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In Database Last updated: April 6, 2023
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Any company or organization can use Cassandra; it was created primarily for enterprises that frequently manage massive volumes of data.

What is Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, fully accessible, and NoSQL decentralized database system that can manage massive amounts of data replicated across several computing systems while maintaining high reliability. Companies like Spotify and Netflix have adopted Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is available to download for free from the official Apache website.

How to monitor Cassandra?

How to monitor Cassandra

Gaining visibility is the main key goal of Cassandra monitoring, which then results in information and intervention to boost database performance.

Numerous platforms are available on the internet to keep an eye on the performance of Cassandra. In this article, we have summarized a list of the best Apache Cassandra monitoring tools for you to help choose the best that suits your monitoring needs.


Server & Application Monitor (SAM) by SolarWinds is a strategic and powerful Cassandra performance monitoring tool to boost database performance. Cassandra monitoring needs a structured approach to prevent performance problems, such as network congestion and service interruptions that can impact end-users.


This Monitoring tool is straightforward to install, and its first configuration can be completed with the assistance of its auto-discovery procedure with equal ease. It is designed to identify and address the underlying causes of the performance problems of Apache Cassandra. It also enables users to dig down into specific Cassandra clusters. Additionally, it allows the user to create personalized notifications.


  • Customizes the dashboard’s appearance by adding new widgets.
  • Monitor the Cassandra database frequently.
  • Manage multiple Cassandra monitoring dashboards in one place
  • Mapping of infrastructural dependencies
  • Create smart alerts to be informed of urgent matters and for the Cassandra server-appropriate thresholds.
  • Examine crucial Cassandra performance factors

Constantly keeping an eye on various Cassandra key metrics is the key to successful Cassandra monitoring. Those key metrics track many aspects of the databases to identify possible problems that may affect performance. If you want to preview the product before buying it, a fully-functional 30-day free version is available to download.


Datadog is a comprehensive monitoring solution for your Apache Cassandra deployments that also includes a wide range of functionality for monitoring your connections, events, apps, and network architecture. It is a SaaS (Software-as-a-service) infrastructure model that supports many applications, including Apache Cassandra, continuous profiling, distributed tracing, and many more.

Data dog

There are several connectors available for Datadog, particularly options with Apache technologies like Apache Cassandra. You can utilize the applicable database, Runtime environment, and system software parameters for visualizing and correlating after modifying the product configuration as per requirements.

It is impossible to constantly monitor the whole database’s performance and operating conditions. It’s not a concern, though, since Datadog establishes performance thresholds for each parameter and notifies you when one is exceeded.

Additionally, You can customize the dashboard using the parameters and indicators that are most important to you.


  • Over 500 Fully managed plugins help monitor the Apache Cassandra databases, network metrics, application footprints, and virtual machine operations in one place.
  • Real-time visualization of actionable information and configurable parameters
  • A straightforward log analysis framework and auto-pattern recognitions are utilized to analyze response streams swiftly.
  • Users can set up hybrid alerts using deductive algebra to save time reacting to false reports.
  • Edge application monitoring and comprehensive delay splits make it simple to spot downward Cassandra requests and data constraints.
  • Quickly create customized drag-and-drop data visualization charts.

Datadog is indeed a subscription-based service, and the service is divided into various monitoring components. Each component of the system is charged individually, either periodically or on-demand. On-demand payment raises the product’s price by around 17 to 20% over yearly pricing.

All modules are available for a 14-day free trial with no restrictions. You can download or request a Datadog developer for a personalized demo.


AxonOps is the only product available built from the ground up for Apache Cassandra. It uniquely combines all the monitoring and operational requirements for Cassandra within one intuitive UI. This is enabled via a highly efficient bi-directional protocol that combines the pull of data and push of operations from a single agent.

An example of how AxonOps leverages the pull of data into smarter operations is Adaptive Repairs. All Cassandra experts know what a challenge it is to maintain an effective Cassandra repair strategy, and AxonOps ensures the repairs are always on and only running when the repair process has no impact on the capacity demands of the cluster.



  • Visualize metrics & logs with dynamic dashboards
  • Proactive Service Checks to never miss an issue
  • Comprehensive alerting with enterprise-wide integration
  • Adaptive and Scheduled Cassandra Repairs to always be one step ahead
  • Maintenance Job Scheduler to automate your key tasks
  • Detailed cluster Configuration Views for the insights you need
  • Backup scheduling
  • Visualize your backups and restores
  • Restore backups with confidence

AxonOps is a subscription-based service with a simple single-agent install, ensuring your cluster can be connected in minutes. The first 5 nodes are available at no cost, and you can take AxonOps for a test drive within your own Apache Cassandra Sandbox environment.


ManageEngine Applications Manager offers comprehensive network monitoring, revolutionary digital surveillance, and many more. The ManageEngine Application manager is a monitoring solution that integrates with Apache Cassandra o Keep an eye on database performance.

In addition to the monitoring, Cassandra’s functionality and performance are also displayed in various behavioral graphs. Disk space information & CPU load are also shown through these infographics.

YouTube video

The frequency of running, outstanding, and delayed processes can be tracked by this tool, which also keeps track of several Cassandra threads. Additionally, keeping a close watch on misplaced transactions might assist you in managing overflow situations in your Cassandra infrastructure.

You can set up threshold levels, create alarms to inform you of failed transactions and obtain a log overview of lost data, including the content type. The dashboard was created expressly to assist users in keeping track of deployed nodes, and it also provides a category breakdown of each node’s status.


