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Colocation server hosting is an excellent option for businesses to save time and resources on managing and maintaining data centers at different locations by themselves.

Instead of being burdened with this overhead, you can simply rent a colocation space from a reliable colocation server hosting provider.

It will provide you with greater security for your servers and data and offer cooling systems to keep your equipment performing optimally for higher uptime.

Apart from this, you don’t have to worry during a natural disaster and go places to check if everything is alright.

The colocation provider will offer disaster recovery services and dedicated support to solve your queries.

Whether you are looking for a reliable colocation service or are completely new to this space, this article will help you choose the best colocation server hosting for your business needs.  

What Is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting refers to a service in which a server hosting company (colocation host) leases space in its data center and provides services to maintain the server environment.

A colocation host rents space in its data center to customers to store their servers and computing hardware. It also provides the physical infrastructure of the building, power, physical security, bandwidth, cooling systems, etc.

This means by taking a colocation hosting service, you can store your server and computing hardware in the data center provided by the colocation host. This arrangement requires you to buy the hardware of your own and store it in the facility.

It’s best for enterprises with budget and resources to buy hardware, but they might lack the time to manage and maintain a data center by themselves, and hence, they can leave the maintenance and security of the facility to the host.  

A colocation host can offer you features like:

  • Security: You will get secure and authenticated access to the facility by installing equipment like biometrics, CCTV cameras, personal identification, etc.
  • Power: The host maintains electricity and manages server utilities like power backups and generators.
  • Cooling: Advanced and redundant cooling systems to protect network and server equipment from excessive heat and enhance their lifespan.
  • Space: Leases space for servers in the form of cabinets and racks, cages, and suites.
  • Disaster recovery: safety during natural disasters and backups to protect data
  • Compliance: Compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc., to protect customer data.

Colocation server hosting vs dedicated server hosting

Colocation hosting is different from dedicated server hosting. The latter implies that the hosting provider is responsible for offering the storage systems, servers, and computing hardware as well as managing and maintaining everything while the client can only pay a monthly sum to use the services to run their hosted applications and systems.

However, in colocation hosting, the host is responsible for supplying only the facility or the data center and managing and maintaining the facility. They ensure optimal network and security both physically and virtually, safeguarding facilities from technical issues, man-made attacks, and natural disasters. And the client is responsible for providing servers and managing and maintaining them.

Colocation hosting offers benefits like:

  • Reduced cost: It cuts down costs on security, networking, and power in a high-end server environment. Just supply your hardware and let it be protected in a secure facility.
  • Scalability: Colocation hosting supports scalability with your growth. You don’t have to rebuild infrastructure for expansion or waste significant time on it. Just scale your rental space to support growth.
  • Higher uptime: You can choose to host from the closest colocation facility to offer higher uptime 24/7 to the end-users. The host also maintains the cooling systems to keep your servers operating at optimal condition.

So, when choosing a colocation hosting service, ensure you get the above features and benefits within your budget. To make your choice easier, here are the best colocation server hosting providers.


Leaseweb’s colocation solutions help you interconnect with its network by creating a private network to connect to different Leaseweb services. You can also connect the infrastructure to a public cloud to create hybrid software architectures.

With 20+ years of experience, Leaseweb experts can easily migrate data and infrastructure with security without downtime. You will get a powerful network to connect to the top internet exchanges in the world. 

Key features are:

  • The bandwidth capacity of 10 Tbps along with blazing-fast speed and 99.999% core network uptime.
  • An effortless customer portal and a fully-featured API to control your infrastructure and enjoy automation to save time
  • A hybrid cloud solution by connecting the colocation solutions to Leaseweb Cloud Connect by Megaport. It offers flexibility to move between Leaseweb and a public cloud with changing needs. 
  • Your server will be hosted on advanced and certified data centers with at least N+1 redundancy and the latest cooling systems to offer maximum security and performance. 
  • Its network has 10GE and 100GE uplinks and peering with 2000+ ISPs.

Let Leaseweb host all your business-critical data and apps while your development, big data, or one-off workloads are hosted by a cloud provider. 

The data centers are located in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York in the US, London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam in Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong in Asia, and Sydney in Australia.

Leaseweb offers three colocation server hosting solutions:

  • Rack Units: The single web server rack units are suitable for smaller colocation requirements, They are affordable and you can get up to 5 rack units in your shared rack. It starts at $49.40.
  • Full Rack: Get the complete rack, no sharing. They’re best for enterprises requiring high power, capacity, scalability, and security. It starts from $406.85.
  • Cage: Contact the sales team to get a colocation server solution to meet your exact needs. It’s great for enterprises with larger equipment.


