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In Gaming Last updated: June 19, 2023
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Getting the best Icarus server hosting will help enhance your survival skills in different worlds with various gaming features and settings. 

Survival games are becoming famous among thousands of gamers. Every survival game comes with a unique strategy and graphics. This increases gamers’ interest and enthusiasm. 

Icarus is one such game that has outstanding graphics that players like. It will encourage you to put your skills to the test and enter the world to survive, explore, craft, and escape. 

And your gameplay will become easier with a reliable Icarus game server that will provide you with enhanced graphics, added functionalities, and more.

Choosing the right server is what matters, and this article will tell you how to do that.

What Is Icarus?

Icarus is a PvE survival game that has both persistent open-world and mission-based modes for up to 8 players. This game was developed by RocketWerkz, created by Dean Hall, and was first released on Dec 4th, 2021, for Windows. 


The game takes place on the fictional planet of Icarus, located four light-years from Earth. From the orbital station and prospectors drops to the planet’s surface, there is a lot to explore, craft, harvest, and hunt.

Icarus was once considered the second Earth. When terraforming collapsed, the air turned out to be toxic, and the hope of colonizing the new world died with it. 


It is a unique piece of survival game where most of the gameplay happens during timed missions. Here, players accept the contracts on a space station and drop down to the planet’s terrain to fulfill the objectives. Once the timer is complete, the drop-pod returns back. 


If the player fails to return within the limit, their character is left on the surface, and the progress is lost. To survive, players need to gather oxygen, water, food, shelter, etc. Eventually, the player needs to construct advanced structures and build tools.

Initially, a player has nothing except a suit. As they proceed, their character in the game unlocks various talents to improve their abilities and access blueprints to enable advanced tools, materials, and weapons. 

Why Do You Need an Icarus Game Server?

The graphics and elements in the game consume heavy resources. To play such games, your system needs a 24-hour broadband connection, which should be high performing. To overcome troubles like errors, unsaved games, interruptions, lags, glitches, and more, you need a game server.

A game server also helps mitigate unwanted DDoS attacks, back up your saved games and information, provides advanced security, offers solid performance, and more. 

Minimum System Requirements


Your system needs to have:

  • A 64-bit processor and Windows 10 operating system 
  • Intel i5 8400
  • 16 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
  • DirectX of version 11
  • A broadband connection
  • 70 GB available space

Let’s discuss game servers that offer power-packed features. 

Survival Servers

Get one of the premium game server hosting platforms for your favorite game. Survival Servers offers flexible rental options with advanced features you need in your gameplay. After the successful payment, your server will be ready within minutes to start playing the game.

As an expert player, you can access FTP and web-based file manager. If you like to play some other games, you can easily switch between games and locations in no time for free.


Gamers will get access to the control panel to modify or change server settings and locations instantly. Survival Servers’ custom in-house game panel lets you install plugins and mods. You will get an automated server restarts option and notifications. 

Survival Servers only uses the latest machines, like Xeon processors, SSD NVMe drives, etc., to give you more power. In addition, you will get the newest version of Icarus mods. It supports server pass locking and map changing and provides custom launch parameters with server status like start, stop, or restart. 

You can access third-party tools to make your gaming experience super cool. Survival Servers has data centers in multiple locations across the globe, including Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, France, Singapore, and Germany. In every data center, you will get DDoS protection and 24/7 server availability. 

Sparked Host

In need of a reliable Icarus hosting option? Then look no further than Sparked Host, one of the most popular profound game hosting options around. They offer a great need of features, awesome competitive pricing, and highly rated reviews that won’t make you think twice!

When it comes to features, Sparked Host has what you need. These features range from things like DDoS protection to SFTP access to get the job you need to be done. Here is a great full list of features below:


Looking for a great deal? Then take a peek here, with their plans starting at a low of $8.00 a month, they offer affordable options for your budget needs. Despite the low prices, their hardware consists of a Ryzen 5 7600 or equivalent, DDR5 RAM, and a RAID 1 NVMe SSD. So you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a smooth gaming experience with no server lag.

