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In Security Last updated: February 14, 2023
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Protect your client and business data from falling into the hands of black-hat hackers by using these popular disaster recovery software.

Disaster recovery solutions are becoming increasingly popular since business data insurers demand full-proof disaster planning and documentation. Instead of investing your valuable time researching the best solutions, you can try out the following services.

What Is Disaster Recovery Planning?

Businesses use a methodology to recover their IT infrastructure after major disasters like natural calamities, cyber-attacks, and accidents in data centers. Such recovery of enterprise data is disaster recovery (DR) planning.

Someone using a disaster recovery software for planning

Disaster recovery planning offers the following benefits: 

  • Get your business operations back to full swing by recovering existing data and apps.
  • Survive natural disasters or unforeseen health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic by installing a DR plan.
  • Save unwanted expenses on procurement of new employees, tools, and apps by planning what to do during a disaster.
  • Comply with insurers’ requirement of detailed documentation and DR planning whitepapers.

The followings are some proven services that deliver the benefits and objectives of DR planning:      

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect is an umbrella name for advanced disaster recovery solutions in various business setups. Pick the one you need to ensure optimum cyber security, endpoint protection management, data backup, and recovery. Furthermore, Acronis’s disaster recovery software is compatible with a large list of systems and devices that businesses often use.

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For example, you can get cloud-based DRaaS products or services for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. That’s not all! You can also protect your business operations’ workflows maintained on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. 

Businesses, especially IT-enabled services (ITES) companies, are incomplete with virtual computing. Hence, it also protects virtual systems like VMware vSphere, Oracle VM Server, Linux KVM, etc., by getting Acronis Cyber Protect.


Quorum onQ offers a one-click backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your servers from disasters. The technology was originally designed for the military to synchronize systems failover on Naval vessels.

Now, businesses can use this technology for business continuity. When a production server fails, you can move to Quorum’s appliance with a single click and continue to operate.

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Quorum onQ creates a full snapshot backup of the server including images, applications, and all the data. Incremental backups can be performed as frequently as every 15 minutes with unlimited testing to make sure the backups are ready when you need them. 

For VM servers, Quorum onQ backs up on the host level instead of at the OS file system level, which improves backup speed by up to 95% and offers more failover and failback options. It leverages VMware Storage VMotion to move data back from onQ to the production environment, negating the need to schedule any downtime for the VM.

Quorum onQ supports any physical machine or VM on any hypervisor. Quorum onQ’s backup appliance offers NVME cache producing 25,000 to 30,000. The onQ is also known for ransomware protection. Hackers can’t change or encrypt the backup files because they are immutable, and they cannot access onQ because it is outside of the production network.

IDrive BMR Pro

IDrive BMR Pro is another renowned name when businesses discuss the revival of operations from any kind of disaster that leads to data loss. It claims it offers 30% faster data replication on the cloud and incremental backup. It is probably due to its hardware technology stack includes server-grade hardware specifications and enterprise-level computing power. 

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Its DRaaS tool lets you upload a recovery image or ISO of the entire OS to an encrypted and secured cloud storage. In the event of any disaster, your business operations team can boot up their systems from the cloud. 

You can take disaster recovery to the next generation level by subscribing to a hardware-based service from IDrive known as IDrive BMR Cube. It is an Intel NUC-powered storage device specifically suited for small businesses and those who want on-site backup and self-management.

Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP facilitates prevention and protection from cyber security threats across various business sites, including off-site and on-site workstations. In addition, it orchestrates the disaster recovery processes in various sites smoothly so that your business operations can get to production strength faster. 

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The DRaaS service comes with the latest Sophos Intercept X Advanced cybersecurity. Furthermore, it unifies various other state-of-the-art solutions like immutable storage, deep-learning server protection, and scalable onsite/offsite business continuity for your business’s cloud, physical, and virtual workforce.

Arcserve UDP does not require extensive training and learning sessions for your IT team. Its recovery systems include advanced tools like bare metal recovery (BMR), VM-based recovery, application-consistent backup, hardware snapshot, granular restore, and local/remote virtual standby. Thus you can deploy the services in a few minutes and also get faster recovery services.  

Vembu Cloud DR

Vembu Cloud DR helps you sync business continuity plans and disaster recovery to get started with your business operations even after severe damage to your existing data systems. However, you may want to know that its backup and data recovery systems are hosted in Amazon Web Services cloud.