Enhance your colocation experience with DataBank which offers best-in-class facilities, performance, and services. It eases the process of moving your mission-critical infrastructure to a secure data center with reduced costs, better control, scalability, flexibility, easy maintenance, and more convenience.  

Whether you need a micro data center, a single rack unit, or a large private cage, DataBank can provide you with all these. Its data centers are advanced with excellent power, security, cooling systems, and space for high-performance computing systems and digital assets.

It also adheres to compliance standards and has carrier-neutral and dense network access, delivering nearly 100% uptime for business continuous and global reach. Its managed services are carefully handled by experts while data protection and Storage-as-a-Service give you peace of mind.

You get colocation amenities like tech lounges, loading docks, conference rooms, office space, etc. for convenience. Its modular data centers are SOC2 certified and can be deployed anywhere worldwide to keep you closer to your end-users. It offers features like:

  • Nearly 100% uptime with 2N configuration in select data centers along with on-site generators and UPS, and flexible configurations that ranges from 110V/20 AMP-208V/30 AMP
  • Multiple cooling options, such as direct venting, hot aisle containment, water-chilled cabinet doors having on-site water storage for equipment safety and cooling during utility interruption
  • Multi-carrier, neutral network with top-tier connectivity
  • Several security layers to protect data centers with access authentication, dual-factor biometrics, on-site security staff, and video monitoring  

As a result of its unique combination of services, facilities, and people, DataBank provides an improved data center experience while promoting your hybrid IT ecosystem.


Use colocation server hosting by NetForChoice to control your hardware and cut down costs. It offers managed colocation services with 99.995% uptime and 24/7 support to enhance user experience.

Collaboration with various internet service providers (ISPs) offers redundant networks and top-notch availability. You get fault-tolerant systems, network monitoring, 24/7 surveillance, etc., for data safety. In addition, enjoy a scalable enterprise infrastructure, control sensors for pressure, temperature, and humidity, and a half and full Rack space solutions.

Its key features are:

  • Secure data centers with Zone 8/9 server security to mitigate unauthorized access 
  • Secure locations, armed security guarding, turn site gate, RCC pillar structure, single entry point, fire prevention, CCTV surveillance, and identity protection 
  • N+N infrastructure with load balancers, backups, and HVAC systems for business continuity
  • The largest Tier-IV hyper-scale and high-density data centers in Asia, secure with ISO 27001:2013 accreditation 
  • Redundant resources for higher uptime, lower latency, 24/7 support, and managed security from years of experience.
  • Data center locations in Noida and Bangalore in India and Dubai and the US 

NetForChoice serves an array of sectors, including finance, retail, healthcare, and life science, energy, media, entertainment, manufacturing, telecom, gaming, government, marketing and ads, and education. 


Whether you need a single cabinet or a complex and customized private cage, Equinix can offer secure and performing colocation servers for your needs. It houses all the servers within the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) for physical and virtual security for entering its data center platform.

This global platform lets you connect, power, and protect your infrastructure. It offers standard and customized configurations for colocation servers designed to meet technical, operational, and security requirements. You will get facility access, amenities, and services for your local or remote needs.

You can configure infrastructure and circuits to ensure higher uptime, and leverage innovative, efficient, sustainable, and resilient data centers across the globe. It connects you to leading networks, partners, providers, and services through a secure entry point. You can fully control your interconnections and leverage carrier-neutral facilities.

Let the dedicated and trained infrastructure services team handle your installation and design to benefit from turnkey colocation deployment from start to end.


Choose colocation services from Cyxtera, an experienced, certified, secure, and focused provider to help you reach your goals. It stacks its data center operations teams and technicians to work with you and ensure a future-proof and consistent infrastructure environment.

Cyxtera’s experienced and skilled engineers are certified from ITIL and PMP along with Cisco CCNA, Alcatel Lucent SRC, CDCMP, CDCBP, and BICSI to help you no matter how complex your problem is. You will get:

  • Structured cabling
  • Secure cage and cabinet
  • Remote help
  • Compliance
  • Accounts operations management


Maximize uptime and minimize costs and risks with the best-in-class colocation services by TierPoint. It offers high performance, security, and reliability without the overhead of maintaining a data center by yourself in terms of expenditure and complexity.  

