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Have you been manually managing, delivering, and tracking coaching solutions for your clients? You can increase profit and decrease business costs using the following popular coaching software.

Personalized and group coaching is becoming increasingly popular among professionals to make their lifestyles interesting. As the demand for therapists, trainers, and coaches grows, various expert IT developers have come up with convenient tools.

Read on to find some useful coaching applications that can grow your brand and business.  

Various Types of Coaching Solutions

#1. One of the most popular niches is the health, exercise, and fitness coaching that takes care of personal health.  

#2. Nutrition coaching, along with habit development, is also a great choice.

#3. You can also explore the discipline of personal training for busy professionals who want tailored services.

#4. Career coaching helps skilled workers to choose the right pathway for success in their profession. 

#5. Workplace coaching mainly deals with productivity, digital transformation, skill development, and cyber security practices. 

#6. Family life consultation is another important coaching practice where you need to guide clients who come with issues in the family space.

#7. You can also select the addiction and sobriety therapist profession since most professional workplaces now seek sobriety certificates from employees.  

The Popularity of Coaching Programs

The ICF Global Coaching Study for 2020 has revealed that the coaching industry collected a total of 2.85 billion USD in revenue worldwide. The research also reveals that the popularity of online life coaching is increasing drastically. 

Though the in-person coaching sector is also thriving, it is not seeing much growth when compared with therapy and training delivered online. Life coaching, an umbrella term, covers all group or personal therapy sessions where an expert in the subject works with the beneficiary through the thought process and practical sessions.

Creative and professional individuals are leaning towards life coaching in personal or group sessions to free themselves from the boredom of work. On the other hand, busy professionals seek personal coaching support to maintain health, nutrition, and good habits.

To help you with your business of coaching solutions, we list some top-tier tools that successful coaches and businesses use:


Bonsai is one of the easiest to use and most stunningly designed all-in-one coaching software. From managing clients, sending invoices and taking payments, and even tracking your expenses, you can run your whole business in one place.

This tool offers all essential features for your coaching business: scheduling, client CRM, contracts & e-signing, invoicing & payments, online banking, client portal, client intake forms, session notes, and hundreds of free prebuilt and customizable templates that you can tailor to your brand.

All features are integrated and automated with each other, saving you both time and money. For example, once a client schedules a session with you, you can automatically send an intake form to fill out before a session. The client’s contact information is automatically synced within the CRM. Afterwards, with just a few clicks, you can send this client an invoice, a contract, set a reminder, share session notes, and other relevant information.

In addition to client management, Bonsai offers a complete financial management solution. It includes accounting, taxes, payments and banking. So you can manage all aspects of your coaching business on one platform. Bonsai also supports integration with different tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier, QuickBooks, and many others.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one coaching management software that helps you manage all coaching-related tasks, go for CoachVantage. It is purpose-built for coaches, so you and your clients will be better organized and more productive.

You’ll save time without using multiple tools or switching between different applications to get the necessary information. This cloud-based platform provides all the necessary tools your coaching business needs in one place.

The highlighted features of CoachVantage include the following:

  • Automated client enrollment to your coaching programs from a branded sign-up page
  • Easy resource sharing like files, notes, goals, and assignments with clients
  • Online forms and questionnaires that you can send to clients
  • Self-booking from your online scheduler
  • Ability to set up recurring client appointments
  • Instant contract e-sign for effortless client onboarding
  • Coaching log that automatically records your coaching hours (very convenient for coaching certifications!)
  • Facility to send invoices and get paid online
  • Integration with Zoom, PayPal, Stripe, and calendars like Google, iCal, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 Calendar

It also offers a secure client portal that enables clients to take accountability and helps you manage your coaching engagements professionally. You would get a holistic outlook of your business from a single platform.

For the cherry on top, CoachVantage has an excellent interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.


If you work as a solo entrepreneur, Practice is the professional client management platform for you. Those starting to accept clients or looking for a way to get rid of multiple tools for business management will find this all-in-one platform to be highly useful.

For each of your clients, you get dedicated client records that keep all your client interactions, details, and shared documents organized in one place. There is also a central hub for the clients that let you chat with them or leave voice memos.

