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Design is a critical aspect and visual representation of the message you want to communicate.

From logos to advertising campaign banners and posters, they all portray a specific message to your audience and potential customers.

There are plenty of ways to design posters, logos, and banners for your brand and campaigns conveniently. Hundreds of platforms have emerged to provide small and enterprise-sized businesses with an opportunity to design anything they want and put it out there for their customers.

But not every platform is excellent. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best ones, so you don’t waste valuable time and money. The following are some of the best offline and online design solutions which are trusted by millions.


Canva is a popular graphic design platform that can help you create presentations, social media graphics, and visual content like posters, logos, and banners. The platform enables users to collaborate and create incredible graphic designs for free.

You can use Canva on mobile or desktop, and it features millions of images, templates, illustrations, and fonts.

Canva has a Templates section where you can find design ideas for brochures, resumes, invitations, business cards, presentations, and flyers, among many others. This section provides you with plenty of ideas to come up with designs for whatever you need.

The Discover section, on the other hand, is where you can find logos, infographics, posters, graphs & charts.

Canva also has great learning resources to improve your design skills.


If you are looking for simple and easy-to-use design software to edit photos, Pixlr is a good choice. It is a free online editor that you can use right from your web browser. The good thing about Pixlr is that you don’t even need to register an account to access its features. Its tools are powered by AI, which provides you with the next-level photo editing experience.

You can professionally design photos and save them in any format like PSD, PXD, PNG, JPEG, SVG, and WebP, among many more. Pixlr has an advanced and playful option, which is the one premium members use, and the playful option is accessible for free.

Features of Pixlr include smarter tools, faster editing time, and simple content creation. With the smarter tools, you won’t have to put up with any repetitive and boring editing tasks, since they are all powered by AI. You can remove the background of an image with one click and cut out any unwanted parts effortlessly.

That makes it possible to edit your photos faster and save time. There is an included slider that you can drag left and right when editing your photos to help you achieve the best results. Pixlr also has a stock library of stickers, borders, overlays, decorative texts, and icons that you can use or add to your images.


PhotoScape is an all-in-one photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance images. It has features such as the Editor, Photo Viewer, Combine, Collage, Batch, RAW images, Create GIF, Cut Out, Screen Capture, Color Picker, and many more.

When editing photos with PhotoScape, you can try out different adjustments, filters, and effects to create your own style. You can try out the film effect and light leak feature to give your images the analog feeling or turn them into astonishing photos.

PhotoScape is compatible with both Windows and MAC.

You can edit multiple photos, thanks to the Batch feature, and create photo frames with the Editor feature. What’s more, Screen Capture allows you to capture and save your screenshots.


Inkscape is a professional and high-quality vector-graphics software that can run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktop computers. If you are an illustrator, web, or graphic designer,  Inkscape is an excellent tool to use. It is compatible with a broad file format.

It features powerful object creation, manipulation, fills and stroke, operations on paths, text, and rendering.

The object creation allows you to draw with a pencil and shape. You can create patterns and arrange clones.

The object manipulation feature makes it possible to come up with transformations such as scaling and moving your designs. You can raise and lower designs through the Z-order operations and group objects easily. You can hide individual layers and even align and distribute commands.

You can choose colors through the fill and stroke feature, pattern fills, and path markers. Node editing is allowed through the operations on the path feature, as well as bitmap tracing.


Infographics are one of the best ways to visually and effectively present information to your audience. Piktochart can help you create infographics, social media graphics, presentations, reports, flyers, and posters.

It is ideal for marketing, human resource, healthcare, and finance. You can create infographics to tell stories about yourself or your brand. You’re able to create unique presentations and print posters, thanks to all the available templates for every need. Therefore, you can produce designs faster and more efficiently.

To make your designs even more unique and attractive, you can add interactive charts, images, animated icons, videos, and edit fonts to your liking.

There’s also an option of collaborating with your team members.

Gravit Designer

Ever wanted to create vector designs with ease?

Gravit Designer is a unique online software specially designed to serve that purpose. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners due to its simple interface and user-friendly controls. It has in-depth information and videos to help you create the best designs.


With PicMonkey, you can create amazing images for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It provides you with the option of creating Ad images to market your products or services.

You can transform your images with excellent photo editing tools. Add effects, create portraits, and tweak exposure with PicMonkey.

You also have the option of removing backgrounds and creating awesome portraits. If you are a graphic designer, PicMonkey provides you with an opportunity to experiment and create amazing designs.

You can edit textures, gradients, and filters of your images. You can also edit layers, text effects like curves, and the outline of your images. It has over 1000 templates, creative graphics, millions of stock photos, textures, and fonts.


If you’re a photographer, you will love BeFunky. It is a photo editing and graphic design platform ideal for anyone who wants to be creative and edit their photos to have the best look.

The photo editor feature allows you to customize your photos and add effects, while the collage maker has a grid layout that will enable you to combine several images into one.

The graphic designer feature has templates that help you seamlessly create banners, posters, cards, and flyers.


You probably have an idea of what this design tool is all about due to its name. Vectr is a desktop and web cross-platform that is both simple and powerful enough to help you bring your creative designs to life.

It has intuitive tools that make it easier to focus on what matters when creating designs for your brand. It lets you share designs with your team or customers since every design you make has a unique URL. That means you can collaborate with others in real-time or allow team members to watch you live as you create and edit your designs.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard enables you to come up with creative image designs and videos within minutes. It is ideal for marketing and events. You can create gift certificates, loyalty cards, Facebook posts, sales posters, LinkedIn ads, birthday cards, and invitations.

You can personalize your designs since it allows you to upload fonts, photos, and logos, or create customized color palettes.

Design Wizard also includes a library of over one million images and thousands of illustrations, videos, and graphics. All the photos and videos contained in Design Wizard are licensed to use commercially, which safeguards you from any copyright issues.


Venngage helps you create the best infographics to engage your audience, tell your stories, and present data efficiently.

The good thing about Venngage is that it does not limit you to making infographics only. You can also design posters, resumes, brochures, flyers, business plans, eBooks, proposals, banners, white papers, and many more.

Once you log in to your account, just select a template, add the charts, visuals, and finally, do the design customizations. When you’re finished making your design, you can share it with customers, friends, or family members.


Easelly can help you create and share visual content like infographics, posters, and banners. You can create reports, spice up your presentation, help customers learn and understand your products or services, and make the best resumes that will make it difficult for managers to ignore.

Visual content attracts people, and when you find the right tool to help you create excellent designs for your business, you are bound to see a positive change.

Easelly allows you to create infographics for school or business. It has a learning section where you can get useful information on how to use the platform and create designs.

They have a huge template gallery that you can utilize to create amazing designs for whatever need you may have.


Infographics are the real deal and the current trend in digital marketing.

Infogram is one of the best infographic creators that you can use to create visual content for your business. Not only does the platform help you create infographics, but it also allows you to create interactive maps and reports. Infogram is ideal for marketing, media, education, nonprofit, government, reporting, and teams to collaborate.

You can get a custom template with your brand, logo, font, and colors or amaze your audience with animations. It also provides you with interactive charts and maps to enhance your creativity.


Design plays a significant role in wining the online business, whether you are creating a marketing video or Ad campaign to market your products or services. I hope the above designing tools help you to succeed.

If you are still not comfortable in designing yourself, you can always hire a freelancer to design for you.

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