  • It is simple to supervise Cassandra functioning in various environments
  • It automatically recognizes databases, dedicated servers, and other networking devices.
  • The notification-supporting alert mechanism is available.
  • It also provides log monitoring services to track external factors like resource usage and cache integrity, giving you a complete picture of the condition of your database.

You have the choice of installing either the Professional or Corporate version. If you don’t register for a business license before your 1-month free trial expires, the software will automatically revert to the free version with limited capabilities.


Sematext provides enterprises full-stack insight by rapidly disclosing possible errors and system failures using an on-demand cloud platform. Sematext is simple to configure and offers comprehensive visibility over your IT environment. It includes Apache Cassandra monitoring.

It is a reliable solution that will deliver an excellent tracking environment for the Apache Cassandra deployments developed by combining an effective reporting mechanism and abnormal activity recognition supporting various indicators.


It is a cloud-based management service that assists companies and organizations in managing log data, tracking systems, and more on a unified platform. Database indicators and OS statistics can be fully monitored on the Sematext platform.

Once the tool is deployed in the working environment, You eventually receive analytics for Apache Cassandra and the equipment it utilizes, such as the container platform or bare Virtual machine that Apache Cassandra is using. Following that, you get pre-built summaries for each significant set of parameters.


  • Complete environment transparency is provided via tracking and analyzing the connections, data systems, and networking equipment in addition to Apache Cassandra statistics.
  • It provides robust graphing tools for visualizing almost any data from the Sematext.
  • Alerting based on abnormal activity recognition and compatibility for third-party notification systems
  • Systematic reporting and regular maintenance.
  • It supports configurable monitoring, allowing the user to track performance issues and possible errors.

Metrics analysis can be used in dynamic contexts based on virtualization technology which makes it simple to scale resources up or down to meet the needs of the enterprise because it is adaptable and hourly billed.

The price is determined by the magnitude of host or container platforms being watched. Similar to other tools, A 14-day free trial is available for SemaText.

New Relic

New Relic is a SaaS cloud service model and an edge monitoring solution that supports Apache Cassandra Integration. It is simple to create a monitoring gateway for the entire environment with the help of various interconnected layouts and components. When integrated with the alerting system and NRQL (New Relic Query Language), this software supports whatever is required to keep Apache Cassandra in surveillance.

New Relic

Data retrieval and enabling the built-in monitoring mechanism are made possible by this query language. It is simple to monitor Apache Cassandra on popular service models due to its compatibility with the most well-known cloud service providers, including IBM cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.


  • Integrating and Analyzing logs enables you to provide reports in addition to Cassandra metrics.
  • Outlier detection and synchronized alerts.
  • Analyzing the application’s performance metrics while providing complete Cassandra support through dashboards.

Pricing is based strictly on no.of users and their privileges. The available capabilities and how much data users can send for no extra charge depending on the type of subscription (Standard, Professional, or Corporate).

For instance, the Regular subscription gives a direct user access to certain features like network monitoring, cloud-based monitoring, and much more while allowing only up to 5 users.


Instaclustr provides a fully managed service for Apache Cassandra. The pre-installed Cassandra Monitoring API tracks the amount of disc space consumed, CPU time utilized, delayed tasks and incomplete constraints, and many more.

Users can track the progression of parameters over time using a built-in visualization tool. For instance, Changes in propagation delay over time can be examined using a charting mechanism. With the help of these infographics, you can quickly see patterns that the dashboard may cause you to overlook.


This dedicated and supervised service allows you to put your data infrastructure concerns aside while concentrating on developing the rest of your architecture system.


  • Users can keep a close watch and generate reports on server resource utilization.
  • Very reasonable and transparent pricing for your service infrastructure.
  • It can effectively manage infrastructures with several clusters.
  • Each measure is refreshed frequently, ensuring that the data you see is accurate.

A Fully functional free trial is available. You can also find the right plan for Your infrastructure by choosing an application and service provider on the pricing page to view the relevant cost.


Dynatrace is yet another excellent monitoring application that instantly recognizes Cassandra databases, allowing you to begin keeping track of their performance. Any complicated application environment can be analyzed by deploying the Dynatrace monitoring tool.

This tool will give you a broader context of your complete application architecture, including variable functionality metrics, network equipment, and customer engagement. It offers a user-friendly mechanism for keeping an eye on your architecture, data system, and records. It is capable of automatically detecting, resolving, and streamlining applications.

Dyna Trace

You can also monitor various statistics, such as CPU usage, connection, suspensions, and packet losses. One of Dynatrace’s best features is root problem assessment. Dynatrace can highlight performance problems on specific nodes by revealing their underlying causes.

You can handle server issues more quickly by streamlining root cause investigation because you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips.


  • Automatically identifies Cassandra databases
  • It consists built-in root cause analysis mechanism to discover the underlying causes of issues.
  • Adaptable and dynamic dashboards
  • Apache Cassandra statistical measures are compatible when using well-known cloud providers like GCP, IBM Cloud, and AWS.
  • Users can quickly identify issues, their effects on the organization, and their underlying causes with assistance.

Dynatrace is a product you should consider if you need a simple Cassandra monitoring solution that is simple to deploy and has transparency all over the nodes to the root level. It comes under the SaaS cloud service model, and the services can be acquired on a pay-per-use basis. Additionally, a 15-day free trial is available.


Cassandra monitoring is necessary for stable database operations & processing tasks. It is crucial to keep an eye on Cassandra’s performance to spot glitches, identify errors, and act quickly to resolve problems.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning about the best Apache Cassandra Monitoring Tools to track database performance.

You may also be interested in learning about the top open-source database software for your next project.

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