Still unsure about Sparked Host’s reliability? Don’t just take our word for it, but consider their high Trustpilot rating as well. With an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on numerous customer reviews, Sparked Host has obtained trust and satisfaction from their users. Not only that, but they actively use these reviews to continuously improve their services, providing an updated and enhanced customer experience over time.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a hosting option with a great list of features, competitive pricing, and positive reviews. Then Sparked Host is the perfect choice for you.

Not convinced? Go check out Sparked Host for more information!


Rent the Icarus game server from the Nitrado hosting platform and get different slot options according to your needs. You can quickly install plugins and mods and manage the server easily. With the share access option, you can allow your friend to manage servers for you as per assigned permission. 

Nitrado offers the lowest ping possible by shorting the internet routes, enhancing reliability. With every server, you get a daily backup option to keep your saved games and personal information safe. 


Nitrado game server only uses fail-safe, high-quality, and high-performance hardware. You will get different location options around the globe, so you can choose the nearest one to avoid low speeds. Every data center comes with DDoS protection that allows your server to be online 24/7. 

Get the flexibility you wish for with the Nitrado Icarus game server. The server is always online, so you can choose your flexible runtime according to your needs. Switch between games easily available on your server. Also, download or upgrade your server with ease whenever you want.

Choose from various rental options or create your own configuration to start playing. 


Own 4Netplayers’ Icarus game server and set your framework to remain your own world. Start playing the game within minutes of registration. It is a cloud game server that includes 120 games, plugins, and mods at zero cost. 

With 4Netplayers, you won’t have to worry about the updates. Even if you are offline, updates will get automatically installed. You can enter your Steamworkshop ID and allow the game server to install the mod automatically. 


Without any previous experience, you can easily create and manage your servers. 4Netplayers offers the latest server hardware, including fast CPUs, lots of RAM, and fast SSD drives. It uses Corero SmartWall DDoS protection that gives multiple-stage high-performance filtering systems and involves no shutdown facility during attacks.

With a reliable backup functionality, you will never lose any of your information or saved games. It makes your game server fail-safe, giving you a breathtaking performance. 

Rent the game server today at a starting cost of $5.27/month which includes 4 slots, and start configuring and playing now.


GTXGaming is the premier host since Icarus was first released. You will get an advanced control panel with power-packed features and functions. Its text input fields and easy-to-use sliders make configuration so easy for beginners. For a seasoned gamer, it comes with more advanced tools. 

The game servers have Intel CPUs ranging from E3 processors to the latest i7 or i9 CPUs and powerful AMD Ryzens. With every server, you will get complete DDoS protection.


Upload your plugins, forge mod pack, or world through an FTP client like Filezilla and enjoy your gameplay. In addition, you can switch between available games anytime just by opening a support ticket. The support system is always open so that you can get an immediate response. 

GTXGaming has data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. Get full control over your server via its beautiful web interface and configure your server easily.

For experts, it provides full FTP access so that they can configure their server and change some settings manually. If you want a friend to manage your server, GTXGaming allows you to create a sub-user and give the permissions you wish. 

Order your server now with drop-down menus, choose your rental period, and start playing your game soon. 

Streamline Servers

Explore the wilderness of the Icarus game by choosing the right rental option from Streamline Servers and experience powerful gaming. Once your order is placed, and the payment is done, the service will be installed instantly on your PC in minutes.

This is designed by gamers for gamers, providing lag-free gaming to the players. It uses powerful hardware and SSD drives to offer low-ping servers. You can install add-ons from the Mod Manager easily with a one-click install system. 


Streamline Servers offers a control panel that gives complete control over the game servers with its powerful features and flexible design. It has data centers in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, Seattle, Montreal, Netherlands, Paris, Nuremberg, London, Auckland, Changi, Tokyo, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sao Paulo, and Sydney. 

Your server works 24/7 and secures your games from unwanted attacks. In addition, you will get server status functionality, configuration editors, and the main game page from the control panel. Although the game is available for 8 player slots, you can also play solo.

Rent the Icarus game server now at a starting price of $7.50/server. 