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Vembu DRaaS service claims to offer prioritized resource availability, especially during any disaster. It also strategically stores a backup of the primary backup in another secure cloud directory as a failsafe should their systems also get damaged. Furthermore, to ensure that your confidential business data is safe in transit or at rest, Vembu utilizes AES-256 encryption.    


As the name suggests, you can save time, minimize data-loss risk, and restore vital business data in no time when you use Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator. At its core, the Veeam Backup & Replication system fully automates the backup process and disaster recovery.

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The followings features of this DRaaS tool take your disaster recovery planning to the next level: 

  • Guided wizards to help you plan comprehensive DR strategies.
  • Produce documentation for DR plans automatically.
  • Carry out DR drills without impacting the business operations.
  • Role-based data, app, and file access to avoid data compliance issues.
  • Virtualization systems help you to verify if the backed-up processes, workflows, and apps are working or not.

Moreover, since the service supports a comprehensive list of products like VMware, HP Enterprise, NetApp, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc., you can surely give it a try.   


Resources, time, and cost are the three vital considerations when planning disaster recovery. Zerto packs all of these in one simple disaster recovery software that provides you with regular business data backup, data mobility, and disaster recovery.

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Zerto DR service removes manual processes for various DR actions, like migrate, recover, and failsafe. It also enables you to test backups through automated and intuitive orchestration processes. Thus, you can free up your IT resources from tasks that intelligent software can handle and let them work on matters that earn you business revenue.

Through the cost-effective cloud services of Zerto, you can also minimize the cost of acquiring and maintaining in-house hardware for DR plans. Since you get data backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility through one simple package, you can save up to 50% cost on these services when you shop these individually.     

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Without any second thoughts, AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is one of the leading DRaaS service providers from the house of Amazon Web Services. You can drastically reduce data loss and business operations downtime due to recovery through a combination of cloud-based and on-premise storage when you try AWS’s DR services. 

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Its service offerings are scalable and affordable so that you can reduce costs by shading idle recovery properties. You can get a pay-as-you-go subscription that enables you to pay only when you use full disaster recovery services.

It lets you recover applications and data at their latest state or from any past point in time. Also, it comes with a unified tool for backup, recovery, test, and failsafe management which is easy to use and does not need extensive learning and training.    

SIRIS From Datto

If you are a managed service provider (MSP) and in need of a zero-tolerance disaster recovery solution, you can check out SIRIS. It enables MSPs to protect their client data at all costs in various systems like virtual machines and physical servers. 

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According to Datto, it is an all-in-one data protection product specifically suited for MSPs for backup, testing, failsafe, recovery, and DR planning. It enables you to instantly recall applications and documents from backup so that business operations can get back to work quickly. Also, you can get a bare metal recovery (BMR) service if you deem it necessary.  


ShadowProtect is a disaster recovery and backup tool that works as a single cross-platform solution for protecting hybrid, remote, and mixed environments. With the help of its cloud-based and on-premise business data backup services, you can always feel in control and prepared to deter any cyber threats

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Moreover, it is an intervention-free tool that you can deploy once and forget. Whether you need to manage a few workstations or thousands of servers, virtual machines, and workstations, ShadowProtect automates all the tasks. For example, it can schedule backup, test backed up properties, and deploy recovered data on its own.     


Cohesity offers next-generation data management solutions so that your business entities can achieve zero data loss and near-zero business operations downtime in the event of any cyber disaster. This disaster recovery software devises an automated recovery from disasters and a unified backup solution for your business and ensures maximum readiness.

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This DRaaS tool simplifies the execution of disaster management solutions through DR sync, continuous data protection (CDP), and system snapshot-based data backup. Moreover, it offers non-disruptive DR strategy testing so that your business processes do not get impacted during DR drills.      


Axcient Disaster Recovery is another popular option for disaster recovery planning for MSPs. Its x360Recover is a completely MSP-focused backup and disaster recovery product that can restore client data on virtual machines or on-site workstations within the standard service level agreement (SLA).

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It also includes advanced features like: 

  • Simplified management through chain-free deployment and execution.
  • Proven anti-ransomware protection via AirGap.
  • Automatic data integrity testing of backed-up properties.
  • Hardware-free and direct-to-cloud approach.

Axcient also performs regular security breach drills and rolls out tool updates as needed to protect clients in the dynamic IT industry.

Final Words

In this article, you find some popular disaster recovery software and services used by leading ITES entities. Depending on your budget and insurance requirements, you can choose the tool that attracts you the most.

Also, when a third-party service provider or in-house employee is backing up your business data, ensure they are following these data backup best practices.

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