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In Security Last updated: August 31, 2023
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AI-powered cybersecurity platforms are revolutionizing the online security landscape, making data security more streamlined, concise, and effective.

By 2027, cyber threats are expected to touch mountains, and it would cost more than  23 trillion dollars globally to protect your network, data, and systems against those threats.

With such alarming figures, it is quite obvious that organizations are looking for effective, advanced, and affordable security methods.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing almost every aspect of life and its usage is increasing, it has led to the development of various cybersecurity software and programs. 

AI-powered cybersecurity platforms are one of those systems that will help you stay protected and avoid loss of money, reputation, and other risks.

Here is a quick summary of the best AI-powered cybersecurity platforms I’ll be discussing below.

Notable Features

Versatile protection for digital assets

AI-based proactive threat prevention
Hybrid cybersecurity with AI and ML
AI-powered protection against attacks
Lightning-speed AI threat detection
ThreatCloud AI

40+ AI technologies for threat ID
Acronis Cyber Protect
Integrated AI and cyber protection
Deep Instinct
Deep Learning-based zero-day defense
LogRhythm NDR
Fast threat detection with AI
AI-powered threat hunting and analysis

In this article, I’ll talk about cybersecurity and its importance, along with some of the best AI-powered cybersecurity platforms to create protective armor for your organization. 

What Is Cybersecurity and its Importance


Cybersecurity involves protecting devices, networks, data, services, and applications connected with the internet against malicious cyber attacks that cybercriminals employ to steal data and money and cause harm.

Today, cybersecurity has become important for every organization and individual relying on IT resources. They need robust security protection to safeguard their data and systems from growing threats like viruses, malware, DDoS attacks, ransomware, etc. 

Now, you need a much more evolved, advanced, and efficient cybersecurity approach than before. This is why several research works and innovations for cyber security development are on the rise.

In simple words, cybersecurity involves the practice of protecting networks, devices, and information against unauthorized access. 


Cybercriminals are also evolving and introducing advanced security threats like ransomware, spyware, malware, and so on. They are attacking people and organizations worldwide, compromising data, and stealing money.

Hence, it has become crucial to safeguard information and the integrity of your networks and devices. This is where cybersecurity comes into the picture as a gallant knight with armor (security services) to protect data and networks against threats.

The intent of cyberattacks against endpoints or networks can be anything, such as:

  • Stealing money
  • Extortion
  • Competing with a business and hurting its network
  • Stealing business information and damaging the reputation of a company. 

Modern cybersecurity systems have advanced capabilities to monitor networks for data breaches and respond proactively to them. With real-time tracking, reporting, alerting, and threat analysis, it is now possible to prevent cyber attacks and maintain trust and credibility in the organization. 

AI Usage in Cyber Security and How It Helps


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly vital in bolstering cybersecurity efforts.

Here’s how.

Threat Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)

AI-powered Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are like digital security guards. They continuously monitor your network’s traffic and system behavior to identify any suspicious activities. AI algorithms can quickly spot patterns that might be missed by human monitoring, blocking potential threats.

Malware Detection and Analysis

Malware like viruses and ransomware can wreak havoc on your devices. AI-driven malware detection tools use machine learning to identify and understand new and evolving malware strains. This helps in swift detection and prevention, minimizing the damage due to a threat.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

AI analyzes user behavior to establish what’s normal and flags any deviations. For instance, if an employee suddenly accesses sensitive data that they are not supposed to access, an AI-powered platform can alert administrators about a potential breach so they can stay prepared.

Automated Incident Response

AI automates incident response by carefully analyzing the nature and severity of a threat. It can decide if immediate action is required or if it’s a false positive. This quick decision-making reduces response time and limits potential damage.

Predictive Analysis for Threat Intelligence

AI can easily analyze massive amounts of data to identify emerging threats. It also lets you recognize trends and patterns to help security teams prepare for potential attacks before they happen, making your cybersecurity proactive rather than reactive.

Now that we have got some idea of how AI is useful in cybersecurity let’s talk about some of the best AI-powered cybersecurity platforms that can protect your organization from attacks.


