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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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If you own a data center in your home or office, then a server is necessary. A server rack is an enclosure or cabinet designed to organize and house servers and other data center devices. 

A server rack offers the following benefits;

  • A server rack keeps all your servers secure from unauthorized access. 
  • An ideal server rack has cooling vents that protect your devices from overheating. 
  • A server rack makes managing all the devices in your data center easy. 
  • A server rack makes organizing cables and devices in your data center easy. 

Best practices for using a server rack/cabinet

  • Choose the right rack size: Server racks come in different dimensions and sizes. Such equipment also handles different load sizes, and you must determine what suits your needs. 
  • Label everything: A server is made up of different components and cables. Ensure that you label everything on your rack for easy referencing and maintenance. Keep related components on one shelf if you get a rack with shelves. 
  • Store it in a secure location: Servers can be expensive. As such, you need to keep your rack in a secure location and lock it. Ensure that only authorized personnel have the keys to the rack doors and panels. If you place your rack on the floor, ensure the area is free from water and dust.  
  • Maintain the rack: If you want the server rack to serve you long, you must do regular maintenance. Regularly check your rack for loose nuts, breakages, and any signs of wear and tear. 
  • Use cable management tools: A typical data center can have a lot of cables running into and out of the server. Modern server cabinets come with cable management features. However, you can still use external tools to manage your cables. 

Server racks come in different types, sizes, and designs. Different server racks have different features, advantages, and disadvantages. If you own a mini data center, these are some of the best server racks you should consider. 12U 19″ Server Rack 12U 19″ Open Frame Server Rack is an enclosure for mounting all your data, computer, or IT equipment. This cabinet has an adjustable mounting depth of 23″ to 41″ and 25″ tall design.

The maximum Depth Range is 41 inches, allowing you to mount various types of IT equipment and adjust the height as need be. 

Key Features

  • Hassle-free installation: This enclosure has tools and a user guide to help you install it. You can also use the video guide. 
  • Built for maximum usability: The rack is built using cold-rolled steel and holds up to 1200 lbs (544kg). The rack also has Labeled U Markings, making it easy to mount and align all the equipment. 
  • Ultimate usability: Store your servers, telecommunications, and network equipment in this adjustable rack. 

ECHOGEAR 15U Open Frame Rack

15U Open Frame Rack makes storing and mounting your highest-end server, networking, and AV components a breeze. This rack has two shelves to separate various devices in your server. This floating shelf is made of Alloy Steel and measures about 20.04 “D x 20.42” W x 26.25 “H. 

Key Features

  • Open-frame: This rack is open-frame to ensure maximum ventilation.
  • Easy to set up: This rack comes with all the tools you need to mount your server; 1x 1U vented shelf, 25x rack mounting screws, and 1x 2U vented shelf (18″ deep). 
  • Versatile: You can hang this open rack on the wall or place it on the ground, depending on your needs. 
  • Deep design: 15U Open Frame Rack is 20.24″ deep, making it suitable for almost all networking devices. 

Tedgetal 9U Wall Mount Cabinet

Tedgetal 9U Wall Mount Server Cabinet is a versatile rack that you can use to house your server, local area networking (LAN) cabling and hardware, and audio & visual equipment.

This cabinet has removable side panels, making accessing your cables and equipment easy. This server cabinet can hold up to 60kgs (133lbs), and its front side is tempered glass. 

Key Features

  • Versatile: You can hang this cabinet on your wall using mount bolts or a wall plate. 
  • Heavy duty: This cabinet is made of SPCC cold-rolled steel and can hold up to 60 kilograms. 
  • Secure: You can lock the front door and the side panels to prevent unauthorized access to your server and networking equipment. 
  • Easily accessible: You can open the side panels to access cables and maintain your equipment. 

Sysracks 15U Deep Server Cabinet

Sysracks 15U 35-inch Deep Server Rack Cabinet is a premium cabinet that you can use to house a 19″ standard Server and other IT equipment. You can use this cabinet at home or work and enjoy its firm build and innovative design. This cabinet has a 35-Inch Depth and a 220 Lbs weight capacity. 

Key Features

  • Lockable: You can ensure maximum security of your equipment by locking the front door and the side panels. 
  • LCD screen: You can monitor the working conditions of your server using the LCD screen. 
  • Thermostat: This cabinet has a thermostat with a thermal sensor to regulate the temperature on your server. 
  • 2 cooling fans: The server room can get hot. This server rack has two cooling fans. 

