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Procreate is an application made for graphics editing and digital painting, and it is developed only for Apple devices.

Procreate is the most advanced application ever created for mobile devices. With the help of the apple pencil, thousands of possibilities are waiting for you to develop beautiful digital art giving you a real-world experience.

We are moving toward a world where digitalization is skyrocketing, from making money digitally to not having to wait in line to get your paycheck cash and get it directly in your account digitally. Now, instead of sketching on a canvas that a person who loves to paint might not always have access to, they can have everything they need in an app called Procreate that fits in your pocket.

Procreate is available for free on the app store. A basic version won’t be enough for a professional artist. You will need to buy the premium version to explore the horizon and other tools of the app. Today, we will talk about the Procreate tool, ‘brushes’, and the platforms where you can get a free brush for Procreate.

What’s new in Procreate?

Using Procreate, you can make 3d models, and with the help of model brushes, you can make your work shine like a star. There are many new features developed by the hard-working team behind Procreate, and you can visit their official website to know all the new features Procreate came up with for its users.

What are Brushes on Procreate?

Brushes are like guns for the artists, but on Procreate, it is like a machine gun in the hands of an artist. Procreate provides tools for sketching, painting, smudging, and more with hundreds of versatile brushes.

Organize and store your Procreate brushes, import new brushes, and share your unique brush creations with your family and friends. Creating art using brushes on Procreate that you can feel with your fingers or apple pencil is just an extraordinary experience.

Procreate builds brushes with a shape that holds the grain, and you can see the outline of any brush by tapping your fingers on the canvas. Instead of making a stroke, you create a stamp by doing this, and dragging this creates a stroke. A smooth roundabout shape will make a smooth, even stroke. An irregular shape makes a rougher stroke. This stroke changes thickness and surface when you drag the shape in different directions.

How does using pre-made brushes can be helpful while designing on Procreate?

Custom brushes offer you endless possibilities to create something beautiful, solid, and attractive, especially if you are a beginner who lacks the technical skills but still intends to learn faster. For example, if you are starting something new and you are not the person who wants to consume more time getting the deep-end knowledge, then custom brushes are best for you.

Custom brushes offer a great way to add character and texture to your art without illustrating for hours and hours. Not only do you save time, but you can also focus more on your entire art project. Unfortunately, the more technical artwork is, the more likely it is for the artist to become lost in the details. This means we can get used to all the little details and eventually lose the whole point.

You might sometimes need to add a touch of “wow” to a non-essential part of your piece to make it stand out. In cases where you need to create custom artwork, using one of the built-in brushes is ideal. You can easily create the mood you envisioned without going overboard.  

Custom brushes are fun to use! The purpose of art is to have fun. Don’t worry about using custom brushes – it’s not considered “cheating.” As long as you have fun and learn simultaneously, feel free to use your brushes in your creative way. As I mentioned before, art is an expression of self. When you get to know what makes you happy, there’s no need to stop yourself from doing it. For instance, if creating art makes you happy, there is no limit on what is allowed and what is not.

Now, let us download some free Procreate Brush resources to get started with the artwork. We will discuss their installation later in this article once you are done with the downloading process.

How to download and install Procreate Brushes?

Several websites and companies provide you with many Procreate brushes for free. You can download and install them by following this guide. The first step is to download pre-made free Procreate brushes.

Without any further delay, let us move to the list of best free Procreate brushes that you can check out.

iPad Lettering

iPad Lettering enables you to download a variety of brushes. You have to add to your cart, which will cost you zero dollars, and boom, you are ready to go to create a beautiful piece of art. This website will offer you best-in-class brushes for a variety of letters style.

When you will sign up and add brushes to your cart, then you will receive an email by which you will get a link to download a zip file. After that, you can unzip the file and install the brushes as per the directions given at the end of the article. You can install various brushes by doing the same, and for some sites, you can directly download the brushes, unzip them, and install them. 

Envato Elements

You can find many high-quality Procreate brushes and palettes on Envato Elements. Envato Elements open up a universe of inventive opportunities for all your unplanned projects. Why unplanned? Because the artist has unplanned miles to go before they end up with a piece of art, and for those endless miles, the artist needs tools to get there.

Unlocking hundreds of these brushes for the artist will help him go miles ahead. Unlock the potential you have inside you by unlocking these brushes to Procreate, diving into the world of imagination, and creating something extraordinary. 


Are you looking for brushes to take your anime art to the next level? These must be the brushes you would have been looking for. Try out Librium if you are looking for the same. Librium is the spot to share your free reproduction brushes and other drawing assets.

If you are more into Anime creation, you will definitely find Librium the best choice for finding brushes. On top of that, this site also makes it simple to investigate many purchases made by artisans from around the world. So, you can get inspiration from other artists to find the right tools for yourself through Librium.


This is the perfect website for your Procreate brushes if you are into grain art. Find a large variety of grain brushes on Shoutbam and download them to add a spark to your craft. There are paid brushes as well that are available on this site, but you can find the link below to get your brushes free of cost.

