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Jira Software is the #1 project management tool used by agile teams to plan, track, release, and support great software.

Creative management software assists users in managing, designing, automating, and distributing the creative items of digital ads. 

Many businesses face difficulty in handling the process of creating and distributing digital ads manually from the concept stage to completion. 

Manually managing ideas, putting everyone on your creative team, collaborating, distributing tasks, and executing the final project is never easy. Eventually, it may get complex and require you to spend more time and effort on each task.

Therefore, brands, advertisers, and agencies are constantly looking for an automated, multi-channel advertising platform to get better ad experiences.

From collecting creative ideas to signing off on the project, creative management software can help you streamline everything. 

It will automate repetitive tasks, save you time, maximize ROI, enhance user productivity, and offer many other benefits.

Let’s discuss creative management and the best creative management software solutions that offer useful and advanced features for your marketing campaigns. 

Here is a quick summary of the best creative management platforms I’ll be discussing below.

Product Name Description
Mediawide Cloud-based Creative Management, distributable campaigns. Explore
Adobe Experience Cloud Automated ad creation, retargeting Explore
Adacado Ready-made campaign, ad creation Explore
Bannerflow Creative Campaign Management, data-driven decision-making Explore
Storyteq Instant ad content creation, automation Explore
Airtory Dynamic content creation, ad tag compatibility Explore
Smartly Personalized ad creation, AI insights, cross-platform automation Explore
Ziflow Collaboration and feedback tools, enterprise-grade security. Explore
NEXD Lightweight interactive ads, code-free layouts Explore AI expansion, media integration, and campaign management. Explore
Bynder Creative workflow management, collaboration, analytics Explore

What Is Creative Management?

Creative management is a subtype of project management that only targets creative projects, such as advertising and marketing campaigns, re-branding, video production, and web design. It aims to gather people, processes, and other moving parts together in a single place, giving you an integrated platform to produce profitable results.

It’s a practice that involves smooth management and delivery of creative projects and items in agencies and businesses. It manages all phases of your creative development work and oversees the process of creating images, layouts, copies, and art for your creative projects. 

Creative managers are responsible for forming a great team with new, required skills to maintain a high degree of creativity. 

What Is Creative Management Software?

A creative management software solution is a cloud-based tool that publishers and brands can use to produce, measure, and distribute creative ideas. With the increasing complexities around industries, it is essential to utilize a centralized place for all your creative campaigns. 

The core use of creative management software is to design ads and produce them at scale. It uses a combination of automatic and manual features to enhance the creative outputs of your team. It can generate different creatives to tailor your ads and send your message to your audience.

What’s the Need for Creative Management?

Creative project management offers a framework to your organization to ensure work is done within budget and on time while maintaining a high level of standard. It offers the following benefits, which is why many organizations adopt it. 

  • Creative management ensures the projects are explained clearly among creative team members, and work is distributed evenly to appropriate individuals. 
  • It eliminates hours of work in creating ads. Instead, you can focus on designing better campaign ideas to drive engagement.
  • Advertisers can generate brand messages and creatives that are designed for target audiences. You can add interactive elements, such as images and videos, to attract customers. 
  • Creative management enables advertisers and brands to collaborate on various projects despite their geographical location.
  • It prevents creative issues by monitoring the objectives and progress of projects to make sure everyone is working as per the said task. 
  • It coordinates comments, feedback, and approval processes so that everyone in the team is satisfied before the launch of the project. 

How Does Creative Management Software Work?

  • Initiation: This is the first stage, where the stakeholder or marketing team identifies a requirement. Collaboratively, both the stakeholder and marketing team set objectives and goals along with the scope of the project. Processes and deadlines are documented to come up with a perfect project plan. 
  • Planning: Creative managers design a detailed plan mentioning all the project details, deadlines, and processes. Then, the tasks are distributed among the team, and a timeline of workflows, activities, and responsibilities is established.
  • Execution: Creative teams use collaboration tools in order to automate admin work. Communication is a measured turn used throughout the execution stage. Creative managers monitor the quality across the execution stage. 
  • Sign-off: This is the final stage where creative managers gather final feedback, conduct a review session, and provide the required deliverables.

Features of Creative Management Software

Creative management platforms must have a unique, valuable set of features to help brands, advertisers, and agencies carry out their work effectively. In order to select the best creative management platform for your business, you need to check these features:

  • An ad creator to leverage creative generation
  • High interactivity and automatic code generation
  • Features for seamless collaboration
  • Digital asset management
  • Brand consistency across different channels
  • Dynamic Creativity
  • Ability to upload creatives to multiple channels
  • Real-time analytics

Now, let’s dive into some of the creative management platforms.


