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Let’s admit; we’ve all wondered how our favourite songs would sound if they were sung by other artists. Just imagine Rihanna singing a Drake rap or Eminem singing a Celine Dion melody.

These wild thoughts were limited to mere imaginations some time ago, but AI song cover generators have made it possible to bring these thoughts to reality.

Here’s a table featuring the best AI song cover generators that we’ll be looking at in detail:

Product Notable Features
Voicedub.ai100+ AI models, text-to-audio conversion, voice training.
MusicfyEdit AI covers, adjust pitch, audio quality customization.
Covers.aiProfessional voice cloning, audio enhancement.
FineShareAI voice models, voice changing, AI song creation.
Voicify.aiHigh-quality AI outputs, custom voice models.
Music AILimited AI models, audio enhancement features.
VocalizeHigh-quality AI covers, limited artist selection

So, how do AI voice generators work? While obviously, the AI model won’t reach out to Eminem and make him forcibly sing ‘My heart will go on’. In reality, the AI models train on huge amounts of input data, which in this case is the artist’s previous works.

The magic lies in how the AI model can then make the artist sing any genre of music, be it rap, rock, or even lullabies. AI, in fact, has proved to be very versatile in the music industry, as AI music generators and song generator users can testify!

If this idea sounds intriguing, let’s unravel our creativity and create some exciting covers using the best AI song generators. has all the features that a good AI cover generator should have; it has a good collection of pre-existing voice models, including famous artists. You can create your own voice model with ease, and the outputs are good in quality.

More so, the user interface is great and lets you easily navigate between different options with ease.

It features over 100+ AI voice models including John F. Kennedy, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and some generic ones like baby, medic, and engineer models. Apart from just creating song covers, Voicedub.AI comes with an interesting feature of converting a text file into audio in the voice of your preferred artists.

Moreover, you can train your voice into the system, and you can then have any text file read in your voice with ease. The trending section is also great and lets you easily reach the AI voice models that are currently popular with the masses.


Musicfy provides all that most AI cover generators out there provide and more with editing options! While the process of creating an AI cover is pretty consistent for most AI cover generators out there.

You give an input audio file in the form of a live recording, mp3/wav file, or even a YouTube video. You then choose an artist that you want to be the voice for your cover.

The cover generator then creates a cover for you that you may download or share as per your wish. However, there’s not much that you can edit in the final output. If you really would like to edit or modify the audio, you will need another set of audio enhancement tools to do that. That’s precisely where Musicfy hits it out of the park.

You can modify a fair bit of output characteristics while confirming the settings for your AI cover. These include modifying the Pitch and removing instrumentals from the final cover. You can also set the quality to Maset which is set to Standard by default once you buy the Pro subscription.

The pre-existing AI voice models on Musicfy are great, but they don’t include popular names. The AI voice model library largely consists of voice models of community members. can make you an artist minus the Remember how we mentioned creating cover songs in other artists’ voices through voice cloning? How about doing that but also having the freedom to recreate songs in your voice?

I know what you are thinking: why do you need an AI tool to generate covers in your voice? You could do that with a mic and karaoke, too. However, can remove any imperfections in your cover song and make it sound as professional as it gets.

Moreover, you can use an audio voice sample of yours to make make a cover for any song in the world for you. The best part is that your voice sample doesn’t need to be an hour-long speech, but just a 3–5 minute audio.

As creating your unique AI voice model is a time-consuming process, it can take up to 2 days before you can actually use it to make different covers.

Apart from creating your own AI voice models, you can also use the existing ones, which include a ton of popular celebrities, politicians, gamers, and even memes. From my use, I’ve found that’s voice generator includes even popular voices like KSI, Jake Paul, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Donald Trump.


FineShare isn’t limited to just creating cover songs, but you can use it in a ton of different ways. For starters, you can use the available AI voice models as voice changers to record audio in a different voice or even create AI songs using them.

The AI voice model library includes popular voice models like Ariana Grande, SpongeBob, Michael Jackson, and a lot more. You can directly search for your favorite voice models from the search bar or sort the voice models in the singer, rapper, or character categories.

