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In Design and Digital Marketing Last updated: May 3, 2023
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Even during the age of digital marketing, flyers are one of the most effective, versatile, and affordable means of marketing.

The advent of technology has brought smartphones, computers, and other mobile devices. Consequently, digital marketing has become the main approach for companies, especially for SMBs with limited budgets.

Digital tools like email, websites, and social media are cost-effective to generate substantial marketing results. But it does not mean print marketing is dead.

Contrary to the belief, print marketing methods like flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc. continue to evolve and, in fact, are backed by technology. Their role becomes more important today as they have a steep way of connecting with your audience directly.

You still read newspapers and magazines, right?

It implies that print advertising is alive and running well!

Most importantly, it touches the strings of audiences’ hearts and connects through the main senses like touch, see, and smell to trigger a deeper emotional response. On the other hand, digital marketing involves only one of the senses.

A survey by Marketing Sherpa reveals that print ads acquired the first position with 82% when people were asked which advertising channels they trust while making a buying decision.

Not to mention the huge competition in the digital marketing space, which makes it difficult to get noticed. While getting along with a changing environment is great, in this case, a mix of digital marketing with traditional tools like flyers can help you immensely.

So, do you think flyers are outdated?

Think again!

Let’s discuss a bit more about flyers and the best online platforms to design them!

What is a flyer?

A flyer is a form of print advertisement which is intended for wider distribution. It usually comprises a single and unfolded sheet used to catch attention to a product, service, idea, or event. Based on utility, a flyer is also known by leaflets, circulars, inserts, or handbills.

It contains a simple message conveyed quickly and in an effective manner to connect with the audience and trigger them into taking action. Flyers are distributed publicly, posted typically, sent through mails, or handed out to people directly.

In general, they are printed on a paper size of 8.5” x 11” to lower the cost, but you can change the size depending based on your requirements. People commonly print on only one side, but there’s no hard and fast rule for the same.

Who uses flyers, and where?

Businesses, individuals, government, or non-profit organizations generally use flyers. They use it for the following purposes:

  • Promoting goods and services
  • Advertising an event like a festival, political rally, music concert, etc.
  • Recruiting members for an organization
  • Persuading people regarding a political, social, or religious message

How does it help a business?

Flyers are a great way of promoting your business or special events. You can place them in streets, newspapers, or door-to-door mail drop to reach your audience who may find them valuable.

When a potential audience holds the flyer, you are already halfway in showcasing your message. But yes, the next thing depends on the design and message written. If those things are right in place, it can help your business both in terms of revenue and brand building.

Here are some benefits of flyers you might want to know about:

High impact at low effort 💯

Designing a compelling flyer requires a bit of planning. With some good brainstorming sessions about your goal and how you can help your audience is the key here. After the goal is clear, you can design and get the marketing copy done to feed it into the printer.

With little effort, you can garner huge attention by distributing the flyers to the right audience at the right time.

Easy to produce 🖨️

The overall timeline to prepare and launch flyers usually take a day or two instead of months as required in other marketing ways. You don’t need a proficient designer as well because there are lots of tools available online that we can discuss in the next section.

A personal touch and tangible feel 💕

Many customers still like buying something that they can touch or feel. They are also concerned about the authenticity and quality of the product or services, especially when it’s just online. Hence, offer them something that they can trust, maybe a flyer for that matter.

Besides, if a physical entity hands them over the flyer, it’s a brownie point because it establishes a personal touch.

Low cost 🤑

Flyers are highly cost-effective. They can save you many bucks than what you invest in overhauling your site, paid advertisements, and more. They are the absolute respite to small-scale companies and individuals struggling with a limited budget at hand.

As discussed above, creating a flyer online is effortless. You don’t even need to download any software for this. Just log in and start creating amazing designs.

So, check out these online platforms to design flyers to fuel your marketing efforts.


If you ever tried your hands in designing anything online, you might have come across this famous – Canva.

Trust me; it is one of the finest platforms out there to spark your hidden creativity. I personally use it and am fascinated with all that it offers.

Creating a flyer with Canva is as easy as pie!

Choose from 1000s of templates available, which comes handy to convert your idea into a finished flyer without any trouble. They have designs for a variety of needs and fields like real-estate, food, fashion, automobiles, health, and a lot more.

Alternatively, you can also design everything from scratch. They have an enormous image library with 2M+ icons, photos, illustrations, and hundreds of fonts completely free to decide the look of your flyer. Even the non-designers can craft their designs with ease by utilizing the drag-and-drop tool.

