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In Networking Last updated: November 2, 2022
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High Internet speed is all you want for your enterprise, right?

But your regular internet plan cannot provide you with high internet speed.

That’s why you need Gigabit Switches, which help keep your business running without worrying about low-speed internet.

But first, let’s understand why a good internet speed is better for you:-

  • Makes Remote Working Convenient
  • Faster Media Sharing
  • Fast internet speed makes you productive
  • Greater Support for Video Calls and Conferences
  • Unrestricted Downloading and Surfing

What is Gigabit Ethernet?


One gigabit (Gb), or one billion bits per second (bps), of data, can be transmitted using gigabit Ethernet. This data transmission technology is based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks (LANs).

It links local networks’ servers and computers. Many businesses have shifted from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet for wired local networks due to its faster data transfer rates and improved cabling.

Main Features of Gigabit Ethernet

  • Higher internet speed when compared to the router because there is very little speed loss due to the wired network’s superior consistency to the wireless network.
  • In general, a gigabit switch supports copper cable speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps and fiber optic cable rates of 1000 Mbps, increasing network speed.
  • A gigabit switch enables internet speed distribution based on the demands of the connected devices.

Now, we have understood about gigabit switches, let’s look at the best gigabit switches available.

Best 5 Port Gigabit Switches


NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Switch

NETGEAR’s 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch gives businesses tremendous visibility and control over their networks. It comes with five ports, VLANs, IGMP, and QoS. Additionally, it’s an easy-to-use software that will let you monitor your networks easily.

You can place it per your space as it supports desktop and mount placement, and its silent operation can work with noise-sensitive environments. Furthermore, at wire speed, nonblocking switching architecture ensures maximum throughput. It also provides three years hardware warranty.

This ethernet switch is also affordable and provides an energy-efficient design. Thus, It is perfect for your small enterprise or home business.

Tenda 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Tenda Gigabit Ethernet Network switch comes with five ports. It is a small device, so it does not take up more space. Additionally, it is easier to set up and use. It doesn’t require any software for configuration.

This Gigabit switch works smartly without pertinent setup. It means the port can automatically recognize the intersecting and parallel lines.

Moreover, it provides a 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive port for quick connectivity to other routers. It also offers additional wire connections for your printer, Laptop, desktop, etc. Therefore, this switch port can be the perfect gigabit for your home business.

Linksys LGS105: 5-Port Switch

Speed up your internet by 1000 MPs with Linksys gigabit ethernet switch. Moreover, its five ports are auto-sensing. You can easily access it by just plugging it in.

It also provides five years of warranty and support. Linksys gigabit ethernet switch comes in two colors (blue and black) and saves you a lot of power and money.

D-Link Ethernet Switch

D-Link Ethernet Switch can support SMBs (Small and Medium-sized businesses) without an IT team, which means it is affordable and reliable. Additionally, it has a compact design; you can place it anywhere or hang it on a wall.

It has eight ports (8 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports) and has comprehensive switch management through a web interface. IGMP snooping, storm control and static MAC are some of its advanced security features. D-Link switch also supports 802.1Q VLAN, QoS, and bandwidth limiting.

If you are a small growing enterprise, go with this Giga switch.

5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

A 5-port Ethernet switch works best to serve your better. It is compatible and reliable for home-business, SMBs, or surveillance networks. Easy to connect and doesn’t need any additional software to access.

It has five auto-negotiation ports to increase network capacity, and you can scale it up to five users. It automatically adjusts power consumption and reduces the carbon footprint of your network. You can connect it to many devices like computers, printers, webcams, smart TVs, and intelligent game consoles.

It is built with Green technology to save energy, reducing heat and increasing its functionality and efficiency.

TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit Switch

TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch comes with five ports and LED indicators that lowers power consumption by up to 70%. It is powerful but energy efficient and provides 10Gbps of switching capacity.