Enhance the ROI of the marketing campaigns across web banners, print, and video with Mediawide‘s Creative Management platform. It is a cloud-based model that helps publishers, agencies, and brands to scale, distribute, produce, and measure creative campaign impacts. 

You can adapt, personalize, and localize creative assets across several geographies and distribute them using multiple channels. Mediawide supports localized and customized videos, web display ads, outdoor signages, and more. 

Furthermore, you can minimize the decision-making process and enhance the productivity of marketers, designers, and management.

Adobe Experience Cloud

If you get new audiences, introduce additional products, and require more personalization, you use Adobe Experience Cloud and design the creatives you need based on your goal. It uses an automated ad creation process for retargeting and prospecting customers. 

The aim is to enhance the message relevancy to attract users while used in prospecting campaigns. 

For retargeting, programmatic creative management aims to focus on more order values and drive conversion. Adobe Advertising Creative brings marketing professionals and designers in an intuitive and self-serve interface. 


Are you looking for an easy and quick way to display ads? Adacado offers readymade campaign solutions as per your advertising goals and lets you start running display ads with ease. It allows you to upload images, messages, and logos easily by handling the rest. 

Whether you want to run simple and easy static ads or dynamic creative ads, Adacado has your back. 

You can select your requirements from the filter options and pick your campaign solution today. In addition, you use the platform features for free and only pay for the product you store and the ads you run. 


Accelerate decisions and boost performance with Bannerflow Creative Campaign Management. It will help you manage your ads with multiple publishing options and reach your audience effectively. 

Get benefits from integrations to more than 20 ad servers, DSPs, and networks. You can design ads and publish them directly into the existing ad set and social media campaign. 

Bannerflow offers an automated distribution and intuitive interface to enable an efficient workflow. You can also control the affiliates and brand-consistent ads and export videos and images to Facebook Ads Manager. 

Combine creativity, data feeds, and automation to make your campaigns more touching for your customers. You can also improve your advertising performance via data-driven decision-making using data from A/B testing, Heatmaps, analytics, and more. 

Furthermore, show your audiences what you can offer by using a decision tree, intuitive setup, fallback creatives, and more. Bannerflow’s smart algorithm helps you boost performance, which promotes the best ad creatives. 


Create your ad content for each market and channel instantly with Storyteq. You can scale your digital, print, and video production while eliminating expensive and slow marketing processes. 

The tool can save you time and money by automating your creative production. Also, it allows you to instantly create multiple channel campaigns. 

Drive ROI by engaging your audiences across each touchpoint. You can create dynamic templates to adapt creative content instantly. Additionally, you can scale your digital banners, statistics, prints, and videos with Storyteq’s easy-to-use platform. It also helps you deliver rich campaigns on budget, on time, on every channel, and on every platform. 

Moreover, activate your campaigns easily at speed to every market and channel and test their effectiveness to automatically optimize performance. Storyteq uses brand-compliant generative AI in your marketing to make the technology more accessible for marketers and designers. 

Storyteq Creative Automation Platform

Generate, activate, and scale your campaigns instantly with Storyteq Creative Automation Platform. It allows you to deliver high-quality and high-volume creative content faster than before. 

You can create thousands of multiformat and multi-channel assets with a few clicks using its dynamic templates. Also, you can push these assets live across the market. 

With the use of dynamic templates, you can generate premium videos (MOV, MP4), digital banners (HTML5), print assets (PDF), and statics (JPG, PNG). You can easily adapt fonts, logos, colors, imagery, products, languages, and more. 

Storyteq interprets data intelligently to automate the production process of marketing assets, driving engagement and revenue.


Experience a rich advertising platform to create media content easily with Airtory. Its pre-built templates reduce overall operational and production costs. 

Airtory’s landing page creation studio and self-service ad builder serve as the advertising solutions for the media platforms. Brands, publishers, and advertisers can take advantage of this cloud-based platform that enables them to create dynamic content for cross-channel publishing. 

You can send brand messages to every corner of the world using universal ad tags. These ad tags are compatible with ad exchanges, ad servers, and DSPs, along with independent publishers. 

In addition, you will get real-time metrics to know the performance of every advertisement. Airtory has more than 400 ad formats to choose from. This lets users get an exciting ad experience with the help of various images. 