Change the colors, background, and customize the way you want to express your message. When done, download, print, and share your flyers. Add your brand logo to highlight your company and get the premium look with a gorgeous finish.


YouTube video

Create amazing flyers with Placeit to aid the marketing efforts of your company. Just choose your preferred template, include your text, select the colors, and hit download. Designing professional flyers is not a dream anymore!

The easy-to-use flyer maker lets you customize the templates until you are satisfied with its look. It also takes care of the dimensions and proportions to give the flyer a professional outlook. If you want, you can resize the images as well via the Image Cropper by Placeit.

Leverage hundreds of options for graphics that can draw immediate attention and convey your message with style. Create flyers for parties, concerts, fitness, sale, food, dance, and more.

Adobe Express

The flyer generator by Adobe Express allows you to create awesome designs in minutes with no design skills needed. If you are eyeing a flyer that you can use in your events, business, school, or club, Adobe Express is a great alternative.


Explore their template collection and start editing one of them that can fit your vision perfectly. Customize to perfect every minute detail tailored to your needs. You have the freedom to choose images from their gallery with 1000s of royalty-free pictures that dictate your ideas wholeheartedly.

Play around themes to decide which one justifies your business or event.


Are you organizing an event?

Maybe you want to promote your product or services lately.

The flyer maker by Crello can help you make your event or promotion successful by letting you design beautiful flyers online with little budget.

Utilize the 25,000+ ready-made templates, tweak elements, add texts, resize, and download your designs instantly. Their editing tools make the overall experience even easier than you would literally enjoy while designing.


Creating eye-catching flyers is probably what you are looking for. Piktochart has got this covered when you want to spread the word about your event, contest, sales promo, or anything as such.

You get thousands of free pictures from their extensive library with all the high-resolution images to give your flyer a crisp and exotic look. The colors are so rich that what you see on the screen comes out exactly the same after the printing is done.

You can also upload your image collection if you need to, and arrange them using a drag and drop editor. Try using different looks or apply the colors complementing your brand in seconds. They have interesting Color Schemes such as original, cool, fresh, and lime that change the look and feel of your flyer.

When it comes to adding texts, you can adjust them the way you want to decide which one looks the best. If everything looks nice, just print it out. You can also preview, download, and share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.


YouTube video

Bring ideas to the real-world by using the flyer maker by Lucidpress. They offer free flyer templates that are printable so you can start promoting your sale or event immediately. You can create a variety of flyers from this site covering different needs like business flyers, club flyers, fitness flyers, and fundraising flyers.

But if you don’t find what you are looking for, start designing from scratch. Edit your flyer quickly and easily by dragging and dropping elements instantly. Using the advanced feature of Template Locking, your team members can customize the flyer, keeping intact your brand aesthetics and content consistency.

Include your brand logo and color, upload images, and select a font from a wide range of available options to create the flyer you dreamed of. Access your account on Lucidpress from any device or browser. Their sophisticated Data Automation lets you auto-populate information on your flyer and reduces repetitive updates.

Lucidpress can integrate with many tools easily so you can transfer and import things. Transfer your text from Google Doc, insert images from Facebook, Unsplash, or Dropbox, or import InDesign files at your fingertips.


YouTube video

Create flyers with PosterMyWall that not only look wonderful but also convert to help you get the desired results. You can add tables, stock images, schedules, and a lot more.

Apart from that, you can easily collaborate with your teams to help you with the design, involving everyone. Their templates are one of a kinda perfect blend of professionalism and beauty, which is why things are expected of PosterMyWall. So, select the relevant template and customize it with text, images, or videos.

Now, you can save your design and download it for free. To widen the reach, you can share your beautiful flyer on your social media accounts.


If you are looking for a productive way to design your flyer, Bannersnack is a great option. Their templates are designed with intuition and utmost flexibility in mind, so you can use it for a variety of different purposes.

Save your time by working on the smart interface of Bannersnack that lets you design flyers with ease, no confusion around!

You can choose any of their default sizes to get started. Whether you are eyeing for a printable flyer or a digital one, you can do it stress-free without worrying about the size. Next, you know how it works – selecting templates, text, images, graphic elements, and then print or download.


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Whether you have a clothing store, restaurant, or a real-estate company, you can create diverse flyers in minutes with Visme. They have templates across different categories to fit your needs. They also offer millions of pictures, 100s of fonts, and 1000s of icons.

Modify templates and add your personal touch with text and graphics. Crop and adjust elements to give a sleek finish or add your own photos. They have so many illustrations and vector icons to enhance the look of your flyer so that it stands out in the crowd.

