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Product adoption software is revolutionizing the way products are introduced to customers and has the potential to boost business growth.

A few years ago, product adoption software was just a nice thing to have for many businesses.

But as the world around us is evolving, be it technology or the way we do business, using product adoption tools has become a must-have for businesses and professionals. 

It can help you streamline customer onboarding, grow your customer base, and do much more.

Here is a quick summary of the best product adoption software I’ll be discussing below.

Product Name Description
Usetiful No-code interactive tours, Product campaign Explore
Chameleon Real-time in-product flows, CRM integration. Explore
Bytes Route Step-by-step walkthroughs, team collaboration Explore
Userlove Feature highlighting, real-time feedback Explore
Personalized in-app experience
Stonly Adoption and no-code onboarding tools Explore
Heap Collect customer data, design roadmap Explore

Let’s talk about what product adoption really means, its benefits, some of the best product adoption software, and how to choose one for your business.

What Do You Mean by Product Adoption? 

Product adoption, in the context of business application, is basically a process through which a customer starts using a new product or service and “adopts” it in their regular work. 

This process indicates the journey of any customer from the initial adoption of a given product to the final phase at a point when the customer completely understands the product and has incorporated it into their daily workflow. 

The product adoption funnel comes with multiple stages, and the customer goes through each layer before reaching the final adoption point. When a customer reaches the final stage, the product has started providing the customer with sufficient value so that they can use it on a daily basis without any hassle.

In the final stage, the customers not only engage more with the product but also become its advocates. To advocate their positive experience, they provide positive reviews and recommend the software to others. This way, it becomes easier for organizations to onboard new customers as a user of their products and services and grow their business more.

What Is Product Adoption Software?

Product adoption software is simply a software solution or a specialized tool that enables businesses to create an excellent in-product experience and user guidance. It aims at helping users understand the product’s capability with ease and increase its adoption rate so they use it for the longest time possible and recommend it to others.

Modern businesses offering digital products, online services, or tools rely on this software. It helps them showcase all the features of a given product to customers without requiring a support team’s interference. It also helps them enhance user experience while streamlining the process of onboarding customers to a product and guiding them in every way. 

Moreover, the software allows you to provide an agentless personalized experience, allowing users to learn how they can derive value from the product. The in-app guidance of these tools serves as the main functionality, helping users understand all the primary features that would benefit them. The tool also guides them to integrate the product with their daily workflow.

Benefits of Using Product Adoption Software

Product adoption software offers many benefits to organizations. Here are some of them:

Fast Onboarding

It is probably the most crucial benefit of using product adoption software. The tool streamlines the onboarding process for new customers. It also curbs the learning curve and guides customers in every way so that they can use them in their workflow without any hassles.

Personalized Experience

Product adoption software allows businesses to create a personalized onboarding experience for all customers depending on roles, preferences, and behavior. The platform tailors the onboarding approach, resulting in improved chances of customer satisfaction.

Reduces Churn

When an organization, especially a SaaS organization, utilizes product adoption software, it allows them to reduce the churn rates and appropriately capitalize on the resources. 

By enabling quick onboarding and sufficient guidance through tutorials, organizations can gain happy customers who will use the product for a long time. This could curb churn and allow the organization to enhance customer experience

Better User Engagement

Product adoption software comes with many user-tailored features to keep all the customers engaged with the product or service until they learn all about the tool they are using. This also creates a higher user retention rate that contributes to the growth of the organization.

Customer Feedback Collection

Most product adoption software comes with a unique feature of collecting customer feedback. So, the organization can utilize the feedback along with useful insights that will help them improve their offerings. In addition, collecting customer feedback allows organizations to identify the areas where they need to make improvements.

Feature Adoption

Product adoption software allows you to promote and showcase certain features or functionalities of a particular product through in-app guides. This allows your customers to learn about them quickly and use them easily. This is highly useful for organizations to deploy targeted features according to customers’ needs and increase the feature adoption rate.

Quicker Time to Value

Product adoption software enables users to reap maximum value from a given product quickly while boosting the overall satisfaction level. When customers find your product’s features useful, it increases the likelihood that they will use the product for a long time. 

High Scalability

Most of the product adoption software is highly scalable, and they maintain the same pace of customer onboarding even when you have high traffic. This software can also help organizations maintain consistency and efficiency and provide the same level of user experience to everyone. 

Tips to Choose the Best Product Adoption Software 

When you decide to get a product adoption software, ensure it caters to your business needs. Here are some tips you can consider to choose the best one for your business.

Define Your Objective

The first thing you need to consider is the objective behind using the product adoption software. You will have to define your goal. It could be something like wanting to increase feature usage, boost customer experience, or reduce churn. 

Check Usability

Always look for product adoption software that is easy to use and navigate for you and your team. Most importantly, the interface should be clean and easy to configure. A clean interface will help your team provide guidance to your customers with ease.


Make sure the application is compatible with your existing business system minus complexities. You should also assess whether the tool is compatible with your existing products, customer support tool, CRM system, and other relevant software. 

Analytics and Insight

When looking for the best product adoption software, you should ensure that the tool offers proper reporting and analytics capability. 

The tool must also possess the capability to analyze user behavior and provide insights regarding onboarding performance. This will indicate that the tool offers some room for improvement in your onboarding process. 

A/B Testing

Make sure the tool you are going to get comes with A/B testing to simplify user engagement and onboarding. In addition, your team must have the capability to run A/B tests and improve the onboarding process continually. 