Start your rental today with Shockbyte’s Icarus game server and experience the never-ending features. Get automatic updates even if you are offline. Its fully configurable server gives a boost to gamers. Seasoned players will get full FTP and file manager access. 


You will have auto shutdown functionality that helps you shut down your game after a long sleep to save the power of the system. Shockbyte has established its data centers across the world to offer 100% uptime and a low latency guarantee. 

Set up your game server instantly without any hassle. Make your server available 24/7 with the powerful DDoS protection function that prevents unwanted flooding. Shockbyte supports DLC, multicraft CP, and a lot more. Get self-service guides and much more with Shockbyte game servers.

Order your Icarus game server at a starting price of $12.99/month or $3.25/slot. It comes with 6 GB memory and Steam support. 


Get high-performance servers from LOW.MS to host the Icarus game. You can host a private world with your communities or friends or go for the public world and allow anyone to join. You will get all the advanced multiplayer features with your rental option. 

As soon as LOW.MS has received your payment; it begins setting up the game server instantly so that you can start your game within minutes. It uses the latest CPUs of Intel that gives up to 5GHz of processing power. It is combined with Intel SSDs and DDR4 memory to give a powerful experience. 


The CPUs are of the highest benchmarks. It includes the latest Xeon E-series, Intel i9s, and Ryzens. All the game servers have a minimum of 10 Gbps DDoS protection, minimizing unwanted interruptions to the gaming. Some data center locations use Corero SmartWall, which provides ultimate protection to your servers. 

LOW.MS has 11 server locations across the world, including Bend, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Ashburn, London, Nuremberg, Helsinki, Warsaw, Moscow, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. You can use its ping test tool to choose the best location for your game. 

Start a heroic play today with the premium game server starting at $7.23/month. Cancel anytime you want. If you are still unhappy with the service, you can opt for a 5-day full refund without giving any reasons. 


Experience a powerful game while renting it from 1GServerHost. Get amazing control panel features and functions in your plan. 1GServerHost sets up your server in a matter of time once you complete the payment. It supports unlimited players. 

You will get flexibility in using its custom game panel that offers free game switching with the available games. 1GServerHost runs automatic backups to ensure your saved game and personal information are safe. 

YouTube video

Moreover, 1GServerHost comes with certain game features, including automatic restarts, updates, and more. Configuration editor allows you to manage or change game settings according to your need. 

In addition, it supports all mods, maps, DLCs, and steam for PC. 1GServerHost has 9 global data centers equipped with powerful DDoS protection. You will find the game server online 24/7 to play the games any time you want.

1GServerHost has AMD Ryzen 9 of 5.2 GHz, 128 GB DDR4 of 32000 MHz, and NVMe of 7000 MBps speed. The powerful hardware and drives let you play your game without interruptions, and you will get the lowest ping possible. 

Choose an Icarus server plan starting from $12/month and get multiple options for your game. You can opt for a full refund within 72 hours of setup if you find anything disturbing in its services. 


XGamingServer offers virtual Icarus and Baremetal game servers. Thus, you will get dedicated RAM, storage, and CPU, along with guaranteed performance. Its game panel is based on pterodactyl, which comes with power-packed features and functions. 

The dedicated game panel enables easy configuration so that you can have full control over your game server and files. Furthermore, you can configure the cloud backups from the game panel directly and download the backups whenever you want. 

XGamingServer’s custom control panel also provides free MySQL databases, mod manager, scheduling, and invite users options. It has 6 data centers across the globe, including East Coast USA, West Coast USA, Europe, and Oceania. 

You will find everything from XGamingServer’s extensive documentation, from basics to advanced configurations. Your servers will be online within minutes of completing your order. All the servers are hosted on the latest Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs with NVMe SSD drivers. 

Moreover, it protects your server from unwanted flooding or attacks and keeps it online. The high-performance Icarus game server rent starts from $10/month that comes with valuable features. It includes DISK RAID 1, ranging from 30 GB SSD to 100 GB SSD. 


Icarus is a unique game that takes you to a different world and enhances your survival skills. With the right Icarus server hosting, you can make your gameplay even more interesting, convenient, powerful, and lag-free. 

You may also look at these dedicated game servers for professional gamers.

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