You can also sync this software will Google Calendar for scheduling appointments, customize your availability for coaching sessions, and set automatic reminders for upcoming sessions.

Moreover, you can upload unlimited files here and share them with your clients. Creating and sending contracts and forms, sending invoices, and creating packages and subscription plans are other top features of this software. Besides the web, you can access this tool from Android and iOS.


HoneyBook is capable of fulfilling all your business needs from a single platform. From managing projects to booking clients, from sending invoices to getting paid—it can streamline each step of your coaching business to supercharge your productivity.

This tool lets you create and send invoices to your coaching clients in quick clicks, besides using the most recent invoice as your template. On this platform, people getting trained by you can make secure digital payments. Moreover, you can schedule recurring payments and enable reminders for those. 

With its online scheduling tool, you can set your availability for getting scheduled and share meeting links for the coaching sessions. It is also possible to sync external calendars with this HoneyBook calendar. Additionally, it supports integration with different tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, and QuickBooks.


Delenta is a fully integrated coaching software that increases your productivity by simplifying the whole process from signing up the clients to getting paid. This software helps you grow your business with its supported integrations with MailChimp, Outlook, PayPal, Zoom, Stripe, and Google Calendar.

You can enjoy the integrated video conferencing feature of Delenta for coaching an individual or a group coaching. It also provides an easy storage facility for clients’ tasks, notes, and rewards.

This platform is also suitable for setting up and selling coaching packages. The process takes only a few minutes and comes with a secure built-in payment handling. Moreover, it offers features such as meeting reminders, comprehensive call analytics, and recording client testimonials.


Whether coaching is your profession or passion, Simply.Coach will make your days effortless. This coaching management platform assists you in focusing on client interactions and outcomes. With its help, you can manage both individual and group/team engagements in one place.

The platform also enables you to set up goals and monitor progress regularly. Through Simply.Coach, you can communicate and share resources with your clients with complete security and confidentiality. This coaching software not only allows automated contracts and invoicing but also lets you visualize the ROI and ROE of your coaching. 

This tool comes with a multi-tiered data security model that encrypts your data in transit and at rest. It does not need any installation and configuration, so both you and our clients can access the software from anywhere, 24/7.

When it comes to professional coaching, is the name you can rely on. Besides individual coaches, coaching companies and businesses that provide coaching facilities to their employees can utilize this platform.

It offers the technology needed for effective and impactful coaching in any industry. The robust dashboard of this tool comes with configurable widgets that you can customize easily. 

Through its client portal, coaches can offer different levels of access permission to their clients for scheduling sessions, joining video meetings, accessing and downloading resources, updating goals, etc. also supports two-way calendar sync for seamless scheduling and integration of all your workflows. The coaching software only takes one click to create and send invoices from this platform. Also, it offers you real-time notification on any billable activity and lets you collect payment via the Stripe app.

Nudge Coach

If you need to deliver your coaching programs at scale, you must check out the Nudge Coach platform. You can build personalized apps on this coaching software to deliver coaching content, manage clients’ progress, and check with the client if needed.

Your Nudge App coaching accountability tool will mainly emphasize the following six major features: 

  • Client tracking for simplified accountability
  • Streamlined coaching content through Cards
  • Set clear targets for coaching through Goals
  • Support and interconnect the coaching clients via Groups
  • Automated coaching programs
  • A centralized and secure messaging system

Moreover, this coaching solutions application will assist you in getting started with your business quickly.   


If you are in personal fitness coaching and training, you can efficiently operate and grow your fitness coaching business with FitSW. It is a fully integrated and specialized application development platform just for personal coaching service providers. 

Some notable features that you get from this platform are: 

  • Elaborate workout content creation using templates
  • Full-service Nutrition service planning, food lists, and instructions
  • Change the lifestyle of your clients with Habit Coaching
  • Automatic payments, gym management, profiles, etc.

Furthermore, it is a globally available coaching solutions platform catering to 100 countries so far. Additionally, if your clients come from different language backgrounds, the platform has got you covered. You can create your coaching app in 6 different languages: English, Portuguese, Swedish, Hebrew, and Italian. 