You can add more slides to build multiple flyers that you can use for one event. Download the designs as PDF files having bleed marks when printing. Besides, there is an option to embed a flyer on your web pages.


Create stellar and professional-looking flyers easily with FotoJet. They offer options for different themes like party flyers, business flyers, club flyers, Church flyers, and a bunch of other flyer themes.

FotoJet is devoted to easing the overall process of designing a flyer. It offers 700+ free templates, design elements, clipart images, background, fonts, shapes, and more resources for creating stunning designs. Hence, making designs becomes one of your hobbies and not just limited to a part of your job.

When it comes to usability, FotoJet is very easy to use. It is designed, taking into account both designers and non-designers, so anyone who knows how to use a computer and websites can create great flyers without any trouble.


Create captivating designs with an efficient flyer maker by PixTeller. They offer more than 1 million graphic elements and images completely free so you can play around to explore creativity.

Just browse through their library, choose a layout, and start editing the template. Change pictures, use filters, modify text, and colors to make it unique and enticing. Customize by including the right words, so your message reaches clearly to your audience.

To cater to this need, they offer a wide collection of fonts and sizes to complement the flyer. You can also add your images, change background colors to match your brand, and try impressive filters to finish the final touch.

Your designs can be downloaded in different formats like PDF, JPG, and PNG. Plus, you can print and share your flyers on the go to spread the words about your event or promotion.

Other features included in PixTeller are image clipping or cropping, custom fonts, and special fonts such as Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese. You get exclusive text properties like line-height, letter spacing, test border, text-shadow, Warp, concave, and convex.


Designing a flyer does not have to be just a task anymore. Instead, a creative activity that you never get tired of doing. MyCreativeShop provides you with the exact experience.

Just a consistent internet connection is required to create a professional flyer within minutes. Their design editor is easy for you to navigate, so you don’t find trouble in creating, customizing, and printing your flyer.

All your designs are stored in your project library that you can see when you log onto MyCreativeShop anytime. Hence, if you need to modify it, you can do it right away and feed it into the printer without having to create a new one all over again.


Get started with Venngage by signing up for free and design your flyers right there. It also has all the things that make a good flyer maker like template variety, customizing options, so many design elements, and more.

It also lets you pay attention to your branding by placing the exact logo and colors through the tool – My Brand Kit, which applies your designs automatically. They have a huge collection of stock images with high resolution to grab the attention of your customers.

Use your designed business flyer in different events by creating its copies and just tweaking things a bit.


Stunning flyer designs are what you can expect from Smilebox. From grand openings and special events to sales, and more; design everything from scratch.

Smilebox offers you the complete freedom of customizing your design and its digital templates. You can also view mockups, print, and share the finished copy online.

After you have designed your flyer with beautiful colors, graphics, and text, you will find a ‘smile’ crossing your lips due to the high-quality flyer that Smilebox produces in minimal time!


The flyer maker by Fotor is an effective tool to turn your thoughts into professional-looking flyers. You can create flyers of different formats:

  • Small: 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Standard: 8.5” x 11”
  • Poster: 11” x 17”
  • Custom size

After you have selected the size, you can choose the free flyer templates and start editing it with images, texts, and more. When done, Fotor lets you preview your design and download or print it for further usage.

Top Tips for Promoting Your Brand Using Flyers

  • Get your purpose crystal-clear behind using a flyer. Don’t do it just because your peers are doing it. Think about your goal, like producing more sales, garnering more visitors into your website, generating leads, and so on.
  • Focused targeting works. Don’t shoot bows randomly, thinking at least any of them would hit your target. Focus on your target customer, market, and message and direct your flyers to them specifically.
  • Showcase your creativity because it is critical to establish that first connection. Use relevant yet complementing colors, design elements, compelling fonts and calligraphy, add pictures judicially, and a clear, concise, and well-written marketing copy. Getting help from an efficient copywriter would work!
  • An effective call-to-action is a must to direct your targeted customers into taking action. Make it short and to-the-point.


The days of flyers are not gone….yet!

It has even improved with technology that you can design, download, print, and share them in social media to garner momentary attention from your targeted customers. Use any one of the online tools to make a professional flyer online and make your event successful!

If you are still not comfortable doing yourself then you can always take help from designer on Fiverr.

Keep designing!

  • Amrita Pathak
    Amrita is a freelance copywriter and content writer. She helps brands enhance their online presence by creating awesome content that connects and converts. She has completed her Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Aeronautical Engineering…. read more
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