If you don’t find the AI voice model of your favorite celebrity, you can always request their models on the FineShare platform itself. Singify is another one of FineShare’s platforms that features a number of AI cover songs created by other users. The ones we found interesting were Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’ in Michael Jackson’s voice, and Billie Eilish’s cover of ‘Lost on You’. is a tool that has one of the best AI training models at the backend, and your song outputs have a much higher chance of preserving most of the elements of the original song or audio file.

Coming to its features, you can create custom AI voice models using training data in the form of an audio recording. Once creates this custom mode, you can use it to create song covers of all your favorites.

But why are voice models so important? Well, a large part of the AI voice model experience depends on how well the AI tool handles input and output audio samples. Voice outputs which can either be songs or simple audio recordings often lack the quality of the original audio.

This can either be a result of muffled audio samples, background noise in the audio or bad AI training models at the backend. While we suggest using crisp audio for generating custom AI voice models, the choice of a good AI song-generator tool can also bring a stark difference to the outputs.

Moreover, you can use the voice models from the vast library of over 6400 models to experiment and create your own music. Some notable ones are Drake, Plankton, and Eric Theodore from South Park.

Music AI

The Music AI tool has a ton of music-related features, including ones that target a more professional user base. Coming to the AI cover generator part, it is still in a nascent stage, but Music AI gets the job done.

Currently, the tool only features around 10 AI voice models, including Drake, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and more. However, the AI models are of top-notch quality and the promotional song covers teased by Music AI sound interesting. We found Taylor Swift’s Starboy AI cover to be pretty close to what it might sound like in reality.

Though Music AI might not be as mature as other AI cover generators, there is a lot that goes in favor of Music AI. Its features such as Vocal Removal, Text to Song, AI Composition, and a suite of Audio Enhancement give it a competitive edge.

The only minus here is that you need to download and install the Music AI app on your desktop before trying out the features, rather than the browser-based experience other cover generators provide. This makes it harder to try the tool and completely restricts smartphone-only users.


Vocalize might only have a handful of AI artists as of writing this article, but the results are extraordinarily amazing. Below is the video of the OG Freddie Mercury singing ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and it might just be our go-to jam for quite some time.

The output has the Freddie Mercury touch and preserves all the instrumentals from the original song. The AI covers sound remarkable, but the small number of artists is one of its greatest downsides. As of now, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Drake, and Jungkook are some notable names from the few artists available on the platform.

Coming to the actual cover generator, the user interface is quite straightforward with options to choose your AI artist, input audio file, and the pitch setting toggle. However, you will need to log in and purchase some credits before you can even try Vocalize.

Overall, the product is somewhat in a nascent stage and needs a lot more AI voices to come at par with the competition. The initial product seems great, though, and it will be exciting to see what unfolds in the future.

Some fun covers you should try!

The above list covers some of the best AI cover generators in the industry, however, it all boils down to your creativity that makes the best covers that blow up on the internet. Here are some ideas we tried and you may try too:

#1. Happy Birthday in Grim Reaper’s Voice!

Imagine wishing your best friend birthday wishes, but in Grim Reaper’s voice. 👻

We are sure it will account for some laughs and some surprised faces too. We tried this cover using, and we used a generic happy birthday tone from YouTube for the input. The results were great and one we definitely recommend.

Listen🎧 to: Happy Birthday in the Grim Reaper’s Voice

#2. My Heart Will Go On in Eminem’s Voice

We have teased this idea in the introduction too, and that’s because the output is so damn hilarious.

The rap god singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ sounds unintentionally funny. Every time Em started a new verse it sounded like he was about to start a new rap verse and the audio became even funnier. We used FineShare for this cover and the results were as good as they get.

Listen🎧 to: My Heart Will Go On in Eminem’s Voice

Final Words

The above list contains the best AI cover generators that you should absolutely try. While most of them need a subscription to continuously create covers, there are a few tools listed that allow you to try some covers before committing to a subscription plan. Furthermore, though the AI tool will assist in generating the voice, you’ll need an audio cutter if you want to take things up a notch as far as editing goes.

Each of the above cover generators allows you to use your audio files, which is great, but make sure to use samples with the least audio distortion and background noise. If you want a song cover, pasting a YouTube URL might be your best bet.

Finally, it is your creativity that makes these covers special. So, unleash your creative minds and make the most unexpected, funny, and interesting covers nobody has ever imagined.

Already hooked on AI? Also check out this most powerful AI tools list to bookmark for later.

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