Profi is yet another popular solution for coaching experts if you plan to save time through automation, brand your business and impress the client, and grow your business efficiently. The cloud-based coaching software is suitable for therapists, consultants, trainers, and coaches.

Here are some features of this platform that make it truly one application for all things coaching:

  • Automated billing system with flexibility for personalization
  • Online booking and scheduling of slots
  • Journaling and digital forms for information management
  • Modules to build curriculums and programs
  • Community building and memberships
  • Messaging and video calls

Moreover, the tool is suitable for medium and large businesses that manage many consultants and clients. 

Satori App

The business growth aspect also depends on the availability of your coaching service and its content. So, make it easy for you to sell your service and also let the clients easily come to you through Satori App. You can generate group session products, customized services, and signature coaching plans at scale.

Also, the tool lets you personalize content delivery through individual client user interfaces (UIs), custom branding, and automated follow-ups. 

It also comes with an elaborate and intelligent coaching calendar. You get all the client’s events on one screen so that you can save time for lead generation, marketing, and webinars.


Learnyst lets you kickstart your online coaching business today by securely selling courses from your branded apps. Through this coaching software, coaches can keep the learners engaged using interactive and media content. 

For an end-to-end learning experience, it also allows you to include quizzes and offer certificates. The inbuilt marketing features of Learnyst help you market your courses for better business growth. You can also integrate it with other applications and reach more students. 

When it comes to payment, you can effortlessly integrate the platform with various payment gateways so you can get 100% money credited straight to your bank account.

Upper Hand

Are you searching for a dedicated coaching software for sports training? Upper Hand is a scheduling application that offers you the best-in-class experience in sports training and facilities. By doing away with the time-consuming manual tasks, the tool makes sure your team can be more productive.

The platform empowers your organization with smooth scheduling and seamless data access. It has flexible registration and scheduling facilities for fitness and sports businesses. You can easily create events on it and personalize them accordingly.

Upper Hand allows you to customize availability by eliminating any chance of double booking and enabling deadlines and intervals. It also lets you track, adjust, and refund all transactions, apply discounts and coupon codes, view revenue reports, and get transaction insights.

Book Like A Boss

If you are into a booking-based coaching business, Book Like A Boss is the perfect platform for creating booking pages that convert leads into sales. It not only simplifies your sales funnel but also helps the clients to stay focused on your service.

This single intuitive platform sends your client to one place where they can book and pay you. With its assistance, users can create professional and customizable booking pages that showcase their value. 

The booking calendar feature makes the scheduling process a breeze. Additionally, it lets the clients pay through online or offline payment mode as per their choice.

PT Distinction

PT Distinction can be your online training business partner that helps you reach more people and deliver incredible results. This tool comes with powerful features, but at the same time, this coaching software is simple to use.

This platform allows you to choose where and when you want to coach. Its features like pre-scheduled delivery and routine client communications make the job easier for you. The advanced scheduling tools of PT Distinction automate the training delivery process.

Using the live activity feeds, users can visualize the data in real-time. Furthermore, it can be integrated with top applications like Google Sheets, YouTube, PayPal, Vimeo, and Zapier.


Online coaching comes with a bunch of administrative work as well. Fons frees up your time by performing admin tasks like bookkeeping, making invoices, sending emails, rescheduling classes, and payment follow-up in a few clicks. 

With this tool, client onboarding becomes a hassle-free procedure. Users can also utilize personal booking links, recurring appointments, and manual scheduling to ease the booking process.

You can also customize your availability, integrate your favorite calendar app, detect the timezone, and track client attendance with Fons. It also lets you create individual client profiles that include contact info, billing rates, and transaction histories.

Coaching agencies can also use it for staff management. The automated payments feature will let you enable per appointment billing or subscription billing according to your needs.

Final Words

So far, we have introduced you to some of the leading and best coaching software for content delivery, business management, scheduling, and billing. You can try some of these and choose the one that best fits your consulting and training needs.

You may also be interested in knowing the best places to create online courses.

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