It is made up of lightweight metal, mainly for desktop plug-and-play installation. With the fanless design, the network switch consumes less energy and is quiet to operate. As a result of GREENnet technology, power voltage is automatically adjusted, resulting in significant energy savings.

Reidubo 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch

With two-gigabit uplink ports and eight 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-TX RJ45 connections, the Reidubo gigabit PoE ethernet switch can transmit data and power simultaneously.

  • It has a total power output of 120W PoE
  • 2-gigabit uplink port
  • Each port’s maximum power is 30W
  • A built-in power supply of 120W

Its lightning protection design will save your devices from getting harmed in lousy weather conditions; the PoE switch automatically determines whether your device needs power or not.

The port’s power can be automatically turned off if it is a non-PoE device that doesn’t need power, preventing damage to the non-PoE device.

Quality of Service (QoS) enables POE switches to prioritize the delivery of vital material for 1-2 ports while the PoE switch transmits data at maximum capacity.

Just plug and play and place it anywhere and it can be best for the access point, PD devices, security camera, etc. So, it is best for businesses, homes, and offices. It is a good choice for high bandwidth requirements.

Linksys SE3005: 5-Port Gigabit Switch

Linksys SE3005 Gigabit ethernet unmanaged switch improves streaming. It detects unused ports in power-saving mode using advanced power-saving mode.

Compared to 10/100 Ethernet, connections are ten times faster. Moreover, All ports support the automatic detection of MDI/MDI X cables and ports that adjust to optimal 10/100/1000 Mbps data flow rates.

STEAMEMO 5 Port Gigabit Switch

STEAMEMO 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch is a complete package for all your ethernet needs. This four-port PoE switch is simple to operate and maintain, and it prevents broadcast storms, data jumbles, and wireless networking application data instability.

It supports both PoE and non-PoE Devices, but when connected with a passive PoE device, you might need an active PoE splitter.

It secures your data and devices as it has a professional lighting protection feature. Also, the AI watchdog function of the PoE port detects any kind of problem and restarts the connection. It also has a network cable short circuit protection mechanism to protect your system in case of high voltage or short circuits.

Its fanless design lets it work without creating any noise. And it comes with1 year warranty and replacement policy in case of device issues.

Zyxel 5-Port Gigabit Switch [GS105S]

Zyxel 5-Port green ethernet feature assists you in saving energy. Play games and stream multimedia without difficulty using QoS ports with three priority levels. The plug-and-play feature allows you to connect to various VoIP, media players, game consoles, and more.

Faster than Fast Ethernet, the Zyxel GS-105S v2 10/100/1000 Mbps switch is made to deliver dependable, high-performance media network connectivity. Thanks to the auto-sensing function and Gigabit Ethernet ports on the Zyxel GS-105S v2 device, you can also easily verify connection and activity status at a glance.

Zyxel 5-Port Switch [GS1200-5]

An easy-to-use web-based setup interface is included with this switch, guiding you through setup, configuration, and management—including configuration backups and firmware updates—quickly and efficiently. Your network will operate smoothly with only a few clicks, allowing you to resume work.

It segments the network into small groups using VLANs to enhance network security and efficiency and guarantees quiet operation, greater dependability, and a longer lifespan.

A single high-bandwidth data route is created by combining two physical ports into the GS1200-5 for quicker file transfers and improved configuration. Additionally, It reduces power usage by adjusting power consumption.

It is ten times quicker than Fast Ethernet Gigabit speed. Deliver dedicated bandwidth that isn’t blocked up to 2,000 Mbps per port.

Moreover, it has sophisticated capabilities like port mirroring, Jumbo Frames, broadcast storm management, and loop detection/prevention. For SMBs who want to take the edge of high-speed business network applications, it’s a fantastic option!

TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Switch

TP Link TL-SG105 Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch is made with green ethernet technology, which reduces power consumption and helps you to expand your network capacity 5x with less power.

It has five ports supporting auto-negotiation, and its flow control feature ensures reliable and safe data transfer.