Return on Investment

Always consider the return on investment (ROI) whenever you decide to opt for a product adoption software. You should properly assess how the tool will improve user onboarding and boost product adoption. If it is offering you good ROI and meets your expectation level, then only you should consider it.

Now, let’s check out some of the best product adoption software in the market.


Usetiful is a simple no-code product adoption software allowing organizations to create engaging, jaw-dropping user experiences. 

This product adoption software can help you easily design an effective interactive product tour and onboarding sequence to drive a product’s adoption. It allows you to create an engaging conversational experience through the interface and accelerate the feedback loops while maintaining ongoing conversations with customers. 

Usetiful makes use of an impressive in-product campaign where it allows you to introduce new features through interactive tutorials and product tours. You can easily make data-driven decisions using this platform.

Furthermore, the tool can quickly collect feedback and provide you with an overview of where you need to make improvements.


When you want to provide the best user experience and increase the customer retention rate through engaging in-product flows, you can consider Chameleon

This is a top-of-the-line product adoption software that can help you properly control the in-product flow and ensure they appear whenever users require product guidance. It is the safest choice for many SaaS companies because it is easy to use and allows you to utilize the real-time experience-triggering function without having to refresh the product page. 

One of the primary reasons that many organizations prefer using this tool is that it easily integrates with your stack and leverages attributes as well as lists from Salesforce and HubSpot

Moreover, it offers two segments and analytics integration so that your team can identify where they need to make improvements. Unlike others, you can contact the Chameleon’s support team for a design review and strategy session for training your team.

Bytes Route

Designed especially for product managers and marketers, Bytes Route is an excellent product adoption software. The tool can help boost customer engagement through guided product onboarding tours. 

Bytes Route lowers the learning curve of all the customers by providing them with step-by-step walkthroughs. This not only eases the learning process but also helps your product to get more adoption. Thanks to the Teams feature, you can collaborate with your team members to manage product tours in your app and work on your roadmaps. 

Curate the in-app guided tour and make your customers aware of new features that you have introduced recently that many users are not familiar with. In addition, you can create three product tour types for your customers and include onboarding tours, helper tours, and tooltips. 

Furthermore, Bytes Route provides you with The Analytics feature. It allows you to analyze the usage data and improve the tour to give a better experience.


Another product adoption software you can take into consideration is Userlove. It will help you address the lower adoption and retention rate of your products. 

With its feature highlighting capabilities, you can guide all your customers through the products. This way, it will become easier for them to quickly get acquainted with essential features through product guides and tooltips. 

Userlove helps in making immediate improvements by providing you with real-time feedback at scale through a microsurvey feature. Through this platform, you not only can create interactive product guides and hotspots but also get insights regarding product interaction and customer requirements. 

Using real-time customer data, the tool will help you understand which features are underutilized. Thus, you can make improvements accordingly to increase adoption and witness an improved ROI when you utilize this platform. 

Userlove offers the platform in three subscription plans, starting at $249 per month.


Appcues makes product adoption easy for you with a personalized in-app experience that draws customers’ attention to all the valuable features. 

The software helps you to quickly build the in-app experience without requiring any engineering support, thus assisting you in improving product adoption. By providing you with detailed reporting, it lets you target the right customers and improve the overall user experience. 

Through this platform, you can use personalized welcome flows and targeted checklists to properly guide new users. This helps improve user experience as well as engagement. 

Appcues lets you increase feature awareness by providing you with interactive slideouts, hotspots, and tooltips that allow your customers to discover potential features. In addition, the user insights collection from NPS and in-app surveys lets you prioritize all user feedback and make decisions accordingly. 


Stonly‘s personal product adoption software is an excellent tool to drive engagement and activation. It offers adoption and no code onboarding tools to guide users from setup to success.

You can launch interactive products and onboarding tours to enable everyone to activate more users effectively. In addition, you don’t have to sacrifice your time, as Stonly allows you to build and maximize product adoption and onboarding experiences on your own.

You can create checklists to guide users and monitor their progress effectively. Introduce the right features to the right users by placing tooltips, interactive product guides, and hotspots that deliver value.

Stonly lets users customize their paths based on the user’s goals. Based on activity and user data, it can segment and target guides, hotspots, and walkthroughs. You can also scale self-serve support, interactive knowledge management, and targeted product tours for your startups or small businesses.

Get Stonly at a starting price of $199/month. Contact their team to get the best quote for your enterprise use.


Treat your customer with a magical product in-app tour with Heap and increase the product adoption rate of your organization. With Heap, you can collect valuable customer data and use it to curate the digital experience to achieve long-term retention. 

The best thing is that you can learn a lot about your customers and acquisition channels with Heap data and use it to design your roadmap. This platform pushes you to test the in-app tour experience endlessly and also allows you to allocate resources appropriately to attract customers at the right time. 

Heap comes with a simple interface, and from a single window, you can access all the data like most profitable channels, user behavior, user segments, user sessions, etc. It shows all data in the form of charts and tables to ease up your assessment process. 

You can use their Free plan to check out the platform, and if it suits your product requirement, then you can start with their Growth Plan, which comes with a subscription fee.


Finding the best product adoption software could be challenging for many organizations as a lot of factors come into play, like usability, compatibility, features, pricing, etc.

This guide aims to make the process easier by providing you with useful details on product adoption and some of the best product adoption software to streamline customer onboarding and drive growth. 

You may also explore some digital adoption platforms (DAPs) for your employees and customers.

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