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  • There has been a rapid increase in the number of Discord bots in the past few years.

    Nowadays, businesses are searching for sleek and intelligent tools in their workflow, collaboration, and communication.

    And chatbots are an example of such technological advancements that have made things easier for businesses and individuals.

    The chatbots represent conversational design with a human touch via texts. They can provide various services, from collecting analytics and integrating games to moderating chats and many things in between to create a better user experience.

    That said, Discord is an excellent choice to help you with many useful tasks with its capabilities.

    So, let’s first understand a few things about it.

    What is Discord Bot?

    A Discord bot can be a powerful tool that can perform many useful tasks directly on your server.

    It can help you maximize your server’s productivity by collecting useful information, scheduling events, delivering notifications, moderating content or conversations, welcoming a new team member, and many more.

    You can even use its commands to add games, memes, music, etc., to your server. It works wonderfully for everyone, from admins who want to moderate their server to team members who want to interact with each other in creative ways.

    Some of the popular Discord bots are MEE6, Apollo, Dank Memer, Trello Talk, and more.

    So, when you have decided to use a Discord bot for any reason, be it your business or individual tasks, hosting on a reliable platform is essential.

    But why?

    Why host the Discord Bot on a reliable hosting platform?

    If you go with a reliable hosting provider like PebbleHost, PlexHost, etc., you are assured of more control and power to meet your growing needs.

    Dedicated resources and Enhanced performance

    With a hosting provider, you can avail exclusive server resources for CPU, RAM, disk space, and more. Forget about other sites utilizing server resources and compromising your work or gaming.

    A reliable Discord bot hosting provider ensures higher server availability, so you don’t have to deal with frequent lags or downtimes.

    They offer powerful and latest technologies for CPUs, SSDs, databases like MongoDB, etc., for more stability and performance.

    More security

    The host makes sure your server is protected so no bad players can inject any virus or malicious files. Many of them provide firewalls, DDoS protection, compliance, and secure file transfer with FTP and enable SSL.


    You don’t need to struggle with limited resources. You can always scale your resources up or down based on your current needs. You can customize your server for preferred CPU, RAM, storage, etc. Just inform them, and they will make the process easier with a few clicks.

    Flexible pricing

    Many hosts offer services where you can go for monthly or hourly plans. You can choose to pay for only the resources you use; hence, it saves a significant amount of your investment. Besides, if you are not satisfied with their service, you can change it anytime.


    You can avail of migration services to move your data, which many hosts do for free. Plus, if you are stuck somewhere, you can always ask for help with their 24/7 customer support. They may also offer data backups and restores in case you need it.

    Now you know, choosing a Discord bot hosting service by a reliable service is necessary.

    Next, let’s look at some of the hosting providers with their features and pricing so you can decide as to which one of them suits your needs.


    Host your Discord bot on PebbleHost that works 24/7 on their nodes. This hosting service supports so many frameworks and languages, including Java, Node.js, Python, Discord.py, Discord.js, and JDA, alongside prompt Discord Support.

    You get one-click bot pre-installs to help you get started quickly. Its features also include a package manager so you can scale up or down based on your requirements. In addition to that, you get 3 MySQL databases for free and additional open ports.

    Furthermore, you would be fully aware of how much server resource is consumed with detailed statistics and a clear dashboard. With PebbleHost, you don’t have to worry about data losses because they provide you with 7-day fully automatic backups.

    They use powerful Xeon processors, DDR4 ECC memory, unmetered enterprise-grade SSDs, and 250Mbps uplink, so you can utilize your server to carry out your operations without lags or hassles. They provide full access to bot FTP files with an intuitive, industry-leading panel that helps you manage the bot.

    It is easy-to-use and designed for stability, and offers the best Discord hosting experience. Using this, you can start, restart, or stop the bot anytime you want. The control panel comes with features like 2-factor authentication, useful API, live console log, built-in firewall manager, and sub-user support.