Its sleek design and easy setup with no software installation make it handy, and you can place it wherever you want as it comes with a desktop or wall-mounting design.

On top of that, it guarantees high-quality video and voice transmission to keep your business going, and its 24×7 hour of customer service makes it different from other gigabit switches.

Switch vs. Router: What Are the Differences?


The two most essential parts of a network are the switch and router. Although both serve as the network’s connecting devices, sometimes people mistake them for one another. They both serve very different purposes. Let’s look at the differences between the switch and the router.

What is a Switch?

Switches make it easier to share resources by connecting all the equipment in a small business network, including computers, printers, and servers.

No matter where they are in a building or on campus, these connected devices can communicate with one another and share information because of the switch. Building a small business network is not possible without switches to tie and connect devices.

What is a Router?


A router connects various switches and their respective networks to form a more extensive network, just as a switch connects multiple devices to create a network. These networks could exist in a single location or several locations. When setting up a small business network, you will require one or more routers.

The router links not only various networks together but also enables multiple users and networked devices to access the internet.

A switch’s ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously is its main purpose, but switches also have other uses.A router’s main job is to simultaneously connect multiple networks.
The data link layer is where it operates.It functions at the network layer.
The max speed is 10/100 Mbps.The max speed for wireless is 1/10 Mbps.
Speed loss is very minimal.Speed loss accounts for 15-20% of the internet plan.
Information is divided up into units called “frames” as it passes through a switch.The router is in charge of packetizing data transmission.
A low cost is involved.A higher cost is involved.

Gigabit Switch vs. Fast Ethernet Switch: How are they Different?


The network edge heavily relies on Fast Ethernet switches and Gigabit Ethernet switches.

To assist you in choosing an appropriate Ethernet switch, let’s first go over the fundamental concepts of both Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet switches.

Fast Ethernet Switch

Fast Ethernet is the upgraded version of the original ethernet that speeds things up even more. It increased ethernet’s transfer rate from 10 megabits per second to 100 megabits per second.

The fast ethernet switch keeps up with the 10/100 protocol, which can operate at 100 megabits per second. The fast ethernet switch connects PCs, servers, routers, etc., using Cat5 cables and is typically loaded with RJ45 ports.

Gigabit Switch

Compared to fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet is ten times faster. It is made to meet the demands of internet service providers for high speeds. The faster version of the fast ethernet switch, the gigabit ethernet switch, supports transmission rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) or (1000 Mbps).

As a bonus, it is backward compatible with the older 10/100 standard. The gigabit network switch functions well with twisted-pair copper cable (specifically, the cat5e and cat6 cables that follow the 1000BASE-T cabling standard) and SFP optical transceivers working on corresponding patch cable types. It is typically built with multiple RJ45 interfaces and/or SFP slots.

Fast Ethernet SwitchGigabit Ethernet Switch
Fast Ethernet can only provide coverage up to 10 km.A gigabit switch can only provide coverage for up to 70 km.
The successor to 10-Base-T Ethernet is fast Ethernet.Fast Ethernet is replaced by Gigabit Ethernet.
Fast Ethernet provides 10/100 Mbps speedIt provides 1 Gbps speed.
There is more delay in fast Ethernet switches. (100–500 bit-per-second round-trip delay)Delay is very less in Gigabit ethernet switch as compared to fast ethernet. (4000 bit-times round-trip delay)
Compared to gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet is less scalable.In comparison to fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet is more scalable.


Gigabit ethernet is much better than fast ethernet, and it is not just about getting high-speed internet and connectivity but issues such as slow and bad networks, connectivity, or thunder and light protection can affect your home business or SMB drastically.

Do try Gigabit ethernet to grow your business with constant connectivity. We have listed some of the popular gigabit ethernets for your ease, which are safe and affordable so that you can compare and buy them as per your needs.

You may also explore some best mesh Wi-Fi systems for bigger homes.

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