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Previously, reaching out to thousands of customers was a very different task for companies and brands. But thanks to the introduction of automated calling and voice broadcasting software, reaching out to hundreds or thousands of phone numbers with automated calls is an effortless task. How? Let’s find out! 

Many prospectors, local businesses, and real estate agents value the comfort of sending automated voice messages that can immediately reach a large audience. This sort of voice broadcast marketing enables vendors to connect with numerous people simultaneously, a task that would be impossible to accomplish manually. 

We’ve given a detailed take on the best automated calling/voice broadcasting software with the handy table below for quick reference.

Product Name Description
CallHippo Automated incoming and outbound calls for various business sizes. Explore
Dial My Calls Automated phone message distribution. Explore
Text Em Call Web-based phone and text messaging for non-commercial use. Explore
CallHub Outbound contact center features, including voice broadcasts. Explore
Exotel Cloud-based calling with CRM integration, ideal for remote work. Explore
CallCenterHosting Text-to-voice message delivery for online merchants. Explore
Routee Evaluate costs for voice broadcasting campaigns in real-time. Explore
Ring Central TCPA Safe Dial for contacting unsubscribed cell phone numbers. Explore
Voicent CRM system, automation tools, and personalized messaging. Explore
Ameyo Import dialing lists, answering machine detection, and Truecaller integration. Explore

The days of manually dialing phone numbers, putting up with busy signals, and staying on hold are long gone. Employing automated calling software, organizations today are undergoing

Benefits of Automated Calling

Automated calling presents a range of benefits as a solution devised to lower expenses and enrich relations with existing customers. These benefits include:

  • Lowered Operating Expenses: You save a lot of money by not having to pay agents for the thousands of calls they make every day.
  • Personalized Engagement: Automated calling lets you interact with all of your customers at a price that is similar to SMS marketing campaigns, personalizing your outreach efforts.
  • Improved Response Rates: Automated callings get more responses than SMS or messaging services like WhatsApp. A phone call, which concerns less effort from the recipient, is more likely to elicit a comeback from the customer.
  • Improved Security and Customer Care: Data transmission over calls generated by automated calling software is more secure than data transmission over SMS. It shows you as a trustworthy organization by displaying your commitment to safeguarding consumer data.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics: You can explore and evaluate your marketing tactics using these systems’ specific collection and exhibition of campaign data and results, which eradicates the necessity for manual data collection.
  • Expanded Agent Productivity: The automated calling procedure can be automated, freeing up agents from dull manual dialing duties. This improves their performance since it encourages them to focus on more important tasks.

What is Automated Calling Software, and how does it work?

Your cold sales efforts can be greatly improved by employing automated calling software. You can triple your conversion rates by utilizing flexible automated calling systems with different calling algorithms for voice broadcasting campaigns and outbound and inbound services.

These automated calling solutions are software applications integrated into contact centers or communication systems, often operating telephony connections. They perform by automatically dialing phone numbers and then connecting the call to a human agent or handling predefined actions based on the situation. 

For instance, the software can catch if a live agent can take the call and then assign it to them. Alternatively, it can leave a recorded message on an answering device or present choices to the person on the other end of the line.

These automated calling systems operate over Voice over IP (VoIP) and the traditional public switchboard telephone network (PSTN). They employ multiple trunks to set connections with telephone or IP networks and can simultaneously dial numerous numbers. This trait raises the likelihood of successfully connecting with at least one recipient.