    PebbleHost’s Discord bot hosting plan starts at $3/month.


    Use the premium Discord bot hosting services by PloxHost and run your bot seamlessly. The hosting plan comes packed with high-end features to make the most out of your bot, whether for music, video games, live chat for your website, or anything else.

    PloxHost comes with Pterodactyl Panel that is an open-source control panel to manage game servers. You can run your game servers in an isolated Docker container and leverage its intuitive and beautiful UI.

    Get started and run quickly with pre-configured bots. Don’t worry about performance as it facilitates SSD caching, Cloud Linux, RAID hardware, and 100% uptime. You get unlimited control of your server, FTP access, and GitHub tools.

    Besides, the hosting service supports MySQL, Bot, Bastion, and more, along with programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, etc. For security, PloxHost offers DDoS protection, PCI compliance, and superior support if anything goes wrong.

    Use the hosting service with premium bandwidth, 1Gbit connection, and upgrades without hassles or any hidden fee. They also provide various payment methods, including Bitcoin, PayPal, credit cards, etc., to make it easier for you.

    The pricing starts at just $1.25/month.


    Discord Bot Hosting by GameserverKings has everything you need to have a seamless hosting experience, from performance and features to pricing. It is effortless to manage with their custom-built control panel. All you need is to upload the bot and let them manage the server.

    Their system determines how to run the bot and ensures you get enough server resources to run it for the entire day and week. They run your bot 24/7 on their sturdy server computers that can handle massive internet traffic.

    Apart from that, their staff monitors the server infrastructure all the time along with your bot to ensure it is available and performs the best. Don’t worry about scaling even if you get more users because they offer easy upgrades to more resources to meet the demands.

    Apart from these features, they offer add-on services to empower your bots, such as MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis. You don’t have to configure the software manually; just deploy it instantly through their easy-to-use control panel.

    To protect your data, they provide periodic data backups and solve your issues if anything goes wrong at your end regarding bot data loss. They will restore bot snapshots so it can work exactly what it used to do before.

    Whenever you add new features to your bot, you can deploy them and make them live easily with GameserverKings’ discord bot hosting service by:

    • Pushing the codes to your Git repository,
    • Uploading the code inside a zip folder through the panel, or
    • An API call with your ZIP archive

    If your bot catches a bug, their live console allows you to get a sneak peek at its code from any computer and make the debugging super easy. They also maintain statistics with graphs on resource usage, including CPU and RAM usage, to indicate how the bot performs and what areas need optimization.

    Leverage their log collection system to record all the logs and keep them protected whenever you require them to review and track things. For security, they keep one bot instance running separately from another by utilizing a combination of containerization and virtualization.

    On top of it, they keep updating your systems with the new security patches and also protect your bot from getting exploited by hackers. If you want to run a Discord bot of your own with no technical expertise, then you can choose their pre-built templates, and they will deploy it instantly for you.

    In addition to that, GameserverKings supports different types of bots, including music bots, gaming bots, moderation bots, and more. If you are not satisfied with their service, avail of their 24-hour “no questions asked” policy to get your full refund.

    Every server they provide comes with at least 64 GB RAM, 24/7 runtime, a Quad-core CPU having a minimum of 3.6GHz, multiple SSDs, and lower or no lag. They also provide a free migration service to move all your files to their server. Their pricing starts at $2.99/month.

    So, this was all about different hosting solutions. Now, we will discuss some of the DIY solutions that you can try and host your Discord bot.


    Vultr is a leading name in the technology space and is known for its powerful products and features. One of those products is its Vultr Compute, on which you can host your Discord bot. It features 100% local Solid State Drives along with high-performance Intel CPUs.

    As soon as a user clicks deploy, Vultr’s cloud orchestration handles the rest and distributes server instances in your preferred data center. They have a total of 17 server locations globally in 4 continents and offer so many OS combinations like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, etc., or you can use their ISO feature.