Darktrace can protect the digital assets of an enterprise. The versatility of the program enables it to monitor and protect assets of almost all types of industrial ecosystems – miniature, medium, or massive enterprises.


Darktrace uses various machine learning algorithms to analyze network data threats of a company’s digital cloud and network. The result of the analysis is in the form of calculative patterns; thus, it detects any deviation from normal network behavior to identify threats.

Darktrace has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and operates through over 30+ global offices. They are also into tracing email phishing and cloud environment threats. 

DarkTrace has created not many solo services but a comprehensive suite of services popularly termed an Enterprise Immune System. It comes with a free-of-cost 30-day trial period. Pricing varies from $30,000 per annum to $100,000 per annum as per the bandwidth. 


A futuristic company, CrowdStrike is into the creation of cloud protection software with the core use of Artificial Intelligence. Their product, Falcon, is an Artificial Intelligence-based security software for threat hunting and proactive prevention of malware attacks on an organization’s digital network. Their clients include giants of the healthcare, finance, and retail industries.


Not only threat detection, but Falcon from CrowdStrike is also designed to crucially investigate and analyze threats and thus consolidate the security network. They operate remotely across the globe. 

One of the distinguishing features of their AI power cybersecurity product is the power to enable endpoint access and vision and prevent any security breaches in the company’s cloud space. 


Preventing possible real-time cyber attacks, Vectra is a bit different in working modality than most of its competitors. It is not completely AI-based; it uses an amalgamation of machine learning, data science, and human intelligence. 


Their product Cognito’s primary function, is to automate the task by collecting, detecting, and prioritizing security alerts. Cognito is responsive both for multi-cloud and hybrid enterprises. 

An integrated encryption model helps in better cyber beach incident investigation, followed by suitable analysis and appropriate combat measures. Signal management and co-managed response integration help in better threat identification and handling. 

The pricing varies from as low as $60 per year to $13,920 per year, depending on the services you opt for.


Helping a plethora of industry genres in their functioning, SparkCognition is one of the leading AI-based cyber security providers of current days. Using their AI-based cybersecurity solutions is a great way to provide protection against advanced attacks and improve the overall security posture of the company using them. 


Not only security but automated cybersecurity is their forte, with expertise in multiple cybersecurity solutions. The products from the brand are based on extensive usage of high-end machine learning to protect a company’s networks and cyber assets against threats like ransomware, malware, and Trojans. 

SparkCognition came into popularity for its unique feature of tackling novel threats without any identifiable signatures. They also provide worker database protection for companies, preventing identity theft. Their patented machine learning algorithms are well-versed in meeting specific industry needs using AI-powered end-point protection models. 


Included in the Forbes top 50 autonomous cybersecurity companies, SentinelOne is now a hot cake in the cybersecurity market. Its AI-backed cybersecurity solution product, the SentinelOne Singularity, is a leading AI platform that can detect, respond and prevent cybersecurity attacks. 

YouTube video

SentinelOne Singularity is basically a threat-hunting platform. The most promising part of the product is the lightning speed of action and capability to handle a gigantic workload. Speed, simplicity, and accuracy are the three pillars of its modus operandi. 

This unique, intelligent, and action-oriented platform is powered by DataSet, which is a next-generation futuristic Data Lake technology. The SentinelOne client base includes global healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and several others. 

The core built technology of the product is a Large Language Model Based Natural Language Interface or the LLM model. It aims at detecting real-time complex cyber threats, and through efficient monitoring, it can improve sales and productivity. 

ThreatCloud AI

ThreatCloud AI – the brainchild of Check Point Infinity is a modern AI-based cybersecurity platform. The product claims to use 40+ AI and integrated machine learning technologies that can identify threats in a system that were never identified before. 

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They offer a fifth-generation AI-powered cybersecurity solution with a sophisticated security caliber to protect an organization’s data network and cloud space through some of the leading and highest-performing cybersecurity gateways. 

ThreatCloud AI provides better visibility and control over any amount of workload across your cloud network. The proactive use of SOC operation tools makes the product panoramic in approach with complete endpoint solutions for networks, clouds, and devices. 