Key Features of an Automated Call/Voice Broadcasting Software

Automated calls can simplify fundamental customer interactions and are profitable for gaining the highest process automation. Since this benefit is software-based, it typically has features you must look for. To make it easier to differ, here’s a list of these features:

  • Bulk Voice Message Broadcasting: Automated calling is suitable for automating basic client interactions. They allow organizations to efficiently broadcast voice messages to clients, employees, agents, members, and citizens. These messages can include reminders, notifications, alerts, and promotional offers in the form of voice messages.
  • Customizable Voice Messages: Advanced automated calling software promotes bulk message delivery and offers ample customization prospects for voice messages. Users can create and personalize messages in various ways, often including text-to-speech solutions to simplify message creation.
  • Bulk Telephone Number Import: Cloud-hosted automated calling systems are more versatile and flexible than customary ones. They supply tools for easily importing many telephone numbers from various authorities, such as databases, spreadsheets, and customer relationship management (CRM) cloud systems.
  • Campaign Scheduling: Companies profit from the campaign scheduling quality offered by this software. It lets them send pre-recorded campaign messages to a large audience at precisely the right time. Worldly automated calling systems even allow users to alter time zones before performing bulk campaign message deliveries.

Keeping the above points in mind, let’s look at some of the best voice broadcasting and automated call systems for call centers and marketing firms.


CallHippo is an intelligent automated calling system that automates incoming and outbound calls. This cloud-based platform comes in four unique editions customized to the needs of startups, small teams, SMBs, and extensive enterprises.

However, regardless of your team size, elevating to a higher-tier plan is fortunate to acquire access to the most advanced features.


  • Provides multiple telephony provider choices before initiating a call.
  • Offers insights into the optimal time to reach your international clients.
  • Contains call recording and potent analytics abilities.
  • Lets users pick a phone number based on their preferred country.

CallHippo, besides its base packages, delivers a combination of premium add-ons that expand its features. Custom caller ID, call transcription, and voicemail transcription are available as add-ons. To learn more about the diverse CallHippo packages and add-ons available, see the company’s pricing website.

Dial My Calls

Dial My Calls makes it easier to create, schedule, and distribute automated phone messages to all your contacts simultaneously, resulting in a dedicated and influential message delivery. 


  • Presents both long code and short code text abilities.
  • Send instant notifications, computerized calls, and messages to your contact list instantly.
  • Mass notification application to swiftly produce automated calls to a predefined list of phone numbers.
  • The free mass email feature allows recipients to decide between listening to your recorded message or reading your text via email.

Use this voice broadcasting service to quickly send automated calls to a specified list of phone numbers in seconds. You may readily access your account through their website or mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

Text Em Call

Over 45,000 alliances have trusted Text-Em-All for an easy mode to convey with their contact networks. Their easy-to-use phone and text messaging assistance is devised for non-commercial uses; trade, political, or fundraising campaigns are prohibited. 


  • Web-based automatic phone calls have refined functionalities such as surveys and live transfers.
  • Access complete call broadcast results, showcasing real-time information on answered calls, voicemails, busy signals, and invalid numbers.
  • Enable live interactions between your contacts and your organization with a single keypress.
  • Set the rate at which calls are sent to confirm your phone doesn’t become flooded with incoming calls.

Rather than employing the typical short code mass texting method, this software sends SMS in bulk to toll-free or local numbers. You can readily prepare bulk texts, add images, have private replies to replies, and manage opt-outs with their user-friendly interface. They also supply free extra user accounts, SMS numbers, and open pricing.


With CallHub, a reputable and well-known automated calling program, you can access a wide range of elements explicitly made for outbound contact centers, such as voice broadcasts, mass texting, and peer-to-peer texting.


  • Its predictive dialing features boost your productivity by making up to 3 times more calls per hour.
  • Begin automated outbound calls effortlessly as the system dials the numbers for you. 
  • Designate managers to join live calls, delivering real-time guidance and aid to agents in the field.
  • Program and schedule campaigns effectively, allowing you to combine with your global customer base at the most reasonable times.

High response speeds have always been challenging to accomplish with trusted, verified contact numbers. Additionally, it eases the need to employ more agents, which cuts the campaign expenses. Thanks to its simple setup, you may be up and operating in less than 10 minutes and join with hundreds of contacts!


Exotel is a user-friendly, cloud-based automated calling system that guarantees steadfast and secured communication. It is acknowledged for its smooth integration with bespoke apps, CRMs, and helpdesk software. This versatile solution is ideal for companies looking for quick results because it helps customer-focused teams improve productivity while working remotely. 


