day. 

Solving problems with the guidance of a teacher or parent can be easy. But what about solving problems by yourself? Several times, students get stuck while solving math problems themselves, especially while doing homework. That’s where AI-based resources help. 

IntMath can easily be your problem-solving partner. It is way more accurate than ChatGPT, more flexible than a calculator, and much faster than a private tutor. IntMath always lets you find compatible tutors right from the website. 


Are you looking for a studying companion who is an expert in all subjects? We covered it for you. Plaito is an AI-based app that can help, guide, and help you prepare for exams in various subjects. 


This educational site can assist you in science, physics, mathematics, English, history, and more in one place. Plaito is a coach and friend to help you with your homework and exams efficiently.

Plaito uses a chat format to understand and solve your queries. However, it lets you take a snap of problems to guide better, especially for geometry puzzles. Regarding the review, Plaito has positive feedback, especially about the playful user interface and accurate explanations. 

Factors to consider before opting for a learning platform


Before picking any AI-based learning platform, it is always wise to consider a few things. So that you get the most out of your experience. Hence, you must consider these factors before settling on a learning platform.

Content quality

Besides reliable and accurate content, it’s also essential to check its structure and comprehensiveness. The content quality should be presentable, structured, accurate, and aligned with the current industry standards or academic curriculum for efficient learning.

User interface

Learning platforms are crucial. Hence, ensure that the platforms you choose are easy to navigate, allowing you to locate and access content quickly.

AI capabilities

As we discuss AI-based learning platforms, it is essential to check what values AI has to offer you. Check how advanced the AI is. Check whether it is capable of assessment and personalized teaching, does it offer real-time feedback and more.

Interactive Features

What’s the use of a learning platform that merely gives content but doesn’t analyze your needs? Look for a learning platform that supports interactive features like quizzes, puzzles, forums, etc. 

Additionally, check if they offer features like progress tracking, group discussions, reminders, etc., for a better experience.


Checking if the learning platform is worth the price is as essential as checking if it fits your budget. Evaluate whether the platform’s cost aligns with its features and value.

Data Privacy and Security

Online learning platforms will have access to your data. It’s always wise to check their privacy policy and data handling practices before constantly hitting the agree button. 

Support and resources

It is always better to opt for a learning platform with a technical support system. It can be a chat, call, or community forum. This helps you if you encounter an issue while using the platform.


Check if the platform you are considering allows you to control the pace and schedule. This is essential, especially for those balancing additional work besides learning goals.

Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, it is always better to consider current users’ feedback before being one. Look at the reviews and ratings of the software before investing money or efforts in it.

Remember, one learning platform may not have everything mentioned above. But for sure, these points can help you find an efficient learning platform. 


While technology cannot replace traditional classroom teaching, it can still be a powerful alternative. Today in this blog, we discussed AI-based mathematics learning platforms. With our compiled list of the best AI-based mathematics learning platforms, you will find your suitable learning tool efficiently.

Besides this, we also mentioned factors to consider, like interface, AI capabilities, support system, etc., to help you make better decisions.

Next, check out the best English learning platforms for kids.

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