Shoutbam has hundreds of free brushes available on their site, and the texture they have is something extraordinary. For an artist who loves texture and knows how to use them, this is the perfect site for them. They can even open the doors for a wide range of possibilities with these grain brushes.


Textile Factory Procreate Brushes, Texture Procreate Brushes, Esteros Procreate Brushes, Lens Flare Brushes Procreate, Grain Procreate Brushes, Liner Procreate Brushes, Procreate Lettering Brush, and much more. You can get this all for free! Can you believe it? 

Mockuptree is the greatest hotspot for Free Mockup Templates for Web and Graphic Designers. Mockuptree is a web-based assistance offering originators free admittance to many prepared-to-utilize PSD layouts. On top of that, the high-quality Procreate brushes will immediately entice you into downloading them. As they are available for free, you won’t take even a second more to get your hands on them.

Additionally, Mockuptree helps realistic website specialists find mockups for their innovative undertakings. Mockuptree’s objective is to become quite possibly the primary source to assist you in fostering a business with a web-based presence. 

Alice Monber

Well, this is a jackpot! Alice Monber is perfect for artist who loves to expand their horizon bandwidth. Not just saying it, but you can go and take a look by yourself. If you are looking for some aesthetics and sober brushes that can make your art aesthetically pleasing, then this one is for you.

Alice Momber brings you the soberest Procreate brushes for free. Explore the wide range of brushes available on this site and download and install them on your iPad or Apple device to explore more. Simplistic designs become easy with these sober brushes.


Linktree is a treasure for your endless possibilities. Not just one or two or three but hundreds of links that will take you to different brushes which can add an edge to your art. It contains enough brushes that you might take months to install and use one by one.

These brushes contain texture, letters, sparkle, finishers, fillers, and much more. Getting these from the site for free is no less than prey for a hunter. It contains many links which will take you to a page from where you can download and install the brushes that suit you the best.

Hom Sweet Hom

This one has its own different sets of brushes for various purposes, and you can browse through them to know which one suits you the best. Hom Sweet Hom was created by a hand lettering artist who has worked with the greatest giants in the industry like Adobe, Google, Starbucks, and many more.

They believe in innovative work, not hard work, so they came out with these designer brushes. These will save your time and let you concentrate more on creativity rather than working hard for brushes. So, try out these free brushes to steer your creative career in the right direction effortlessly.


Ever wondered how hard it is to detail portraits? Well, these 28+ free Procreate brushes on Paintable will easily solve your problem. It will help you in making your portraits realistic and appealing. Take your pictures from “unnaturally smooth” or “plasticky” to wonderfully finished and sensible!

These FREE brushes have been intended for you. Download and install them to make your portrait art speak to the world. So, you don’t need to waste your precious time building the right brush for yourself.

Pixel Buddha

Adding texture to your art makes it even more appealing and, at the same time, challenging. Make your work easy, bringing you a set of free Procreate brushes which can add an edge to your textures, all for free.

Pixel Buddha is an innovative and enthusiastic group from where you can get the best free and premium brushes for working on your art. You can rely on them when it comes to quality because they have proven to work pretty well for the artists.

Brush Galaxy

Discover various brushes, including natural, stamp, heart, and glitter brushes. You can rejuvenate your Procreate projects for free. What are you waiting for? Do something now! If you want to start working on some cool artworks with these free brushes, then you can start downloading them from Brush Galaxy

They cooperate with the most talented creatives to bring you first-class quality brushes that don’t break your bank account. All the brushes available on their website are reviewed and picked by their group of experts. So, you won’t have to worry about getting some low-quality brushes.

How to Install Free Procreate Brushes

After downloading the files for Procreate brushes, you need to unzip them with the appropriate unzipping application and then save those files on the iCloud. Now, you need to follow the below steps to install the brushes you have downloaded:

1. Open the Brushes panel by tapping the ‘Paintbrush’ icon.

2. Select the folder where you want to install the brush. You can create a new folder by tapping the ‘+’ button at the top of the list of brush sets.

3. Once you’ve completed the first two steps, tap the ‘+’ button above the list of brushes to import a new brush.

4. After completing the steps, select ‘Import’ in the dialog box that opens the device files.

5. You will see the device files interface and then navigate to the folder where you have saved the downloaded free Procreate brushes.

6. Now tap the brush you want to install in your brush sets. It will take you back to the brush panel with the untitled name, and once you press ‘Back,’ it will show its name.


Procreate is a professional app for those who love being an artist. It offers you flexibility, integrity, freedom, creativity, and much more in the line. It is an app for creating art anywhere, anytime, and free of cost.

Those already using Procreate and creating beautiful art using the app must know the importance of brushes in the app well. Not just in the app, brushes for the artist are just like a gun for a soldier. You can always get free Procreate brushes rather than buying them for a high price when you have just started or want to explore more. So, you only need to try out the above websites to get your free Procreate brushes.

You may try out some online drawing courses to fine-tune your art.

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