  • Plan automatic calls for your favored date and time.
  • Produce pre-recorded messages to customers when they answer the call.
  • Start calls based on specific customer actions or simultaneously for multiple users.
  • Access complete real-time call analytics directly from your dashboard.

Exotel, Asia’s largest customer interaction platform, aids over 4,000 enterprises in India by easing calls and SMS, increasing customer experience initiatives. It supplies a remote-ready solution authorized by well-known firms like Ola, Gojek, and more.


Many online merchants operate CallCenterHosting to guarantee client orders and present diverse payment plans, including cash. Every company’s primary goal is to turn possible leads into dedicated clients, and this audio broadcasting technology is crucial to achieving that purpose.


  • Readily compose text and transform it into a voice message set to your specifications.
  • Fine-tune the message delivery timing for optimal conversion rates.
  • Run an interactive voice response system that urges listeners to take specific actions and engage with services.
  • During campaign execution, you can record and upload audio files as needed.

It permits you to carry out carefully designed campaigns that provide measurable outcomes for your business, ensuring that every action contributes to business growth.


Operate the Routee platform to proactively evaluate all costs associated with your voice broadcasting service campaigns. Improve your company with voice broadcasting campaigns that present reasonable billing by the second. 


  • Consider campaign performance by analyzing delivery and response rates.
  • Pick from a selection of 16 languages for your messages.
  • Virtually segment your customer data and launch campaigns aligning with your business needs.
  • You can run multiple calls with Routee’s robot dialer, adapting your requirements seamlessly.

The most efficient form of communication is occasionally an automated voice message. Use text-to-speech technology to start conversations with your consumers, or use Routee’s voice broadcasting software to send pre-recorded messages.

Ring Central

The all-inclusive RingCentral automated calling software covers all contact routes. With its TCPA Safe Dial feature, you can call unsubscribed cell phone numbers without stressing about violating the law.


  • Quality over quantity is highlighted in lead lists, prioritizing significant interactions with people.
  • Securely reach customers with cell phones who have yet to opt into a campaign, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Simplify analysis and call selection, allowing call center agents to focus on setting personalized connections during calls.
  • Full-featured manual dialer with a user-friendly agent interface and combined compliance support tools.

You can quickly and readily set up and operate RingCentral contact centre from anywhere, whether on your phone, laptop, or any other device. It merely takes a few minutes to set up.


Voicent, employed in over 50 countries, has a built-in CRM system for following calls, customers, and campaigns. It also has potent automation tools to optimize operations.


  • You can send automated voice messages using either your or computer-generated voice.
  • Simultaneous calls can be made, accompanied by text-to-speech functionality with personalized messaging.
  • The software promotes the creation of a virtual receptionist and harnesses both inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
  • Voicent helps with agent monitoring, call whispering, and an agent dashboard with comprehensive insights.

One of its special features is the choice to send pre-recorded messages, providing unmatched ease. Voicent also presents a variety of dialer choices, including automatic, predictive, progressive, and preview dialers, guaranteeing versatility and power for your team.


Ameyo‘s automated calling API can easily import dialing lists from CRM systems or other external platforms into the Ameyo system.


  • Utilize answering machine detection to filter calls and confirm that agents are connected only when a human answers the call.
  • Obtain automatic notifications when your lead list reaches a predetermined threshold, letting supervisors plan outbound calling activities more effectively.
  • Enable call pick-up rates by 50-60% through Truecaller Verified Brand Identity.

Utilize the power of automatic pre-recorded outbound voice messages to communicate with your entire contact list efficiently. This advanced voice broadcasting technology is utilized for running large-scale outreach campaigns.

Summing Up

So these are some of the popular platforms offering automated calling or voice broadcasting software. Before you settle for one, it’s essential to read user reviews before choosing any program. They offer insightful information on how well the product can meet your requirements.

The software must also provide outstanding sound quality to maintain a professional appearance when speaking with your clients. A free software trial can help you try it without worrying about costs.

Next up, check out these fantastic call tracking software for marketing and sales.

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