One of the unique potential functions expected out of ThreatCloud AI is Zero-Day Phishing, which is a functional anti-phishing AI engine with a core HTML body targeted for zero phishing detection.

Another major feature is detecting unknown malware, infected hosts, documents, network components, and macros and performing static analysis. The system is designed for greater accuracy by machine-validated signature with AI mobile engine aggregator. It also provides DNS security with DNS tunneling and domain generation algorithms. 

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect is an integration of AI and cybersecurity to offer a protective sheath. With the evolving threat landscape, Acronis has introduced the all-new Acronis Cyber Protect to help organizations avail a one-stop solution for cyber and data protection. 

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Acronis Cyber Protect offers great backup and recovery features through Integrated Anti-Ransomware Technology that eliminates loopholes in defense systems. The new-age Integrated Management system offers endpoint protection with special features like URL filtering and patch management. 

With this tool, you can perform vulnerability assessment checks. It can easily manage performance aspects and compatibility issues with one single console while saving time and energy. It also enables you to handle issues effortlessly using multiple tools. 

Acronis Cyber Protect comes with a free trial period, so you can have a better understanding of the tool’s working. The product is suitable for both individuals and organizations, priced at $85 per annum without any setting-up fees. 

Deep Instinct

Best known for its protection against zero-day exploits and its fantastic capability to detect the rarest script-based ransomware, the Deep Instinct cybersecurity platform has changed and practically evolved with AI.

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By preventing unknown threats and radically diminishing the false positive rates, the tool helps organizations enhance their security posture and receive fewer security alerts. Deep Instinct’s cybersecurity product is based on the pivotal technology of Deep Learning

The brand claims that its cybersecurity product resembles an artificial brain that can learn to detect any kind of malicious attack on the system and prevent it with unmatched accuracy. With extremely high levels of prevention efficacy, the relentless system is forever on a competitive edge to protect endpoints and networks. 

The Deep Learning system is already patented by five international patents. Each endpoint protection through the Deep Learning AI-based cybersecurity product costs around $50 to $75 per instance. 

LogRhythm NDR

The Colorado-based company, LogRhythm NDR, is a perfectly curated and unified security platform that can protect your company’s digital security. It is known for its minimum response time; hence, many companies use LogRhythm NDR for the quickest threat detection. 

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LogRhythm NDR is a fully integrated enterprise-class platform with a robust end-to-end security solution model. The working modality is a combination of accurate SIEM, file integrity monitoring, log management, and network forensics.

This AI-powered platform uses core machine learning to detect any threat or abnormal behavior in the network. It also gives insights into any compromised account using the network and also spots other anomalies. The automated analysis through LogRhythm NDR offers real-time visibility of any potential threats. 

The subscription plans usually start from $30,000 to $40,000, with several subscription models and pricing options. 


The cybersecurity company, Cybereason from Boston is making its name in the world of AI cybersecurity. The company was founded in 2012 and is now a Unicorn. It has been ideally described as a response platform to identify cyber-attacks and stop malicious actions.

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The pillars of its actions are threat hunting, threat monitoring, and threat analysis. Providing panoramic visibility of security threats to the companies, the cybersecurity products from Cybereason offer advanced AI-powered threat hunting and analysis functionalities.

Cybereason pinpoints all types of malicious operations that could be potential threats to the network. It also offers a real-time multi-stage display of the complete cyber attack analysis. 

Cybereason offers next-generation unified endpoint protection and is future-ready to protect you from attacks. 

The pricing of the tool is $50 per endpoint. 


Cybercriminals across the globe are using several modes of generative Artificial Intelligence for executing multiple modes of cyber attacks. Thus, it is imperative to use AI to combat the evolving threats. 

The above AI-powered cybersecurity platforms are all sophisticated and effective in providing safety against cyberattacks. All of them have a great set of features and capabilities to enhance your online security posture. 

So, choose the best AI-powered cybersecurity platform based on the features you need for your company and the budget. Do not forget to opt for the free trial to explore the products better. 

You may also explore some best CyberSecurity compliance software to stay secure.

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