Lease space at TierPoint’s energy-efficient, global colocation facilities. In addition, turn capital expenses into just operating expenses, reflecting your actual resource consumption. Their modern and robust colocation facilities are resilient and secure and can withstand power outages, equipment failures, natural disasters, and cyberattacks.

TierPoint encourages innovation by handling daily management and maintenance, so your staff can dedicate their time to more important tasks. You have the option to maintain your equipment or allow TierPoint’s managed services to handle it. It can also extend its expertise in IT security, networking, cloud services, and disaster recovery.

Key features:

  • With geographically diversified digital footprints, TierPoint aims for 100% uptime and guarantees high performance and lower latency. 
  • Its carrier-neutral data centers also offer dedicated connections to leading public and private cloud providers. 
  • It has 40+ data centers in the US.
  • It offers compliance with credentials like ISO 27001, HITECH/HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, etc.

Iron Mountain

Choose a trusted colocation service provider like Iron Mountain to protect important data and gain incredible performance. It is one of the fastest-growing colocation providers, helping thousands of businesses worldwide.

Iron Mountain has a growing, robust ecosystem of connectivity and partners and offers uncompromising service levels and standards along with sustainable operations and design. All these factors make Iron Mountain a preferred choice for many businesses.

You get certified monitoring and engineering and migration services at its global facilities. It also offers a NOC reporting easy-to-use customer portal to manage everything. You can leverage its portal for access logs, power and cooling audits, bandwidth reports, ticketing, and more

Its features are:

  • Compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2/3, ISO 27001, and FISMA High.
  • Remote Smart Hands facility, covering stack and rack services, hardware, builds, connectivity and power, and general maintenance tasks
  • Carrier-neutral networking, cross-connects, direct internet access, virtual cross-connects, peering, internet exchanges, metro waves, and cloud on-ramps
  • All the data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • Data Center cages have the capacity for more than 6 cabinets with privacy and flexibility
  • It has 20 data centers located in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Data Foundry

Get your colocation servers by Data Foundry’s premier and purpose-built data centers. It offers an uptime guarantee and gives you peace of mind and frees up resources and time for companies so that they can invest in the core business.

You will get enhanced redundancy, connectivity, and security. Data Foundry’s services are suitable for companies of any size from private data suites to 1/2 cabinets. It owns and operates carrier-neutral colocation centers in Houston and Austin in Texas, the USA with 24x7x365 support. 

Some key features are:

  • Compliance with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC, PCI DSS, and SSAE16 Type II
  • Cabinets and cages with customers, locals, and biometrics, privacy walls, corner-lock tiles, integrated security systems, etc.
  • High-performance computing with 22kW power, N+1 or 2N configurations, chimney cabinets, adjustable air CFM, etc.
  • Support for hybrid infrastructure with Cloudtap along with cross-connect services
  • 8-layered security with biometrics, gated entry access, 24×7 monitoring, bagged entry, CCTV cameras, etc.
  • Services like virtual hands, future-proof cabling, network support, managed backup, and more.

Digital Realty

Get colocation services from Digital Realty to ensure higher data security and freedom to scale and access critical IT ecosystems on-demand. It is designed for mission-critical data and comes with a simple platform to manage everything.

Future-proof your data centers with exceptional capacity to support your growing needs and manage the IT environment easily in real-time. Digital Realty offers performing cages and cabinets with convenience and security, isolated from shared areas. They are available in different sizes based on your requirements.

Digital Realty’s colocation servers are spread globally with optimal proximity to networks, cloud providers, and carriers. The locations are Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Osaka, Dublin, and Toronto.

You will get:

  • Nearly 100% uptime SLA
  • Consistent and flexible global configurations
  • Global and local interconnection
  • Extensive compliance and security controls


Safeguard your connectivity and foster growth and business continuity with Worldstream’s colocation services. You will get on-demand cloud on-ramps and network connections along with DDoS protection from advanced high-volume attacks. 

Key features:

  • It offers a 10 Tbit/s global network and ample space in its colocation data centers for you to grow.
  • It also provides reliable N+2 network redundancy and is energy efficient.
  • Worldstream is certified to PCI-DSS and ISO 27001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 and its support engineers are available 24/7/365 to help you. 

You can benefit from its low latency, secured connectivity, high speed, and high bandwidth services to distribute your services and apps optimally on a regional and global scale. Its data centers are in the Netherlands and Amsterdam.


Colocation hosting can save you time and resources on maintaining data centers by yourself while ensuring security and performance for your servers. So, choose any of the above-mentioned colocation server hosting providers, and have peace of mind.

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