Sysracks 42U Server Rack

Sysracks 42U Server Rack is a Locking Server Cabinet that accommodates a 19″ standard Server and other IT equipment. This server is suitable for both home and office use. This server rack can hold up to 1600 pounds, and its dimensions are 32 x 24 x 84 inches. 

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and use: This cabinet has a welded frame design, and you can use its written guide or video demonstration to set it up. 
  • Usability and safety first: This server rack has a fully lockable door and side panels for easy access. 
  • Thermostat with Thermosensor: You can monitor the temperatures in your server room using the thermostat. 
  • Caster with stoppers: You can move 42U Server Rack in your room and use the stoppers when need be. 

Raising Electronics Open Racks

Raising Electronics Open Racks is a premium cabinet designed to host installations for equipment from different brands and manufacturers. This 48 pounds server rack measures 80.98 x 13.31 x 4.41 inches and is designed to fit a standard 19″ server and other IT equipment. 

Key Features

  • Open design: This rack has an open design to ensure maximum ventilation. 
  • Movable: This server cabinet has wheels, making it easy to move it around to the ideal location. 
  • Sturdy: This server rack is made of aluminum and has a 700LB Capacity. 

Eazy2hD 15U Open Frame Rack

Eazy2hD 15U Open Frame Network Rack is a 26.3 pounds server cabinet that can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. This server rack is made of Alloy Steel and comes in either one or two shelves to store different IT equipment easily. 

Key Features

  • Open frame: This server has an open frame designed to ensure maximum ventilation for your server and other IT equipment. 
  • Designed to save space: Eazy2hD 15U Open Frame Network Rack is 20.3inx20.1inx26in but can hold up to 150lbs when hung on the wall. 
  • Versatile: This server can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor with the support of the four leveling wheels. 

RackPath 12U Open Frame Rack

RackPath 12U Open Frame Server Rack is a sturdy cabinet that you can use to house standard 19″ rack equipment such as UPSs, switches, patch panels, and servers. This server rack has heavy-duty locking casters and can hold up to 600 kg. 

Key Features

  • Sturdy build: This server rack is made of 2mm heavy-duty cold-rolled steel and can hold some of the heaviest servers. 
  • Adjustable size: You can adjust the size of this server rack to suit your needs. 
  • Locking casters: You can prebuild racks using these casters and use pre-drilled base brackets to fasten the cabinet on the floor. 
  • Open design: You can easily manage the cables from this server rack based on its open design. 

Vivlly Open Frame 10U Rack

Vivlly Open Frame 10U Rack is an all-in-one server cabinet you can mount on the wall or place on the ground. The server rack is 17.5″ tall by 20.24″, giving you enough space for your server components and the cables. If you place it on the ground, this server cabinet can hold up to 400 or 150 lbs when mounted.

Key Features

  • Easy setup and usage: This rack has a simple design, making it easy to set up and use.
  • Adjustable shelf heights: This cabinet has two shelves that you can adjust depending on what you want to store. 
  • Open frame design: This server rack has an open design for maximum ventilation and easy cable management. 

RIVECO 12U Network Rack

RIVECO 12U Network Rack is a server cabinet that can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. The manufacturer has balanced firmness and air ventilation through the solid ventilated bottom and top plates. The unit also has a shelf, making it easy to separate different components of your networking devices. 

Key Features

  • Open frame design: You can easily access or manage your cables. The open design also ensures that there is maximum ventilation. 
  • Versatile: You can use this rack at home or work. You can also mount or place it on the floor using the rolling casters. 
  • Heavy duty: The manufacturers of this server rack have used SPCC cold-rolled steel. This item also has a black RAL9005 powder coat finish resistant to rusting and scratching. RIVECO 12U Network Rack can hold up to 220 kg of networking equipment. 

NavePoint 22U IT Cabinet Rack

This server rack has a sturdy welded frame structure made of alloy steel. This IT equipment enclosure is 43 “H x 23.63 “W x 23.63 “D and can hold up to 130 pounds of standard 19” rack-mounted equipment.

Key Features

  • versatile: You can mount or place this server rack on the floor. 
  • Closed design: You are assured that your server is safe as it is fully enclosed. This rack has a front door and removable, lockable side panels.
  • Quality materials and design: The manufacturers of this server cabinet have used 1.2mm cold rolled steel. The rack is also scratch and rust-resistant due to the electrostatic powder coating. 

Wrapping Up

You can pick the best server rack based on your needs, budget, taste, and preferences from the brands we have reviewed above. A closed rack is ideal if your server is located in a place with a high likely hood of interference.

However, an open-design rack will be a good fit if you want something just to mount your server and enjoy maximum ventilation. 

You may also explore top colocation server hosting providers for SMBs.

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