Engage your customers with relevant and agile creatives and offer personalized experiences to drive your business. With Smartly, you can personalize your ads to attract more and more customers. 

Govern, collaborate, and scale your creatives using automation tools for cross-platform and cross-market activations. 

You can use custom AI-driven insights to unlock key performance drivers and ad fatigue to predict when a campaign needs to be updated. Visualize the performance of creative elements and creatives and take action immediately by uncovering actionable insights.

You can apply guidelines and brand assets to create video and image templates. This helps you connect data sources with the templates to create numerous personalized ads across different channels to drive ROI and engagement. You can also upgrade your creatives to various placements and sizes across platforms. 


Fulfill your creative needs and get great feedback with Ziflow. It offers discussion tools to collaborate with your teams in order to make faster decisions on feedback and comments. 

The platform’s easy-to-use markup tools allow you to get pixel-accurate feedback. You can also quickly review comments and changes from version to version by comparing them side-by-side. 

Ziflow allows you to frame-accurate commenting on motion and video objects. You will get a unique set of feedback tools for banners, websites, and other native creative content. It has a no-code or low-code integration platform that lets you connect with over 1000 apps and tools easily, like Asana, Google Drive, Dropbox,, and more. 

With Ziflow, you can collaborate online using any device without installing or downloading the app. It helps you protect your creatives with SOC2 enterprise-grade security. Additionally, you can upload any file of any size easily and keep team collaboration at pace. It guarantees 99.9% uptime so that you can stay creative throughout the project. 


Build interactive, lightweight, and cost-effective ads with NEXD and maximize your ad performance by attracting more and more customers. 

You can create video and digital animated ads that can load faster as compared to traditional HTML5 ads. It offers a scalable and robust architecture so that you will have a complete piece of mind. 

NEXD helps you save resources and effort with its code-free ad layouts and intuitive tools. You can publish rich media ads and save up to 25-50% VO2 emissions. You will get 5-10x lighter ads, AI algorithms, and higher viewability. 

The platform uses GPU and WebGL as its processing source. Get in touch with NEXD’S team and enhance customer engagement up to 5x+, higher conversion rates, and higher CTR.

Get the easiest way to start designing and distributing creatives using a single platform – Creative professionals, media houses, and brands can perform better with this tool.

The platform uses a creative briefing module to get all your assets and everyone in the team on the same page. In addition, it integrates with Facebook, YouTube, and DV360 to provide a clear view into media strategy. uses creative concepts that have flexible and fixed elements. With the help of AI, you can expand one set of creatives to hundreds of messages and formats. Comments, sign-offs, and status on ads all happen in a single workspace with 

The tool can take the subject out of the equation to understand the score of your creatives in every channel. Then, its AI engine lets you maximize your campaigns.

Furthermore, partners with digital platforms to make sure managing and uploading your creative variants is easy. Platform Platform offers next-generation intelligent automation for your ad campaigns. This lets you bring media and creative teams together to produce the most relevant ads. 

The tool’s collaboration and AI tools allow you to design creative assets with dynamic templates having an incredible number of formats.

You can customize the approved creative using first-party and third-party audience data.’s Platform score elements and algorithm tags bring you key insights into how your creatives are performing and make adjustments accordingly. In addition, you can map your geographies, agencies, and departments and assign permissions to allow them to do their part conveniently. 

You can mark your designs, carry out discussion threads, and mention colleagues on every campaign. Its intelligent automation helps you put the right assets in the right container to make your ads consistent across mobile, banners, video, desktop, social, and contextual sites. 


Bynder‘s Creative Workflow module allows your team to streamline reviews, approvals, and requests for better creatives. With this tool, you can never be confused about your project’s deadline, department, purpose, or stakeholders anymore. 

This platform lets you make creative requests, providing information to ensure smooth creative workflow management. You will get configurable workflows and involve stakeholders to move reviewing rounds quickly. 

You can use annotations, add comments, and assign tasks to collaborate on the creatives or compare versions. Bynder brings all stakeholders to ensure your content is fit for publishing. 

Its Analytics module tells you about the efficiency of your project workflow process so that you can scale up or down the creative resources as per the requirement. 

Take a free trial for 30 days or book a demo to see how Bynder works and take your creatives to the next level. 


Using a creative management software solution, you can design and distribute creatives easily. It offers capabilities like creative optimization, marketing calendar, workflow capability, file sharing, collaboration, access management, display functionality, and customized reports to increase your success in creative marketing. 

You may also explore some remarkable Ad Tracking Tools for marketers.

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