    Don’t restrict yourself to limited resources with monthly bills; just pay for what you will utilize and scale up or down based on your demands. You can deploy pre-installation applications like cPanel, Docker, Jitsi, GitLab, Drupal, WordPress, and more.

    vultr.com homepage

    Vultr allows you to take the snapshots of your running server instance and then deploy the copies in a datacenter they own. You also get an instance server backup that you can deploy easily in case you need it.

    Vultr provides powerful add-ons to enhance the cloud server’s capabilities and meet the high demands. It includes a firewall, DDoS protection, flexible networking, and scheduled and automatic data backups from the minimalistic control panel. You get enterprise-grade performance and stability with 100% SLA guaranteed, powerful API to spin up, control, and destroy your instances quickly.

    They offer 100% latest-generation Intel CPUs and blazing-fast read and write speeds with SSDs. Protect your applications with isolated local private networks along with public IPv6 protocol. You get complete root access in addition to a dedicated IP with your VMs. Their SSD cloud instances start at $2.50/month or $0.004/hr for 10 GB SSD, 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 0.50 TB bandwidth.

    Alternatively, you can also try DigitalOcean.

    Amazon EC2

    Support your workload virtually by using the resizable and highly secure computer that Amazon EC2 offers. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 is built to make cloud computing at a web-scale easy for developers.

    Besides, this web service lets you measure and configure server capacity with low friction. You will fully control your computing resources running on EC2’s proven computing ecosystem. They offer a broad choice of processors, storage systems, operating systems, purchase models, and networking.

    Their cloud processors are the fastest, with 400Gbps of Ethernet networking, robust GPU instances for ML and graphic designing, and lower cost-per-inference server instances. Amazon is the only cloud service provider supporting macOS, 77 server availability zones, and 24 regions globally.

    Scale capacity in minutes and leverage from 99.99% SLA commitment for each EC2 region. Secure your application resources with the AWS Nitro system and minimize the attack surface. Avoid human error or tampering with lockdown security infrastructure that prevents administrative access.

    AWS supports around 89 compliance certifications and security standards, including PCI-DSS, GDPR, HITECH/HIPAA, NIST 800-171, FIPS-140-2, and FedRAMP. Get up to 40% more price-performance using AWS Graviton2-based server instances or use AMD-based instances and get a 10% lower price.


    Create servers and deploy them within a minute with Kamatera.

    Starting with this service is easy; just choose your server based on its type, CPU, RAM, SSD storage, bandwidth, data center, OS, and any add-on you might want along with a pricing plan (monthly or hourly), and create your server right away.

    Or, you can go with a simple plan starting at $4/month with fixed resources and the option to customize the data center location and OS. For additional storage, pay $0.05/GB; and pay $0.01/GB for additional traffic.

    They have data centers located worldwide in 13 locations across four continents to ensure better performance and availability. Kamatera facilitates unlimited scaling up or down, runs any Linux and Windows OS edition, and adds load balancers, private networks, and firewalls quickly.

    They guarantee 99.95% uptime and offer lightning-fast Intel Xeon Cascade/Platinum Lake Processors with 2.7GHz to achieve 300% greater power for each CPU. Kamatera offers 40 Gbit/s of networking speed per server.

    Run your databases and applications without I/O bottlenecks or latency using SSDs. There are multiple uses for this service, such as websites, apps, development server, remote desktop server, database server, WordPress server, emails, ERPs, CRMs, VolP server, and IoT server.

    Moreover, they offer a simple API and management console with premium customer support 24/7. Don’t worry about the payment; you will get 30 days to decide whether it fits your requirement or not with a free trial.


    Discord bots are useful in so many ways for both individuals and businesses. You can use it for music, games, or engaging with your customers, scheduling tasks, and more.

    Thus, if you want to utilize a Discord bot for any of your needs, choose an above-mentioned Discord bot hosting provider or try a DIY solution.